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  1. That might be the problem, they've been refried one too many times.
  2. with a 50 spot, FU NO But seriously, I fell we need to try to establish the run and be sure not to give up on it to open up the PA passing game. I need a FUNO shirt...time to go design one.
  3. That's where I'm at, only exception is if it's my words....the first sentence gets much stronger wording.
  4. It's more than just Ohio St, it's Michigan St, it's ranked teams, it's him having all of his players and recruiting classes matched by very few programs yet this season is a total disaster.
  5. Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh for Co-HC. You heard it here first.
  6. When I saw Payton on the sideline of that game with his mask down again, I figured they'd end up doing something to get in trouble again. I know a lot of people are "done" with covid but the reality is, you don't have to like the rules but if you agree to them, you better follow them.
  7. When a thread starts with something to the extent of, I don't care that this coach is failing miserably, bring him to Atlanta...you know it's TATF. It's also funny how when he went back to coach college it was said that he was a better fit for college and now that college isn't working out we're back to he's a better fit for the NFL. **** no to Harbaugh 2020 and beyond. Let him attempt to resurrect his career elsewhere.
  8. Some here think he's a good coach, some don't. It's not that hard to understand really. What I've noticed is when a person that is for Harbaugh is given quality reasons as to why not....the post is ignored. Personally I like to stay away from coaches who are looking for a way out of their current situation because things aren't going well.
  9. Being on the hot seat because he can't win important games isn't the kind of winner I'm looking for.
  10. And loses almost all of their school's important games. Of course he's open to returning to the NFL. He knows his time there is considered a failure.
  11. Harbaugh has failure in his past and his present. I don't really want to be the team to figure out if he's learned from it. A coach who can't win any of the important games is not what we need, we have too much history of failure in that regard. We also don't need someone who is almost certain to wear out his welcome sooner rather than later. Personally, I'd be pretty concerned about the team taking such a narrow approach into a coaching search by only looking at HCs. A GM needs to be hired and then a search needs to be conducted for the right fit. Hopefully not Harbaugh but i
  12. Seriously, what's exciting about a guy that was brought to Michigan to bring them back to relevance and failed to win almost any big games? Guy is mentioned as a hot seat candidate for a couple of years and Falcons' fans are all in...figures.
  13. I'm actually less than lukewarm on Harbaugh. I'm more in the **** no camp.
  14. This has been discussed in countless threads, I really don't know why some are so **** bent on changing others' opinions. It's OK that we don't all have the same ideas. There are plenty of ways to successfully build a team, what's right or wrong for a specific organization depends very much on factors that we don't even have in place yet.
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