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  1. nah. one game wonder....who wears no 11 anyway. SHEESH
  2. yeah there was definitely a passion on the field
  3. let's try embracing winning. That would be am awesome change
  4. id be willing to bet they did behind closed does...where those conversations should take place
  5. i agree.I personally didn't want him gone, but ill trust that blank and co will pick the right guy to replace him
  6. would you want to coach a guy who threw his last coach under the bus. There has to be professionalism. Earl Thomas can still play, but teams don't want him because of his reputation.
  7. i refuse too be sucked into negativity until i have no other choice lol
  8. nah. its just an expected level of professionalism. I believe Quinn was a great guy, but clueless in coaching
  9. because no player who ever wants to be in the field again would say "our coach sucks
  10. there is. and the defense doesn't look lost. im looking the early results
  11. I know its early, but guys look look they're having fun again
  12. i now realize what I've been doing wrong all these years lol. I need to make 24000 threads a day to be relevant. did you hear the one about TI 😄...j/k
  13. I'm sure oliver would still be out of position trailing the play.
  14. this is the best statement so far. i love Matt and believe he still has a few very good years left, but making the right pick could shore up the qb spot for another decade plus. I just hope the front office does whats best for the falcons. if we can't get our guy, i do believe we can win with matt until we do.
  15. but you have to be in positron to draft either. and i like trey lance more than Cottrell fields. If i had a choice irs lawrence all day without hesitation.
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