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  1. As much as I would love for this game to be a blowout I think it will be our usual close game. I mean if they cant get up for the saints then I guess it is a dumpster fire over there. There should be a big crowd for this game don't you think. What's the over/under on saints fans in the dome Thursday ( I wish this game was on a Sunday so I could make it ugh)
  2. Good teams find a way to win even though they aren't playing well. I guess when your a fan of a team maybe you cant see past the rose colored glasses. I think both games played shouldn't have even come down to the last play of the game. up 20-17 at home with goal to go against the birds we should be able to pound the ball in the end zone and end that without all the drama. yesterdays game was just gross we dominated them for the most part but short yardage again bit us. If they can fix that they'll be ok. I think either team can win the division and neither is head and shoulders above the other
  3. I was wondering what game you went to b/c I didn't see many empty seats at all. Also the falcon fan turnout has dipped considerably over the last couple of years when we play in the superdome. (Nice call Big A) You used to be able to really hear them and see a lot of red in the superdome. Maybe its more difficult to get tickets since they changed format in 2006.
  4. The game shouldn't have even came that close to begin with. Coach P should have went for it on 4th before the birds last drive anyway. Then again we cant convert short yardage situations so maybe he did the right thing. Good game glad we won!!
  5. i hope he gets some bad gumbo that gives him the massive booty giggles for a week
  6. Yeah I dont like the 49ers at all but I wouldnt mind if they won sunday
  7. I bet your parents are real proud of you. I'm not sure about the falcons but the saints were giving so many tickets and the ticket office held a lottery with priority going to season ticket holders that had the most seats and or years. Falken that would be a NO!!
  8. what up rev. been really busy with work and such. i did manage to get to ga though to see the saints and falcons (miserable lol) falcons looking good so far (i just threw up a little). well see if it translates into the playoff with wins. i like clowns better lol
  9. Merry christmas clowns!! I havent checked in much but I'm still here. Enlightend are you ready for that whoopin on sunday lol!!
  10. What kind of thread did you expect to see? Lets geaux falcons or maybe I know they are our rivals but hey lets cheer for them anyway
  11. I dont think rivalries are just about wins and losses. Even when we both sucked the games and atmospheres were great.
  12. Thats something isnt it. I cant wait until the game at the geogia dome although it sucks its on a thursday this year. So much more fun when its early on sunday.
  13. Yeah I mean i have seen some saints fans be complete tards. you get that when you mix football and beer. Just like in atlanta and any other stadium in the league. To be honest some of the best times I have had tailgating is with falcon fans in atlanta. I have lots of friends that are falcon fans (so clueless lol)
  14. There are clowns in every fan base. I have encountered countless idiots over the years at the georgia dome. I remember one year this dude was saying a bunch of racial stuff and falcon fans ran him off before it turned ugly. They were more upset than I was. I dont hold that against ALL falcon fans.
  15. Just like your players looks like the bird fans need a little ego stroking. You guys are really good this year........do you hear me. I mean your 8-0.......woo hoo!! Yeah we stink this year but if you think the saints cant win this game then your delusional. Your not going 16-0 so why not chose this sunday to get an L!!
  16. Whats up Rev. I dont have time to post anymore. I have to actually get some work done now lol. I still pop in from time to time. I go away and you guys go all undefeated on me
  17. Ahh its falcons/saints week. I think this will be a tall order for the saints but I always think the falcon games will be tough. Our defense is dreadful blah blah blah. Are games are always close well expect last year but you feel me. I expect this game to be close. Brees has to play lights out in order for us to win. I say we shock you guys and then you get the blow out you want on the 29th
  18. Three things in life that are certain: Death, taxes, and jim complaining about the refs!! Smh
  19. Hopefully the broncos start slow. I think the saints can win but the thought of manning or forehead boy as some of you call him standing back there with all day to throw makes me woozy. Brees will have to work his magic again.
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