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  1. We're very fortunate to have him, will go down as one of my all time favorite Falcons. Side note: Sat by his mom in Indy last year and whoever was at the game with Takk was given a ticket on the offensive side of the 50. She (attending the game in a neck brace) gets online and buys a ticket for the closest seat to them so that he could be on the defensive side of the field. In some ways this may not seem like a big deal but to me it was the thoughtfulness that stood out.
  2. Jameis, should have thrown about 30 more away...
  3. That is one of my all time favorite threads and if I could give you a second thumbs up for the obscure reference, I would.
  4. Please tell me this is a reference to that all time classic TATF thread.
  5. This is adulthood. If you feel people don't believe in you, prove them wrong with your actions.
  6. No excuses, DQ loves slogans, 'NO MF EXCUSES' should be the 2020 moto
  7. A friend of mine found his teenage daughter in her bedroom. I can't possibly imagine....every time the subject comes up I think of him, his daughter, and my 4 girls. Certainly no judgement here, but a great reminder to take advantage of every moment we have with our loved ones.
  8. Especially for a "top 10" unit. That said, an improved defensive line could be a big boost for the LBs, but.....that's another IF.
  9. the exact two things I thought as well, somehow had a mullet (business / party) feel, and I can't imagine how hot that guy had to be with all that on
  10. Seriously! Anyone paying attention should know this.
  11. I mean....that's exactly what I thought.
  12. Clips like this make me laugh remembering a conversation I had with two guys at work a few years ago. The context was a specific player that was going #1 overall. Some questions about the players work ethic surfaced and they said it didn't matter, that essentially players don't generally improve when they get to the NFL. The problem with such ignorance is it doesn't matter what you say to those who lack sense. Clips like this, however, are a great example of the level of detail that their focused on. Love these insights to what kind of work players are putting in and love getting another laugh at a convo that is like a gift that keeps on giving. @atljbo good find, thanks for sharing
  13. Agreed, I get the thought process of wanting them to get reps together but realistically Julio is enough of a freak that he needs to let his body recover. If prolonging his career means less reps between them in the offseason, so be it.
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