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    Someone posted this on Facebook -cracked me up - thought I'd share it.
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    We have had a lot of different returners over the years and one ST coach...might not be the returner.
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    Yet some people continue to hate the guy. One of the very few, but incredible of examples of a guy who actually rehabbed in our joke of a prison system and came out truly, a much better human being.
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    I don't care who they are against, how you get them, or what. Great job and many fans on this board hate playmakers and wins.
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    Not too many people come back from what Vick went through (of his own doing of course) and pay their debt to society and a massive financial debt ike that also. Props to you Vick. __________ Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick made the final $1.5 million payment to creditors on Thursday, meaning he paid back $17.4 million of the $17.6 million that he owed when he filed for bankruptcy in July 2008. The payment and final payouts were confirmed by Joseph Luzinski, a senior vice president at Development Specialists Inc., a management consultancy firm and the liquidating trustee in Vick's bankruptcy. "Paying 99 cents on the dollar, which he did, is remarkable," Luzinski said. "It happens in, maybe, one out of 100 cases." Vick elected to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy instead of Chapter 7, which would have allowed him to liquidate his assets and not owe any more. Vick, who served 548 days in jail for taking part in an illegal dogfighting ring, took the rare step of kicking in future income to pay off his creditors. In the five-year period from 2010 to 2014 in which he agreed to go on a restrictive budget to pay back his creditors, Vick earned nearly $50 million during four seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and one with the New York Jets. Vick played his final games in 2015 with the Pittsburgh Steelers and now works for Fox Sports as a studio analyst for its NFL coverage. All the creditors were made almost completely whole by Vick, although the Atlanta Falcons, which gave him a retirement ceremony this year, lost out on their big bet. The Falcons were owed $6.5 million from Vick in a salary settlement negotiated in 2009. Less than two years later, the Falcons sold that liability to Fortress Capital, the investment firm co-founded by Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wesley Edens. What Fortress paid in hopes of getting the $6.5 million back is unclear, as the documentation of the transaction submitted to the court doesn't disclose the amount. But Luzinski said it is assumed they bought it at a significant discount. "That was like playing the lottery," Vick told ESPN three years ago, when he had paid off 85 percent of the debt. "They didn't know if I was going to fully come back, and if you were to ask me, I would have done the same thing. But that's just how God worked in this situation." http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21447070/michael-vick-makes-final-payment-clear-more-17-million-debt
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    Good evening to all. Hope everyone's had a productive week. Been busy, it's been a while since I had the time to post one of these, but I felt a little inspired by last Sunday's game vs. the Cowboys. I wanted to take a look at a few plays from that game that highlighted the continued evolution of the offense. The Cowboys run a relatively simple defens (so does our next opponent, too, btw). You kind of know exactly where they are going to be down in and down out, even though Marineli runs a slightly more aggressive and multiple version of the Tampa 2. Now the advantage to running a simple defense is this -- yeah, the opposing offense is going to generally know where you're going to be down in and down out, but guess, what... we know too. We know where we're weak at. We know what route combinations beat us, so we're know where you're going to be, too. As long as we are communicating, and on the same page, we can keep you in front of us. That brings us to the theme of this thread: motion. There are a lot of reason offenses motion -- yes, it can key the coverage, but it can also shift the strength of your offense, and a defense can't operate unless they designate the strength of the offese. It's kind of their version when the offensive line sets the blocking scheme by designating the Mike. Motions can screw all that up with the simple movement of one player. Suddenly, you see a corner and linebacker and a safety looking at each other and pointing and boom the ball is snapped before they can get eveything checked. This was one of the hallmarks of Kyle Shanahan's offense and part of the reason why you saw so many red jerseys running free through secondary's last year. PLAY #1 - is from the second quarter right before the 2 minute warning. Down by 4 2e are in a key 3rd down that we gotta have. Just not interested in kicking another field goal. First, Dallas's defense. They are in a zone pressure from a 3 man line with two linebackers mugging the A-gap. I can't see the other safety, but they're bringing 5, with Jaylon Smith running a game, and the secondary in a 3-deep match zone. As you can see the Falcons are in a sort of doubles formation with two receivers to either side. Hooper is flexed out wide. Both Sanu and Julio are in the slot positions. With Coleman in the backfield to Matt's left, and the tight end on that side, that is where the strength is designated by the defense. And then this happens. Sanu motions. #31 doesn't follow which signals to Matt that it's a zone. Matt can play it cool because he knows he's got 6 blockers for 5 rushers and it's not going to be a kamakazee type cover-0 blitz so he doesn't have to throw hot. Sanu settles and now the Falcons are in a bunch formation with the strength now to the defense's left. They are in trouble and they know it. They should check out of this blitz and have one of the backers drop, but they don't. The route design here is very well done. You've got Hooper getting vertical. To the bunch side you've got Julio attacking the middle of the field with drag route. If a defender drops to the low hole, he keeps running. If no one shows up, he's going to sit it down right there in the middle at the sticks. Gabriel runs a corner route. His and Hooper's route aren't really active here. Gabriel's job is to occupy the corner to his side so that he can't break on Sanu running that dig route. He's got to run that corner at a 100 mph even though he isn't getting the ball. That's part of the careful choreopgrapy here. Everyone has a job. Sanu's is to show vertical then break on that dig. And this is what happens at the snap, the defensive back playing the low hole pops out and picks up Julio on the drag. Gabriel runs right at Scandrick. Because if this, Scandrick has to wait for Gabriel to clear to pick up Sanu. He's doing his job; exactly what he's supposed to do, but... Scandrick doesn't have a chance. As soon as Gabriel clears, Sanu has Scandrick in perfect position on his outside hip. All he has to do is make that inside move. Matt gets good protection here. 6 on 5 there's no pressure. Matt double clutches for some reason, but it's a clean play. 1st down. The design beat the defense. Drive ends in the touchdown.
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    Special teams... keep it to special teams. DC looks too good at WILL right now.
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    Nice pancake bro. Keep it up. Get you some more.
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    PLAY #2 - 3rd quarter. Another 3rd and 6. This time the Cowboys are in straight man coverage. Falcons come out in a bunch this time. Hooper motions and we go from a bunch, to a snug formation with two receivers to each side stacked close together. #31 follows Hooper. Matt knows it's man all the way. Now being in man coverage, it doesn't cause as much havoc as zone. Here are the routes. Julio runs a kind of zig route. Sanu releases behind him and runs an out. Hooper runs what looks like a hook at the sticks. Gabriel runs and dig in behind him. Coleman has a check-release. He looks for a blitzer then releases into the pattern. Looks like Matt looked at Julio first, but the DB is all over him. The safety #31 on Hooper was playing way off, looks like that was Matt's next look. But 31 is just sitting there waiting at the sticks to break on that ball. By this time Lawrence is whipping Schraeder on the right. Matt just pushed up in the pocket... ...And keeps on pushing up in the pocket. By this time, he sees Gabriel breaking open on that dig. Now let me digress for a moment. Going back to that first picture, I'm not even sure Gabriel was part of the read. Being man, Matt took his pre-snap read and decided he wanted to attack the side of the field with Jones and Sanu -- wise choice, but the Cowboys had that defended well. Gabriel's man had inside position. I'll post the gif in a sec, but he shouldn't have been open. He shouldn't even have gotten a look, but Matt steps up to buy time -- something I was told by some folks around here that he doesn't do -- and he gets to Gabriel, who I'm sure was his 4th read on the play. Great ball placement by Matt. He saw the back of the defender's helmet and put it right on Gabriel, nice and high, and 18 came down with it. Defender has good position. Not perfect, but you want that corner inside to defend and inside-breaking route. Gabriel just beats him. And this is just a gorgeous route. First the move to get off the line, and then the shake at the top... woo...
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    Remember how Dallas never gave Chaz Green help on the way to giving up 6 sacks? Vic Beasley and Grady Jarrett say Your Welcome..
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    Sherman has always had much respect for Julio. Julio won't miss Sherman's uncalled holding.
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    Play #3 - now this is the downside of so much motions and shifts. Sure you can put the defense in a bind, but you can also put yourself in one, too, because if the time it takes to do them, you often don't really have time to change a play when a defense disguises their defense and shows something different late in the playclock. This play was from a little earlier in the game. Falcons come out in a good old fashioned I-formation. When I think football, the I is where my mind goes. Just a very versatile look. At any rate, this is one of those old Kyle specials. The Falcons move multiple men here, completely changing the alignment. First Toilolo step off the LOS and motions from the bottom of the screen to the top. Then #17 steps off the LOS and motions all the way across the formation into a twin stacked alignment. The Cowboys don't sit static, though. They bring the safety down. Now I'm not sure this was a check. I think it was the call all along and they just held the disguise. But the safety comes down late and shows blitz. Now because of all the motion and this formation, I venture to guess there isn't a lot that Matt can get too. Yes, believe it or not, audibles are limited by formation and plays. Some plays and some of the motions that go with them, you just gotta let them roll. At any rate, they've got enough bodies to pick up the extra man. The problem here may have been that they didn't re-Mike the protection. Gabriel runs the deep over. #17 runs the comeback. Derrick Colemen releases on the checkdown and Tevin has the block off the play-action. At the snap, everything is looking good. The defensive end on Schraeder peels and drops into a zone while the safety to the other side comes. This is where it starts to fall apart and something I saw a little too much of Sunday, even though there was only one sack. Schweitzer just gets manhandled. I mean it's not even close. And Tevin, who looks like he was scanning from the other side doesn't even looks like he sees the safety who comes free. This is unacceptable... Matt gets crushed... And can't make the throw to the wide open receiver, but you see it was there. Another well designed play killed by poor execution. Gabriel's deep over cleared out the coverage over the top and the play-action sucked up the second level defenders, leaving all this open grass to the sideline... But even if he had made the throw, there was a flag for illegal formation so... ... that's what you get sometimes with all those moving pieces...
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    That's better than hearing about the superbowl loss and the hangover and etc etc. They still werent as bad as Collinsworth. Smile, they won. Who really cares?
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    There was some familiar stuff out there. Those split zone runs then the play-action off of it, the QB movement stuff, stacked and bunch formations for the receivers, etc.
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    3. MATT RYAN, ATLANTA FALCONS – 86.1OVERALL GRADE Our No. 2-graded quarterback since Week 6, Ryan continued his hot play with a clean game against the Cowboys. His first pass was intercepted on a tipped pass that normally falls incomplete, and that continues Ryan’s trend of unlucky interceptions. He’s actually been the best in the league at avoiding turnover-worthy plays, so don’t let those eight interceptions fool you. Against Dallas, Ryan maneuvered the pocket, moved the chains on third down, and showed off his red zone accuracy with a well-placed ball in the back of the end zone for his second touchdown of the day. Ryan finished 13-for-13 for 133 yards and a score on passes in between the numbers. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-nfl-qb-rankings-by-pff-grade-after-week-10?utm_content=buffer81f7d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=nfl
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    What the **** has happened with Devondre Campbell? The jump he has made from his first year to the second? It's Beasley like except he has to wear way more hats. That dude is a football player. Put him wherever you want and he'll get the job done and he's only going to get better.
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    #6 passing D #7 overall D We don’t get beat deep. Allen is a HUGE part of that. Quinn has trusted Allen for 3 years. It’s not trusting him at THIS point. FS in this system is a really hard job. Allen doesn’t get near the props he deserves for what he does.
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    Jerry is just mad because Zeke was suspended for six games. He was on board with Goodell's extension before the suspension happened.
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    It's the same stuff he's been doing all season. Sark has been sending two plays in at a time for stretches just like Shanahan did last year. When you see Matt raise up and touch his helmet and yell "CAN CAN CAN!" that's the Falcons' version of kill it to the second play. It was just a cleaner game. That's why it looked different.
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    Anybody can fall down, what matters is how you pick yourself back up. Keep up the good work Mike , we're pulling for you.
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    Fastest qb to 40,000 yards goes to Matt Ryan.
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    I know he missed a couple tackles yesterday but i must say Reed has continued to be solid for us, he didnt get the Glory that Clay got but dude was in that back field just as often. Reed never gets no love around here but fact is the dude has been solid since the day we signed him.
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    If you’ve actually been watching him this season, his bull rush has improved big time
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    Weird how injuries affect other teams and give them excuses for losses but its never that way with the Falcons.
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    all I know is pissed off Matt Ryan is my favorite Matt Ryan
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    Great call by the dumbest fan on the planet.
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    If that's true, it was the most subtle concussion in history. Personally I'll need more than the word of Thomas Davis, MD.
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    combine the two, poe package and 12 gauge together, and see how fast the D calls a time out
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    Vic’s role changes Game to game depending on the qb we face. For instance Rodgers and Dak his job is more to not let those guys get outside the pocket where they are dangerous. The issue is you guys are looking for him to rush the passer at all times when he does MUCH more than that which is why I see many of you say he gives up on a play when engaged. No. He didn’t give up. He’s keeping his eye on the qb and if he goes, and I’ve seen vic do this many times, will dis engage and either get the sack or run him into a sack. With Beasley I see more chess play the way he’s used. Do y’all know WHY Rodgers can’t beat us?? BECAUSE VIC DOESNT LET HIM GET OUT OF THE POCKET!!! That’s by design. Not he’s not getting pressure or can’t dis engage. Rodgers got outside the pocket ONE TIME and made a big play that night and he and Vic exchanged words and it NEVER happened again in route to whooping them again. Guess what would’ve happened if Vic just rush rush rushed Aaron Rodgers?? He would’ve constantly gotten outside the pocket and made those Aaron Rodgersesque plays. ALL NIGHT!! So long story short, Vic gets pressure all day but if we’re plsying a qb that can run he’s gonna keep him in the pocket so clayborn, Poe, Takk, Jarrett, and Upshaw can eat. I don’t think y’all still understand the kind of unique line we have. And Vic is getting healthier after missing 3 games and the line is getting even better.
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    Really? I think Sark saw the light with him. Props where props are deserved. Coleman picked up the slack today. I'm sure this thread will die fast but Coleman did exactly what we needed him to do today. I loved it.
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    You could also state that our WRs are destroying DBs... cowboys safety Heath got his soul taken by Sanu on a crushing block