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  1. happy birthday!!!!
  2. If im the first one in the locker room and cover my face with a brown paper bag that has eye holes ill start a new trend...
  3. you are correct i joined in 99. Lost mine when the switch occoured
  4. ive seen plenty of complaints on here the last few years as many believe the offensive line to be an achilles heel with this team. Id say it starts with drafted lineman not being up to par, but thinking that the complaints over our line started recently is not accurate. The have been ongoing.
  5. Agreed. He dud it in multiple places and has fielded some really good lines. If coaches didnt matter they wouldnt exist
  6. Could be either. It couldnt hurt to bring in someone with a winning mentality and exerience.
  7. Well coaching does make a difference. Again i was going off his resume, not just 1 year, and track record. The guy has won in multiple cities. Yes our oline was injured, but upgrades are upgrades both player and staff.
  8. i agree but he won super bowls with both the giants and pats. he was let go so reich could bring in his own guy. We need winners on the coaching staff this guy firs the bill.
  9. Dave DeGuglielmo look up his resume. I never do this but go get this guy. Hes a proven winner who has the colts line in top 4 rush and pass blocking.
  10. I wish him the best. He did good things for the falcons.
  11. I get it. My grandfather father and mother were all alcoholics, and my younger brother starts and ends every day with a beer. Im 41 and have drank maybe twice in my life. That said i agree with your synopsis. The offense hinges on the o line and ours has to get better fsst.
  12. ill add it to my bucket list
  13. i agree as long as the price matches i agree completely.