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  1. Last year of his rookie contract, we need another defense player set for a big pay day next year?
  2. Contestant #1 doesn't even respond with words, just ...
  3. Agreed, eat up blockers and keep the lbs clean to make the tackle.
  4. Exactly, he may not be paid like a lot of the players but he still has FU money.
  5. I feel like it speaks to the quality starters we already had in place coming in to the season. We returned a good portion of the SB team and didn't have as many holes to fill as in recent years. Also, as previously mentioned, we had a high amount of snaps played by rookies in the previous year or two.
  6. It's funny when he's laughing at the Saints, why did I have look at his previous tweets?
  7. Some time in the 90s....I know I watched the Skins playoff game in 91 and I know I watched some before that but can't remember exactly (living in Indiana they weren't on much) First time I went to a game was 2010 in Cleveland, since have been to Detroit, Nashville, Cincinnati to watch the Falcons, then first time in Atl for the NFCCG against the pack.
  8. I'm sure Takk would be even more pumped with some extra croud noise...oh...you meant the WR.
  9. You just summed up over a decade of TATF in 7 words.
  10. Nice story so far...You have a pretty good memory too, way better than mine. I remember being in Jr High (believe it was 89) when I became a Falcons' fan. Living in Indiana, was always the only Falcons' fan anyone else knew. I remember Deion on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I had to google search to see that it was Nov 89. I remember the hail mary. I remember having a foreign exchange student the 91-92 school year that decided he was a Skins fan. That's as detailed as my mind gets before late 90s. Too much partying in between I suppose.
  11. Exactly. He turned out pretty well for a 5th round pick. I was at that game in Cleveland and that play was amazing.
  12. First thing I think of is the NFL quote...Not For Long May not have been a great head coach but that's when I got hooked on the Falcons so I can't hate on the man.
  13. I like how I see Eagles gear now, thinking, "where you been." Week after our playoff loss I show up at an acquaintances' house wearing Falcons gear and he says, "you must really be a fan." Obviously we haven't known each other very long....
  14. Agreed, with the loss of a DC almost losing their OC, and all the other turmoil that has been swirling around the franchise it's understandable they weren't first.
  15. In other news, Falcons' fan base labeled most fragile in the nfl.