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  1. Honestly what DOESN'T bacon go on?
  2. Beating a team by a combined score of 71-0 in a single season. I still don't understand how that can happen.
  3. Pretty much this....I graduated in 94...... Something isn't right here.
  4. Sad thing is a lot of the Lions fans left before he actually broke the record.
  5. Also need to say thanks for posting this. Two very good friends and we all live in different states now. Truly appreciate it @dirtybird2k5
  6. I hate Sherman because he's incredibly intelligent, knowing how to use the refs and the rules to his advantage while not being a Falcon. Clearly he should be flagged every play.....now someone bring that physicality and intellect to the Falcons!
  7. Was just talking about this the other day. That ADA seating gave us a nice view of Calvin breaking the record and our boys clinching a playoff birth.
  8. Anyone that can run a 4.6 40 at 316 pounds should be signed asap!
  9. This list is a joke without DJ Shockley or Blake Bortles
  10. Hoping for the best....stranger things have certainly happened. I have to think getting into more of a routine, having a year working together as a unit, spending some time evaluating what worked and what didn't, and just overall comfort in the role have to account for something.
  11. Even with KS here it would have been very difficult to duplicate the success. Also, red zone scoring has traditionally been one of the last things to come together for an offense. Changing to a first year NFL OC is a major shock to the system and things take time to come together. That said, and as others have pointed out, I can't imagine the leash is very long on Sark.
  12. Is Grady Jackson still eating dinner with blank?
  13. I'm sure I wasn't on the board for the SB run but thinking it was a few years later so 01/02 maybe.
  14. Indeed, it's a very reasonable number too!