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  1. Honestly thought dude was a troll till I read enough posts to realize he's serious.
  2. lol you beat me to it, hate it when that happens.
  3. I swear this dude would be happier on the saints board.
  4. some people just aren't worth the time....
  5. Everyone is well aware of the situation, it's been beaten in to the ground.
  6. Guess that hadn't been brought up enough, can't have one thread just for giving the guy some well deserved respect.
  7. lol, not sure how one argues a 3-2 team is worse than a pair of teams that haven't won a single game this year and dating back to the beginning of last season are a combined 3-43.
  8. Good, he should be.
  9. Personally don't see any "redemption" in beating the Pats during the regular season. That said, if beating them is what is needed to get this team's mind in the right place...then yes it would be a huge win due of it's potential impact on this season.
  10. This blows my mind. How many times do these guys need to hear 28-3 before this nonsense stops? Keep on them Rico!!!!
  11. I sure hope someone is tasked with taking the time review last year's games and glean some things.
  12. Didn't vote, I honestly believe this game could go either way.