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    perhaps if he hadn't whiffed on THAT block and allowed a sack, he'd been MVP.....js
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    Gritz here. Bottom line is the old me was spending far too much time on here. Real life did intrude. My friend Knight was right on the mark too regarding my pop. He died last August after a 10 year fight with Alzheimer's. My mom survived his passing, but I'm the only sibling in town and a lot of the care of the both of them has been my responsibility. Posting on a football message board became extremely trivial all of a sudden. As for Supes, at the end of the day he kind of feels the same way. He's personally doing very well. He and I are still best of friends. I still go to his place every Sunday to watch the Falcons. He said to me a couple of weeks ago "When I found myself having the same exact arguments with the same exact people I had to ask myself what in the **** I was doing."
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    My ex son-in-law (still family cause he's my granddaughter's daddy) is working on the fireproofing of the new stadium - he's been taking a few pics and sending them to me . I really liked this because it seems like it's getting REAL!
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    Gritz was on FB today. He is having it kind of hard guys. You all know his father passed away and he is still hurting about it. It changed him as a man, so things that mattered really don't anymore. Keep him in your prayers and thoughts.
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    I've been telling anyone who will listen that the Falcons will win 2 of the next 5 Super Bowls. That's what I honestly believe.
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    Screw individual achievements, Had either of them kept getting the ball the falcons would have been super bowl champs.
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    Allen: Defense ‘is going to be amazing’ ATLANTA-FALCONS By D. Orlando Ledbetter - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 0 Atlanta Falcons secondary coach Marquand Manuel talks to safety Ricardo Allen (37) during an NFC Championship NFL game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, January 22, 2017. The Falcons defeated the Packers 44-21. (Kevin Terrell via AP) Updated: 1:45 p.m. Wednesday, June 21, 2017 | Posted: 1:11 p.m. Wednesday, June 21, 2017 FLOWERY BRANCH — Kicked to the curb just three years ago, Falcons free safety Ricardo Allen has successfully made the transition from cornerback to free safety and is now an entrenched NFL starter. He played 1,101 defensive snaps (99.1 percent), most on the team last season, in just his second year at free safety. Drafted as a cornerback in the fifth-round of the 2014 draft out of Purdue, Allen was cut and then made his way back up to roster through the practice squad. Critical to his transformation was the arrival of coach Dan Quinn, who converted him to free safety. The position had been a black hole on the defense since Thomas DeCoud slipped from Pro Bowl status after the 2012 season. The free safety in the Falcons defense is required to cover a lot of ground and, if things go wrong as they sometimes do, he’s the last line of defense. With Allen’s improved play last season, the Falcons made some strides. But he knows there’s more work ahead for him and the unit when they report for training camp on July 26. “We go from a year where we had so many people on our defense who played one or two years in this defense or in the NFL in general,” Allen told the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution during last week’s minicamp. “It just comes with the experience and with more reps. Related Falcons report for training camp on July 26 Cover 9@9: Matt Ryan to stay on the move Falcons’ Freeman on Super Bowl: ‘If I would have stayed in the game, I would have got MVP’ Trufant ready to lead in the secondary Collins gives Falcons’ secondary options “I feel like we are going to be so much more faster and explosive as a defense.” Allen started all 19 games and made 104 tackles, had five pass breakups and four interceptions. He cut down his missed tackles total from 19 to 11. He has followed that up with a strong offseason. “Ricardo is playing out of his mind,” defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel said. The Falcons started second-year players linebacker Vic Beasley, defensive tackle Grady Jarrett and cornerback Jalen Collins in the Super Bowl. Allen was also just in his second year as a free safety. Rookie safety Keanu Neal, and linebackers Deion Jones and Devonte Campbell also started the Super Bowl. The unit understandably stumbled about at times last season while showing flashes of toughness and guile. The Falcons were plus-11 in the turnover ratio, which was tied for fourth-most in the league. The defense had 12 interceptions and 10 forced fumbles. However, the rest of the numbers were sub-standard. They ranked 26th in rushing yards per play (4.52 yards), 28th in passing yards per game (266.7), 26th in sacks per pass attempts (5.19), tied for 29th in first downs per game (22.4), 26th in third-down conversion percentage (41.78), 32nd in red-zone percentage (72.73) and 27th in points allowed (25.4). Too much youth? “That was a lot of it,” Allen said. “You are kind of learning on the run. You are learning while you’re going through the trials and tribulations and stuff like that.” With those lessons learned, Allen believes the defense will make a big leap in 2017. “This year, it’s more of we know what we are going to see,” Allen said. “We know that we’ve seen it all. We were blessed enough to play later than a lot of people, so we’ve got a couple more games than a lot of people. It’s going to be amazing. It’s going to be really good.” Allen is not deterred by the fact that NFC South teams spent major resources stockpiling offensive weapons. Tampa Bay added wide receiver DeSean Jackson in free agency and drafted Alabama tight end O.J. Howard in the first round. New Orleans signed seven-time Pro Bowl running back Adrian Peterson, drafted running back Alvin Kamara and signed wide receiver Ted Ginn, a deep threat. Carolina added running back Christian McCaffrey and wide receiver Curtis Samuel in the draft. “It’s always going to something,” Allen said. “ Every year, no matter what, you’re going against some of the best quarterbacks in the league, best running backs in the league and some of the best wide receivers and tight ends. Every offense in this (division) can easily score 28 points a game. As a defense, we have to take that as a challenge.” Allen believes the defense has a secret weapon. “We go against the best offense in the league every day,” Allen said. “Therefore we have to come out here and try to improve ourselves in practice and that will make the games easier. I typically don’t worry about what other people are doing, but we’ve got plenty of weapons over here that we’ve got to worry about in practice every day. “If we can take care of what we have to take care of in practice and go against Julio (Jones), Matt (Ryan), (Taylor) Gabriel, (Mohamed) Sanu, (Devonta) Freeman, (Tevin) Coleman and the fullback and all of the tight ends that we’ve got, we shouldn’t have any problems matching up with anybody when it comes to game time.”
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    The undrafted defensive back had an awesome rookie year, and looks to improve his versatility in year two. by Matthew Chambers@FalcoholicMatt Jun 18, 2017, 8:00am EDT Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images I fully believe Dan Quinn could coach up a team of football bloggers into a pretty decent defense. This is on display with Brian Poole. Scouting reports call him slow, short, and a bad tackler. Despite being undrafted, Poole shot up the depth chart in a way we never saw under Mike Smith. He had a fantastic rookie campaign, and plans to become a bigger part of the defense. Per Gabriel Burns of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Poole will have a shot at both corner and safety duties. As another athletic, versatile piece of Quinn’s defensive unit, Poole will see time at cornerback and safety in 2017. “Wherever the team needs me at,” he said. “That’s not really my call. My job is to come out and execute wherever they put me. I just want to polish up on, you know, every aspect of my game. Really just put it all together.” The secondary is jam packed with talent. The team will start three Pro Bowl-worthy players in Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford, and Keanu Neal. Jalen Collins is expected to sub in on nickel, with Poole, Ricardo Allen, and rookie Damontae Kazee pushing for free safety and dime work. Quinn likes Poole if only because he wants to fight. “I knew Poole was going to be amongst us when in training camp I saw him counting in line, not for who he didn’t want to go against, but because he wanted to go against Julio (Jones),” Quinn said during his coach’s show last November. “… That told me right then and there the competitor that he is. As opposed to backing off, he wanted to go challenge it. I’m not saying he went up there and stoned him. However, it spoke a lot to the confidence that he had in himself to say ‘I want to try it against the best.’” The article points out that Poole was very versatile. He had 10 pass deflections and 11 quarterback pressures. That’s a pretty awesome combo, and should help him push for snaps. He could start at safety or even push Collins for some nickel work. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2017/6/18/15824370/brian-poole-to-play-at-safety-and-corner-jalen-collins-ricardo-allen-desmond-trufant-ricardo-allen
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    It's definitely a left hook to Shanahan who is no longer with us. It also shows that he isn't over it. The more I hear this stuff, the happier I am that Shanahan is gone. I think more and more players are blaming him and if he were still here, I think that would increase the likelihood of a hangover
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    Poole is a player. just plug him in and tell him what to do and he'll die trying. can't ask for more than that.
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    We really making a big deal out if this
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    The Atlanta Falcons will be a powerhouse this year and for the next two. We will win the next three Super Bowls - like Secretariat won the Triple Crown.
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    This thread would take off if it was titled "Ryan Coming Out As Gay".
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    If Free hadn't fractured Alex Mack's leg we wouldn't have lost. If Free hadn't whiffed on that block we wouldn't have lost. As honest as hes being, it doesn't help the team from a trust standpoint. Teams that point the finger, even when justified, tend to fall apart. I think its time to admit Free is more like his agents than we want to admit.
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    all very interesting but I don't see how you can say "Coleman over Freeman" - the body of work just does not support that conclusion - although I love Teco as well.
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    By: Colin J. Liotta | June 17, 2017 2:13 pm ET Atlanta Falcons defensive end Takkarist McKinley won us all over when he was drafted by the Falcons back in April’s NFL Draft after we he carried around a picture of his grandmother on that memorable night. McKinley’s grandmother, Myrtle Collins, told him on her deathbed in 2011 to pursue his dream of playing football at the Division I level. Now, the defensive end is ready to start his career in the NFL. McKinley grew up in Richmond, Cali., right near Oakland, in a city known for its tough lifestyle. Some thought McKinley would never make it out of that city, but the Falcons rookie did that and more, and posted a picture to all the haters that doubted him. Congratulations to McKinley on his new house. Not a bad place to call home for an NFL rookie. Hopefully, McKinley will have a long, successful career in Atlanta and be able to stay in that home for years to come. http://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2017/06/17/falcons-defensive-end-takkarist-mckinley-shows-off-his-new-house-to-all-the-haters/
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    The Coleman tweet is interesting. Besides straight line speed, wonder what they see? Free is low and shifty, catches great and more durable.
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    The same Steelers where Big ben threw for 3 TDs in the playoffs and Matt had 9? Ben had 4 INTs and Matt none? Ben threw for an average of 245 yards a game and Matt 338? Ben had an 82.6 QBR and Matt 135.3? Those Steelers?
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    He is right. Someone should have been running, preferably Free as he doesn't fumble and can squeak through small holes for the tough yards. And I doubt Free sounded as selfish in his interview as this thread makes him sound just not his style.
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    Freeman deserves the money. I don't know why some of you all think he's replaceable. He's one of the best backs in the league. You don't just let him walk and think you can replace. Falcons need to get it done.
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    The whole battered Falcons fan syndrome is beyond tired to me. Be a fan and support or be quiet. "I'm not gone cheer until they prove it"...just shut up I get it. It's part of Bomani's shtick...but it's played out.
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    He grew up a Falcons fan and just couldn't take it any more. He is going to keep holding them as the same ole falcons until they prove him wrong. He don't hate them, but he has a grudge for all the years if let downs
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    Suicide...hummm, for being gay? I Just don't get it if you love yourself. I am 60 plus years old, survived cancer, been thru a war, shot at many times, lost my baby girl when she was but 24, now raising motherless granddaughter, and graciously raised 6 other children. I never felt so helpless that I entertained the thought of suicide...but then again, I'm not in others shoes which thought that was the answer....a very selfish act, but to each their own, no judgement here! So, f, thinking, or caring what others may think of you, and live life the the fullest, regardless of what may happened!!! YOU, are the master of your universe, and your own happiness...
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    The fact that players get cut because of injury (and the fans bless it) is why I have zero problems when they hold out to get all that they can.
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    No point, we already have Sanu and Hardy for that role. I've always liked him as a player but we're okay at that position.
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    these guys really love their jobs and have fun doing it. Hip-hop heads will appreciate this. respect.
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    Pioli's response was about the same as the response I gave to my little brother when he came out. "So what's the big news you needed to sit me down for again?"
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    Thanks g-dawg. You kinda brought up another interesting point too that was a side issue for both Supes and me regarding us spending a lot less time here. For whatever reason after a while there was an evident small group of posters on here who were dedicated to crapping on every single cartoon/illustration that either one of us produced. Now, I'm an illustrator by trade, have been for over 30 years...have been fortunate enough to stay pretty busy my whole career...have been the in house illustrator for Lindy's for over a decade, have illustrated over 50 children's books. I'm not insecure about my abilities. Supes is a very gifted artist. He was hired by the Atlanta Falcons to produce cartoons for them a few years ago. He was the official cartoonist for the freakin' Atlanta Falcons. Both of us contributed our work to this board because it was a blast, fostered a lot of fun and mostly good-natured discussion...but as I said earlier, there was a small but dedicated group of posters who got off on slamming everything both of us produced...so we both kind of independently decided "the **** with it, we're not getting paid for this and the hassle it's creating isn't worth the effort we're putting into it." Case in point: Supes did a Falco cartoon at one point that had several cartoon native Americans in it. The Falcons were getting ready to play the Redskins. It got so **** ridiculous he was accused of being a racist. Been proud to call Supes my friend for almost 10 years now. There isn't a racist molecule in his whole body. The art contributions by both of us slowed down to a trickle and then quit altogether. A few very strange, sad little people made it too much of a hassle.
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    I think he touched on a great point when he talked about going against this offense every day in practice. When you're having to deal with Ice, Free, JJ, Teco, Sanu, Gabriel, et al, how you going to be intimidated by anybody else's offense? These guys know this D is coming together, just like we can feel it and see it develop over the last half of last season. Collectively, there seems to be this quiet conviction this team is going back to the SB this year and win it. And with the incredible development of Allen, Tru, Alford, Poe, Crawford, Collins and all the great young studs we now have the D will be able to pull an equal share of the load to get it done.
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    Still scratching my head over how Quinn didn't insist on running it after his firsthand experience in Superbowl 49 against the same dang team.
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    He's stating the obvious that literally everyone in the country agrees upon in that they should have run the ball more. I think you are all reading way too much into this.
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    About to post the same thing. Love free, but I wish these guys would just zip it and have the mindset to go out and prove it on the field instead of on radio.
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    how dare you post this!!! how in the world are all the 'we never get any media respect' people supposed to act now????????
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    gritz recently started posting again as ghost of gritz. I think supes got real busy in real life after his artistic gig with the team ended and he found new employment. Certainly do miss the art work and man get them two together and rolling and they'd keep you laughing, that's for sure
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    I love me some Poole. He exemplifies everything we got with Dan Quinn taking over the reigns. The guy is a baller and we might have never known it. The day is rapidly approaching when our D is as fearsome as our O is now feared. It should be peaking right about early 4th Quarter of SB LII.
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    Poole was definitely a great surprise and I hope he can still get reps but man this secondary could be special.
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    I have no idea how black people in this country are supposed to raise their kids. What do you tell them to do if pulled over by a cop? Because it doesn't seem to matter what you do, if you get shot it's apparently your fault. This verdict makes me ill.
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    Not saying this was necessarily tough for Pioli but Pioli went through very tough things while the GM of the Chiefs. I had forgotten about the guy that killed himself, (in front of Piloi), after he murdered his girlfriend until this article reminded me of it.
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    Pretty grandiose statement ~ and I agree. If this team gets rolling early on, both sides of the football, I see no reason they can't win them all and make this a perfect season. And man, wouldn't that just shut all the haters up big-time!
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    Agree. And Free's vision is unparalleled on this roster. He sees things Teco just doesn't. Can Teco learn to see them? Sure. But man, he'd better get up to speed fast, because Free makes mountains out of molehills quite frequently.