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    QB - I like Ryan, I hate that fans are unrealistic about him. At this point, I would hope a true back-up/understudy is drafted or signed in 2020. I like mobile rather than running or statue QBs. RB - What are we doing??? I thought we love Freeman!?!? Protect him, play one of those young inactive guys. Right? Lol. Really, draft a home run prospect. Stop dipping your toes and just jump in the RB pool. FB - I’m good WR - Trade Sanu??? Wow! Dude is actually the clutch 3rd down guy. My opinion only. No need to draft though. We have Ridley. TE - Hooper is fine. Good. Schemes for. Get a Joker TE though. OL - Meh, all around DL - We have really really good players here. Maybe a blue chip guy to play nose. Stop playing. EDGE - Utter crap. Takk May have pressures, but he’s less than mediocre. I don’t care. The only true edge guy is Clayborn and he’s a rotational guy. Utter crap. People will defend certain players, if we have him or him, this guy would be better. No, these guys would still suck. Except Clayborn. LBs - Debo. That is all we have. Everyone else are average with flashes. Secondary - A lot of role players and a guy on his second season ending injury. Time to get realistic and stop playing.
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    Leading the league in TDs, #2 in yards, #2 completion percentage, #7 QBR, #10 yards per attempt.... But yeah, let's keep looking for issues with Matt...
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    why trade for him when you have 2 fully capable running backs on the roster deactivated weekly and haven't even been given the chance to spark something
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    I'm tired. Plus my pops is 93 and bought the freakin $10K PSL after I advised him not to. He's been hangin in there even longer than me. We need rest guys. I started out as a Packer fan in 1966 because they were the team I used on the vibrating NFL game he gave me for Christmas. Bart Starr was my man. Switched to the Rams when I saw the fearsome foursome and Roman Gabriel. I didn't become a Falcon fan until 1970 when pop took me to my first Falcon game. Against the Steelers. We beat em after Harmon went off. At the time I wanted to be a RB so dude was my first favorite Falcon. Followed by Nobis, Claude and many others. Seen lots of good Falcon fans leave this earth since then. Simply trying to get rest. I don't want to be one of em. At this point I would love to see us spark up an as beatin run. I'm talkin a 9-1 run to get to a second season on a streak. Then go 4-0 to get some rest. I know it sounds far fetched but it's possible if we open up a can of whoopass Sunday and stay on that path. We have the tools. Gotta execute. Players and Coaches. The 2019 league looks watered down to me. Primed for an as whoopin. Dimi might need to add a vet corner and pass rusher before the deadline though. Definitely don't wanna see another rebuild. And please Never Tank!!! We've gone on runs before. See 1980 (11-2) , 1991 (10-3), 1998 (11-1), 2002 (7-0-1), 2008 (9-3), 2010 (13-2), 2012 (13-3), and 2016 (11-4). This league is way softer than it was in those days. The only team that looks legit to me this year is the Patriots. We owe them some get back. I'm really hoping Quinn can coach up his defense starting Sunday and get us headed in the right direction. He usually does in the second half, but he needs to start this Sunday in Week 7. Blank needs rest, Pops needs rest, I need rest, you need rest, we all need rest. Coach em up now Quinn or State Line. Dimi and several players too. We need rest now. Not in 2023.
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    We had offers last year at the trade deadline and turned them down. Now he has shown even more that he is a scrub, and he is a free agent next year. What kind of value could he possibly bring? Should have pulled the trigger last year.
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    No sacred cows, next man up. If player y is slacking, give player z a chance to shine. It can't get any worse.
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    Since most of us have moved on to trying to figure out what the heIl went wrong with this defense and how to rebuild it, I wanted to post this article. Steven Ruiz made a four part series essentially looking at life of NFL defenses after the Legion of Boom. When Carroll came into the league, he brought his Cover 3 defense. It took the league by storm and won him a SB. But we've seen everybody else struggle to get even close to replicating it. Why? Because the offenses in the NFL have adjusted. So much so, that if you run a heavy cover 3 base defense, you will look bad. It's just like when the Tampa 2 was destroying offenses then looked like it was something out of the 70s trying to cover modern offenses. Ruiz has been looking into what went wrong, how to cover modern offenses, how to stop the run, and how to even build a defense in this new offensive environment. You can read the others, but I wanted to start with the building part, because I think it will set off a ton of alarms to the issue and how this offseason should go if we hope to see any improvement on that side of the ball: New Orleans let go of a player who could do more things — and do those things closer to the line of scrimmage where he can make more of an impact — in order to bring in one who was really only suited for one role. It’s easy to point and laugh at the Saints for the miscalculation, but this was happening all over the league, as teams devalued safeties who played closer to the line of scrimmage as they searched for a player like Thomas. Those decision-makers, meanwhile, seemed to be ignoring the importance of Kam Chancellor in Seattle’s scheme. Chancellor was, first and foremost, seen as an intimidator, but he was so much more than that. The guy could cover on one snap and then take on a Pro Bowl guard on the next. In the third post in this series, I discussed how Kirby Smart was forced to develop a new defensive front to combat spread schemes because his linebackers, who were getting smaller in order to cover receivers in the passing game, weren’t capable of taking on guards. Well, Chancellor could cover and take on guards … at the safety position. He was as much of a unicorn as Thomas. Jenkins is a similar kind of player. He’s good in coverage, which allows him to man-up on tight ends or slot receivers, but is also tough enough to hold up as a run defender in the box. As offenses blur the lines between pass and run formations, players like Jenkins and Chancellor, before injuries prematurely ended his career, grew in importance. It’s just taken the NFL a little longer to realize it. They certainly hadn’t figured it out by the time the 2018 NFL draft rolled around, when the league allowed Derwin James to fall to the Chargers at the 17th pick despite looking like the perfect player for a modern NFL defense. Unsurprisingly, James dominated during his rookie season. In all phases of the game. He covered. He stopped the run. He even rushed the passer. In a league that is turning to more hybrid players on defense, James is the prototype. These safeties who can hold in coverage or against the run will be pivotal in the evolution of defenses over the next few seasons. Offenses have become so good at creating mismatches with personnel groupings and that’s necessitated the need for more hybrid types. If an offense can play a running back with legit receiving skills on the field and two tight ends who can block and catch the ball, the defense has no chance. If they send out their base defense, which is typically how teams match 12 personnel (1 running back and 2 tight ends), there will be a mismatch somewhere on the field. That’s why the league passing numbers out of 12 personnel look so good, while the running numbers are, well, awful (as judged by Sports Info Systems Expected Points Added). That high spike for EPA per dropback in 2 TE sets is easy to explain: NFL defenses are, for the most part, matching those sets with base personnel (four defensive backs) and treating the extra tight end like an extra run blocker instead of an extra pass catcher: The numbers suggest defenses should probably be matching 12 personnel sets with nickel more than they currently are, but the players making up those groups matter. You need safeties who are more like cornerback/linebacker hybrids in order to feel comfortable doing that consistently. Players like James and Chancellor are hard to find, but maybe that will change if the league starts to value them properly. The same can be said for more athletic linebackers who can be factors in pass coverage. A linebacker being rangy enough to stay on the field on passing downs was once seen as a luxury. Today those players are a necessity because of how integral they are in pass coverage now that tight ends and running backs are being used as viable receiving options. According to Pro Football Focus’ resident nerds, Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner has been a more valuable player than Aaron Donald, who is arguably the most dominant player in the league, according to their proprietary Wins Above Replacement metric. Wagner has been worth 2.4 WAR over the last three years while Donald has been worth “only” 2.0 WAR. Pro Football Focus explained: That’s why Seattle was willing to make Wagner the highest-paid linebacker in league history recently. He wasn’t the only off-the-ball linebacker who cashed in this offseason, either. Kwon Alexander got paid in San Francisco. C.J. Mosely got quarterback money in New York. And Deion Jones got big money from the Falcons just a few years after slipping in the draft because of concerns about his ability to defend the run. The same thing happened to 2018 NFL defensive rookie of the year Darius Leonard. He was seen as a ‘tweener player who’d have a hard time getting off of blocks and making plays in the run game. One 163-tackle, seven-sack, two-interception season later, nobody is questioning Leonard’s play-making ability. Coaches at every level are realizing there are ways to keep those lighter defenders clean by turning to three-man fronts meant to clog the interior gaps and funnel things out to the perimeter where athletic linebackers and defensive backers have the advantage. The Tite/Mint front that’s taking over college football is one way to do that. In order to properly run those fronts, though, defenses need players capable of clogging multiple gaps in order to steal back numbers in the box. Two-gapping defensive linemen have been devalued over the years as teams have turned to one-gap approaches, but that could change as pro offenses start to resemble college offenses more and more. Against the Chiefs, a team that has fully embraced the spread revolution going on at the NFL level, the Patriots did a ton of two-gapping in order to slow down the RPO game. These positional archetypes — the safety who plays close to the line of scrimmage, the lighter one-dimensional linebacker, the two-gapping defensive lineman — that had been written off because of a supposed lack of versatility are now the keys to a more versatile defense. And if the rest of the league hasn’t caught on, they can be viewed as an exploitable market inefficiency that will help certain teams catch up to modern offenses and close the widening gap between the two sides of the ball. The mistakes so many teams made when trying to emulate the Seahawks’ Legion of Boom defense wasn’t necessarily overrating the importance of Earl Thomas to the scheme; it was underrating how important hybrid players like Bobby Wagner, Kam Chancellor and Michael Bennett, who could play edge rusher one snap and gap clogger the next, were to the success of not only that defense but the future of NFL defenses as a whole. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/09/building-modern-nfl-defense-roster-management DQ, for all of the flaws this defense is showing, may not have been wrong in his approach to the defense this year. If you notice, they run more Tite with Bailey, Davison, and Grady. They have a massive personnel issue though. After the DL, they have Debo and nothing else built for this modern offensive league. That's why they look terrible on a weekly basis. I think DQ was hoping he could reconstruct this defense on the fly, but he can't overcome the lack of personnel. They needed a full overhaul of the defense but couldn't justify it. Guys like Vic, Campbell, Kazee, Ish are not fits for what's going on right now on defense. They added Wilcox to add more athleticism and coverage in the middle of the field but he went down. They didn't have the cap space to truly overhaul this defense, but he saw it needed to be. Unfortunately, he may be losing his job before he can do it. They don't run as much Cover 3, but the problem is, he's got a bunch of players who aren't comfortable running the other coverages. That's why he stressed communication all offseason. Cover 4 especially requires pristine communication. He may be getting fired, but I wouldn't be surprised if the next DC gets a chance to completely overhaul this defense and they finish what DQ started. You've got decent DL personnel to build on. You have one of the best MLBs in the league to build around. Getting Neal back will be interesting, because he fits that mold of hybrid safety, but without the ball skills, do you invest long term. All in all, this defense is terrible because they aren't built for today's NFL. That's a fact. They aren't well coached, but they also aren't much more than just a collection of talented players in mismatch roles. You have two man cover corners, but the rest of your defense is built for zone. When you go zone, you don't have a secondary that communicates well, leading to several lapses in simple coverages. You don't have a deep pass rush, limiting your ability to get pressure without blitzing, but you don't have sound blitzing players in the back seven so you revert to more players in coverage, but that gives QBs more time to find an open WR. It's a cluster right now, but I'm not overly pessimistic it should be a long term issue. Do I think DQ and TD are the right men for the job? I don't know. But would the next HC/GM truly see where the NFL is headed and plan appropriately for it?
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    Should have gotten rid of him last year when he possibly had more value. Would be surprised if they got anything higher than a 3rd for him, which would be a win with good scouting
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    If we trade Hooper we're stupid. Which worries me because we are in fact stupid.
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    A lesson to some of you, sometimes you have to lose a battle to in the war. Those 3 wins at the end of last year obviously did not carry over any momentum to this season, did not inspire our coaches or players to perform better this year. The only thing it did was give us a mid round pick in each draft round. Not only did this impact our pick in the 1st rd it also lessened the value of our picks in each rd. With a top 5 pick which we were on pace for even if we drafted the same players in the first couple of rounds we could have traded back instead of traded up and gotten more picks.As we see this year depth is still a problem, we certainly could have used some more weight across the DL which an extra pick or two could have gotten us if we did not have to trade up for a second OL. Sometimes a long term strategy comes into play when you are having a losing season and have no shot at the playoff's. Those games at the end of last year meant nothing and hurt the long term progress for this team.
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    Plain and simple. DQ thought he could change a man. He learned a valuable lesson. You can't.
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    Here's my solution. Fire Thomas Dimitroff right now. Start the GM search. Keep quiet about coaching changes for the time being, but the plan should be to let the new GM decide whether to keep Quinn for another season or move on. If we move on (we almost certainly will), let the new GM hire the new coach. That way you aren't "giving up on the season," but if changes are made, you are at least not doing the same thing you did with the last 2 hires, which is let TD have a large say in who the chef is and then stock the pantry with rotten food.
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    When Keanu Neal was injured and removed his helmet...he was flagged. When Mahomes was injured last night and removed HIS helmet...no flag. The Falcons are consistently on the wrong side of these inconsistencies. Good thing we have McKay on the competition committee.
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    30/36, 356 yds, 4 tds, 0 int great job leading the Falcons to another loss draft Fields, we need a scrambling QB, that was a Dawg (before leaving for greener pastures that is)
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    Define “improvement”, because that vagueness doesn’t sound like a mandate for wins. Holding teams under 500 yard a game, keeping the Rams under 40?
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    Brand new $1 billion stadium and they should move to another town. Good luck with that
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    Just to point out... Panthers picked up Poe and Irving from the Falcons and McCoy from Tampa AND then drafted a DE. They take the dline seriously there
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    You don’t trade Hooper. He’s developed a very nice connection with Ryan. We’ve struggled at TE enough seasons since Gonzo retired. Personally, I wouldn’t trade Sanu either.
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    Please no. Sanu has always embodied what we need more of on this team. Sanu is a leader. He speaks with his hard work and play on the field.
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    Falcons need to be smart and honest with themselves and flip Trufant while they can. Philly and KC lost out on Ramsey and absolutely would entertain a Trufant deal.
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    STOP TRYING TO OUST SANU Sheeeesh. He's one of the FEW players we have with HEART.
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    No one can ever question his toughness. 10 years without missing a start. With as many hits as he takes...
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    If the break healed well and he gets cleared to start practicing, why would you shut him down from any experience this year?
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    Fire TD, bring in a new GM and let their staff evaluate our team top to bottom and let them make the new hires. This team has had the EXACT SAME PROBLEMS every season since 2008, just at varying degrees. There are ONLY TWO constants. Ryan and Dimitroff. Something has got to give.
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    I never understood our early FA signing of Brown/Carpenter and the extension of Beasley, and the drafting of Even two more OL early in draft which made everything look even more confusing This offseason....and I said as much during the draft... but then DQ/TD brought in Davison, Bailey, and clayborn, which made me think well, there is a plan after all. we were all fooled bro. They had no clue, throwing mud against a wall to see if anything sticks. We all vastly overrated what DQ brings to the table.
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    Practice also does not seem to work. Maybe they should cut that out too.
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    DQ is the DC. The defensive coordinator of this team is doing a terrible job. They are the worst defense in the NFL. The previous DC was fired and replaced with the current DC because he was going to do a better job. He is failing at that. Hence, firing the DC is a no brainer. It just so happens to be the HC. DQ made this bet. He's losing it and at the same time losing his job in the process. The offense took their lumps but are finding their footing. If they win any games in the near future, it will be because of the offense scoring 50 points because 30 clearly doesn't cut it. Smitty got fired for less. He was 2-6 by the bye week. DQ is headed for a worse output with an easily more talented roster.
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    Yup..,,this team would be 5-1 instead of 1-5 if we had tanked (purposely lost) those 3 games. lesson learned.
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    Him and Grady are the only 2 on defense trying. They get tired trying to do everyone else’s job
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    That’s a lot to give up. they probably figured it was a good week to bring him along slowly w an easy win on the schedule
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    An extra point wouldn’t have sent the game to OT. AZ had plenty of time and time outs to score.
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    Gotta disagree. Sending our DEs out into coverage every other play is all on the coaching
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    He just ripped the culture of Falcons locker room. Roddy White, JJ and OL would have cleaned up Aaron Donald standing up for Freeman. They were coached to help the guys and play through the end. Falcons OL and RW from 2008-2012 had reputation of being nasty. On Ryan getting hit and no offensive lineman helping him out through out the season. On the snap Ryan got hurt they came over late to help him Where is the pride and brotherhood? on the bill boards..
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    Q. What do the Atlanta Falcons and Billy Graham have in common? A. They can both make 70,000 people stand up and scream 'Jesus Christ!' - I know, it's old and stolen...but so's my wife.
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    TATF stoops lower with every loss. Just when you think it can’t get any lower.
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    This one will sting. Love me some Mo.
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    Matt Ryan is for real the unluckiest QB in NFL history. Why can’t he have just one of Brady’s lucky plays? Tuck rule Vinateri bail out Shanked FG’s Good OL’s Consistent, quality HC and OC Good defenses Dee Ford jumps offsides negating the game-ending INT Team makes a bone headed decision at the 1 in the Super Bowl Team completely implodes in the Super Bowl Play in a really bad division In the same moment, in big moments, Ryan’s teammates negate the big play with a dumb penalty, the ball hits off the WR’s hands and miraculously bounces right into the hands of the defender, the coaches just suck, or a kicker misses something. Can this guy just get one lucky break or something?
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    I now think that DQ's early success was in large part due to Kyle Shanahan's offense being able to dictate how a game was being played. Even in the KS days, the defense was still bad, but the offense was able to get quick leads and forced other teams out of their gameplan. In turn, the Falcons defense was able to feed off the success of the offense. Since the SB meltdown, and the departure of KS, everything seems to be getting worse, to the point of Quinn not knowing what to do anymore since the offense is no longer the juggernaut it once was, and the need for the D to give some sort of support. Dan Quinn is overmatched as an HC, and I do not see things turning around for him. He is not the guy.
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    The Falcons have taken care of Matt. The franchise absolutely deserves him. It’s the bratty, spoiled, and self entitled fan base of the Atlanta Falcons that doesn’t deserve him
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    In my opinion, it's indicative of an attitude officials have regarding the Falcons.