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  1. Got my ticket for 2nd row @ the 40 behind Falcon's bench. Can't wait.
  2. same exact thought I had. only time I saw him was when they showed him hyping up the defense before the game
  3. Some of you guys should just go jump on the Saints bandwagon. You could cry about the refs with the swamp rats.
  4. Since the context of my reply had nothing to do with Ertz should I reply something random here? Better yet, I liked the comment "that's a steal" a day or so ago...
  5. So with Matt Ryan we would tank in 2020 on purpose so we could draft his replacement? Does this really require a response?
  6. "So far?" It was 1 game
  7. He drafted him in ff and after 1 week gave up on him. There's a reason I didn't draft him but if I were confident enough to draft him I wouldn't give up after 1 week.
  8. I think you misunderstand the difference between the players/coaches & the marketing team.
  9. It's funny how fast fans and media change their minds on players and teams. Good week=SB. Bad week=season over. I hope these people are so easily rattled irl. Reminds me of a lady I work with. No confidence and is all over the place emotionally.
  10. I agree, I'm so mad that the marketing dept is doing their job. They should be working on blocking & tackling.
  11. MB sports psychiatry at it's finnest.
  12. Lost week 1....we are so screwed. Funny how 90% of the board acts like they've never experienced an NFL season before. Then again, media goes crazy over teams/players week to week so isn't surprising.
  13. If the question is, "What if a Saints fan is right?" My answer is f the Saints and their fans.