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  1. Would it be worth bringing poole back for a look. May come cheap and with oliver out he would be better than what we have imo if he's healthy. Did get released with injury settlement.
  2. Hurst needs to take those gloves off. All 3 catches he's lost including the touchdown
  3. Play selection and execucution look much better this game. Yes its the jets but recievers are getting open and matt is making confident throws. Matty was ice that half. Keep it up for the 2nd.
  4. I wouldn't say he was worthless. He did have 8 sacks his last year here. Granted with even a smidge of passion he could have been really good.
  5. That's a good question. But if he does ID bring him in cheap.
  6. I may just be delirious...welcome to falcons football
  7. Even when he got lazy he was a better pass rusher than what w have now. His last year here he had 8 sacks...just saying. I'm desperate to see a pass rush lol.
  8. I didn't think he played well, but didn't realize the stats. He made a few plays but I saw a lot of Ehhhhhh plays as well. The good news is we WON!
  9. Fair enough, but you can't day we wouldnrun that offense with anybamount of certainty. The original.post was meant to take the playcalling away from AS notbyhe offense we run. Let the HC be the HC....
  10. Have you seen our offense. Its non existent
  11. That's just insane. Lets be realistic
  12. Since the headcoach calling offensive plays isn't working how about we let our offensive coordinator earn his money. Not sure how it could be worse.
  13. We still need some work but there have been improvements from week 1. I'm glad to see some adjustments at half
  14. I remember hearinghow creative AS is with offensive schemes...where is the creativity
  15. This offense is ridiculous. Im convinced Koetter wrote his playbook on a dry Erase board in permanent marker and dice it can't be erased they just keep using it.
  16. There is no way we can be competitive with this line
  17. Forrest lamp is available. He has an injury history but played all 16 last year. At least bring guys in to make it appear were trying.
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