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    Do the fkg Aints ever do anything wrong according to the adoring media hacks? Ever?
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    Ryan. Burrow hasn't even played a down yet in the NFL. This isn't college.
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    I always liked Terrell Davis. I’m pleased to hear he made lemonade out of lemons by becoming an orthopedic surgeon after his playing days were over.
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    Getting in some more free Gamepass. I suggest anyone that has the time to watch it get it while it’s free. Outside of games they have some very good Falcons featured videos. Anyways, I wanted to watch Lindstrom vs the Niners and ended up watching Sheffield. Played every snap but two, one I know for sure and the other was goal line before the half and I may have just missed him. He was in on goal line late in the game. 3 targets, two receptions allowed. One vs Kittle and he was making the hit as the ball arrived, the other Shanny got him with a motion, then bootlegged back out with that WR running underneath the oline forcing Sheff to cut back into the linebackers. Obviously the target rate was impressive enough but consider Jimmy G threw it 34 times, the 5th most in a game all season and post season, it’s even more impressive. In two WR sets he lined up outside, three WR sets Blidi would come in and kick outside and Sheff would move to the slot. Thats impressive as **** for a rookie and I think we got a big time player in round 4. He def has the speed and quick twitch TD and DQ like. He looks to be a big piece of this D as well as Kazee moving forward.
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    Matt Ryan, because he is actually on the team and we aren't going to get Joe Burrows. I have very little confidence in a guy who is never going to play for the team to be able to get the job done.
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    Was wandering YouTube and came across this here. Basically chatting with his former teammate about the knee and what he’s doing to stay in shape due to this virus going around, expectations for the Falcons, being cut (jokes), NFC South talk, a possible number change to 21 and more
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    We don’t need more picks as much as we need playmakers with the picks we have. That’s the main hole we have going into the draft.
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    this *ucking dude right here. got dam this site is sad
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    Common sense and logic. We're too old not to use those daily
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    What a crock of ****. dolphins pats isn’t a rivalry...it’s one shiot team getting their ***** kicked by a great team for 2 decades lol. Then again, it’s Adam Ranks stupid ***, so I’m not surprised.
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    To be honest, Ajayi had far worst his whole NFL career.
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    We don’t want to be handing out multi year contracts for unproven athletes. We seem to be learning that lesson.
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    Pretty sure his final year as a falcon was bad. He graded high one year and everyone jumped on his wagon. Then brought back to reality the following year. Just because he's playing decent with the Jets doesn't mean the Falcons made a mistake in letting him walk. His best asset was being a consistent tackler
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    As serious as the current situation is... in late March, any talk of cancelling the 2020 football season is pretty absurd right now.
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    Texans would probably want 3 1st, and Julio or Ridley. .....but Bill O'Brien is also their GM so he would probably just accept a 3rd, 7th, and Russell Gage lol
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    Ryan is a better QB and gives us a better chance of winning right now.
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    I'd give up our 3rd round pick in a heart beat for Simmons. I still can't see him falling out of the top 10.
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    I don’t give a hoot about the NFL season in comparison to getting an adequate handle on this virus! People are getting sick & losing their elderly loved ones & the stock market is falling. Fk the nfl right now. I do this for a distraction primarily. Huge nfl football fan but this isn’t even in the same stratosphere.
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    We have 14.3 million in space right now. Check OTC. If cap goes to 240 mil in 2021 like expected, we have around 65 mil then. And even after the Fowler and Gurley signings, we'll have roughly 45 mil in space next year and be fine this year. Seems like we're doing ok to me. Not a huge Dimi fan, you should know that, but he's having a killer offseason so far. Campbell for 8.5 mil is a colossal overpay imho, and Hooper for 11 mil is market value but I love Hurst compared to him (call it bias). We're already a better team than last year if you ask me.
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    In before the posters who will say this is actually a good idea
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    gettyKurt Benkert #6 of the Atlanta Falcons. After a long recovery, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Kurt Benkert is finally cleared to play for the upcoming 2020 season and is ecstatic to step back on the field again. Benkert injured his toe early on last year during the Falcons first preseason game. Unfortunately, it was such a bad injury he ended up having to get surgery that basically reconstructed his big toe. He was out for the entire season. His time spent in the preseason game prior to his injury and Atlanta’s 12-10 loss made an impression. He ended up leading the offense to all 10 of its points and threw for 185 yards with one touchdown pass to Brian Hill. Realizing he would be out for the remainder of the season, Benkert and head coach Dan Quinn came to an agreement that he still wanted to play once he was healthy and Quinn wanted him to stick around—noting he had a promising future ahead. ‘Not the End of the World’ This wasn’t the first season-ending injury for Benkert, quite frankly it wasn’t the worst for him either. You see, Benkert was set to become the record-breaking, starting quarterback for East Carolina University but tore his ACL a week before the season opener—an injury that would change his career’s path forever. This toe injury didn’t affect Benkert’s outlook on life, though it did suck. He continued to stay positive throughout the recovery process. “The one in college was the hardest one because there’s so much uncertainty as a college player, you don’t know, Benkert said. Is this going to affect me getting into the NFL? How are people going to view me? You start thinking to yourself, are you injury prone? That was kind of just a freak injury.” “The one in the preseason (2019) I got tackled wrong and there was nothing I could do. But a non-contact injury (ACL) is a little scary. But knock on wood I haven’t had anything like that happen since so it’s been good to kind of get over that hump. I know that if I get injured again later on down the line, I’m going to overcome it. So it’s not like it’s the end of the world. It was hard when I was young though.” On Learning From Teammates Before signing with the Falcons, Benkert already had high hopes about coming to Atlanta and getting the chance to learn from veteran quarterbacks like Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub. Now, he gets to watch and learn from Ryan and Schaub day in and day out. “Matt (Ryan) will chime in when he feels like he needs to. He’s very by the book on how he does things. So if he sees you being too risky or not going by the black and white way of doing it, he’s going to say like “hey this is kind of how I would do it and how I’ve done it” He’s very much like a coach. He’s been helpful.” He also gets to learn and play alongside high-profile receivers such as Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. “Julio, he’s like a coach on the field. For how talented he is, you would expect him to not have to be so perfect on how he does things, but he’s like a perfectionist. And I think that rubs off on everybody.” “Calvin loves football. You can tell it’s not just a paycheck to him. He loves it. He wants to play well and he wants to make big plays. He wants to win. I think that’s the cool thing about both of those guys. They’re at different points in their career but they approach it the same way.” No. 1 Goal for 2020 After nearly a year of not being able to play football, Benkert is more than ready to get back out there. However, he will have some competition this offseason with Atlanta’s other QBs, Schaub and Danny Etling. He’s not worried about competing. He’s focused on himself and his main goal is to be as accurate as possible. “I just want to have a high completion percentage throughout all of offseason and just take care of the football. I know that I can make big plays. I can make big plays with my feet, throwing it out of the pocket, but I just want to show consistency through everything and just that I can take care of the ball. I think that’ll do enough on its own.” https://heavy.com/sports/2020/03/atlanta-falcons-qb-kurt-benkert/
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    Top 5 to me 1. Steelers v Ravens 2. Falcons v Saints 3. Eagles v Cowboys 4. Raiders v Broncos 5. Packers v Bears
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    MR, and it isn't even close. He's one of the best all time come from behind guys. Remember that game against the Bears? Not to mention, Joe Burrows hasn't pissed a drop yet. Who knows how he will turn out.
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    FALCONS 55 minutes ago By D. Orlando Ledbetter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tight end Hayden Hurst, who was acquired in a trade with the Ravens, is a bigger and faster version of former Falcons tight end Austin Hooper. Hurst played last season at 265 pounds, which his nine pounds heavier than Hooper’s listed weight. He also runs the 40-yard dash in 4.67 seconds, while Hooper runs it in 4.72 seconds. In a playoff-clinching win over Buffalo, Hurst broke loose for a 61-yard touchdown catch and reached 20.5 miles per hour on the play. “When I got to Baltimore I put on some weight because of the run game, but I was able to maintain my speed,” Hurst told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday. “I played last year at 265 and that’s where I’m at right now. I think that’s a pretty good playing weight for me to handle the run game and I kept my speed as well.” The speed part is what makes Hurst an intriguing replacement for Hooper. The Falcons were considering Hurst in the 2018 draft, but the Ravens selected him one position in front of Calvin Ridley. Hooper made two trips to the Pro Bowl as an alternate, working mostly underneath the routes of wide receivers Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. Hooper ran a lot of crossing routes and found holes in zones. With Hurst, the Falcons, if they get the right matchup, can shoot him up the seam of zones on deeper routes. “It’s going to be a perfect fit,” Hurst said. “(Offensive coordinator Dirk) Koetter’s pass-heavy offense is going to suit me well. It’s going to allow me to do some things that I personally do well (like) stretch the field vertically and hopefully create some mismatches for the other guys, Julio and Calvin. I saw where they’ve picked up Laquon Treadwell as well. It’s a pretty potent offense. I’m just excited to be a part of it.” In the trade, the Falcons received the Ravens’ fourth-round pick in the 2020 NFL draft, but gave up their second-round (55th) and a fifth-round pick in this year’s draft to get Hurst. With Hooper set to join the Browns in free agency and the release of tight end Luke Stocker, the Falcons were getting thin at the position. Jaeden Graham and Carson Meier were the only two tight ends on the roster before the Hurst trade. Hurst’s career has gotten off to a slow start. He’s played in 28 games and has made just four starts for the Ravens. He’s caught 43 of 62 passes for 512 yards and three touchdowns. “My first year was tough with the whole stress fracture in my foot,” Hurst said. “I missed four games, but I felt like I was competing at a high level before (the injury). I finished my first season pretty well. “I came back the next year and the way that (Ravens offensive coordinator) Greg Roman utilizes the tight ends in Baltimore is pretty unique to any situation. I think with me, Nick Boyle and Mark Andrews, we had quite the rotation at tight end. We all did things really well and complemented each other.” Like most young tight ends, Hurst had to work on his blocking. “As far as the run game, that’s the thing that really helped me mature as a player,” Hurst said. “He utilized me down the field. I was able to make some plays there at the end of the season to help us win some ball games.” Hurst, who has talked openly about his battle with depression and suicide attempt, is a former baseball player who played three years in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ farm system. After three years, he was invited to walk-on at South Carolina by Steve Spurrier Jr. After Spurrier Sr. retired/left, Will Muschamp moved Hurst to tight end. “It was kind of whirlwind once I left the Pirates,” Hurst said. “I came back here to Jacksonville and actually practiced with Bolles, my old high school team.…the college coaches were coming by looking at the high school kids and coach Spurrier (Jr.) came down. He watched me practice with them one day and offered me the walk-on spot. The rest is kind of history from there.” Hurst has spoke with Koetter, tight ends coach Ben Steele and coach Dan Quinn. “Me and coach Koetter talked last week and he told me about how he used Cameron Brate (in Tampa Bay) and the things he did with Hooper last year,” Hurst said. “It’s exciting to be a tight end in that offense, especially with how Matt (Ryan) throws the ball to the tight ends and utilizes them.” Steele has provided some playbook materials for Hurst to start working on. “Coach Quinn reiterated the Brotherhood message and I think I’m going to fit that well,” Hurst said. “I always have been a team-first guy. Coach Muschamp really instilled that in us at South Carolina.” TALE OF THE TAPE HURST Measurable HOOPER 6-5 Height (feet) 6-4 265 Weight (pounds) 254 32-3/4 Arms (inches) 33-3/4 9-3/4 Hands (inches) 10-5/8 4.67 40-yard dash (seconds) 4.72 31.5 Vertical (Inches 33 10 Broad jump (feet) 9 -7.5 7.19 3-cone (seconds) 7.0 4.37 20-yard shuttle (seconds) 4.32 https://www.ajc.com/sports/football/hurst-flash-his-speed-and-blocking-talents-for-the-falcons/R4dkEvtQozTCM58BXMGzvM/
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    Gono's most significant snaps came during week 14 versus the Panthers (36 snaps). It was also Chris Lindstrom's first game back so him and Gono split snaps...I'm rewatching the game on NFL gamepass (free right now) and focusing mainly on Gono....Here's what I see and I apologize in advance if it sounds repetitive because I'm writing as the game goes on. -Has a strong hand punch -Performed a beautiful pulling block to create a hole for Freeman which resulted in a 30 yard run. -He's mean when blocking and really anchors well and uses his lower body well when pass/run blocking. -Gonna stress again that he has a STRONG initial hand punch. He's mean. -Side shuffle when pass blocking is a little heavy footed but makes up for it by turning his body quickly to square up the rusher. Seems smart and aware of his surroundings. -Always finding work and someone to block. -Fires quick off the line when getting to second level. Isn't the fastest guy getting to the second level but good initial burst. -Took the LB on a 5 yard ride backwards on a Freeman rushing TD. Quit blocking when Freeman got past him to avoid holding call. -Does not get pushed back when run blocking head on. At the worst, holds his ground. -Needs some work on outside zone blocking and not allowing lineman to get inside on him. On one run play, Panthers DL got inside on him and disrupted run play. -If he gets his hands on you and you're a defender, you can forget about it for the most part. -Has good lateral agility to mirror effectively in pass blocking. Has tons of positives from this game from what I analyzed... Two biggest negatives are his lateral quickness on outside runs and getting further into the second level after that good initial burst but I'm nitpicking at this point because his positives outweigh the negatives by a good margin... I really like his potential and traits he showed this game and I think he can be a real contender for that LG spot.
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    Sark was better for what we wanted to do. Never been a fan of Koetter's philosophy so I probably can't give an unbiased answer
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    Alright - this isn't what I would do - but I believe this is likely the pick for the Falcons at #16 (my dream is Javon Kinlaw). Why? 1) Greatest Need: while Falcons have two guys they really like in Sheffield and Oliver, I don't think there is a sure-fire no brainer between the two. I believe Sheffield to have CB#2 ability. To me, Oliver looks like a free safety conversion at some point. I know Oliver played better in season's 2nd half but don't believe he is someone you want to count on over an entire season as a starting corner. 2) BPA at #16: assuming Kinlaw is gone - and I deem it likely, it is quite possible Henderson will be the highest rated player on Falcons board (outside of maybe the 4th OT). Of course I assume in this example that Chase Young, Jeff Okudah, Isaiah Simmons, Derrick Brown and Kinlaw all gone. 3) Draft what you know: Dimitroff has had better luck drafting secondary than any other position. While not perfect, Dimitroff has hit on Trufant, Alford, Kazee and Neal(injured) - missed badly on Jalen Collins. It's also obvious Dan Quinn has an affinity for defenders from two schools - LSU and Florida. 4) CB#1/close to shutdown /// like a Starting Pitching Ace in MLB: Many teams don't have a legit corner w/ shutdown type of ability. Henderson has that - 4.39 speed and the size he carries (6'1" over 200lbs) - has the skillset to be a complete corner - i don't wholly believe in 'shudown corners' since Deion Sanders and Darrelle Revis retired but.....Henderson could be that next tier down. #1-016) CJ Henderson, CB-Florida (6'1", 204lbs, 4.39/40, 20 reps, 37.5" vert, 127" broad) Biggest Drawback: Tackling - obviously every scouting report points out that Henderson isn't a big fan of tackling. Obviously tackling is a big part of the NFL game. You could make the excuse that Henderson was preserving his body so as not to jeopardize his NFL career - don't know if that is true and- even if it is - is that someone you want on your team. Overall, the skills, size and speed are everything you look for in a CB#1. Henderson isn't as good a tackler as Okudah but he is similar in most other areas - with more speed. Watching the movement skills of CJ Henderson is to watch a very fluid mover with easy speed. Plays under control. I am just saying many on here won't be too happy if we take a cornerback in the 1st round and won't like the profile of a cornerback w/o good history of tackling. I am just saying get used to this name. Very good chance this guy could be the pick.
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    This is going to be the longest offseason ever.
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    Wait! Didn't Gurley injure his knee in college and go on to be productive in the NFL and win an MVP award??? And didn't TD get injured and never play in another NFL game?? How can he say they are the same injury!!! Not to mention, I imagine that medical treatments have advanced some over the 15 years between injuries?
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    The grocery stores where I live are setting aside an hour each day first thing in the morning for seniors to do their shopping and if you think about it that’s basically how this thread naturally works everyday with Big_Dog and WFW.
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    Under TD the falcons have almost always been aggressive in FA and in trades. in 08 his first year we had a FA haul and added guys like Erik Coleman and Turner among others. in 09 he traded for the GOAT TE. in 10 We signed the best FA corner on the market in Robinson to a big deal. in 11 we got Edwards who at the time was considered one of the 2 best pass rushers available in 2012 we swung deal for Asante Samuel in 13 we got Steven Jackson and Osi. in 14 we hit FA hard again with Soliai, Jackson, and Asoamoah. In 16 we went big on Mack, Sanu, and others. in 17 we got Poe. So we have hit FA pretty hard through out TD's tenure. Some of the signings/trades were great, some not so much ( as it is with every GM)
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    I was looking at the Bucs game this morning. the middle of the OL is gonna be something special if they can stay healthy
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    Fulton County Jail, nickname on deck already too
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    Neal brings intimidation. Offensive players get nervous whenever Neal is in the area. That alone has caused some dropped passes and some turnovers. Neal's intimidating presence has been missed on the defense because he can't stay healthy. He was a tone setter despite not being all that great in coverage.
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    I think it’s possible we are seeing the McKay effect. Perhaps he set a clear offseason agenda with clear expectations and released TD/Quinn to go find the players
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