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    Better than them stinking Saints coming here!!!!!!
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    Rule 17 states that it's illegal to have sex with more than 17 of your own siblings on the same day in Louisiana.
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    Let's be honest. That game was very one-sided when it came to officiating. The Rams have every right to be upset. Getting a crew that had screwed them multiple times over, and they again wind up with over double the penalties and penalty yards (7 for 64 yards vs the Saints 3 for 20 yards). Not to mention, the Rams would've won even earlier if not for the Goff no call. Need I mention all the other no calls? And then, the Saints get awarded a make up PI after a previous no call. Truly one sided officiating. The Rams should write in to the NFL about the egregious errors here. It's truly unfair. Thankfully they still won - it would've been heartbreaking if the zebras managed to steal another NFCCG away for the Saints. ... PS - **** the Saints. Sincerely, Every Other Teams Fans
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    Every Saints player is a DB. Oh, you meant “defensive back.” My bad.
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    Remember Bounty and Hits on Favre? It’s good to be on recieving end of refs.
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    Stand in line. So does all the other teams that have been screwed by the refs in New Orleans.
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    As the rage throughout Who Dat Nation continues following Sunday's no-call on a pass interference on Rams corner Nickell Robey-Coleman, L.A. prepares for the Super Bowl. The blatant non-call has led to a cavalcade of anger from New Orleans Saints players, fans, and many non-partisan spectators. In an odd twist, the pervasive bitterness now seems poised to morph into a locker-room rallying cry in Los Angeles. Respected veteran left tackle Andrew Whitworthjoined the Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday and noted the call wasn't the only one missed in the game. "You see the arguments from some of the Saints' players about the rule about the commissioner restarting the game over or from that point or whatever," Whitworth told Eisen, via Turf Show Times. "My argument to that would be, Rich, is then Jared Goff got a facemask on the second down on the possession before that was not called. That'd be first-and-goal at the 1 down three points. If you look at our odds from the 1 this season, that's seven points. So, they'd be down four, and a field goal wouldn't matter. They would have had to score in that situation either way. So, the reality is, where is the last foul that you want to argue? Whether it's blatant or not is not a matter. It's whether it's a foul. "So, it's just one of those things that's a slippery slope, and it's an excuse. [However] you cut it. And the reality is they got football after that snap. They played in overtime with the football. New England had the same situation and won the game. They didn't score; we did. "We can argue about it all day, but they had an opportunity to win the game and we won it." Heading to the first Super Bowl of his 13-year NFL career, Whitworth has had his experience with bitterness after playoff losses following referee's decisions. He was part of a Cincinnati Bengals team that fell to the Pittsburgh Steelersafter former assistant coach Joey Porter coaxed a personal foul penalty. "I've played a ton of games. I've had a ton of calls that could have gone one way or the other or should have or whatever that have claimed to have been missed," he said. "But I've lost a playoff game to a coach being on the field getting a personal foul drawn from our players. "So, I've experienced it, man, and I know it's tough. But the reality is, football was played after that snap, and you know what, whatever team tries to win the game from there and wins it won the football game."
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    https://theathletic.com/777706/2019/01/20/schultz-blank-on-saints-pre-super-bowl-loss-i-am-smiling/ When I moved to Atlanta nearly 30 years ago, the significance of the Falcons-New Orleans Saints rivalry eluded me. Neither franchise had ever played in a Super Bowl to that point, both were largely associated with spectacular failure, and this struck me as important of a rivalry as, say, a fish stick throwdown between Mrs. Paul’s and the Gorton’s fisherman. I came to learn otherwise. It is the closest thing you’re going to find to a college rivalry in the NFL, with each team reveling in the other’s misery. So it should not come as a surprise that in the eyes of many in Atlanta, a Falcons season mostly devoid of joy hit a high note Sunday when the Saints lost. After leading all but the final five minutes of regulation, the Saints fell, 23-20 to the Los Angeles Rams in overtime in the NFC championship game at the Superdome. What this means is the Rams are going to the Super Bowl — and as the key byproduct of this, the Saints are not. They won’t travel to Atlanta. They won’t play at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in two weeks. They won’t practice all week in the Falcons’ training facility in Flowery Branch. The Falcons are relieved. The Falcons are laughing. The Falcons are happy. Let’s start with the owner. “I am smiling,” Arthur Blank said via text message. “It was a hard fought game, and the Saints’ fans made a big difference early on — but the Rams’ defense played strong from the 1st Q on…” From there, Blank held his tongue (or his texting fingers) a bit. When asked if he had dreaded the thought of the Saints practicing at his team’s facility, he responded, “We welcome the best teams — period.” I texted, “Politically correct. Thanks.” He responded, “Correct.” I cannot confirm that a 76-year-old was sliding across a wood floor in his socks on the other end of the phone. In the AFC championship game, New England (Atlanta fans’ second least-favorite team) defeated Kansas City 37-31 in overtime. Had the Chiefs won, Atlanta might’ve thrown a parade Monday. Back to the Falcons-Saints thing. The negative feelings between the two franchises are real. That was never more evident than last month when it was confirmed the NFC champion would practice in Flowery Branch, and Falcons head coach Dan Quinn was asked about the possibility of the Saints being in his building. The question seemed to throw him for a loop, and as relayed by The Athletic’s Jason Butt, Quinn stumbled a bit in his response: “Whoever’s playing for the championship … this is the host … I guess I’m more disappointed that we won’t be playing and practicing at our site.” He then suddenly ended the news conference, walking out of the room. The Saints joyously mocked the Falcons for blowing a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl two years ago. In last season’s visit to New Orleans, a marching band spelled out, “28-3” during a halftime show. There also was repeated video board lampooning. Return fire was expected Sunday. It may seem a bit juvenile for the official Twitter accounts of NFL franchises to be taking jabs at opponents, but welcome to the middle school world of “professional” social media departments. The Falcons Tweeted, “Hey @RamsNFL” nice win,” with a winking emoji and a clip from a 1986 Rams’ music video, “Ram It.” Carolina, another NFC South team, followed: “We are really, really (…) happy the @RamsNFL won.” If we still lived in an adult world, Lombardi and Halas would be throwing down lightning bolts from the heavens. Falcons players also threw shots in cyberspace. Running back Ito Smith Tweeted a string of laughing/crying emojis, then followed with a quick video of him dancing to Choppa Style (by Darwin “Choppa” Turner), which has been the unofficial soundtrack of this Saints’ season. Carolina, another NFC South team, followed: “We are really, really (…) happy the @RamsNFL won.” If we still lived in an adult world, Lombardi and Halas would be throwing down lightning bolts from the heavens. Falcons players also threw shots in cyberspace. Running back Ito Smith Tweeted a string of laughing/crying emojis, then followed with a quick video of him dancing to Choppa Style (by Darwin “Choppa” Turner), which has been the unofficial soundtrack of this Saints’ season. (The video posted by @ItoSmith has been removed.) Jabs ranged from the spiritual (Mohamed Sanu) … To the thankful for a blown non-interference call (Damontae Kazee) … To the endorsing of the Rams (Brian Poole). (I had to consult Urban Dictionary: “No cap” translates to “Not lying.” I would be dead without Urban Dictionary.) To the artistically creative (Matt Bryant): And his wife (Melissa Bryant): The Falcons didn’t make it to the playoffs, but their players, fans and owner were spared further misery.
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    They already got to replay the ending of the game. It was called Overtime - and they even got the ball first. They threw an interception - and the other team kicked a 57 yard winning field goal - can't get clearer than that.
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    I heard they added Velcro to the knee to help with future interceptions.
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    Hey, a voice of reason. Which will only make the Saints fans even madder. This is a great week.
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    I can’t help but recall Ryan playing close to perfect games in the playoffs, yet still being blamed exclusively for a loss. Brees was flat out outplayed by Goff today when it mattered. Brees’ QBR was 60.1 and Goff’s was 75.1. When it was time to step up and make plays, Goff stepped up and not sure where Brees was. I recall reading so much garbage here after a playoff loss where it was Ryan’s fault we lost, he can’t elevate the team, doesn’t step up in big games, being picked apart for missing an open receiver or throwing a pick. Yet we see Brees blow the game today by missing an open receiver down field that would have changed the game. He’s lucky not to have been picked off on that terrible throw. Brees also took two sacks instead of throwing it away, another nonsense criticism of Ryan, and let’s not forget that interception Brees threw. Man, Ryan throws a pick in a playoff game, even though Brady throws pick 6s in Super Bowls, and Ryan is blamed exclusively for the loss. And don’t tell me about officiating. Matt Ryan has had to deal with all kinds of terrible officiating in playoff losses and wins. Roddy White was all but mugged in 2012 playoff game where we would have advanced to Super Bowl had he caught that.
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    Karma is a *****. Bounty gate 2009 lives on
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    All the billboards in the world won’t have them playing in the Superbowl in a couple of weeks.
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    Like I posted earlier, non calls go both ways......... That top left panel shows a missed facemask call during a scramble by Rams QB Jared Goff during a fourth-quarter drive that, if called, would have given them first-and-goal from the two-yard-line. Instead LA ended up settling for a field goal, which is why the game was tied when the fateful non-call on Robey-Coleman happened. https://hotair.com/archives/2019/01/21/lets-talk-garbage-call-end-saints-rams-game/
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    “‘Aints: Refs cheated us!” “Rams: Hold my beer.” Hey Falcons... They ‘AINT winning N.O. Super Bowl in ATL!
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    This was posted to a Falcons Facebook group I belong to - and I thought I'd share it here. I know there are some Saints fans lurking here - it's a dose of truth. Yes - it was a bad call. Yes, the refs in this league suck - and yes - they suck bad. There have been calls and non-calls in Falcons games - including post season games - and including the Super Bowl which affected the outcome of the game. It happens in every game. But, when the game is said and done - there's more to look at than just those calls. I look back at the Super Bowl - and I think - **** it - why didn't they call the clear face mask penalty on Sanu when they called the holding on Jake Matthews that took us out of field goal range - making it offsetting penalties. Did you not see the ref looking straight at them? Doesn't matter does it - we still lost because there were other factors involved. This one sided missed call took us to 3rd and 33 and out of field goal range and ultimately led to a punt allowing the game tying drive by the Patriots. There were other missed calls in the game - most likely both sides. Doesn't take away the fact that we lost. We lost - and the Saints lost. Move on. Congratulations to the Rams!
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    https://saintsreport.com/threads/organizing-a-class-action-lawsuit-against-the-national-football-league.402369/ This is hilarious. LOL
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    Is it good for me to be so happy at these Saint fans and players misery? Because this makes me feel good inside. Like Christmas as a kid.
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    And here is matt bower's company... https://www.mattbowerschevy.com
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    Them coming here and/or winning doesn't bother me much at all. You can't blame them for beating us, and they're not exactly a rival, so...it is what it is.
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    I can read lips and after the no call the ref said to Sean, “Mr. Favre sends his regards.”
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    This sums up the Saints in a nutshell. Start at the 6 minute mark Colin Cowherd
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    I think the way the game ended for them made up for all those stupid whistles.
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    To know how much P A I N Saints fans are in tonight!
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    NAH **** THE AINTS!!! The no call on Goff with a facemask would have put it away. **** THEM RATS!
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    This game broke them mentally. They won’t even acknowledge Brees throwing the interception. i think some of them still think they are going to the SB in two weeks.
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    Lest we forget their first playoff game after their first division championship.
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