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  1. Patterson had one more carry than Ito did last year...
  2. I was disappointed that AB thought there was a chance DQ would turn it around after last year.
  3. Well, if Kiper said it, we can cross that scenario off the list
  4. At this point in the NFL, I am not big on the idea of drafting a QB to sit unless it's a project from outside the first. Rookie contracts are so important in today's NFL. Having Ryan and a first round rookie for two years seems like a waste to me. I believe having the right structure in place around a young QB is more important than drafting one top five, so I don't have the same sense of urgency that some do.
  5. 100%! If there's one thing anyone should learn from DQs time here (OK there are plenty of good lessons to learn but one of them is) it's good to surround yourself with quality individuals that will give you different opinions, not a bunch of yes men.
  6. On one hand, I'm on board with using the pick while we have it on a QB. On the other hand, the reality of the situation is we also need a lot of other pieces. The struggle is real.
  7. Considering the time of year it is, this could be as simple as something put out there to raise the price of the 4th pick.
  8. So if TF had hired his HC, they would automatically agree? That's an odd assumption. Personally I don't have an issue with them having different opinions. What's important is how they work through it.
  9. Funny how people always get upset about pre-draft comments like anything said can be believed.
  10. In all seriousness, if TF had the balls to tell McKay and Blank that he was trading a top five pick in division and especially to those ****heads..... I'd pay to be in the room or for the stream. I'd be mad and impressed at the same time.
  11. My guess is for another SB but as a fan I think i offers nothing but negatives for the team during the season.
  12. He's depth, that's it. Not everyone can be starting caliber, especially with our cap.
  13. For me, knowing we can't have everything, it's tough defense and above average play-caller on offense.
  14. Actually protecting the QB helps with that too
  15. Every athletic QB does NOT get compared to those two. IMO, there's a difference between a QB that's athletic and an athlete that plays QB. I would say that an OC would have to do more to maximize the abilities of the latter as that group of players is more one dimensional and easier for defenses to stop. That said, I won't pretend to know which of those groups Fields falls in to. We haven't seen any of the recent OSU QBs make it in the NFL so I think that impacts the opinion of some. Time will tell....
  16. I do think there's value in bringing in a player or two that are already familiar with his system as long as it's a good fit and the money is right.
  17. I agree that financially it makes no sense but the logic from the OP suggesting fans considering him a reach as a reason he could be cut is bizarre to me. We need rookie contracts right now, not to get rid of them for ridiculous reasons.
  18. I'll take it, especially in a change of regime year!
  19. It's funny how every single year a team or multiple teams work around the cap in ways nobody say coming yet every single year, people here worry about the cap.
  20. Too late to work it into the stimulus package?
  21. Really not a fan of signing old RBs, prefer fresh legs and rookie contracts almost every time.
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