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    Totally fine with it and it makes sense. He was solid when he took over for Schraeder. He's only 27. This keeps him a Falcon until he's 30. At worst you have a solid swing OT.
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    I will continue to access the players as I've always done. And take pictures. However I will do videos at the end of the camp. So if there is any questions you like me to ask, I'll ask. But try to ask questions to players who are not ryan and julio. It's a swarm around them. For instance of questions, "Quinn or Dimitroff. Why do you say a failure last year was depth. Cut players to save money. Yet show interest in signing a banlck up QB and over pay him, cough cough Schaub? Why not turn him into a qb coach if he's here because ryan likes him? Shouldn't we be focused on signing depth for players who rotate, prone to injury, or a position that's more at risk of an injury? " ..... i'll bump this thread as TC gets closer.
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    Who the fukc calls themselves a Falcons fan and thus goes by the name 28-3?
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    From the title I thought Teco had been cut. Then I realized it was just an opinion piece by the OP.
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    I've always liked him.He turned out to be very solid for being undrafted. I wish him the best!
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    I've seen enough around here that suggests a number of people think this roster is in bad shape and a LOT needs to be done to fix it. Despite most seeing this as a playoff roster going into 2018, now with the injuries and the 7-9 record, people think this is a long uphill climb this team is about to embark on. I, and a few others, have fully disagreed with this short sighted assessment. Mike Clay seems to agree as well. He tweeted out this morning his unit grades for each team prior to free agency starting. This does not include unrestricted free agents, so guys like Grady and Tevin aren't included in the unit grades. The Falcons have the 5th best overall roster pre-free agency based on this. 3rd best offense and 14th best defense in terms of talent. When fully healthy, I don't think anybody disagrees. Obviously, some of this is open to interpretation. For instance, I think his OL ranking is generous while his TE ranking is punitive. We've got a Pro Bowl TE but the same grade as the Jets and lower than the Bears. We've only got a strong LT and C overall on the OL, but have a grade equal to the Patriots and Rams. I disagree. BUT! That's not the point. The point is overall, when you look position by position, the Falcons today still have one of the best rosters. When you lose a Pro Bowl RB, Pro Bowl MLB, Pro Bowl SS, and your crucial FS, we see the result. Those guys will be back. After that, you see the glaring holes in this roster are at interior DL (sans Grady) and Edge, followed by CB. Also, here is a good list of unrestricted free agents Mike compiled that I think will be useful going forward as we close in on Free Agency.
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    You guys crack me up.....diss PFF in here on a daily basis, except when it agrees with your narratives.
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    Pretty Awesome! We got a winner, folks! This is amazing for a first year receiver! Shout out to Taylor Gabriel too - hated to see him leave - awesome player! Article here An impressive stat for an impressive rookie. By Adnan Ikic@SayWhichWay Feb 15, 2019, 8:00am EST SHARE Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images Calvin Ridley had no business falling to pick No. 26 in the NFL draft last year. He essentially fell into Atlanta’s lap because of draft talk fatigue and general managers talking themselves out of love with the best wide receiver in the class, and he’s proven it. Ridley came into his first NFL season as the most polished rookie wide receiver in his class, and he was expected to make an impact right away. His crisp route running was on display all year, and it was even better than I thought it was. RotoUnderworld, which is powered by NexGen Stats, highlighted just how effective Ridley was at getting himself open for quarterback Matt Ryan: View image on Twitter In addition to creating the most separation among all qualified WRs, Ridley was also sixth among all players in the NFL in QB rating when targeted. Matt Ryan had a staggering 129.0 QB rating when throwing the ball in Calvin Ridley’s direction this season — the highest mark on the team. Ridley finished the season leading all rookies in receiving yards with 821 and receiving touchdowns with 10. His 64 total receptions were second among all rookies, behind only Offensive Rookie of the Year Saquon Barkley. Ridley finished third among all Falcons in receiving yards, and he led the team in receiving touchdowns. The best is yet to come, as Ridley is expected to take up an even greater role in the team’s passing offense next season.
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    You have no clue about the first part. Pure speculation, which is pointless in February. 3 years for a rotational piece with potential upside to play snaps if need be, yes. But let's bltch and moan about the lack of depth right? Many more times of being awful? As a Falcon? I'd love some back up on that one. But go ahead. I'm not even going to waste time on this one.
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    One of the most explosive weapons on the team and your saying you won't miss him? Super Bowl TD's , Huge play off runs, created big plays from the back field and receiving. Yeah, we are going to miss him a lot
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    Well... guess TDs obsession with drafting CBs can continue. So much for building the lines early, Falcons gonna falcon and take a guard or two in the 5th round and hope it works.
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    Give up a mid round third, take on his 10.M salary and he turns 31 before the season when they could just re sign Irvin and draft a guy with that 3d? Hel no lol.
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    I'm cool with this pending the details of the extension. If we got him with a low 2019 cap hit around $2M, it's a good move. He played way better than Shredder. Only 26 years old. Decent size and athleticism. Needs to improve in the run game though.
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    I haven't been on here too much lately so I apologize if this was already posted, but I have my DVR set to record anything with the tag "Atlanta Falcons" and by my surprise Damontae Kazee did an interview on FS1 about the season and his life. A decent interview and some insight into him on and off the football field as well as growing up. If you can find it, then be sure to check it out. Here's a snippet I found on Youtube below. Again if already known, then please delete
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    Better not pay the guy 4-5M per again! We have valuable players to sign, can’t waste cap space on this has been.
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    Ty plays every position on the OL and was better at them than our starters at the beginning of the year. Not sure why you’re so against having a depth player like that, especially since he’ll be low cost probably under 3mil per.
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    Yes. We have had more holes and less picks & cap space most previous years. Ryans deal doesn’t prevent the team from doing anything. People need to move on from this false notion.
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    I looked through the first few pages, but didn't see this posted. Here is the link to an article on the Falcoholics web site: Matt Ryan 2018 Matt Ryan’s 2018 was one of his greatest years, and it was spent under siege Ryan got hit a lot. Was it out of line with career norms? By Dave Choate Feb 10, 2019, 8:00am EST SHARE Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images I set out, with this article, to see how Matt Ryan’s 2018 performance stacked up against the rest of his career when you consider the number of sacks and hits he took. I was expecting to see that Ryan, like most quarterbacks, fares best when he’s not getting knocked around by defenses, and that 2018 would prove to be the best year of his career when he was genuinely under siege. A true outlier, in other words. I sort of found that, but I also found that Ryan’s career doesn’t quite follow the neat and tidy narrative. The initial takeaway from this chart is going to be an odd one, one that sort of upends everything the Falcons keep telling us about how important it is to protect Matt Ryan. But that is, quite naturally, not the story we should actually take away from this, so go ahead and review it and let’s come on back. Please note that these numbers are, as far as I am aware, only available back to 2009. 2018: 42 sacks (13th), 102 QB hits (6th) 2017: 24 sacks (27th), 87 QB hits (15th) 2016: 37 sacks (11th), 106 QB hits (6th) 2015: 32 sacks (23rd), 89 QB hits (17th) 2014: 31 sacks (19th), 89 QB hits (13th) 2013: 44 sacks (10th), 100 QB hits (5th) 2012: 28 sacks (25th), 83 QB hits (8th) 2011: 26 sacks (27th), 84 QB hits (7th) 2010: 23 sacks (30th), 69 QB hits (21st) 2009: 27 sacks (25th), 67 QB hits (21st) In light of this, Matt Ryan has had his three best seasons when the Falcons have allowed somewhere in the top ten most quarterback hits in a given season, and a pair of lesser seasons (a still very good 2011 and um 2013) when facing the same. Ryan has been impressively durable all these years taking a huge number of hits and, especially over the last several years, getting sacked quite often. But does that mean he doesn’t need quality protection to thrive? Sort of. The 2016 team was hellbent on making big plays happen, which meant more time in the pocket for Ryan and a greater strain on a very capable offensive line. Ryan took more hits and sacks that year—the highest total in his entire career—because the offense wanted him to hang in there until a killer play materialized. They didn’t always, but they did often enough that the Falcons enjoyed the best offensive season in franchise history, one with a terrific rushing attack to balance things out. The story was similar in 2012, when the offensive line was stone solid and Ryan was trying to push the ball downfield, though he did not have the advantage of a compelling ground game this year. Otherwise, things went as you’d expect. Ryan was quite good in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2017 (even if the stats didn’t show it) when he was pretty well-protected, and in those early years the Falcons weren’t quite so gung-ho about going downfield and largely had a bruising rushing attack to help out. The real outlier on this list, then, still is 2018, when Ryan’s line was crumbling around him, he took the second-highest number of hits and sacks of his career, and he still put together a campaign that would credibly have been MVP-worthy if not for the team’s poor record and the season Patrick Mahomes put together. The upshot of this is that Ryan is still very good, very durable, and very capable of making plays under duress, which sets the Falcons’ offense up quite well for years to come. But the Falcons would not have been able to pull off their 2016 success without an offensive line that gave them the time to unwind some elaborate machinations and get receiving options into positions for big plays, and with Dirk Koetter coming back on board, it would be a mistake to suggest that Ryan’s relative success in 2018 would be repeatable with poor blocking in front of him again.
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    I'm all for bringing him back, just not at the price he had been previous getting. Schaub been around forever, so he has valuable insights for Matt in regards to film and preparation. He does a lot more than just hold a clipboard. That said...not at that 4.5-5m price tag.
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    You let Mack play until he can't go anymore. We don't need another situation like last time.
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    They gotta have Kazee on the field... I lowkey saw this coming but I didn't think they would actually have the guts. I also like this CB class in the mid rounds... It's not start players but I see good prospects
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    Just kick extra points & we won’t have to worry bout those pesky FG’s
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    Falcons putting together a great staff... Good news is...if Quinn gets fired...they have a draft lottery on who becomes the next coach
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    Baller. I love the kid. He's one of those guys that truly just loves football and has that confidence to ball out every Sunday. I can't wait to see what DQ does with this secondary.
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    The guy played good at RT last year... That's all I know
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    Also, you can't take a shot of the uneducated if you can't spell uneducated.....
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    Good thread. Let’s try and keep all such info and posts on this thread. If not, our board will resemble the Saints Super Forum...disorganized and uneducatted
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    Yep, hated that we gave Free the giant contract, could have spent it on a dominant lineman on either side of the ball.
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    Again, reading what DQ said - “versatility”; “valuable piece”. He’s our depth unless something goes wrong, not the pencilled in starter.
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    I'm interested to see what happens with Schraeder now ... I know Ty was looking for a starting op coming off his good season. I know alot of ppl was act like this is nothing but the guy came in and played goid at RT.. ,We don't have the money to go out and get the Jamessage and Williams who will get around 10 mil a year. This was a smart signing ... sign Ty... Then draft a 2nd or 3rd round guy like tytus Howard to learn behind hI'm for a year or 2
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    I’ll say this about Clay’s analysis: Drew Brees is no longer a better quarterback than Matt Ryan. The 9.2 should go to Ryan and the 8.5 to Brees. His arm is shot
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    Wreh-Wilson is pretty good, but is he cheap? Poole was making 630,000 last year. The lowest they could tender him at is $1.9 million. He can make more than that on the open market as a starter somewhere. The Falcons can add two guys for that much. Can't sign 'em all. Kazee is a keeper. If this staff can find a Kazee in the late rounds and a Poole in UDFA, who says they can't do that again?
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    Does everyone forget how angry they were with Poole after the Super Bowl?
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    Say what you want, but the NFL has never thrived as much as it is currently under Roger. Players, franchises, owners, all making more than ever before. I don't know how much of that is due to Roger exactly, but the NFL has never been richer.
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    Clearly the title is misleading, I was told by very reliable sources that MR2 can't perform at a high level without a clean pocket.
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    1:23 AM ET Vaughn McClure ESPN Staff Writer ATLANTA -- Atlanta Falcons linebacker Deion Jones couldn't help but notice the flattering words Pro Football Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher used to describe his game. Instead of just marveling over Urlacher's high praise, Jones decided to express his appreciation. He reached out to Urlacher personally via social media. "I reached out to him, and we just kind of exchanged numbers and got to talking a little bit," Jones said. "Just growing up watching him play, it was kind of dope what he said. ... I just thanked him for what he said. It meant a lot coming from him." In November, before Jones returned from early-season foot surgery, Urlacher called Jones a "bad m-----f-----" and a "star" who is the fastest middle linebacker in the game and can cover anybody. Urlacher didn't expect to hear from Jones but appreciated connecting with the 24-year-old, who played in the 2018 Pro Bowl. "It makes me feel good because I've been out of the game for a while," Urlacher said. "It's nice of guys to actually want to even pick my brain a little bit. I don't think I really gave him too much advice. I just said, 'I'm a big fan of yours and whatever you ever need, just give me a holler.' He's such a nice kid." Jones led the Falcons in tackles during the 2016 and 2017 seasons, posting 106 and 138 tackles, respectively. He had 53 tackles, two interceptions, a forced fumble, a sack and six passes defensed last season despite missing 10 games after breaking his foot. Urlacher, who has established a bond with Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner over the years and made a connection with Dallas Cowboys rookie linebacker Leighton Vander Esch at the Pro Bowl, said his advice to Jones or any young linebacker is rather simple. "The key is just to keep getting better," Urlacher said. "You can't help staying healthy or not, but you can find ways to get better. Yes, it's hard when you get to a certain level to find those ways, but you always have stuff you can improve on." For Jones, listed as 222 pounds, the Falcons would like to see him gain some more weight without compromising his blazing speed. Jones is the central figure of the defense because of his coverage skills and ability to cover up mistakes by others with his speed. He can put a hit on a runner, too, despite being smaller than the other linebackers surrounding him. The Falcons hope to make significant strides on defense with coach Dan Quinn taking over as the defensive coordinator after firing Marquand Manuel. The defense already experienced a minor facelift with starting cornerback Robert Alford and defensive end Brooks Reed being released. Signing defensive tackle Grady Jarrett to a long-term extension is the team's main priority, and the Falcons expect to have Pro Bowl strong safety Keanu Neal (ACL) and free safety Ricardo Allen (Achilles) back in 2019 from their season-ending injuries. So, what is Jones looking forward to the most? "Just to get back on track, getting back to the ball we've been playing," Jones said. "Get back with my boys and playing -- that's it." http://www.espn.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/33975/falcons-deion-jones-makes-a-connection-with-hall-of-famer-brian-urlacher
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    Dumb *** Broncos. Don't they know how easy it is to find a franchise QB? Wish we could get rid of Matt Ryan so we can make them look silly by immediately signing the next 4 time pro bowl, 46,000 yard throwing , MVP and Offensive Player of the year winning, 8 straight 4,000 + yard season tossing, most yards in NFL history through first 11 seasons amassing, miss less than .01% of games played due to injury sure fire Hall of Fame QB right off the street. Not only will we make the 15 or so NFL franchises who have been scrambling for decades trying to find a QB look stupid, but we'll save SO much cap room!!!
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    Everybody complains about depth and then cries when we sign depth.... This place man
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    When it comes to performance, I’m a believer in the saying ‘whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right’. When it came to the Falcons ability to execute in short yardage situations…the 2018 season felt like an exercise in the Falcons non-belief in their ability to do so. For me, when I’m watching a game…when I see a 3rd and 1 or 2 situation for the Falcons on offense, I’m assuming that we’re going to be able to convert. I know that it doesn’t happen 100% of the time…but especially for an offense with our capability, you feel like this should happen extremely often. So how did the Falcons do? 2018 3rd/4th down conversion rate: 102/222 – 45.95% 3rd/4th situations conversion rate 1-2 yards to go: 31/53 – 58.49% 3rd/4th down situations faced with 3 or more yards to go: 71/169 – 42.01% For a team that finished 4th in overall 3rd down conversion percentage…that seems awfully low percentage in short yardage situation. Now granted, we’re talking about a small sample of overall plays the Falcons ran. But frequently, especially for a defense…a 3rd and short stop can be a momentum changer for the defense, and a momentum stopper for an offense. Drilling down even more, in 53 3rd/4th and short situations…the Falcons run pass split was 27/26. How did the Falcons fare run/pass wise?: Run game: 16/27 short yardage situations – 59.26% Pass game: 15/26 short yardage situations – 57.69% For me, the fact the our short yardage rushing attack was as only a smidge more effective than our short yardage passing attack is a ****ing indictment. Drilling down even further: Tevin Coleman: 3/6 Ito Smith: 3/8 …our primary RB’s a combined 6/14? Blech…! How did our opponents fare in similar situations? 2018 3rd/4th down conversion rate: 102/222 – 45.95% 3rd/4th situations conversion rate 1-2 yards to go: 33/46 – 71.73% 3rd/4th down situations faced with 3 or more yards to go: 72/162 – 44.44% Now it’s certainly viable to say ‘big deal’. They converted two more times in seven fewer attempts. But a 71.7% success rate v 58.5% isn’t irrelevant. The fact is, when our opponents faced 3rd/4th & 3+ situations, our respective performances essentially mirrored each other. It was the 3rd/4th and short situations where not only did our opponents success rate far outpace ours, but their play distribution was much more confident running the ball. Instead of only running the ball in 51% of these situations (like the 2018 Falcons), our opponents did so 70% of the time. Their success rate? 24/32 – 75%. Now I’ve talked a lot about those ‘6 opponents’ (NO, PHI, BAL, DAL, PIT) that the Falcons were hopeless in running the football against. These were Top 10 rushing defense teams. In those 6 games, the Falcons had 19 such 3rd/4th and 1 or 2 situations. Guess how many times they ran the football? 8 42.1% of the time. And we converted only 4 for 1st downs. And the 4 1st downs we did get? Compliments of Mohamed Sanu (3) and Matt Ryan (1). So we had to gimmick our ways to getting 1-2 yards even then. Of the other 4, 3 went to Ito Smith. The other was the Devonta Freeman 4th and 1 failure on the seasons first drive. Notice a conspicuous absence? Yep – Tevin Coleman didn’t get one call. In 19 3rd/4th and short situations. Again, anything we say on a message board is conjecture. But does that play calling tell you anything about the confidence the Falcons had in their short yardage package? It’s almost as if we conceded this before a down was played against these teams. Perhaps the seasonal tone was set on that Freeman run. Who knows. But we were garbage from the outset here. And I think that’s why you’re seeing DQ so laser-focused on re-establishing the run game. Because he knows that we essentially ceded the run game against opponents we thought had the upper hand. And for a guy like DQ who wants to be full throttle all the time – the idea that we couldn’t pound the rock at all…especially when we needed to had to be galling.
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    Let’s face it, more reasons for MR haters to repeatedly punch themselves in the face for being so darn ignorant. MR makes a living slapping those fools upside their thick skulls.
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    Means played very well in the second half of the year
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    Funny isn't it? PFF stats are fine, just not on an island by themselves. Like all stats.