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  1. To me that would be like drafting a guy in the first round and calling him a bust after his first season. I get people being skeptical about Sark but have no clue why some just assume he will suck in year 2.
  2. If the player that runs his mouth plays for us, he has an edge and we love it. If a player runs his mouth and doesn't play for the Falcons, he's a db.
  3. To fire Sark in season, only to replace him with a guy who's been with the team less than a year and isn't overly impressive OC, I'd say things would have to be extremely bad because that is a total desperation move.
  4. I'm taking the over on 10 for sure!
  5. He's never even prepared for / played against MR....I get it's preseason and there isn't much to talk about but honestly who cares what he thinks. He runs his mouth, it's meaningless.
  6. Love seeing these guys willing to put in the extra time to be great!
  7. Good for the defense to get some reps against quality competition if it's mostly 2nd string that benefits.
  8. Yeah can't really say I was surprised when we couldn't pull out the Eagles game late. Having what should have been a sure victory change to defeat within a matter of seconds, however, is one of if not the most devastating way to lose. The fans reactions posted on youtube truly said it all.
  9. A SB win after beating them in the playoffs would be fantastic.
  10. The sooner everyone realizes 0-16 is staring us in the face the better. We may as well start looking at who will be available at 1 in the next draft.
  11. Some of you are as up and down as my 11 year old daughter....
  12. Other - I blame the fact that it was a preseason game for the preseason loss.
  13. Anyone going to the first preseason game with any expectarions of seeing good football.....not much I can say to help them.
  14. This is TATF....we already started that a long long time ago.