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    A lesson to some of you, sometimes you have to lose a battle to in the war. Those 3 wins at the end of last year obviously did not carry over any momentum to this season, did not inspire our coaches or players to perform better this year. The only thing it did was give us a mid round pick in each draft round. Not only did this impact our pick in the 1st rd it also lessened the value of our picks in each rd. With a top 5 pick which we were on pace for even if we drafted the same players in the first couple of rounds we could have traded back instead of traded up and gotten more picks.As we see this year depth is still a problem, we certainly could have used some more weight across the DL which an extra pick or two could have gotten us if we did not have to trade up for a second OL. Sometimes a long term strategy comes into play when you are having a losing season and have no shot at the playoff's. Those games at the end of last year meant nothing and hurt the long term progress for this team.
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    I agree with o p. They should cut out the music, and not let the players have any dessert after lunch either. That'll fix everything.
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    I had already started doing this lol As of now, the Falcons have $10,579,772 in cap space per the NFLPA website. Not sure the variance in the numerous sites, but I'd be willing to move forward with NFLPA over any other site: https://www.nflpa.com/public-salary-cap-report As such, this rollover cap space puts us with just over $4MM in cap space for 2020. I agree largely with the cuts the OP is suggesting: Sambrailo, Stocker, and Schaub are gone. That's $8.35MM in cap cleared = $12.35MM Sanu is most likely gone and Freeman should be right behind him. That's another $10MM in space = $22.35MM Here's the controversial cut that needs to happen.... Desmond Trufant. Right now, Trufant is not living up to the billing of his contract. He's paid the 7th highest average salary for a CB in the NFL. 7th. Yet, he's routinely beat and looks consistently average. He's a maxed out player, so he's not getting any better any time soon. Cutting him would only save $5MM in 2020, but cutting him is about the future, clearing $30MM in cap hits in '21 and '22. That puts you around $27MM in cap space without any other cuts. You could cut Bailey no problem and save another $4.5MM. You can extend Mack another year and save on his cap hit. You can extend Neal for very cheap and save more money. Various restructures can happen. But we're not in cap heIl. Those guys aren't providing the value to a rebuilding team. Sambrailo, Stocker, and Schaub don't play relatively speaking. Freeman has been lapped by Ito so he's already been replaced in house. Sanu is a #3 WR being paid like a high end #2 still. I could live with all of those cuts for nearly $30MM in cap space, a new HC, and a top seven pick.
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    Best game of the year out of Devonta. Good to see.
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    No it wouldn’t. Purposefully losing breeds A losing culture. See Cleveland browns for last 20 years.
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    If you haven't read Smitty's book, I highly recommend it. A major part of the problem is a team mentality and culture problem. I wish the players and coaches really would take a page from Smitty's book (literally) and quit worrying about the outcome of the game and where they're trying to get based on talent. Smitty always talked about the "process". The process was taking it a game by game and every player and coach being fully prepared mentally and physically for the next game. Yes we all got tired hearing about "the process" but that's exactly what Smitty wanted if you read his book. He wanted everybody to get tired of hearing about the process. Not in a bad way, more of a "drilled in your head way". Smitty's Falcons started to fall apart when they quit focusing on the process and game by game preparation. According to Smitty, after the 2012 NFC championship game, players started buying into their own hype and figured they'd get back into the playoffs without trying as hard. They went 4-12 in 2013. Players became complacent and lost focus on what wins games. It's not just talent he says. Its in the culture in the locker room and at Flowery Branch. It's the details that goes into gameplanning. It's the commitment to the message and identity. It's being consistent. It's winning in the locker room first. Those were parts of the process. According to Smitty, the process veered off course in '13 and '14. The process that went into each game became more about the outcome of the game and end goal instead about what it takes to actually win the game in front of you. Smitty does take blame for letting it get out of hand. Quinn's Falcons are already there IMO. Ever since that SB appearance, it's been downhill since then. When I read Smitty's book, it was all too relatable to what's going on now.
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    Can pretty easily get to $40m under with cuts and restructures. Not worried about it. Much more worried about who will be leading this team next year.
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    He only has been neck deep in working with and developing some of the greatest pass rushers the NFL has to offer, including Haynesworth, Von Miller, Osi and perhaps now Bud Dupree. That and he remains loyal to and invested in the success of his former team, the Falcons, means he is an untapped asset we have stupidly ignored through two different coaches.
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    I'll never understand the tankers? Colts tanked for Luck and he retires early, nothing is a guarantee.
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    Wins are never meaningless to fans such as myself that actually go to the games. Most teams that lose at the end of the year are still terrible the next year. I vote “win every game you can and worry about next year next year”.
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    Point is those games we won at the end of last year had no carry over of anything positive, At least with a much better draft pick in each rd we would have had more options in our draft which could have made some difference this year and in the long term. One thing we know for sure those wins late last year did not translate into anything positive but a much better draft could have.
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    Tired of seeing the RB/TE/FB take a flat route on 3rd down and gain 30+ yards
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    He was ran out of Seattle. People up here wanted him gone 2 years before he was canned.
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    Three players that come to mind that we lost out on due to winning a meaningless game at the end of a lost season: Von Miller, Khalil Mack, and Jadevon Clowney.
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    I wonder what those people who were advocating for winning those meaningless games think about this season and how we should finish it, ending on a hot streak or losing for draft position?
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    That’s exactly the Republican party’s approach to social issues, though.
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    Also said there would be debate on the floor about background checks and gun control. He says things to make the question go away and then refuses to follow through.
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    It's not that bad. This is a maxed out roster and plenty of players will be cut with the new HC/GM coming to town. Will be a lot of dead cap and clean up in 2020, but 2021 and going forward should be pretty solid. Won't have space like the Colts, but will be in solid shape.
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    To me he was never as bad as TATF claimed in games 1-5. The OLine just didn't run block worth a dam. They blocked their as off in the desert Sunday.
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    Don’t worry folks, things are getting back on the right track now..... I put up a new UGA flag up on my porch. That most definitely will do the trick. Start booking your trip for the National Championship.
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    Then why the disingenuous response? Draft position is about team building. Getting players who have the best chance of helping you have sustained success. No one stated that if we had the 3rd overall pick that we would be 5-1, but our chances at selecting the best players to help us win now and in the future would be greatly improved.
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    Is exactly what Erdogan is asking right now. So let me get this straight: Some third party writes a book that I guess is unfavorable to Turkey, and he gets to come to the White House, and that's supposed to be a taste of what Trump can do to destroy Turkey's economy? "God help me, next I'll invite those people who gave Turkey a bad rating on Yelp. YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!"
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    Man I was so happy when I saw Stocker walk back to the sideline and Graham trot out. Needs to happen more. Much. Much. More.
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    Why, oh why, should the Falcons trade Hooper? That honestly would be #2 on the list of completely stupid things done behind keeping Vic because of hope
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    lmao. i have better goal line defense in madden than a dan quinn does. all gaps accounted for especially qb sneak and pray my cbs hold up 1v1
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    The good news: 3 of our 5 losses are to AFC teams! The bad news: We have the worst defense I've ever seen being a Falcons fan, and I promise you, that's saying something. We need to beat, consecutively: Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, and Carolina to get back to .500. I would be absolutely elated, but, I can assure you, I won't hold my breath.
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    Thought that was the most gut-wrenching loss I'd ever see. Boy did they prove me wrong!
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    Weird how someone who is supposedly a raging antisemite would endorse the Jewish candidate.
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    Trump and Giuliani already admitted to everything the whistleblower said dumb ***
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    I don't know. Having Bosa coming off the edge instead of Beasley might have made a huge difference
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    You never tank, You don't tug on superman's capeYou don't spit into the windYou don't pull the mask off that old lone rangerAnd you don't mess around with Jim
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    I don’t think he didn’t know what he wanted. He didn’t have as much control as DQ and was not a talent evaluator. That was the reason AB gave DQ complete control over roster. All this explosive crap was pushed down his throat. He wanted tough hard nosed team.
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    I think there’s clearly a disconnect between players and coaches. Even players aren’t consistently communicating with one another on the field. There’s a lot of lazy, low effort play going on during these games, and the football IQ is just not there for some of these guys. At some positions, we have the talent, but not the mindset (Edge & CB). At other positions we just straight up lack the talent right now (Safety & interior OL). We know what we have in players like Beasley, Ishmael, Trufant, Schweitzer, and Campbell. Yet DQ continues to give them snaps. Carpenter and Brown have also been disaster signings for us at the Guard positions. I hope I never see any of those guys on the team after this year. Quinn is reminding me of Smitty a little bit with his stubbornness to stick with veterans, even if they are under performing. Would like to see Cominsky in for Beasley, Jamal Carter in for Ishmael, Ollison & Ito in for Freeman, Grace & Foye in for Campbell, Gono in at Guard, etc.