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  1. I recently moved from Northern Indiana near Chicago, obviously plenty of Bears fans around, looking at all these pictures again brings back memories.
  2. Was hoping we would get this done before Bell, not after...seems like that would only make things worse. At least Free isn't saying he wants to be paid like a RB and a #2 WR
  3. My mind went to smokin jay pics almost as soon as I saw the thread....
  4. When I first saw this all I could think was, I really hope there's a video of him snatching this guy's groceries and throwing them in the water.
  5. I think Julio exemplifies it very well along with other key players in different ways but everything I've seen on Quinn back to well before he came here, is that the players really like him finding him to be genuine. IMO Quinn setting the expectation and players buying in to his leadership is the key.