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  1. 4 td in the season finale if im not mistaken, but im too lazy to look it up lol
  2. Chris actually played pretty well given the circumstances. Plus he's a hometown boy so i gotta defend him a little lol.
  3. Im technically challenged. Keeps saying I can't upload a.pic it's.too big
  4. Vic had a killer spin move...but nothing else lol
  5. Never mind I'm an idiot. It's from last year
  6. The YouTube conference says Bruce Irvin had arrived from an hour ago. I was Just hoping lol.
  7. Just saw a press conference uploaded an hour ago but can't find anything
  8. I like his lateral movement. Plays well along the line covering gap assignments. Anchors well and shows quickness though no jump off the screen speed. Slow burst off the snap and gets his pad level high at times which will get him moved out of plays at the next level. Just my observations. That said interesting prospect I wouldn't mind drafting
  9. I would love him, but I think he's going to get top market value. I'd also like to take a shot at Robert quinn
  10. You're exaggerating. I heard he missed a 65 yard field goal once... not so clutch according to Tatf standards
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