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  1. Personally I enjoy watching the Falcons win football games. I'd be more concerned about these guys if they were willing to swallow their pride and lose on purpose. True competitors don't understand that concept.
  2. I think we're just mad because we're always mad and we don't know what else to do.
  3. Sadly I'm not sure some of these guys will figure it out then either.
  4. I would be much more concerned long term if the team were willing to just pack it in and actually tank then I am about losing a few spots in the draft. Personally I just enjoy watching the Falcons win, even if it is meaningless.
  5. Not from Atlanta, never lived in Atlanta, but been a Falcons fan since the 80s, don't remember exactly how that came to be. I continue to be a fan of the team because I am a Falcons fan, period. People that know me, being a Falcons fan is part of who they know me to be. Have lived in Indiana most of my life and typically I'm that one Falcons fan that people know. IMO, moments like standing in the GA dome celebrating an NFCCG victory with my fellow fans will always make the moments of misery worthwhile.
  6. A few more pounds and he might be the answer for one of our OG spots!
  7. I've had them turned off for so long I completely forgot about them.
  8. Ok, bye.
  9. I've been a glutton for punishment this long, why stop now? If I only watched the Falcons when things were going well, I'd have stopped watching them decades ago.
  10. Good perspective as we so easily get caught up in all of the chaos of every day life. Thanks for sharing!
  11. I don't comprehend taking any professional team in any sport lightly. Even the worse teams have enough talent to win a game. Let your guard down and catch an uppercut.
  12. We lost a game, it's the end of the world, business as usual.
  13. I agree. This team has been in this situation before and is coming together at the right time.