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  1. At his Pro Day workout, Vick ran the 40-yard dash in 4.33 seconds; his time has been clocked as low as 4.25, which is the fastest-ever for an NFL quarterback. Vick was selected first in the 2001 NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons, becoming the first African-American quarterback to be taken with the top pick. Since Mike Vick could not hit a side of a barn with a football said Florida State head coach at the time. If he ran a 5.0 forty ??? Where would Vick had been picked?
  2. If I had a vote for GM Fontenot would get it. Hate to say it but the Aints are loaded with talent
  3. NEWS SHOWS LIVE eye doctors offer free exams to NFL refs after blown call in Saints-Rams game BY CAITLIN O'KANEUPDATED ON: JANUARY 23, 2019 / 1:42 PM / CBS NEWS Eye doctors in at least two states have a message for NFL referees: Get your eyes checked. The tongue-in-cheek warning comes after the controversial NFC Championship
  4. I had forgotten about that. Thanks for the reminder..LOL
  5. I Thinki that had to be a new fan I am sure he didnt know about this.. FNTSY DAILYROTO ROTOEXPERTS PWN Saints Player: “I Pissed On The Falcons Logo” Brad Cohen 10:02 am, December 30th, 2010
  6. Tandy you are the best.. I am laughing so hard I am crying...
  7. This stuff is so funny.. I am LMAO Keep it up!!
  8. Saints Player: “I Pissed On The Falcons Logo” Brad Cohen 10:02 am, December 30th, 2010 Whoa. The Atlanta Falcons shouldn't need any more motivation to beat the New Orleans Saints if the two meet again in the playoffs. A chance to get to the Super Bowl should be enough to get Atlanta ready to play, but just in case, here's a little extra bulletin-board material: after the Saints defense was done dancing and taking pictures on the Falcons logo Monday night, defensive tackle Remi Ayodele told CBS r
  9. I Thank the guy name who ran the AOL Falcons board first name was Gerald.
  10. I remember you I was also here and on the AOL Falcons board in the late 90s . We would have a chat with JAM32.com at times..
  11. I hope we pick him up. He can still rush the passer.
  12. I think not signing Freeney Hurt the Falcons a lot. During the Panthers game we didn't have a good pass rush esp from RDE. What hurts is I think if we had Freeney we would have a very good chance of winning the game. At times Cam was in the pocket taking his time with no or little pressure..I think Freeney could have had a lot of pressure on Cam.. Cam and Pressure means PICKS..
  13. I agree Hageman made a mistake. We should give him a chance if he did something stupid again we can cut him. What is going to be sick is he is going to signed by the Aints, susks or panties OH NO!!
  14. who knows Quinn might be trying to trade a draft pick to get a good player. Maybe someone from the Giants or Bengals..I love to get that one hand man DE from the Giants!
  15. Hate the Aints Love to see the team fighting each other!!
  16. AP has been running his big mouth about sticking it to his old team. Some of the Viks defensive players are looking forward to Smacking AP in his mouth...I HATE THE AINTS and hope they get the rap beat out of them...
  17. He almost had a sack. He overpowered the OT and had his hands on the QB but the QB was able to throw the ball away..I love to see Campbell rush the QB MORE often..
  18. I watched the game tape on Schweitzer. It was not all his fault on the sacks. One sack was on a loop of the DE and DT. He had to let the DT go to block the DE. sure Schweitzer made some mistakes but he didn't get over powered out there.
  19. The Pats defense made one of the worse starting QB in the NFL Alex Smith look like Johnny Unitas!!
  20. I think all that 28-3 talk and jokes are pi ssing our players and coaches off. Come week 7 I hate to be a Pat WR going over the middle with #22 Neal waiting to Hammer him
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