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  1. Really depends on the team success. Seems like it takes a minimum of us making the playoffs to get more than a couple of players in.
  2. I could be wrong, but this is where I think hiring Ledford will really pay off. With a quality oline coach, I have more confidence that one of the two will be able to step up.
  3. Complaining about camp body signings and insinuating there’s any connection whatsoever between this and the Julio trade…..sounds about right.
  4. Agreed, between the physical recovery and the mental one, it's a huge setback for a player.
  5. An often injured safety, does that make him a perfect fit or did we graduate from that when TD left?
  6. The only two things that could make me care how Julio performs in TN would be that I have him in fantasy football or the trade involved conditional picks. As of right now (unless I missed it about the trade) neither of those are the case therefore...whatever
  7. I'm not attacking you, I do disagree with you on some things. You were correct in saying they would keep MR this season, but realistically his contract made that the most likely outcome. I don't agree with the negative reasoning you apply to the decision, stating they don't want to win a championship. I think that's what AB wants more than anything. Doesn't mean I agree with everything he's done to get there but I think there's enough info out there to indicate he truly cares about bringing a Lombardi to the A. Just because he takes an approach that I don't agree with doesn't mean
  8. Signing a 32 year old WR doesn't come anywhere close to solving their biggest issue and doesn't make them more likely to be SB contenders. Any team that's bottom 4 in defensive passing yards and TDs allowed, in this day and age, has a lot of work to do to truly contend.
  9. I'm not anti-Big 10 and I don't hate OSU but I think it's up to the QBs from OSU to prove that one of them can make it in the league. It's reasonable to be skeptical. I do agree with @Spts1 that from what I've seen so far, DJ looks like he could be a monster but that will also have to be proven on the field. A lot of potential though.
  10. I don't know what that has to do with anything. I can't really say what kind of value they could have gotten as that would be total speculation unless someone with inside knowledge has specifically shared what offers were made to them and I missed it. Obviously they felt that taking Pitts was the best move they could make at the time and I'd think the Julio situation played some part in that. Either way, that doesn't really change the idea that some would rather get the QB first and some would rather build around the QB first. There's more than one way to do a lot of things. They deci
  11. I will never get used to DLed's voice. Grinds me every dang time I hear it.
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