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    Packer fan here

    I wanted to say I hate the Saints. That is one awful cocky fanbase reading their boards. Also we owe you a Thanks for beating them a month ago. That gave us a bye. I know we were lucky to win both games against Detroit but still a big Thanks! Who you guys rooting for in the NFC and AFC. I hope the Saints choke again in the playoffs.
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    First off, know this much - I get you. At least on a surface level, it looks like we traded Free, a guy who a lot of TATF liked, for a guy with similar injury issues, a guy who had a down year, and we did it with money that could've been dedicated to the defense. But let me point out a few things that have me high as Khalifa on this Gurley signing. 1) Contract conditional on physical: Gurley's deal with us is conditional on him passing a physical, which means if his knee is really as bad as everyone's making it out to be, he won't count a penny against our cap. Plain and simple. 2) Low risk: This contract is for just one year. And his injury isn't ligament damage - it's arthritis. I have yet to hear about someone with an ACL injury that doesn't have some form of arthritis. It's incredibly manageable at 25. Again, this guy is just 25. The people worried about this are mostly going off what others say. Sure, I wouldn't give Gurley 30 carries every game, but he's not this fragile butterfly you have to tiptoe around. And again - if he fails the physical, we're not on the hook for a dime. 3) The money's right: This move doesn't just mean we get Gurley for a year on 5 mil. It also means we can move on from Hill if no one bites on the 5th round tender (it isn't likely) and save another 2.3 mil or so. Then, we either sign him back or draft a RB in a loaded draft. And we don't even know the breakdown - there could easily be incentives and injury stipulation in the contract. It's such a win-win I can barely understand the gripes. 4) Post June 1st workings: I was annoyed with Tru being designated a Post June 1st cut because it didn't help us with signings at the beginning of FA and it didn't help us with the draft class signings since it wouldn't come free until all our draftees were signed. Well, Gurley was a Post June 1st cut too. What does that mean? His money doesn't even hit the cap till June 2nd. In other words, the money we freed up from Tru (10.75 mil) is going to great use when it likely would have sat for months otherwise. Those saying we should have signed defensive players with it, what D guys are you even talking about? I don't see a single guy with a June 1st designation that was released that interests me. It'll only help with the guys still chillin once June 2nd hits, and the Gurley signing doesn't impact that at all imho. 5) Insanely high reward: This can't be overstated. People saying Gurley had his "worst year," were you around in 2016? He averaged 3.2 ypc and had less yards and TDs than 2019. And that year, it wasn't because he was barely being used. He was just worse. They stacked the box against him, forcing Goff to beat them, and he just couldn't. Why? Because Goff ******* blows. When McVay leaned on Gurley this year, it largely worked, except that OL...oof. Go back and watch All 22 of Gurley, it's free. That trash OL is getting him hit behind the line every play. He gets even one step and it's a first down, if not more. There were so many plays Free hesitated or was too slow on that Gurley makes a big gain in his place. Also, in 2017 and 2018, the offense was marginally better, and they couldn't stack the box against Gurley as well. Here? See my next point. 6) Gurley won't be the focus of the defense: And if he is, defenses will get punished. Holy ****, we have SO many weapons compared to the Rams. Our play action game is going to be lethal if Koetter's dumb *** even begins to get into a groove. He has an obscene amount of weapons at his disposal. I'd love to see teams leave 6 or 7 in the box against Gurley like we faced so often last year. He's going to make them pay, especially if our OL takes the next step like I believe they will. 7) Fan turnout: Sure, this is kinda cheating since it's for AB more than anyone, but I bet sales are gonna pop off with Gurley here. It's a fairweather fanbase. Just the way things are. But if we get a legitimate homefield advantage, games are going to be so much more fun to watch. I'm hopeful. 8) McVay is arrogant: And not in the same way Shanny was. Call it rumor and hearsay if you like, but I've heard that there were issues on McVay's part where he didn't like that Gurley got so much credit for the team's success compared to him and Goff. He was a team captain every year minus 2019. Wonder why? And so much of the creativity with Gurley died in 2019 compared to years past. Then there are the games where he was killing it (Pittsburgh, Carolina, both with 6+ YPC) and he only got 12 and 14 carries in each game (respectively). Both were one score games and they were 1-1 in them. There was no reason not to lean on Gurley. Trust me - there were issues there, and a lot of Rams fans have been saying similar things about McVay either not using Gurley or using him poorly. 9) The draft opened up: I like the RBs in this draft a lot. But it sucks when you're hemmed into taking a position. As is, we were practically locked into taking a RB and CB with two of our first three picks, and arguably a LB in those first three two. That's all needs-based drafting. I hate strictly needs based drafting. This move means we have so much more flexibility. Can we still draft a RB? Sure. I'd love it tbh. But now we don't have to. And we can have more BPA drafting in general. This is all good news, folks. Not to mention, if he balls out, we get a comp next year if he walks. 10) Something to prove: People might hate this reason, but to that, I'll say - these players are HUMAN. Gurley was just recently considered the best RB in the NFL. Over the course of a single season where he was horrendously underutilized, he became "washed," "damaged goods," whatever you want to call it. He was cut. That stings. And now, here he is, headed back to the home of his alma mater, where the most raving of Gurley fans reside, and you want me to believe he isn't going to be working his butt off to show everyone he's still got it. Ha. If it doesn't pan out, the reason won't be Gurley not having something to prove. He's going to be putting his all into this offseason and season itself, guaranteed. It's his last chance at a big contract, and more than that (knowing his competitiveness), it's his last chance to ensure he has a chance to cement his NFL legacy. Anyway, that's 10 reasons. Feel free to add your own. I just can't find any big downsides to this. I'm pumped.
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    Pray For Gritz

    Everyone please say a small prayer for @GhostofGritz. I'm not gonna post the details on here, he's welcome to if he wishes. But let's just remember him and his family right now as they deal with a family tradegy. I know we all get on each other's nerves at times on here and we last out sometimes but at the end of the day we're one big family and we all lift each other up in times of hardship. I've experienced it and I've seen it happen with others on here. Gritz, we're praying for you brother!!
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    I like them. I guess I'll be in the minority lol.
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    Quinn: “Koetter Is My OC in 2020

    I’m not a huge fan of Koetter, but I’m tired of the parade of OCs Matt Ryan’s has through his career. Changing coaches every year isn’t how you build a winner.
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    Birds kicked our butts

    Congrats Falcon fans. Saints got smoked today in all 3 phases. Dan Quinn and team showed up. Maybe he is your man after all. So now I walk away shaking my head to go take a long dump and ponder my football world this evening.
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    Shiny Hood Ornament

    I thought he didn’t score TDs? 6th straight game with a TD, you navel-gazers! Yeah, let’s trade him!
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    That win against the Aints

    Cost them first seed. Now it goes through GB and GB gets the bye. You are welcome swamp-rats! F*** the Aints.
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    **** you Matt Ryan!

    30/36, 356 yds, 4 tds, 0 int great job leading the Falcons to another loss draft Fields, we need a scrambling QB, that was a Dawg (before leaving for greener pastures that is)
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    Goober Pyle

    Prayers Requested

    Hey guys! I debated with myself to even start this thread. Y'all know me as Goober here on the boards and a few know me in real life. I'm not one to usually share much of what's going on in my personal life...even with those I know off the boards. And the Lord knows the everyone has SOMETHING going on that affects them or their loved ones each day. With that said, even though I don't know many of you on here, I still feel like this is an online home away from home....almost like the bar in "Cheers". I come here many times during each day, checking for new threads and replies in current ones that I follow. To sum up....I feel welcome here. My family got some bad news a few weeks ago that I didn't share with anyone. My wife has breast cancer. She found a lump in her left breast on a Sunday night and scheduled an appointment with her OB/GYN the very next day. After ultrasounds, 3D mammograms, and a biopsy, we got the news we dreaded. It wasn't completely unexpected as her mother is a breast cancer survivor, but it was still a bit of a shock. My wife is only 46 and we've been together for for 29 years...married for 24. She is without a doubt my very best friend and my soul mate. Now, with that said, it's not all bleak. We caught this very early and we're told that it's the most treatable kind of breast cancer. She goes this Friday to have the port installed and chemo treatments start next week. She will have a total of 6 treatments that take place every 3 weeks. Once the chemo ends, she will have surgery. Through all this, she has been an absolute rock. She refuses to get down and has said repeatedly that a positive attitude is a must. She will beat this. I'm coming to you guys asking for prayers for her and our family. If you don't pray, please send out some good thoughts and vibes our way. I'll still be here. Goob's not going anywhere. Much love to you all and thanks for being here.....
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    It’s a very good trade for both teams. Go get a ring, Sanu
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    Matt Ryan - Let's get this out of the way first - I want Ryan next year, and I think he's a good quarterback. That being said, he was not very good this year. This was easily his worst year since 2015. He missed a lot of reads, he missed a lot of throws, and he was just generally "off," mostly early on, but also later, he just cleaned up the interceptions comparatively. I was a big DK hater before going back and rewatching games while keying in, but after...Ryan and Freeman were the biggest issues by far. Ryan for missing throws, Freeman for missing holes. If they're less off and making the most out of what we're given, we're in the playoffs this year, period. Eh...on second thought, the defense was atrocious early...but even then we likely win an extra 3 games or so. Ryan was also seeing phantom pressure a ton and ran into plenty of sacks that didn't need to happen. He settled down as the year went on, but our OL (while not great, especially early) gave him more time than he seemed to think they gave him. Hate seeing him lead receivers into big hits too (though it'll happen with every QB). Ryan needs to do some self-reflection and shore up his weaknesses, because we flat out need him this next year. He can do it, don't get me wrong. But we need it. Devonta Freeman - He came on more towards the end of the year...at least, a little bit more. Free was missing a looooot of holes, but more than that, he was hesitating way too much. Not waiting for blocks to set up, I mean straight up hesitating when if he'd gunned it and trusted his eyes he'd have picked up 7 or 8 yards. Instead, we get maybe 2 and people harp on the run blocking and Dirk's garbage calls. A lot of the plays where he lost yards were ones where he could've gotten a yard or two (or more) if he'd just ran, but he stutter stepped into a loss. Solid pass blocking overall, and did his best work after the catch...that being said, I think we have to move on from Freeman. The issue wasn't run blocking and it was barely even DK's calls. It was a lack of talent at RB. Ito Smith - Much more confident than Freeman, probably our best runner in the short amount of snaps he got and solid hands too. But that pass blocking...oof. Needs to fix it. Freeman offers nothing besides that over him at this point though. Quadree Ollison - Great at the goal line and easily has the most potential of our RBs. Good pass blocking too on the rare occasion he's put in that position. But dude's ball security is flat out awful sometimes. Needs to work on that. I wish we used him more when we aren't right at the goal line, because he has a good amount of speed to go with that mean running style and big body. Brian Hill - God, I don't even know what to say about Hill. Sometimes he hits the hole great, other times he makes a dumb decision that turns an easy 5 yard carry into a yard. But then he'll bounce a run outside and pick up 15. He's nothing special, and he won't create anything most plays, outside of bouncing it outside occasionally, and even then he'll miss opportunities a lot of the time. I get that he had a decent YPC compared to Free...but neither were good. I think it's fine to either let him walk or sign him for vet min. Not worth the RFA tender, that's for sure. Kenjon Barner - He isn't a superstud, but he's the best returner we've had in a hot minute and showed potential on offense in gadget plays. I think we should bring him back. Seemed vocal and like he can replace some of that Sanu swagger too. Keith Smith - Came on more in later games, hated him early though. I'd like to bring him back. Special teams ace too. Love the FF vs the Jags. Offers nothing as a runner really, but that's not a big deal...while I'd love to have someone who threatens more, DK doesn't use FBs that much. Biggest issue is that it's usually a dead giveaway what we're going to do when he's in. Might get more of a rapport with Ryan as a receiver since he had a nice grab in the Jags game too. WRs - We're good here and I don't like watching WRs. Just know that if we get a WR, it'll be because some crazy talent slipped to the 4th in this loaded draft. Long story short - JJ is a freak, Ridley's hands improved a ton, Gage was a steal and Zaccheus is better than Blake. Austin Hooper - The best thing about Hooper is his hands. He catches near everything that comes his way. And he's great at finding holes in zone coverage. Still...on rewatch, I feel like we won't drop off much by letting him go. In his best games, it felt like teams were letting him get empty yards after going up on us. I don't remember him really beating man coverage much. And don't get me wrong, that's not the only thing you care about with a tight end, but he was schemed into a majority of those yards. Great redzone weapon and great hands, but he isn't an engine that makes this offense go. Jaeden Graham - Didn't get to see him a lot, but he's surprisingly athletic and had reliable hands. The biggest dropoff from Hooper to him is Ryan's trust level if you ask me. Know less about how he does after the catch compared to Hoop. Good blocker, great effort in special teams too. Luke Stocker - Honestly? I hated this dude, and I thought it was a foregone conclusion he'd be cut...but he played way better down the stretch. I think a lot of his issues were settling in to the new offense and getting used to a new playbook. His blocking was so much better in later games, didn't even look like the same player. Jake Matthews - Matthews certainly wasn't "bad," but he had more issues than I thought. Maybe it's just because I compared him to McGary, but he was physically overwhelmed a good bit and certainly wasn't as consistent as in years past. Still, he's a solid left tackle, and his pluses far surpassed the minuses. Way more consistent than McGary, but I think a lot of that is conditioning. Still a mediocre run blocker, but he's great blocking LBs and DBs in space. Get him moving to maximize his talent. Kaleb McGary - McGary was wayyyyy better than I remember going back and focusing on him. Dude honestly looked incredible, considering he's a rookie. His biggest issue? Conditioning, and it isn't even close. The only other one is that he'll get beat outside by speed rushers sometimes. He moves super well, he plays hard, he's refined in his pass sets and mirrors well...but dude did so much worse late in games when we dropped back to pass a bunch. He just seemed worn out. Gave up most of his sacks in the 4th quarter. The bright side? Conditioning is one of the easiest things to fix for players in the NFL, and it's totally understandable that he had issues both given that he's a rookie and he missed a bunch of practice leading up to the regular season. Look for a massive jump year 2. Matt Gono - Why the absolute **** did Gono not get more snaps? He was inconsistent, but he moves people in the run game and has such a nasty demeanor. A lot of his flaws are attributable to inexperience or trying too hard. I think he could win the LG spot if he's given the chance, but I love him as depth regardless. Wes Schweitzer - People won't believe it, but Wes was actually really solid this season. If he's the weak link on our OL, we'll be fine, but I do hope we draft a Mack heir if he isn't it (Hennessy or Ruiz maybe) and at least have open competition at the guard spots. I think giving the whole line time to gel will mean more for this offense than just about anything. That and relying on the run...it's not their fault our RB corps is mostly awful. James Carpenter and Jamon Brown - I'd cut both if we could. Neither is good, but Carpenter is by far worse. Fortunately, he's the more cuttable one. I don't know why we brought in two lumbering guys when the rest of our OL is built for more zone blocking, but I guess we're gonna live with it. Look for Carpenter to not be a Falcon next season. Bad run blocking and pass blocking. Can't pull for ****. Hopefully Brown makes a jump...he's a lot better in run blocking, but good lord, he can be atrocious pass blocking sometimes. Chris Lindstrom - Lindstrom is a beast in the run game and usually good pass blocking, but I do think he tends to ride guys out of the pocket enough that I didn't see him anchor a ton. Great IQ though, impressive af in passing off guys and picking them up on stunts. He's going to be a mainstay. Alex Mack - Way better than I remembered him being. We should extend Mack for sure. He's still a very good center, good enough that I think losing him would set us back next year more than cutting him would give us opportunities to improve. Offense Playcalling - I'm still not a DK fan. That said...watching these games over gave me hope. He started incorporating a LOT more motion into the gameplan later in the season, started running out of different formations, using different runs (more outside zone, jet sweeps, traps, etc). As long as Ryan steps up and we move on from Freeman, I'm much more optimistic about the offense next season. Oh, and we need more Jags/Seahawks-esque gameplans. He's certainly capable of that, so let's hope for the best. Grady Jarrett - Best player on defense bar none. He was borderline unblockable. I kinda want us to invest heavy on a DT in FA or the draft just so he gets more one-on-ones, because seriously, double teaming Jarrett is almost necessary at this point. Him + Kinlaw or Calais Campbell? Teams would have nightmares about it. Tyeler Davison - Was playing really well early, and while his play tapered off some down the stretch, I think he was a fantastic pickup. High priority re-sign. He was essentially Dontari Poe for us at a tenth of the price. We were hard as heck to run on up the middle, and he was a massive reason for that. Adrian Clayborn - Clay should've been getting starter snaps with the way he was playing. Our best pass rusher and good against the run too. We need to bring him back. Takk McKinley - Good as a pass rusher, had a lot of "soooo close" snaps where he could've had 8-10 sacks on the season. But against the run...oof. If you think Beasley is bad in the run game, you need to key on Takk. Dude was playing so much hero-ball early and straight up left his brothers out to dry. Got better as the season went on, but I came out of these re-watches more annoyed with him than just about any other player on defense. Vic Beasley - He was actually a lot better against the run than I can remember him being in years past. While that's nice, the sack numbers are super misleading...he might've been our worst DE in terms of pass rush. Still, he wasn't atrocious. He seemed better with his hands than in years past. And he's fast enough that when he beats his guy he gets home, leading to those "inflated" sack numbers. Our pass rush was pretty good in the games that I watched, teams just loved to dink and dunk on our awful DBs early, and after that tightened up, we were getting plenty of pressure. Someone's going to give him money this offseason, and if no one does...if he's looking at 4 mil/yr or so...I actually want him back. I'm surprised at saying this tbh, but he really was better than I thought. I don't want him as a starter, but he's playing at right around that Bruce Irvin level. IE: solid rotational guy. I think he gets paid though, and I don't want the Falcons to be the one paying him big. John Cominsky - This dude has an outside of chance of developing into a bonafide starter. He was so disruptive considering his lack of experience. He was making plays any game he got significant snaps, and he's got an incredible motor to go along with his nutty physical traits. I think if he got the same snaps Maxx Crosby did, he could've had a similar impact. Look for a jump next year. Deion Jones - People hating on him need to actually watch - he was easily our second best player on defense. Terrific in coverage as always (and rarely targeted as a result), and I think he's got more of a reputation as hitter than people realize...saw folks drop balls around him or flinch before contact, and watching QBs slide or stumble to the ground at his approach was a delight. He was also better shedding blockers than in years past and made a lot of plays against the run. I'd love to see him next to a guy like Isaiah Simmons, or maybe Chaisson in Campbell's old spot. Foye Oloukon - Started getting more snaps later in the season and he absolutely deserved it. Oloukon is looking like a phenomenal pick at this point. Great in coverage, stronger than expected in run support, good instincts and rangy as heck. I'm thinking if Neal comes back, he might play in a role similar to what Oloukon has been. Devondre Campbell - Another guy who was playing a lot of hero ball early. He was decent in coverage, but God, he's atrocious against the run considering how big he is, and he blew more coverages than any LB not named Kemal Ishmael, especially early on. I just don't think he's a super instinctive player. Might be thinking too much, and his athletic gifts barely compensate for that. We shouldn't bring him back. Damontae Kazee - Playmaker is his calling card, and he does it well at FS. That said, he isn't even depth at CB. Total liability there. He needs to be able to look at the QB all the time and fly around. Even with that said...I like him at FS, and he gave up fewer big plays than last year (from what I remember), but he could be upgraded. Ricardo Allen - Allen was trying to do too much early, and he wound up out of position more than I'd expect from a guy known for his "discipline," but he looked really solid at SS later in the season. I still don't think he's "the guy," but we don't need two elite safeties, and he's totally a guy we should keep around. Great attitude, a solid to good starter at three positions, and he was making plays in the run and pass game, especially the last half of the season. Keanu Neal - Oof. I hate saying this, but Neal was bad in the games he played this season. Often out of position, whether against the run or pass, and it felt like he was compensating a bit by flying to the ball...but wound up overpursuing often. He likely would have started playing better as the season went on had he not been injured, but at this point, I'm not that comfortable with him in a starter role next season regardless. I loved him the first couple seasons he had playing for us...but we might need to cut bait, whether that's via trade or cutting him. I'd be fine bringing him back as depth, but if he plays anything like he did when playing this season, he's not worth anywhere near 6.5 mil. Desmond Trufant - Tru was our best CB this year, but he wasn't particularly better than years previous. He just held onto the ball better this year. Great in off coverage all year, played the ball well and had some swagger to his game. Still a weenie in the run game, there would be times where it felt like he would stay hooked on a WR's block to avoid making a tackle. His trade value is as high as it'll ever be, and I think we should jump on that. I just don't see a dropoff in our DB play from when he played to when he wasn't. Honestly, they looked better as a unit because of how we tended to play coverage imho. Lots of press comparatively. Kendall Sheffield - Sticky dude. Needs to learn to turn his head more or he'll get that Chris Houston label, but then again...he's so young and so athletic that I think he can start down the line for us. Really impressive guy regardless. Might've been better if we played with him starting to begin the season. Blidi Wreh-Wilson - Bad early, like most of our DBs, but he got better and I think he's worth re-signing for depth. He made a lot of plays considering he was on the field less than most of the other CBs. That said, he's strictly depth. Isaiah Oliver - Awful early on, just atrocious. Only guy worse was Kazee. But he got way better as the season went on, and he looks so comfortable in press coverage. By the end, I'd say he was our best CB, and I like his attitude more than Tru vs the run. I'm encouraged. He improved over last year and got better every game this year. Defense Playcalling - I really don't think it was that bad early on, but our DBs were flat out TERRIBLE. Morris moving improved the execution to a kinda ridiculous degree. It was especially bad in week 4 through week 8 or so, with a lot of looks thrown in to try and mask our DBs weaknesses that wound up just confusing people more than anything. Morris and Ulbrich running simplified coverages that were just disguised more frequently helped a ton. And people will hate hearing it, but all of our CBs are better in press besides Tru, and we ran a ton more press with him out...which meant we looked better without him, despite him being our best CB. We were 4-0 the last half of the season with him out and 2-2 the last half with him in. I just don't see him being a part of the plan next year. And if he is, I really hope we run more press regardless. Our guys are just better closer to the line. Well, there's my opinion - pretty big shift on some guys compared to what I thought when the season ended. Side note: After watching a bunch of potential DL guys we could pick up, Calais Campbell is my favorite, followed shortly thereafter by Fowler. Campbell will cost way less, and while you can't see the impact on the box score as much with him, he was blowing up our OL on a consistent basis and just causing general havoc, leading to a lot of chips and double teams. Fowler was really good against us, with 3 sacks and a ton of disruption, but getting that in a contract year is admittedly sketchy. The lack of hype around him is encouraging though, as is Quinn's familiarity with him as a player. I could see us making a play for either. Clowney was really good too, and he's another guy who has a way larger impact than the box score would suggest. Ngakoue didn't impress me at all. Griffin was solid but likely not worth what he'll get if the Vikes move on.
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    After all the "edgy" naysayers piled on the hate wagon, I was curious as to whether or not day 2 would reveal any of the magnified negative perspective after such an exhaustive critique on day one. Nope. Still FIYAHHH!!!!!
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    Meet The Poster V2

    Since it's completely dead here I figured I would revisit this thread I made 5 years ago. There have been more people join the board and new lurkers. Come in and tell everyone about yourself. Here's the link to the original thread below if you want to take time and revisit https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4023102-meet-the-poster/ And please no one be weirdos and use other people's photos from that thread or this thread if someone chooses to post. That very thing happened in that thread. But here's an update of my family. And it was hot that day at Disney. kma
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    I'm Gonna Be A Daddy

    With all the negativity surrounding the Falcons this year I figured I could bring a little joy to the boards by announcing that I'm gonna be a daddy!! I'm scared to death and excited over the moon at the same time!!
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    We already have game wreckers. They are on the side lines wearing headphones.
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    3st pick!!!

    Why not aiming for the 1nd?
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    Sanu taking a shot at us?

    It’s a community service group for assisting at risk youths to make it through college.
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    Dude, it’s just a dig at Brown for assaulting a moving crew guy...we need to take off the foil caps around here and stop looking for things that aren’t there.
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    The prevailing wisdom at the moment centers around getting an offensive specialist and going all in on the rest Matt and Julio's prime years. By focusing on an offensive head coach, you insulate yourself from him being hired away by another team when/if we inevitably catch fire and having to hit reset on that side of the ball. Sound logic, but I just wanted to put this out there as a little food for thought. No brilliant coach or coordinator works in a vacuum. No matter what level of genius he has, he leans on his assistants to help him put it all together on gameday. Every single assistant coach is charged with contributing -- your running backs coach might be responsible for protections that week, your wide receiver coach might be responsible for coming up with red zone plays, QB coach might be assigned 3rd downs, and so-on right on down the line. You see a great offense, I promise you there is a great staff working behind the scenes. Those guys become hot commodities, too, and when they leave, the effects are felt. Just to give a few examples: 2017 Eagles - Super Bowl Champions - Doug Pederson Offensive Minded HC: #3 in points, #7 in yards, #8 in DVOA That offseason both Frank Reich and John DeFillippo get hired away. 2018 Eagles - #18 in points, #14 in yards, #16 in DVOA 2016 Washington Redskins - Jay Gruden Offensive Minded HC: #12 in points, #3 in yards, #5 in DVOA Next year, Sean McVay gets hired away by the Rams and takes Shane Waldron with him... 2017 Washington Redskins - #16 in points, #16 in yards, #20 in DVOA 2018 Los Angeles Rams - Sean McVAy - #2 in points, #2 in yards, #2 in DVOA Offseason he loses Zac Taylor (LaFleur left in '17)... 2019 Los Angeles Rams - #13 in points, #12 in yards, #18 in DVOA Now I'm not saying that losing assistants is a death knell, but don't fall into the trap of thinking that just because you hire an offensive minded head coach that you insulate yourself from the brain drain that inevitably happens when assistants get poached and the dips in production that come with that. Andy Reid and Gary Kubiak are really the only guys who bucked this trend. Both those guys' offenses got better when they lost their key guys (Matt Nagy and Kyle Shanahan respectively), but those two are special, they don't have any doppelgängers sitting out there right now.
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    We can only hope...
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    I am a Matt Ryan fan but

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    So...Shanny is 0-2 in the Super Bowl is how I see it
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    Knight of God

    My Very Unpopular Opinions

    QB - I like Ryan, I hate that fans are unrealistic about him. At this point, I would hope a true back-up/understudy is drafted or signed in 2020. I like mobile rather than running or statue QBs. RB - What are we doing??? I thought we love Freeman!?!? Protect him, play one of those young inactive guys. Right? Lol. Really, draft a home run prospect. Stop dipping your toes and just jump in the RB pool. FB - I’m good WR - Trade Sanu??? Wow! Dude is actually the clutch 3rd down guy. My opinion only. No need to draft though. We have Ridley. TE - Hooper is fine. Good. Schemes for. Get a Joker TE though. OL - Meh, all around DL - We have really really good players here. Maybe a blue chip guy to play nose. Stop playing. EDGE - Utter crap. Takk May have pressures, but he’s less than mediocre. I don’t care. The only true edge guy is Clayborn and he’s a rotational guy. Utter crap. People will defend certain players, if we have him or him, this guy would be better. No, these guys would still suck. Except Clayborn. LBs - Debo. That is all we have. Everyone else are average with flashes. Secondary - A lot of role players and a guy on his second season ending injury. Time to get realistic and stop playing.
  30. 49 points

    Matt Ryan ball speed.

    Leading the league in TDs, #2 in yards, #2 completion percentage, #7 QBR, #10 yards per attempt.... But yeah, let's keep looking for issues with Matt...
  31. 49 points

    1st Team Defensive Line

    Wow, what a difference an offseason makes. The 1st team DL looked like a totally different group out there. Constant pressure coming from DT and DE positions, constantly collapsing Miami’s pocket, clogging up the middle on running downs, it was intense and dominant at times. The second team DL pretty much did same, a reflection of the great depth. Just need to stop QBs from squirting out of collapsing pockets and getting 1st downs. Neal and Jones won’t let that happen. I fully understand it’s preseason and no game planning, but dayum that still was nice to see, and it’s mostly got DQs fingerprints all over it. He has them ballin. Matter of fact, even second team defense was going full throttle. Very nice to see the aggression and intensity. Signature DQ run defense. Really nice to have him back in the DC chair.
  32. 48 points
    Man... Is the season over? I didn't know football seasons were decided after one game. Yes, we just witnessed arguably the single worst regular season game in the DQ era. This team was healthy, fully loaded, and laid a massive egg. No way around it. But if you think this is going to continue for 15 more games, then don't even bother reading the rest of this. You're mind is made up after one game. Move on and accept you're going to root for a miserable team until January. As for the rest of us, let's carry on. If you've ever done anything worth doing in life, you've laid an egg doing it. Period. Public speaking. Sports. Anything with any level of effort, you've dropped the ball despite being prepared. Shlt happens. You get your a** handed to you. Either you stay down or you bounce back. You let it define you or you rewrite the script. For some, that scares the crap out of you. The unknown. You want somebody to tell you it's going to be ok. That's not this. The Falcons have to stand in their shlt right now. That's exactly what they've been doing. They've accepted just how terrible they looked. We all know that's now who they are, that's why everybody is so pissed. I mean come on: When's the last time Julio plain ole played bad? Against the Eagles, Julio averages 7 catches, 120 yards, and 1 TD. Coming off a bad game, when he's had less than 50 yards, every single time he's bounced back with a massive game since DQ has been here. He's not one man who stays on the turf. Matt Ryan: I told yall on Tuesday, since DQ has been here, Matt has averaged a 113.1 passer rating with a 7:2 TD/INT ratio in week two compared to 94.1 passer rating and a 5:3 split in week one. Again, you think Matt isn't pissed? You think he's going to keep making poor decisions? Lol stupid. He hasn't done that since 2017. Matt has been mediocre in week one games for years now. He's bounced back every single time. Jake Matthews: When's the last time Jake had a game this embarrassing? Name it. Not since he was a rookie. Jake looked like Sam Baker. But is that Jake Matthews? You think he ain't bouncing back? Lol ok We all knew how much talent was on this roster going into the season. That didn't disappear after one game. This isn't Space Jam and they all lost their powers or some childish shlt. They lost. Bad. The Steelers just got held to 3 points. You think they're only going to score 48 points all year? That's stupid. The Saints let the Bucs score 48 points in the Superdump last year and only gave up over 28 points at home once more (vs LA). Week one lies. But if you want to believe it, go ahead. I bet you believe Julio is washed, Jake is trash, Matt needs to be traded, etc. Don't turn the game on. Don't post anything. Don't even speak on shlt. Just go somewhere and cry in your cheerios. This is football. You'll lose. You'll look bad. The infamous "We're on to Cincinnati" meme was after the Patriots were destroyed 41-14 on MNF. Brady was washed and the dynasty was over. Except they got the f*ck off the mat and kept destroying teams. If you don't think the Falcons can do that, I feel bad for you. It was one game. One game doesn't make a season. Never does. Especially not week one. Rise Up. Or Get Gone. Period.
  33. 48 points
  34. 47 points
  35. 47 points
    From the owner to the HC to the water boy. Thank you for not tanking! I won't forget. Yes I know many TATFers would've rather tanked for draft position, but they still don't realize no NFL team ever tanks. Never. Not the Suck For Luck Colts or even the 2019 Miami Dolphins. Tanking is for draft geeks, mocker fockers and losers. This team is playing like the 1997 Falcon team that parlayed momentum to a Super Bowl berth the following year. And whoopin as on the road which is hard to do. There are so many reasons you never tank. Here are a few: For Real Falcon fans like me that want to see wins and never want to see losses Jobs Incentives Revenue Pride Momentum
  36. 47 points
  37. 46 points


    No one plays the predraft game better than Dimitroff. That's why you see him interviewed so much this time of the year.
  38. 46 points
    We started 6-1 in 2015 and finished 8-8. The only people that are soft and broken are the fans.
  39. 45 points
    *DISCLAIMER: religious post* As most know, I've been one of the residential Vic Beasley homers since he was drafted. I badly wanted him prior to the draft, and purchased his jersey from NFLShop at 9 AM the following morning of the draft. Even though I loved Vic's athletic abilities and college production, I was admittedly blinded by Vic Beasley the person. A good friend of mine who was a student at Clemson had told me stories about Vic's ability to communicate with everyone he met and a persistent attitude when it came to sharing his faith. This is something that has continued into Vic's professional career as he's never been afraid to express his identity in Christ. Last year, I felt moved to write Vic Beasley a short letter. As someone who hadn't been a Christian my entire life, I've looked up to Vic Beasley and considered him a role model at a time in my life where I felt it was difficult to share my faith publicly. In the short letter, I thanked Vic for his inspiration and briefly shared my testimony. I sent the letter to Atlanta, never anticipating a response. Less than two months later after almost forgetting about the letter, I received an envelope in the mail with an autographed picture: "To Roger, Congrats on your salvation!" I share this simply to hopefully shed some light on Vic Beasley the human being. As much as I'll have fond memories of his breakout 2016 year, it's often times what players do off the field that leave the most lasting impressions. I don't plan on retiring my #44 jersey anytime soon. Sometimes, it's more than football. Atlanta is losing a solid dude, and I wish him the best wherever he goes (praying it's not New Orleans).
  40. 45 points
    Knight of God


    Cousins barely threw 200yds, but they ran the ball 40 times and not always with much success. Still continued to run. Also the defense was on point. Again. Run + Good defense = win The passing league talk was an agenda for ratings. If everyone is designed to stop the pass, you run!
  41. 45 points
    Serves ‘em right. I’m all for squeezing every bit of profit out of everything but you got to be a greedy mother***** to come up with the concept of charging people for the RIGHT to buy a ticket to a seat BEFORE they actually buy the ticket.
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    MR2—#10 all time passing

    While the rest of you ninnies argue about Quinn, defense, yada yada, I’m going to celebrate Matt Ryan’s continued March to Canton...
  44. 44 points
    Sounds corny but it's absolutely true. Ya Boi J.....I told you I wasn't leaving! I wanna thank you and my nephew for that connection to get back here! I love you son. I also love these people on the boards! My eyesight is worse than Ryan's now.......not good! It's a blessing to have technology like this......because it warms my old heart. The old song, running against the wind comes to mind for me. I looked at it like this...well I'm older now and still "flyin", against the wind. Give me time to type and put spell checker in he place Dawg noeswatisayn! My first time on in bout 4 years I believe, and I could see things but couldn't respond a few times. I have an overwhelming likes and love to give the true people and fans of our Football team. My God in heaven.....i have really missed you guys! I really do love you all!!!!! Nothing good about leaving....trust me! I'm soo sorry about our loss in that game! It almost killed me like others. I was already in a world of hurt, as I didn't eat for 2 weeks....I hate them S.O.B'S . I hurt for us all!!! I promise you all one thing.........WE WILL WIN A SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!! Our Brand, Logo, future cheerleaders deserve it! WE as FANS, deserve it more than any fans in any sport!!!! Cat'dayuums it's soo good to be back. My wife won't be able to pry me from dis heeya computer yallz
  45. 44 points
    Rico Allen has been something of polarizing topic around these parts for quite some time. I'll admit there were even times when I felt we could take him or leave him, but when you are running a single high defense, you NEED to have a free safety out there who can cover up the defense's shortcomings and the problem with evaluating a free safety is most of the time, what they do doesn't show up on the stat sheet, and there can be entire games where he'll do his job perfectly, but it'll look to the casual view like he didn't do anything because no action came his way. That has long been the quandary of Rico Allen. He's never been the ballhawk of say Earl Thomas, who is the gold standard, but he's a cerebral player. @TheFatboi was one of the early ones I can remember who harped on the importance of Rico. Well we got a chance to see what it looked like last year when he went down. The secondary was a mess -- even with Kazee back there ballhawking, and it was the little things that were missing. Last night he was a warrior god. Play#1 - second quarter. Philly has us backed up, and decides to attack our Cover-3 with an old staple, Seams. Philly has two underneath routes, and a flat route just in case, but it's the dual seams they are trying to get to. They're creating a 2 on 1 and the safety can't get to both of them. Cover-3 - Trufant and Oliver playing deep thirds, Rico back single high closing the middle of the field. Hook drops for our two linebacker Campbell and Jones. And the two curl-flat defenders to either side underneath. Key thing here on 1st and 10 is we aren't just spot-dropping to landmarks, we're pattern reading the release of the receivers. At the snap, and this is beautiful quarterback play by Wentz. He's staring to his left trying to move Rico. Underneath our coverage is doing its thing. Campbell is reading #2 to #1. The curl/flat defender to the bottom of the screen is matching that route. We don't worry about the back leaking to the flat until the ball is thrown. Carson snaps his head around, just as his receiver clears into the seam as Devondre passes his off to Tru and looks to pic up that hook route. Not a great pic, but Tru pics the route up beautifully and Rico comes screaming over. Carson can't lead him up the field because Rico is coming to close that window, so he has to put it on the receiver's back shoulder. Beautiful football. Another half a step, and Rico has a pick, but it's a huge play nonetheless. He's processing information and playing so fast there is no window there.
  46. 44 points

    Brees torn ligament

    Saints fans preparing lawsuits against Aaron Donald as we speak.
  47. 43 points
    Where are the other Derrick Henry's? Last I checked there's only one.
  48. 43 points
    No one is making you stay bro. This isn't a hostage situation. Door is right there...
  49. 43 points
    There’s no one open. The pressure wasn’t even the worst I’ve seen it this season. He had multiple snaps yesterday where he has time to get through all 5 reads, and you could see his head moving from one side of the field to the other. No one was open, not even an outlet. Ill let you draw your own conclusion from there.
  50. 43 points

    Saubert Traded To Patriots

    Watch him have a pro bowl season
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