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  1. Bit in really hope the titans go 0-16. Yes I know it won't happen but I can hope lol
  2. Or at least joining the staff in some capacity. I can't imagine it would be any other position.
  3. Not sure why. If someone could shed some light I'd be awful appreciative. No sarcasms intended.
  4. This cannot be true. Ive been informed by a few on this board that tanking doesn't happen in professional sports.
  5. I've posted plenty of good arguements that are just as valid as your debate, but ok.
  6. I suppose. It's just my opinion i get that. But when billions of dollars are on the line I'm sure that line tends to blur.
  7. How did this not make sense. And I'm pretty good at corn hole
  8. Lol. Nfl teams dying stop at the coach. You keep believing the nfl is fair and equally competitive. You're no more informed than me or the commentator's, but they get paid to do what they do so I'd say they're probably a little more informed than you or myself
  9. Oh no the team sucks, I'm not saying that at all,
  10. Are you serious. Even nfl commentator's anf sportscasters were making refrence that season. I suppose there is Monday to "prove it" so well.just have to agree to disagree. The nfl is a long term business. Anyone who believes the nfl is all about 100% effort and equal competition is foiling themselves.
  11. I disagree about yhe effort, but to each his own.
  12. Again ranking is very real among professional sports.
  13. Lol. The spurs tanked for Tim Duncan, the penguins for sidney crosby, and they colts for andrew luck. Yes ranking is very real.
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