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  1. Know a bunch of Lions fans having lived a few minutes from Michigan for most of my adult life, don't know one that ever has any kind of high expectations for them....and rightfully so.
  2. I'm there are multiple factors here but if you aren't a Falcons fan and you saw the NFCCG and then this one starts out pretty much the same way....I get why other people turned it off. I however, was standing in my living room until around 2-3 minutes left I finally sat down....watched until post game interviews were over.
  3. NFL teams shouldn't be over-looking any team, even bad teams have enough talent to win on a given week...OK...except maybe the Jets.
  4. Fart noises? But seriously, you know our team is looking pretty good when we're left talking about this. Just sitting back and enjoying the ride!
  5. Agreed, it actually looked like the pylon saved him from stepping out since he then fell and landed clearly in bounds.
  6. We already know that the Pats can maintain a winning record without Brady yet how many call him the GOAT. Such a hollow argument, and still have to wonder how many of those still using it wer talking up our skill position players before last season?
  7. Really says a lot doesn't it?
  8. Sark, Tru, and D Coleman all slammed hard after last weekend, amazing how much difference one game can make.
  9. True! Sanu's is easy to over look because it wasn't flashy but he did a great job sealing off his man.
  10. About several teams...
  11. Always a stand up guy, good luck rest of season, unless we see you in the playoffs.
  12. lol, watching a defense that get's after the QB...and it's our defense....too good to be true!
  13. Yep about word for word and 17 seconds sounds right. Some where in there he mentioned Rodgers and his, "too many hail mary's to keep track of." Then, when it was over, he brought up the obvious pick play that the Packers were called for and the Rodgers fumble, two plays that really hurt the Packers. Obviously our defensive pressure that caused Rodgers to pull a noob rookie QB move somehow is unfortunate for them as opposed to credit for our defense.
  14. Honestly I have never been impressed with him. While at times he provides some insight, many others he says things that make no sense.