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  1. kicker needs to hit this one, record this year for him isn't great
  2. not the way I expected points before the half, but I like it
  3. nice special teams play there. would have loved to have seen points last drive
  4. may want to remove that play from the playbook there
  5. need a stop here and then points before the half.
  6. why did they put Bennett in to begin with? Loyalty? Offense hasn't looked the same since.
  7. two TD's blown. penalty and dropped passes
  8. can't bring Harris down by grabbing him up high
  9. D line looks to have come out fired up the second half
  10. Rice showing hitting a runner in the legs and wrapping up will bring them down
  11. wow the refs can identify a false start
  12. these refs are horrible. missed false start there
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