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    I lost the love of my life yesterday and I wanted you to know how much all your love and kindness meant to him and to me I love you guys. I just wanted you to know - and I won't be on here for a while. My heart is gone. https://www.currentobituary.com/obit/234344
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    I recently reached out to see how things were going for her. She’s struggling with grief, but definitely getting through this. She has reached out for help and is getting better. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers while she deals with this. I can’t say what it’s like, but grief is something we all have in common. Please help me circle the wagon for our friend. Thanks guys. Clarence
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    Thank you God!!! My test results are negative for the acetylcholine. Which are cells that attack your muscles (aka myasthenia gravis). I know the doctor will say to do more testing to make sure, due to this is just the receptors. But enough is enough. I've been tortured mentally way to much. And none of this should have ever gotten to this point. I do not know if I'll address my double vision with seeing a new doctor. But right now I never want to see one again. NO ONE should ever have to go thru the mental games these doctors have done to me. I have never been afraid of dying. Not even when I had my tumor. And let me very clear. Even if I would have been positive. Even if I was struck with this horrible autoimmune disease. I would have trusted God!!! I literally have put all of this in God's hands. God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good. Thank you to everyone for praying. That helped me so much. I literally have crawled the floor crying for help from my mind...... Again my brain tumor I was never afraid like this did.
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    Julio Jones getting at TD, but more importantly his teammates showing love. Kazee learning to make calls and getting everyone in place. Yale linebacker playing SEC or ACC football. A kicker coming out of nowhere. OL losing two major pieces and playing better. Undrafted SS cast aside and coming back playing like a starter. Rookie CB playing with heart. Kazee becoming the defacto leader of the defense. Coleman proving he is better than was thought. 195lb Ito playing power football. Rookie WR playing #1 receiver football. A few other things. We looked good. Shout out to Jack Crawford.
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    My Father’s Day gift was my 1st grand. Welcome the newest little falcon Baby CJ.
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    From The Athletic: I'm hoping Hageman can make the roster. I liked him coming out and always thought he had sky high potential. It seems like he's learned a LOT of valuable lessons from his time away from the game. That it's a privilege, first and foremost, and can be taken away at a moments notice for not being in good standing as a citizen and player of the team. At the end of the day, if he has learned from his mistake and done everything to atone for it, you can't continue to shun him. He's earned his chance. But that's all it is: a chance. If he makes the most of it, we saw the last time he was on the field just how vicious he can be and that would be a major boon for this team. #RISEUP
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    I thought he didn’t score TDs? 6th straight game with a TD, you navel-gazers! Yeah, let’s trade him!
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    Lmao if we can't win scoring 37 pts MAYBE, just maybe Sark isn't the issue.
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    My favorite part of social media is getting to see people talk about something they have absolutely no knowledge of and yet they speak on it like they're experts.
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    Yeah I figured some one was going to blame Sark.
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    *****Please do not quote this post***** *****Think about our mobile users***** Chris Lindstrom What I Like Quick, I mean this man moves. You want a pulling guard? This is your man. Picks up stunts like he knows when they are coming Pass blocking is nooiicee, Matt will finally have a pocket to step into. Nasty player, he always is trying to hit someone even if he does not have to. Will do anything to pick up his block, I've seen him jump and stretch out just to get the tiniest push on someone to slow them down instead of letting them run by Gets to linebackers fast, will block them before the RB is even at the line of scrimmage What I Do Not Like Will not move anyone back in the run game. This is not to say he is bad at run blocking, just that he will not be a mauler or be pushing anyone back Needs to work on his balance some more Can get pushed back by more powerful guys Why He Will Succeed We are a passing team and he excels at pass blocking, the offense will allow him to play to his strength and his run blocking will be good but not great. Why He Will Fail He will get abused by strong powerful rushes who knock him off balance and either push him to the side or push him straight to the ground. Kaleb McGary What I Like His run blocking, when the team is running it is like this dude levels up, he can be blocking one man and then someone tries to run by and he will jump like a grasshopper and stonewall the second man Run blocking push, he will drive you back to the second level and push you out of the play because **** you that's why Confident he will out muscle any rusher you put in front of him Will ride speed rushers off the screen completely behind his QB If a defender runs right at him they are not going anywhere Super aggressive, will not wait for you. He is coming for you. What I Do Not Like Can struggle with guys who are quicker and swat his arms away so they can jump/run around him Not the best blocker in space, again quick guys can get around him His aggressiveness will lead to him jumping offsides at times That is really my only worry is quicker guys getting around him whether it be a run or pass Why He Will Succeed He is going to punch his opponents in the mouth and out muscle the man in front of him. Why He Will Fail He will struggle against the speed rushers of the NFL and be unable to get his hands on them consistently enough to block them. Against those speed rushers I suggest at times we use a RB/TE to chip them and help out McGary Bonus If he's on the team when Vacarro hit Ryan I would bet he gets ejected that game for retaliation. Kendall Sheffield What I Like Sure tackling Sticky man coverage Elite Speed Anticipates throws very quickly (when he's watching the ball) Active hands when he is thrown at Seems to get his head around when thrown at but could still use some work Violent hands when tackling (think Jalen Collins forcing fumbles in the playoffs) Not easy to block Can lay the boom given the chance Tracks the ball well What I Do Not Like Can get caught with his pants down if he has his back to the QB I fear he has gotten by in life on sheer speed and talent and may not feel the need to work on his craft Why He Will Succeed We move him to FS and let him roam, constantly watching the eyes of the QB and lurking. Or we get his technique down and he becomes a nice slot corner that allows Kazee to play FS. Why He Will Fail He does not improve on his technique and he never learns to find the ball after his back is turned I really think we move him to FS and he takes over for Rico next year. John Cominsky What I Like He fast When he does get low he seems untouchable for guards Stout in the run game, stands guys up and does not get pushed back When lined up at DT he pushes the guard back collapsing the pocket Nice swim move when he actually uses it Once he moved inside during the senior bowl they started to double team him Bats balls down at the LOS What I Do Not Like Needs to make sure he gets his pad level down (I do not wanna see your shoulders get pushed behind your butt John) Needs to be more violent with his hands, slap the **** outta some dudes my guy Not an edge pass rusher but that is ok, he did not get pushed back but instead drove guys back which would be awesome for a base DE who slides inside Needs better balance, got thrown off his feet a couple times Why He Will Succeed We will use him as a base DE on run downs and then slide him in at DT in passing situations. He will learn to be more violent with his hands and correct his pad level/balance. He will also actually use the spin move more regularly. Why He Will Fail He will never get his pad level down and will continue to be knocked off balance. We will utilized him poorly and try to make him an edge rusher. Qadree mutha ****in Ollison What I Like He's a freight train Falls forward cause those are his yards Has cut ability because Does not dance around. See hole, hit hole What I Do Not Like That he was not a Falcon sooner Needs to get lower at times, can be a little upright Could use just a little more patience Why He Will Succeed We run more power plays and let him do his thing. Wears down teams and allows Free/Green/Ito to tear it up even more Why He Will Fail We make him run outside, he can do this but it is not his strong suit. Jordan Miller What I Like Dem Hands Swagger, you can tell when buddy is feeling himself. He has an attitude. Tracks the ball better than some WR's he covers Can lay a hit Gets his head around (take notes Alford, dusty ***) Reads runs well and attacks His man coverage is sticky What I Did Not Like Looked a wee little grabby His drop back technique makes me feel like he is vulnerable to curl routes, but that could just be the coverage Wash ran Going for the big hit at times can lead him to getting pushed to the side and allow the WR to get YAC Why He Will Succeed He has experience in the cover 3 and cover 1. He already has nice coverage and nice hands Why He Will Not Succeed I find it hard to believe he will fail. I think barring an injury or radical change in play he will be awesome. Has the making to be my favorite pick Marcus "all i see is" Green What I Like FAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTT Shifty, doesn't care about ya ankles Lowers the shoulder, yeah you read that right. He does not care about your well being Vision, I wear glasses and I bet he still sees the field better than I could. Not afraid to go over the middle What I Do Not Like Body catcher, attack the ball young man Could use work on his route running Always tries to get the edge, sometimes you gotta cut up and go Why He Will Succeed He will be our punt returner/kick returner and we will utilize him on screens, tosses, and as a change of pace to Olli and Free. Also will be excellent in the slot and help stretch the defense. Like @MSalmon said we could probably manufacture about 5 or so touches a game to let him bust one. Why He Will Fail We will only use him as a RB and not utilize him at WR. May not fail but will not reach full potential.
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    Why are you even talking about Matt? We scored 36 points today. That should be enough for a win.
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    Some here know what's going on. And I just listened to a my voicemail a doctor call me with terrible news last week. I have no clue if I have 3 years before this starts to get bad or not. I'm seeing a specialist Friday for myasthenia agravis. Hopefully the specialist will tell me this other doctor is just a quack. And then look at me and tell me I don't have this. I've reached out to people who have it. And it's a snowflake auto immune. 15% it affects the eye only. Others it gets very bad. Some medicine helps a lot, others it's s fishing for which medicine. Some go they remission, some don't. ...... When I was 18ish with a brain tumor I felt I was to young to realize the life/death situation. Because without surgery I would have died within a couple months...... However now I remember what that news was like. Which is crawl under a rock and just cry and hold the Bible. I'm literally very afraid and scared. If you know me personaly. Please refrain from calling at the moment. You can text and I'll look at it when I feel like I can. However if you know anyone who had this or know anything about it. Call me or send a private message and I'll give you my number. ..... The thing that sucks is don't know the truth of the future. And it's causing me to just think the worse.
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    You obviously dont know anything about both of them. I'm not surprised
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    You must be a 2016 bandwagon Falcon fan because you clearly were not here for Petrino.
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    I know there are fans bumming that the Falcons only beat the "horrible" Giants by a FG, but that is the nature of the NFL, and there was so much beauty in this win. 1. At 2-5 this season would have felt over, even with a manageable 3 game stretch after the bye. The Falcons would have needed to sweep all 3 just to get to 5-5, but now they a real shot to get into the wild card race. 2. The Defensive Line has quietly gotten its health back. Everybody played last night and everybody looked good. Senat got banged up late last night, let's hope he's ready to go in two weeks. 3. The LBs are holding up better. Riley is getting less snaps but is playing better when in. Foye is improving. Carter is contributing, actually got 20 snaps on D last night. These guys might just be able to hold this together until Debo gets back. 4. Due to the factors mentioned in 3 and 4, the Falcons looked like they had a real NFL run defense last night. Barkley had the 1 fifteen yard carry but was 13 carries for 28 yards besides that. Averaged 5 yards a catch. He was really a non factor, shockingly. 5. The Fusco injury didn't look good, but maybe the one position where the Falcons have some unique depth is at OG. I can't quantify how much of a drop off there is from Fusco / Levitre to Schweitzer / Garland, but we do know this. The Falcons have won a road playoff game against a fierce Defensive line with the very offensive line they will put on the field at Washington (assuming Fusco is out). They've been here before. There is value in that. 6. So much fear about the health of the WRs last week, but everybody looks OK. Now they have 13 days to get completely well. 7. Matt Ryan is quietly having an MVP caliber season. Since Matt threw his INT where his arm got hit against the Panthers, he is 151-201 (75%) for 1919 yards (9.55 YPA) with 13 TDs and 0 INTS. That computes to an absurd 126.03 passer rating over his last 5 and a half games. And just for good measure, two rushing TDs too. He completed his last 18 passes last night, leaving him 4 consecutive completions of his own franchise record for consecutive completions. We'll see if he can get that against the Redskins. 8. Maybe the Falcons have their kicker of the future. How money was that!!!!!!! In a season where even the great Justin Tucker is faltering, the Falcons call the dude in off the street and he ices the game with a 56 yarder right down the middle, after hitting another 50 yarder earlier. Hats off to dude with the long name that I dare not try and type. We need to give that guy a nickname, a short one. 9. Alford was so bad last night. He was trying but man he was just off. But to have a corner get beat that bad and still hold on feels like a win for the Falcons. I doubt we will ever see Alford that bad again. 10. The Falcons brought everything they had all night last night. If stopping the Giants on two consecutive QB sneaks from a foot away in the final minute doesn't illustrate that, I don't know what could. Props to everyone. Great win! Great Win!! Great Win!!!
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    Feel like it isn't often our media folks turn out quality stuff like this so I just had to share. It's amazing. Every second. Especially the Ram running over the Saint in front of the ref. Well done...you have my admiration.
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    This is a loaded thread, I better Duckett.
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    http://www.wtoc.com/2019/03/24/hospital-after-armed-robbery-berwick-shopping-center/ ****** is one of our members here. I am unsure of his member name here. but he is one of the people who reached out to staying with me during the playoff games in 2012. He is serving. I do not know how long he has served, but I know he has zero plans of ever getting out. he has been stationed in Savannah for a few years. Last night he was at a sports bar where 2 robbers came in from the back. Someone screamed they were getting robbed and people hit the floor, Except for him. He confronted the guys and took a bullet to his back, that passed thru to his hip. His actions literally saved 5 peoples lives. The 2 robbers ended up running and the he went outside looking for help. Several people were there helping him and being grateful for all that he did. He is not only a hero across seas, not just a hero who served, but also a hero for standing up and saving peoples lives II'm American soil. The last thing I know is that they have taken him of the breathing machine. They removed a piece of his lung. and he is still in ICU. I know with him being a fighter, he will be fine. And with God on his side, there is 100% no doubt in my mind. However still pray for him, his family and friends. Update:he has been released from ICU and has taken a few steps. Uodate 2: they are expecting a full recovery and he is looking to go home within the week As a respect to him. He has asked that no one say his name.
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    Better than them stinking Saints coming here!!!!!!
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    Every Saints player is a DB. Oh, you meant “defensive back.” My bad.
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    Rule 17 states that it's illegal to have sex with more than 17 of your own siblings on the same day in Louisiana.
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    Wow, what a difference an offseason makes. The 1st team DL looked like a totally different group out there. Constant pressure coming from DT and DE positions, constantly collapsing Miami’s pocket, clogging up the middle on running downs, it was intense and dominant at times. The second team DL pretty much did same, a reflection of the great depth. Just need to stop QBs from squirting out of collapsing pockets and getting 1st downs. Neal and Jones won’t let that happen. I fully understand it’s preseason and no game planning, but dayum that still was nice to see, and it’s mostly got DQs fingerprints all over it. He has them ballin. Matter of fact, even second team defense was going full throttle. Very nice to see the aggression and intensity. Signature DQ run defense. Really nice to have him back in the DC chair.
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    Matt Ryan season stats to date: 68.3% completion, 1316 yards, 9.1 YPA, 12 total TD’s, 2 INT, Matt Ryan stats 4 games into the 2016 season: 72% completion, 1473 yards, 10.5 YPA, 11 total TD’s, 2 INT Ryan is playing like an MVP. He is currently on pace for 48 touchdowns, 8 interceptions, and 5264 yards....and his team is 1-3. Unbelievable
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    Man... Is the season over? I didn't know football seasons were decided after one game. Yes, we just witnessed arguably the single worst regular season game in the DQ era. This team was healthy, fully loaded, and laid a massive egg. No way around it. But if you think this is going to continue for 15 more games, then don't even bother reading the rest of this. You're mind is made up after one game. Move on and accept you're going to root for a miserable team until January. As for the rest of us, let's carry on. If you've ever done anything worth doing in life, you've laid an egg doing it. Period. Public speaking. Sports. Anything with any level of effort, you've dropped the ball despite being prepared. Shlt happens. You get your a** handed to you. Either you stay down or you bounce back. You let it define you or you rewrite the script. For some, that scares the crap out of you. The unknown. You want somebody to tell you it's going to be ok. That's not this. The Falcons have to stand in their shlt right now. That's exactly what they've been doing. They've accepted just how terrible they looked. We all know that's now who they are, that's why everybody is so pissed. I mean come on: When's the last time Julio plain ole played bad? Against the Eagles, Julio averages 7 catches, 120 yards, and 1 TD. Coming off a bad game, when he's had less than 50 yards, every single time he's bounced back with a massive game since DQ has been here. He's not one man who stays on the turf. Matt Ryan: I told yall on Tuesday, since DQ has been here, Matt has averaged a 113.1 passer rating with a 7:2 TD/INT ratio in week two compared to 94.1 passer rating and a 5:3 split in week one. Again, you think Matt isn't pissed? You think he's going to keep making poor decisions? Lol stupid. He hasn't done that since 2017. Matt has been mediocre in week one games for years now. He's bounced back every single time. Jake Matthews: When's the last time Jake had a game this embarrassing? Name it. Not since he was a rookie. Jake looked like Sam Baker. But is that Jake Matthews? You think he ain't bouncing back? Lol ok We all knew how much talent was on this roster going into the season. That didn't disappear after one game. This isn't Space Jam and they all lost their powers or some childish shlt. They lost. Bad. The Steelers just got held to 3 points. You think they're only going to score 48 points all year? That's stupid. The Saints let the Bucs score 48 points in the Superdump last year and only gave up over 28 points at home once more (vs LA). Week one lies. But if you want to believe it, go ahead. I bet you believe Julio is washed, Jake is trash, Matt needs to be traded, etc. Don't turn the game on. Don't post anything. Don't even speak on shlt. Just go somewhere and cry in your cheerios. This is football. You'll lose. You'll look bad. The infamous "We're on to Cincinnati" meme was after the Patriots were destroyed 41-14 on MNF. Brady was washed and the dynasty was over. Except they got the f*ck off the mat and kept destroying teams. If you don't think the Falcons can do that, I feel bad for you. It was one game. One game doesn't make a season. Never does. Especially not week one. Rise Up. Or Get Gone. Period.
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    Let's be honest. That game was very one-sided when it came to officiating. The Rams have every right to be upset. Getting a crew that had screwed them multiple times over, and they again wind up with over double the penalties and penalty yards (7 for 64 yards vs the Saints 3 for 20 yards). Not to mention, the Rams would've won even earlier if not for the Goff no call. Need I mention all the other no calls? And then, the Saints get awarded a make up PI after a previous no call. Truly one sided officiating. The Rams should write in to the NFL about the egregious errors here. It's truly unfair. Thankfully they still won - it would've been heartbreaking if the zebras managed to steal another NFCCG away for the Saints. ... PS - **** the Saints. Sincerely, Every Other Teams Fans
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    Ledbetter is such a tool. Embarrassment to the city of Atlanta. What a douchbag move.
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    Brother, of course we did. By trading back into the FIRST ROUND, we manipulated the fifth year options for what will be the core of our starting Oline. While every other team that drafts their Olinemen in the second round and beyond will be trying to figure out how to pay to keep them, we will be exercising our fifth year options with these guys... Chess, not checkers
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    A lot of people are choosing negativity this week. I can understand the reasons why. It's been a bit of a tough go this season. Even the two recent wins, in many ways, were not aesthetically pleasing. I've been accused of being too negative in the past, but the truth is that I am very analytical in nature, and I just call it the way I see it at all times. I can see a lot of reasons to be optimistic. 1. Matt Ryan is playing at his highest level. He's making good decisions at almost all times. If he had not underthrown a few balls to Julio this year, there would be basically nothing to nit pick about his performance. He is ready to carry this team. 2. In Julio, Calvin, Mohammed, and an emerging Hooper, Ryan has all the tools he needs to put this team on his back. The Falcons can't run but the backs we have, Coleman and Smith, I believe can be nearly unstoppable in the passing game, considering all that the defense has to account for. 3. People are concerned about the offensive line, specifically the Guards, but I believe these two Guards are capable and will be playing with an extreme chip on their shoulder. We've been here before with these two guys. They can get it done. 4. Pending a report on Senat for this week, the Defensive line is completely healthy for the first time all season. This is a D-line that I think a lot of our fans are selling short. When they are able to put the best pieces in their together, I think they are a pretty formidable bunch. Right now it looks like the Falcons are going to be able to do that. 5. Carter and Oluokun are having their snaps increased and playing better game by game. Duke is having his snaps necessarily decreased, and I think he played better in the last game as a result. If they all are not given too much to think about in the game plan, I think it increases their proficiency. I think we can see that happening in stretches. 6. Kazee is a playmaker and his play is getting more consistent as the season progresses. The other Safety position has been a disaster with Jordan Richards, but Neasman is taking that position away from him, and I think playing very well. I think Neasman made one of the great unheralded plays against the Giants when he sniffed out OBJ's route on the 4th and 1. It was a crucial play and not one that I think Richards would have made. He's the guy, he can do it. I think we'll see him get almost all the snaps this week at that position. 7. There isn't any candy coating the performance of these corners so far this season, but these guys have been up against potential HOF WRs every week for the last 5 weeks. It's been an absurd run of talent they have faced at that position. Things are calming down for them in the next few weeks. The Redskins don't have a single WR with more than a 65 yard game all season. I think these guys can get their confidence back in the next 3 weeks and be the corners we all have seen them be in the past. I do not think these guys physical skills have diminished. 8. The defense is kind of coming together without him, but Deion Jones potential return is just two weeks away. With some guys coming around already, his insertion back into the middle can really be the jolt this defense needs to fully restore it's pride and be a serious unit once again. I truly believe that. This team suffered some injuries and last minute losses early this season that could have been a knockout punch. This team was on the mat at 1-4. They are getting up. They were wobbly when they were getting back up, but the bye week has given them the chance to go back to the corner and get some water splashed in their face, and I think this team is ready to come out fighting with all they got on Sunday. And after the Falcons beat the Redskins on Sunday, they are fully back in this fight at 4-4. I don't think now is the time to give up on this team. They aren't ready to quit.
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    We started 6-1 in 2015 and finished 8-8. The only people that are soft and broken are the fans.
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    Jesus Christ we've got so real losers and quitters on this message board.
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    Put some respeck on DLed’s name...
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    Saints fans preparing lawsuits against Aaron Donald as we speak.
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    I just was notified he has stepped down. I know some love him, some hate him, some go back and forth, and etc. But fact is he lasted for a long time and always tried to make the best for the community here (even though some are always going to disagree). I could never put up with the crying, hypocrites, two face, photo editing who try to get others banned, etc etc...... So my hat goes off to Monoxide for doing it, and doing it for such a long time. @Monoxide thank you!.
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    I get it, on both sides. It sucks. If we didn't have Tavecchio locked up there's no way this happens. Also, to any fans thinking of being jerks to Melissa - please don't. It's hard moving a family.
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    As the rage throughout Who Dat Nation continues following Sunday's no-call on a pass interference on Rams corner Nickell Robey-Coleman, L.A. prepares for the Super Bowl. The blatant non-call has led to a cavalcade of anger from New Orleans Saints players, fans, and many non-partisan spectators. In an odd twist, the pervasive bitterness now seems poised to morph into a locker-room rallying cry in Los Angeles. Respected veteran left tackle Andrew Whitworthjoined the Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday and noted the call wasn't the only one missed in the game. "You see the arguments from some of the Saints' players about the rule about the commissioner restarting the game over or from that point or whatever," Whitworth told Eisen, via Turf Show Times. "My argument to that would be, Rich, is then Jared Goff got a facemask on the second down on the possession before that was not called. That'd be first-and-goal at the 1 down three points. If you look at our odds from the 1 this season, that's seven points. So, they'd be down four, and a field goal wouldn't matter. They would have had to score in that situation either way. So, the reality is, where is the last foul that you want to argue? Whether it's blatant or not is not a matter. It's whether it's a foul. "So, it's just one of those things that's a slippery slope, and it's an excuse. [However] you cut it. And the reality is they got football after that snap. They played in overtime with the football. New England had the same situation and won the game. They didn't score; we did. "We can argue about it all day, but they had an opportunity to win the game and we won it." Heading to the first Super Bowl of his 13-year NFL career, Whitworth has had his experience with bitterness after playoff losses following referee's decisions. He was part of a Cincinnati Bengals team that fell to the Pittsburgh Steelersafter former assistant coach Joey Porter coaxed a personal foul penalty. "I've played a ton of games. I've had a ton of calls that could have gone one way or the other or should have or whatever that have claimed to have been missed," he said. "But I've lost a playoff game to a coach being on the field getting a personal foul drawn from our players. "So, I've experienced it, man, and I know it's tough. But the reality is, football was played after that snap, and you know what, whatever team tries to win the game from there and wins it won the football game."
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    Odd how it's always after facing Matt Freaking Ryan that DB's and DC's lose their jobs... yet it's always Matt's fault on these boards when we lose...
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