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    perhaps if he hadn't whiffed on THAT block and allowed a sack, he'd been MVP.....js
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    Allen: Defense ‘is going to be amazing’ ATLANTA-FALCONS By D. Orlando Ledbetter - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 0 Atlanta Falcons secondary coach Marquand Manuel talks to safety Ricardo Allen (37) during an NFC Championship NFL game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, January 22, 2017. The Falcons defeated the Packers 44-21. (Kevin Terrell via AP) Updated: 1:45 p.m. Wednesday, June 21, 2017 | Posted: 1:11 p.m. Wednesday, June 21, 2017 FLOWERY BRANCH — Kicked to the curb just three years ago, Falcons free safety Ricardo Allen has successfully made the transition from cornerback to free safety and is now an entrenched NFL starter. He played 1,101 defensive snaps (99.1 percent), most on the team last season, in just his second year at free safety. Drafted as a cornerback in the fifth-round of the 2014 draft out of Purdue, Allen was cut and then made his way back up to roster through the practice squad. Critical to his transformation was the arrival of coach Dan Quinn, who converted him to free safety. The position had been a black hole on the defense since Thomas DeCoud slipped from Pro Bowl status after the 2012 season. The free safety in the Falcons defense is required to cover a lot of ground and, if things go wrong as they sometimes do, he’s the last line of defense. With Allen’s improved play last season, the Falcons made some strides. But he knows there’s more work ahead for him and the unit when they report for training camp on July 26. “We go from a year where we had so many people on our defense who played one or two years in this defense or in the NFL in general,” Allen told the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution during last week’s minicamp. “It just comes with the experience and with more reps. Related Falcons report for training camp on July 26 Cover 9@9: Matt Ryan to stay on the move Falcons’ Freeman on Super Bowl: ‘If I would have stayed in the game, I would have got MVP’ Trufant ready to lead in the secondary Collins gives Falcons’ secondary options “I feel like we are going to be so much more faster and explosive as a defense.” Allen started all 19 games and made 104 tackles, had five pass breakups and four interceptions. He cut down his missed tackles total from 19 to 11. He has followed that up with a strong offseason. “Ricardo is playing out of his mind,” defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel said. The Falcons started second-year players linebacker Vic Beasley, defensive tackle Grady Jarrett and cornerback Jalen Collins in the Super Bowl. Allen was also just in his second year as a free safety. Rookie safety Keanu Neal, and linebackers Deion Jones and Devonte Campbell also started the Super Bowl. The unit understandably stumbled about at times last season while showing flashes of toughness and guile. The Falcons were plus-11 in the turnover ratio, which was tied for fourth-most in the league. The defense had 12 interceptions and 10 forced fumbles. However, the rest of the numbers were sub-standard. They ranked 26th in rushing yards per play (4.52 yards), 28th in passing yards per game (266.7), 26th in sacks per pass attempts (5.19), tied for 29th in first downs per game (22.4), 26th in third-down conversion percentage (41.78), 32nd in red-zone percentage (72.73) and 27th in points allowed (25.4). Too much youth? “That was a lot of it,” Allen said. “You are kind of learning on the run. You are learning while you’re going through the trials and tribulations and stuff like that.” With those lessons learned, Allen believes the defense will make a big leap in 2017. “This year, it’s more of we know what we are going to see,” Allen said. “We know that we’ve seen it all. We were blessed enough to play later than a lot of people, so we’ve got a couple more games than a lot of people. It’s going to be amazing. It’s going to be really good.” Allen is not deterred by the fact that NFC South teams spent major resources stockpiling offensive weapons. Tampa Bay added wide receiver DeSean Jackson in free agency and drafted Alabama tight end O.J. Howard in the first round. New Orleans signed seven-time Pro Bowl running back Adrian Peterson, drafted running back Alvin Kamara and signed wide receiver Ted Ginn, a deep threat. Carolina added running back Christian McCaffrey and wide receiver Curtis Samuel in the draft. “It’s always going to something,” Allen said. “ Every year, no matter what, you’re going against some of the best quarterbacks in the league, best running backs in the league and some of the best wide receivers and tight ends. Every offense in this (division) can easily score 28 points a game. As a defense, we have to take that as a challenge.” Allen believes the defense has a secret weapon. “We go against the best offense in the league every day,” Allen said. “Therefore we have to come out here and try to improve ourselves in practice and that will make the games easier. I typically don’t worry about what other people are doing, but we’ve got plenty of weapons over here that we’ve got to worry about in practice every day. “If we can take care of what we have to take care of in practice and go against Julio (Jones), Matt (Ryan), (Taylor) Gabriel, (Mohamed) Sanu, (Devonta) Freeman, (Tevin) Coleman and the fullback and all of the tight ends that we’ve got, we shouldn’t have any problems matching up with anybody when it comes to game time.”
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    This thread would take off if it was titled "Ryan Coming Out As Gay".
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    If Free hadn't fractured Alex Mack's leg we wouldn't have lost. If Free hadn't whiffed on that block we wouldn't have lost. As honest as hes being, it doesn't help the team from a trust standpoint. Teams that point the finger, even when justified, tend to fall apart. I think its time to admit Free is more like his agents than we want to admit.
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    The same Steelers where Big ben threw for 3 TDs in the playoffs and Matt had 9? Ben had 4 INTs and Matt none? Ben threw for an average of 245 yards a game and Matt 338? Ben had an 82.6 QBR and Matt 135.3? Those Steelers?
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    He grew up a Falcons fan and just couldn't take it any more. He is going to keep holding them as the same ole falcons until they prove him wrong. He don't hate them, but he has a grudge for all the years if let downs
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    Pioli's response was about the same as the response I gave to my little brother when he came out. "So what's the big news you needed to sit me down for again?"
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    Not saying this was necessarily tough for Pioli but Pioli went through very tough things while the GM of the Chiefs. I had forgotten about the guy that killed himself, (in front of Piloi), after he murdered his girlfriend until this article reminded me of it.
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    It was an embarrassing loss but you guys gotta find a way to get past it. I want to see the team win one before I die as bad as the next fan but the outcome and plays called was out of our control as fans. Gotta show more strength and get past it
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    And yet Comey told the truth while Trump admitted that he was lying through his teeth...yet again.
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    One thing I've learned about all of these cases is that there is always a way to rationalize it into being the fault of the victim if that's what one wants to do. So I don't think anything will change. The culture of the drug war is what causes these confrontations. Our goal as a society should be as little police/ citizen interactions as possible, but the drug war demands the exact opposite. Increased confrontations create more anger and fear and lead to these shooting. Which, as we seen in this thread, there are plenty who are more than happy to always blame the victim.
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    The night of the super bowl, my wife and I hosted a great party. We had family, friends, and neighbors. Probably 30 people. I started drinking early in the day and was feeling good at kickoff. Once we took a big lead, I drank till I passed out. I woke up to find out what we all know. I've never watched the second half. And I never will. Still embarrassed for that, and when you tack on 28-3, I can barely even talk about the game
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    I posted a story about the government in August having solid intelligence that Putin himself directed his government to attempt to hurt Clinton and help Trump get elected. The "nothing to see here, just speculation" line has gone cold. The entire intelligence community has said that Russia was involved with those hacks with the expressed intent of electing Donald Trump. That's not CNN. That's the entire intelligence community.
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    The drug war is just the latest installment of that bigotry. It's no coincidence that it started just as Jim Crow ended. The same oppression in a different wrapper.
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    Yeah. Lets wait and see if Kazee even makes the team before investing any stock in him. I thought Hageman would have been on this list though. He played pretty well late in the season, particularly during the playoffs.
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    The whole problem? Really? People are way too frickin nosey and even more judgemental. Props Pioli and glad you are still with us Ryan.
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    I've known parents here who have kicked out friends of mine for coming out as gay.
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    Call me callous, but I'm finding it very hard to feel sorry for the lawmakers who now fear the monster that they largely created and from which they benefited.
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    You can't have an uprising against people when you're the ones in power. The words he's looking for are 'massacre' or 'pogrom.'
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    I think the biggest weakness this team has is some of the "fans" who post on the message board
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    If you knew anything about quantum mechanics, you would know that it is possible but EXTREMELY unlikely. But back to the point, debate her with facts/opinions besides stupid accusations for the purpose to get a laugh.
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    Run along, little one. The adults are trying to have a conversation here.
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    http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/blog/article-1/Three-Falcons-who-improved-their-stock-this-offseason/0214df17-8d23-4398-907c-df34581ce238 FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Dan Quinn challenged his team to have the best offseason yet and his players apparently heard him loud and clear. Atlanta’s head coach said he was pleased with what he sawfrom his group this offseason following the team's final mandatory minicamp practice session last Thursday. Here are three players who stood out and improved their stock heading into training camp: 1. Grady Jarrett Grady Jarrett is trying to prove that his dominant performance in Super Bowl LI was no fluke. Jarrett recorded three sacks in the game, and since then, the defensive tackle has shown he’s motivated in a new way. “That was definitely a highlight of my career as far as the way I played,” Jarrett said of his Super Bowl performance. “I feel like the effort I gave on that day was because I wanted that win so badly. It just makes me want even more for this team and this city.” Quinn noticed the work Jarrett has put in this offseason, tabbing him as player who has “totally jumped out” to the coaching staff the past two months. Not only does Jarrett feel like he’s hitting his stride individually, he’s also entering his third season with perhaps his best supporting cast yet. The Falcons return the NFL’s 2016 sack leader, Vic Bealsey, Ra’Shede Hageman, a healthy Derrick Shelby and Adrian Clayborn. They also added Pro Bowl defensive tackle Dontari Poe and defensive lineman Jack Crawford to the unit and drafted pass rusher Takkarist McKinley in the first round this April. In his first two seasons, Jarrett has tallied four sacks and 72 tackles. 2. Justin Hardy Since his arrival in Atlanta in 2015, receiver Justin Hardy has embraced every role the Falcons have created for him. Hardy began his career as a core special teams player for the Falcons in his rookie season, and it showed exactly the type of competitor he is. Since then, he’s continued to grow as a player and was a key contributor to the Falcons’ offensive success in 2016 -- the receiver caught 21 passes for 203 yards and four touchdowns. The Falcons scored 63 regular-season touchdowns in 2016, 23 of them coming from their receiver group. Of those 23 touchdowns, 13 of those came from players other than Mohamed Sanu, Atlanta’s No. 1 and 2 receivers. And with the attention that Jones, Sanu and even Taylor Gabriel are likely to get this year, Hardy could be a real factor for Atlanta’s offense in the upcoming season. 3. Damontae Kazee Versatility is a trait the Falcons covet. That’s why Atlanta was an ideal landing spot for rookie defensive back, Damontae Kazee. Kazee played his career at San Diego State primarily at cornerback where he recorded 17 interceptions, a school record. When he first arrived in Atlanta, the Falcons featured Kazee at free safety. During mandatory minicamp, they moved him to nickel – and Quinn liked what he saw. “Kazee has done a good job,” Quinn said. “We’ve played him at nickel. We trained him at free safety some and he played corner in college. We are looking for the versatility in him. He’s a very competitive guy, the more we throw at him, he’s ready for that challenge.” The way the Falcons utilized Brian Poole last year and the success he was able to have showed that in Atlanta’s defense, the more one can do, the better.
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    You're not making sense. Let me ask you this. Do you like Brian Poole? He was undrafted. His stock had to rise considerably to not only make the team but to excel. You get it now?
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    I never understood why the media always see these Steelers as the clear number one offense. What do they have that we dont?
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    Yeah, I've been having this debate in Facebook all day. Matt is head and shoulders better than Ben right now, Julio is slightly better than Brown and Freeman is a lot closer to Bell than people seem to think. Brown also disappears without Ben and Matt is very durable. I'll take our guys personally
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    And lest there be any doubt that the presidential election represented one of the most dangerous attacks on our democracy in recent history... Early last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White House. Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried “eyes only” instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides. Inside was an intelligence bombshell, a report drawn from sourcing deep inside the Russian government that detailed Russian President Vladi­mir Putin’s direct involvement in a cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit the U.S. presidential race. But it went further. The intelligence captured Putin’s specific instructions on the operation’s audacious objectives — defeat or at least damage the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help elect her opponent, Donald Trump. ^^^This is not something that shouldn't be a partisan issue. But too many people turn a blind eye just because their side benefited.
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    I remember some other president was thrown over the coals for inviting certain people to the White House. They were used as pawns then discarded. Terrible
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    It took a while but I'm past it. I still change channels when the shows talk about how great New England and Brady are, though. It's funny how coming back from 28-3 is the only story line when most of us realize that we actually had them down by that much. SMH. The way that I moved beyond it was by realizing that we were at least two years ahead of schedule. There's no reason to believe that a team starting four rookies and two second year players on defense should be in the Super Bowl, let alone be in a position to win the game. I was either going to enjoy what's next or live in the past and win or lose, we had one **** of a season. It will always bug me, but it's not as depressing as it was for the first month after the game.
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    My confession- I blame my girlfriend for this. And you can all too. She works evenings and came home basically immediately when the bad started. I watched the game alone because superstition, and everything was going fine, better than fine. She walked through the door at 28-3 and said "this is good right? They're gonna win the big game?!?" (she's not a football fan in the slightest) All I said was, it looks good, but it's far from over, knowing just how spectacularly the birds can screw a pooch. I secretly wanted to ask her to leave as it all came undone but we both just sat in silence and watched. I kid about blaming her, im superstitious but not that bad. This is the first time I've relived that day. Now I'm gonna start drinking.
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    I got one for you - this little girl sang this on America's Got Talent - 9 years old - from ATL! I think Arthur Blank should have her sing this at the opening game of the new stadium! This little girl almost died at the age of 4 until her mother gave her a kidney! She is the perfect girl with the perfect song for our Falcons!
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    I think most of us on this board would take a serious laying!
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    3rd down is usually a passing down. Anyway, saying it could have been an INT is a cop out. The fact of the matter is the offense turned the ball over on that play anyway, so that's a moot point. The reason it happened is because Free missed his blocking assignment. That is a FACT. Look man, I don't care about his contract situation. I expect Free to be a Falcon for years to come. I just don't like the continued whining about bygones. If I really wanted to delve deep into his comments since before the Super Bowl, I could make the argument that Free was trying to get SB MVP to use as a bargaining chip in his contract negotiation. I'm not gonna go there because I don't care. Super Bowl LI is in the past. It's over. The loss stung. Freeman isn't the only one who was distraught over the loss. I'm sure his teammates were as well. We've seen other players use that as motivation to come back in better shape and more prepared for next season. Even Shanahan, as much as you keep calling him evil, has expressed regret and remorse over his decisions down the stretch in the game. But to act like Kyle is the only reason we lost is ignorant and foolish. To keep harping about the "woulda, coulda, shoulda" of that game and repeatedly throwing Kyle under the bus is quite frankly selfish and immature. Get over it. Move on. Everyone else seems to have done so. What kind of message does he think he's giving when he keeps rambling about HIS numbers, HIS achievements, HIS worth? I like Free. I love his competitive spirit. But it's not a good look when he keeps talking about what could have been insofar as potential personal accolades in regards to the Super Bowl. Really, stop talking about it. We're almost 5 months removed from the game. Take a vacation.
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    Lewan and Matthews would both go much higher. Tackles always go high, both would be top 5-10 at least.
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    Would you people stop calling him worzone? People are gonna start blaming me for his crazy **** cause I'm the only WOR left. I have enough posts to be blamed for on my own. I don't need to be responsible for anyone else's.
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    C'mon Lost One, you already know the answer to your questions. We don't fly or float that mess over here, but Ollie CONFIRMED what we already suspected/knew. Also, look at how the sentencing (like you said) and how the opioid epidemic is being handled now when it affect others versus us. Welfare was a trap (look at the statistics). He11, they are about use killing that (white) kid as a pretext for military action against North Korea (dam the almost 40,00 troops we have over there, dam the millions of Koreans and Japanese that are going to get caught up in this), but cops gun down black people for simple bullsh!t and pepole don't do jack (DoJ did almost nothing to stop it when we had a black president). The only thing that has really changed is they aren't trying to hide it anymore!
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    Bravo to our FO for managing to pick up 2 major puzzle pieces, worthy of a 1st Rd pick. Especially considering they are both versatile enough to fit multiple schemes. Which allowed them to stick after our coaching change. Throw in an ascending Hageman and Allen- this is a very successful draft.
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    I would be happy w/ this but the obvious question would be - who is your starting LT if you did not draft Jake. No doubt Jake Matthews has been solid, if unspectacular. In this scenario we would not even have Free and that would have been a crying shame. Anyway, it is June and no football - something to read and talk about. nice to see these when you see multiple Falcons that should have gone in the first 32 - 2014(Free/Jake) and 2016(Debo/Neal).
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    I'm not gonna say he has way more upside. His running style just isn't a patient style because he's a speed guy. He's not gonna really care about being patient.
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    no offense to the OP, But, HTF is Kazee on this list, he's been a Falcon for what, a month?
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