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  1. The NFCCG was rigged and the most inconspicuous way they could come up with to get the Rams to the SB was a blown call down the sideline with nobody around. All so they could get a team with essentially no fan base into the Super Bowl. OK
  2. Maybe a product of listening to/watching sports media personalities that can do nothing but make ridiculous hot takes.
  3. Lately I have often found myself wondering what roguebeaver thinks about Teco leaving...now I know you don't freaking care. Thanks for the info! On the other hand, you cared enough to make a thread about it...now that I think about it I feel like you're sending mixed signals and now I'm more unsure then ever.
  4. Only problem is Drew already put a ring on it.
  5. In all seriousness, thanks for sharing hadn't seen it. Will be interesting to see what DK 2.0 looks like with the Falcons. If we can improve the line, this offense should be great.
  6. Clearly the title is misleading, I was told by very reliable sources that MR2 can't perform at a high level without a clean pocket.
  7. To me the biggest difference between Jordan and Lebron is that Jordan was an absolute assassin, one of the greatest killer instincts (if not the greatest) I've seen in sports. What I have to wonder is how Lebron would have held up mentally against Jordan.
  8. Have to love Kazee but I think many on here underestimate the impact that Rico's mind for the game, communication, and leadership have on the defense, specifically the secondary.
  9. Will be a true test of DQs leadership.
  10. Funny a guy could go from being called the burner to being named after public transportation...
  11. I could see that before Julio.
  12. I haven't either and I certainly wouldn't want to be forced to see it.
  13. Would be surprised if he went back to TB.
  14. Why does this feel inevitable?
  15. Yep, it isn't about getting upset easily it's about avoiding conversations that we already have seen play out a million times on various subjects. Simply isn't worth taking the bait.