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    Takk McKinley quietly had a very productive 2018 season, as far as Next Gen Stats are concerned. The one-time UCLA Bruin finished second in the NFL in highest pressure rate out, of players who tallied at least 350 pass rush snaps, according to Next Gen Stats. What this tells us is that McKinley, who’s known for his relentless motor and aggression on the field, was around the quarterback a lot last season. The next step in his maturation will be to convert a few more of those pressures into outright sacks, but the fact that the pressures are there is a very good sign.
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    My how times change. Wasn't too long ago (2016) we had arguably the best RBs in the entire league and now we are third in our own division (which I can't really argue with). Like my brother @Vandy says though, a healthy Free is going to flip that narrative on it's head quickly. The OLine + Mularkey + all the signings and picks...if he stays healthy Free should have a monster year.
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    Disagree with the whole **** list. Whoever decided this smoking the good stuff and I need some.
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    wow, y'all are so programmed, bunch of robots up in here now let me tell you about the wickedness of the gays
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    It amazes you? Wow! Because the pass rush actually sucks. I don’t care how many pressures anyone got. It’s an almost and didn’t change any games. I need results, not theory.
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    Rico I’m most concerned over. DeBo already worked his way back and Neal’s ACL was week 1. So, to me it’s Rico Achilles gonna take another year. Kazee has the experience now at least if needed but I really want a well prepared and communicative FS. We could have Sheffield groomed as NCB depth if Kazee had to cover FS. Kid can fly. Miller and Blidi as boundary CB depth. That’s a year early probably on the rookie CBs. Rico on the field helps as long as his leg lets him function at a similar level. If the CB picks work out, the secondary is set for several years. Safety has some depth to it entering this year at least compared to last. Neas improved, too. Really need that DL to perform and the rest takes care of itself. EDIT: Of course, it would help if our Offense goes off like 2016 levels of scoring
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    Gays: "Hey guys, we really are just regular people and it would be great if we were treated as such and not persecuted or discriminated against" Worzone: "Brainwashing propaganda!!!"
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    Just curious: Has anyone here met a gay person who admitted that the media is the reason they are gay?
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    This is a point Fatbio brought up. Deion Jones and Keanu Neal taking easy away dump off opportunities underneath can make a tremendous difference in whether or not a pass rusher gets a pressure vs gets a sack. Its critical to understand, when you have an enforcer in the box making receivers pay a big price for catching a short pass, they tend to develop alligator arms and drop passes.
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    I will def say he was inconsistent. Absolutely. But he was getting pressure. Pressure can be avoided if the whole unit isn’t being disruptive. Just like when we had Abe. Abe got a lot of pressure but when he was the only one getting pressure it made the whole line and him look like sh*t. Pressure has to come from everywhere. The last 4 games or so both vic and takk were pressuring.
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    I've been saying this, Takk maybe the best player on the DL and is the reason vic got hot at the end of the season. 2 of vic sacks were takk chasing people into his lap. I am hoping he will have his breakout season this year.
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    Free gets so much unnecessary hate on this board. If Vic cared half as much as Free, he’d have 10 sacks every year.
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    While I’m disappointed he isn’t at OTA’s, our season may hinge on this man returning to form. This is still in him. Don’t forget how special he can be. Take a look. Youll notice how effective he is on stunts. That’s a big reason I wanted Dex at 14. It would free up Vic in space
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    Vic can you return to form and get double digits sacks while setting the edge on run plays?
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    It makes me so sad, that so many fans on here have never even been taught True History and How to truly have peace and happiness,, There is only one way,, Jesus said, "I am the Way , the Truth and the life, No man come'th to the Father but by me." God made it so simple ,, that no man will have an excuse when we stand before Him. He paid our sin debt by His own perfect life. The wages of sin is death,, He had no sin ,, but he died for our sin. So we could be saved by simply trusting his Sacrifice for our sins.. and dying in our place.. By faith we are justified. Because no man is sinless.. But Jesus was God in the flesh and he was sinless. Any one that needs help in this area. Please PM me. I love people because Christ lives in me. Amen.
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    it's especially insidious to suggest this when so many of us were socially conditioned and encouraged to use "gay" or "f*****" as pejoratives when we were younger.
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    I don’t bet on everyone being healthy, especially the year after injury. They are awesome human specimens, but they are still just people. There was very little prep last year for this case, a little more this year but the defense is still the shortest kid in Kindergarten.
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    Wrong... Let me ask you a question friend. What year is it.?? 2019 AD,, which means Adominia.. Which means from the birth of Jesus Christ till this day... BC means ,, Before Christ .... was born... All of times centers around the greatest thing that has ever happened in the History of Man kind... God sending His son to live and die for our sins.. So by faith if we will pray and ask God to forgive us and save us from our sins,, He will save you and you can know when you die, that you will be forgiven ,, Jesus died a death he did not deserve because he did no sin.. He died in our place so we could be saved by faith alone,, Not by works.. There is more evidence that Jesus lived and died the harshest dead any man has ever endured,, But He had no sin,, He died for our sin.. So we could be saved by faith alone.. If anybody reading this wants to know more. Please PM me and I'll be glad to help you see the greatest truth of all time and History.. Jesus Christ ,, our Lord and Savior. Romans, 10:13,, "For whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord,, shall be saved." If God is knocking at your heart, you can simply pray,, God save me? and He will .. If you believe that, you can be saved, if you don't believe that.. You can't be saved until you believe that God will do what He said he would do.. Save you if you'll ask him to.. Amen. PM me if anybody has any questions.. I'm an Evangelist.. And have been blessed to see hundreds come to Christ .. Every one of them would tell you that was the greatest day of their lives. And so it was for me as an 8 year old boy.. I'll never forget the most wonderful day of my life. Yes , I know I could get banned from this site.. But hey,, I would die for my faith,, Because I know it's the Way , the Truth and the Life.. His name is Jesus. Amen
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    Clayborne - doesn't get to play 3rd string Cowboys every week. Cominsky - D2 DT who might not see much field year one as he adjusts. Means - out for season Achilles.
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    23 pitches in 3 innings That's 1 inning for Julio and Gausman lol
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    I know Donaldson is frustrated but you got to run. You can slam a bat later. Get your *** out of that box.
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    I'd rather see our guys knock the dogshlt out of the quarterback once in a while and even pick up a flag, than to keep tabs on 'pressures'. Kind of like when Crash Davis had Nuke hitting the mascot in Bull Durham, you know, keep the other team always worried about how crazy you're coming at them. That kind of strategy has a cumulative effect to opposing qbs.
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    I’m a Takk fan, but Anyone claiming McKinley played well overall last season saw different games than I did last year. WTF?
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    And now inspector gadget is back. Plus Kutty will run trick plays. Like the one for a TD to Mike Johnson against the Aints.
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    Pray away the gay camps where they softcore torture gay kids isn't even all that fringe and is only just recently becoming a publicly reviled thing If there's any imbalance in animosity it isn't on the LGBT community
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    His point is he's the real "victim" in the fight for LGBT rights. That's what it'll always boil down to.
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    Dude...we’ve been through this. For years...
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    Here's your Dexter Lawrence below.
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    That **** is not on Winkler. He made enough pitches to get out of it. No ******* reason to shift with the tying run at 3rd and a guy on 1st. Even if he hits into it, the game is tied. Trying to be too ******* cute there.
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    Pass rush will look better if they: 1) Stop run 2) Have better coverage ^Our roster is better entering 2019 than how we ended 2018 or majority of year played with at least. Takk is doing fine so far. Rather have Taco? Was Kazee or Foye hopes and prayers because of their round? Do 3 stud core players not being out all year make a difference? Does year 2 for Senat, Foye and Oliver not matter? Kazee took a nice jump last year, albeit through fire. Enough that the FO didn’t want to Tender Poole as a RFA and decided Rico would be back and Kazee was ready to be the NCB entering year 3 instead. I think the unit is primed to improve. What I don’t think will improve is the all or nothing around this place.
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    Not fair. At least a bucket of bolts can hold things together.
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    People always seem to say backup. They are second and third team. They need to be ready. I didn’t see that at ALL.
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    It’s like this. The offense looks like a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the defense looks like a bucket of bolts. I should suspend reality for a minute and rejoice for the clean headlights.
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    It amazes me how many are panicked about our pass rush thinking that’s our only pathway to a good defense. Sure. All of us would like to see 50 + sacks a season from out defense, but the Falcons had more sacks in 2016, 2017 and 2018 than the Super Bowl winners did those years. In fact, we had 37 sacks last year, 7 more than the Super Bowl winning defense had. i believe we will see an increase in sacks from 2018, probably low 40s range. One big key to a good defense is points allowed. I believe we will be a top 10 in defense in points allowed this year. We were in 2017.
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