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  1. Unfortunately this isn't that surprising, I read an article this morning about the best and worst FA signings of each team and our worst was Peerless Price... A lot of people just don't pay attention to the Falcons. But really I think the issue here is that he used the word rivalry different than we actually use it. You wouldn't typically use the word rivalry when talking about an scenarios specific to one season. That, by definition, is not a rivalry but an interesting match up.
  2. Personally I think making assumptions about the future is blind stupidity. My opinion is that TB has the pieces in place to be a double digit win team next year but it is by no means a sure thing. Injuries happen, TB is old by NFL standards and it remains to be seen how the scheme will fit him at this point in his career. That said, the leadership factor alone should be good for a few wins but only time will tell.
  3. Agreed, some players make the jump to the NFL look easy while others take time to develop. If he's inconsistent again this season, then I'll be concerned.
  4. the willful ignorance on these boards is truly incredible sometimes...
  5. Florio makes some good points at times. There are some situations where I like to hear his perspective. Like potential legal issues because his background as a lawyer gives him a unique perspective. That and when he calls out how the back channels work for NFL insider info. Otherwise it's a lot of hot air....then again that's most talk radio.
  6. Have to make content wherever they can find it at this point.
  7. To me it has seemed like they've been stuck in some sort of stagnate trap the last few years trying to regain the magic of the SB run. At this point, there's been so much turnover hopefully everyone in the organization is truly moving on and ready to create something new.
  8. Always good for a laugh.
  9. I don't think the biggest concern is the impact that it may or may not have on an otherwise healthy individual. As I look at the facts that are out there to this point I feel a personal responsibility to be smart (not overboard, just reasonable) for two main reasons: 1) There are many people out there that are not healthy enough to handle a potentially fatal virus. 2) While most may not need to worry about dying from this virus, the stress that an outbreak puts on the health care system is a legit, and probably the biggest, concern. I get that there are people overreacting and taking precaution to an extreme but that is no reason to pretend that this is a non issue. There are some basic precautions that the CDC suggests that we take and I have no clue why some care so little about those around them to adjust their selfish lives accordingly.
  10. Sam proved that it is possible for a t-rex to play football professionally and I for one am glad he was able to bridge that gap for t-rexes everywhere.
  11. Literally scrolled down just to be sure I wasn't the only one that read that and was like
  12. He's already screwing somebody over. I can just feel it! Jerk.
  13. This is it exactly. If the players walk away, it would take years for the owners to rebuild the league. Without owners there is no league. The one putting up the money vs. the one making money off of the guy who put up the money....this is a simple equation.
  14. People reacting to things a GM says leading up to the draft lol.