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  1. Only two episodes left for me. I like it. The reviews were terrible but I don't know why. Also..If they come out with Moon Knight I would be sooooo Pumped. All those personalities in one.
  2. Yes the defense didn't help but they were on the Field for way to long. Our offense ran the ball 5 times in the second half. Giving them a rest would have been helpful
  3. I'll say this. I heard the commentators talking during a Green Bay game that a hand full of players on the team were NOT drafted by Green Bay. http://www.packersnews.com/story/sports/nfl/packers/2015/07/21/data-shows-just-good-thompson-draft/30475885/
  4. Does anyone else wonder where the 3-4 defense is? I was under the impression that we would be running a multiple front defense and that would create pressure.
  5. The whole point of the beginning of Genesis is not to give an accurate day by day account, but to communicate one thing and that is...God made everything.. Just my opinion
  6. Eight general managers, two former GMs, four pro personnel evaluators, seven coordinators, two head coaches, two position coaches and a top executive participated First off we don't know which GMs's actually participated. Was it the Jags, Cleveland, Oakland and the like or were they NE, Green bay, NO, SF ? Who were the coordinators? Who were the head coaches? I like Ryan and think with an actual Offensive Line he could be really good. We haven't actually had a good line in a couple of years. However I don't think he's as good as Payton Manning, Brees Rodgers or Brady. However he isn't that bad either. If I had to rank him I'd put him between 6-10 out of the 32 starting QB's that's not bad. You however seem to dislike Ryan so much as to look for reasons to draw others not to like him. I just wonder. If He's so bad then what is your solution? Quit complaining unless you have an actual viable solution in mind.
  7. So I looked at all the cheerleaders that you mentioned and they all have one thing in common....they are all women of color....seems like you have the real problem bud.
  8. Odd thing through all of this is I wonder if anyone called 911 for the kid?
  9. I've been the message boards for a pretty long time. (Back when Dan Reeves was coaching) and I always marvel at how posters think some other coach is better then the coach we have because of one quote, in front of the press. I read things like, "this coach is what we need" and "This coach is a guy with fire" and all I can think of is WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!! You don't know personally either coach. You have no idea whats said in the locker room. You have know idea what Smith is like! I've seen Smith go off on the sidelines to the point that I think he's going to have a heart attack and I read from posters how he doesn't have any fire. Complaints about play calling or time management make sense but this??? None
  10. I wouldn't fire Nolan yet but I wonder....anyone know where he was the last game? On the sidelines or upstairs?
  11. Not lying...that's pretty interesting
  12. So what is the answer. The players are not playing their positions and they are undisciplined or the coaches don't coach well and the players are playing on pure instinct (which only works when you have truly gifted players. Which from the list below only are present in the secondary) The defensive line: LDE Jonathan Massaquoi, LDT Peria Jerry, RDT Corey Peters, RDE Cliff Matthews. The linebackers: LILB Joplo Bartu and RILB Paul Worrilow. The secondary: LCB Asante Samuel, NCB Desmond Trufant and RCB Robert Alford. Safeties William Moore and Thomas DeCoud.
  13. So since we have some tide fans and it's on topic a little. Ever notice that when Drake or Yeldon run with the ball and get stopped, the Bama O line comes from behind and pushes the Running back an extra couple of yards. Gee...I wish the Falcons could get that.
  14. I agree, either that or our line coaches can't coach. Don't know which answer is right.
  15. I see the injury bug as being the blame this year more then anything. Can't see Smith getting the ax. However next year if we aren't back in it......
  16. Truthfully I wouldn't want to get rid of Julio either I'm a BAMA fan and love the fact that he does his job quietly.
  17. YES!!!! Even if we don't make the playoffs I still hate them the Bucs and the Saints
  18. I hear you BUT Packers and the Saints have QB's that move in the pocket and around better then most. Ryan I think is good, but that's the one facet of his game that is lacking. Rodgers can run as well and Brees...well...how many times do we play the Saints a just before we get him he moves away and makes the throw. Bears have a good D and the Steelers had a good D when they went. Most teams live by the Defense or the Offense. Right now we have neither.
  19. One thing that makes you a good leader is knowing your weakness. Obviously TD doesn't see that either his scouting team can't pick a good O lineman or our line coaches stink. also I understand that it's hard to hit on every pick in the draft but again when was the last time we signed a really good offensive lineman? Anyone know? I don't.
  20. We only have 1 injury on the oline other then Sam Baker (who is always injured) that injury goes to Mike Johnson. (who by the way was a back up last year and not good enough to pass Tyson Clabo. What makes TD think a carrier back up is going to all of a sudden be good enough? Holmes was behind Johnson and not good enough to start. Don't bring up the Steelers who lost their Pro bowl caliber center. Their oline is horrible as well. and you can't bring up Cleveland because frankly they have no QB at all. You also can't give me Seattle for one simple fact. Would you trade their Defense for ours? there is something to be said for field position. With Seattle they have a Defense that gives the offense good field position. Ours gives us where ever the kick return gets us.
  21. I don't see the Falcons doing it because then they are admitting they have to chance. BUT I would like to see Tony get the ring and it's clear he's not getting it here. Plus we could use another pick.
  22. Not sure about the Franks part but when watching 22 try to not catch that one TD all I could think of was "Tru or Alford would have caught up to him."
  23. Right now after watching this team my whole life and understanding more now than I ever did. I would rather....right now...at this point. Rather see us not have Roddy, Steven Jackson and Julio and have a great Offensive and Defensive line instead. Here's my reasons. 1. Snelling and Rodgers have not been that bad when playing and with an offensive line they would be even better. We could have a real run game and not had a run game where we put in an offensive lineman in at TE so we can try to get two yards and fail. (Like the defensive doesn't know what we're doing when that doesn't happen?) 2. Douglas is pretty good and with Ryan having 4-5 seconds average throw time, him and a second tier WR would have the time to get open. I really think Douglas would be a starter anywhere else. 3. We would be able to use our Tight Ends in a two TE set more, instead of using one to help block, giving Coffman and Toilolo valuable play time. Gonzalez will not be here next year. 4. Having an actual pass rush with our front four without using a LB would be soooooo nice. I am so sick of seeing opposing QB's have 5-6 seconds to scan the field and throw it to a wide open WR that sat in between zones or that was able to escape coverage because no CB can cover for such a long time. I realize some will disagree and that's fine. I just get real sick of: Ryan having no time. Our RB's getting tackled before they get to the line of scrimmage Using a lineman to play TE because our front five can't run block Other QB's having forever to throw Other RB's run right through our D line and our LB's can't make a play because the opposing o-line is at the second level. The fact that TD and Smith both said they would build from the inside out. (Games are won in the trenches) That's it I can't right anymore. I'm starting to get real pissed.
  24. So I agree that TD has had some bad picks but at the same time lets remember that when your picking for a team that has a winning record every year but the first year, it gets harder and harder to draft. Your picks are later in the rounds and "sure things" start to disappear quickly. Ryan was a great pick when you look at the fact that most wanted Dorsey. After that year it gets real hard to be spot on top pick a good quality player. The deeper into the draft the bigger the chance to draft a bust. ( Of course this only works if your GM is sane. The raiders sucked for many years and had early first round picks every year.) I will say this though. I'm really pissed about TD. When you come in and say we will build from the inside out that means that you build your Oline and Dline. We have crap. At no point have we EVER had a Oline that was lights out and at no point have we had a Dline that opponents feared. No matter how good the recievers are you can't pass to them if you only have 1.8 seconds to throw. I'd rather have a great line and have Ryan with time where he can hit any receiver with the 5 or 6 seconds that Brees and Brady have.
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