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  1. Agree! I dont think taking a QB is a must but if I did I would take Mac Jones over every QB except Trevor. Trade down!
  2. The thing killing this team is the totally botched defensive draft picks under Thomas Dimitroff and Quinn! Besides Grady Jarrett who out there on the line or defensive backfield is not a bust!
  3. Im not! Thats the problem! I care too much!
  4. Even after the superbowl debacle I was with Quinn ! No longer, Just let Koetter coach rest of the way and make a coaching decision after last game.
  5. Thomas Dimitroff has proven he can not draft linemen. Hopefully the headcoach will do the drafting in the future.
  6. PSLs SUCK! Living here in Charlotte since they got the Panthers and PSLs, the Stadium is full of the Wine and Cheese crowd . The regular workin Joe has been priced out. When the team is down or there is a little bad weather the Wine and Cheesers dont show. I miss the the old days at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. Maybe the teams sucked but there were true fans not a bunch of Coke, Delta etc exexs and buddies.
  7. Roddey White should donate this weeks pay check to charity. HE SUCKS!
  8. Ryan is good enough to take us to the Super Bowl but our receivers SUCK! Roddey White is a DISGRACE and Hulio is not living up to the price paid! Last pass of the game hits Hulio right in the hands for a touchdown, check that .... OH, HE DROPPED IT!
  9. Russell is a loser but it dont compare to animal cruelty! Not even close.
  10. Could someone PM me the link also. Thanks!!!!
  11. Just heard on local radio (WFNZ) that Jerry Richardson son's resigned this morning from the organization.
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