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  1. This sounds way better than mine. Throw a few extra crawfish in and I'm on my way lol
  2. Tofu chili and veggie burgers no bun with low fat aioli... Just kidding I've been smoking a pork butt since 3 am
  3. I second
  4. I demand a recount
  5. Not with his contract demands. He should have taken the 10 mil a year
  6. Absolutely. I liked Spence coming out, although I do think he was drafted a little high. A lot of times a change of location is good for these young guys. If the contract were reasonable I'd do it.
  7. I'm still holding out hope Mr Graziani will get a tryout like Mr Bryant
  8. please consider me in. I live in ky havent been to the new stadium, but would love the chance to go.
  9. sadly i don't believe anyone knows what he's saying... not even him
  10. strong arm isn't everything.
  11. how would Ryan's job not be safe if he were the backup. There is no universe where Benkert would replace Ryan as the starting qb for the Atlanta Falcons
  12. please make this happen. I will never miss another.
  13. congrats gentlemen