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    Well through 2 weeks hes produced as much pressure as vic beasley so the interview is warrented
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    If uncomfortable means he scores TDs most weeks he can look how he likes.
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    No he’s not scared.
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    Why would he be scared??? He got his first official catch and touchdown as a professional athlete. He's loose now. Side note, congrats to him and DJ Moore. Moore had the catch of the day in his hands, luckily Alford was there because Campbell **** sure didn't know how to defend that throw
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    So, yesterday we visited my husband's (Nito's) surgeon who told us everything went really well - but now he has to have chemo to be sure they have gotten everything. However, there is a lot of fluid built up in the remaining part of his right lung - so we have to go back to Emory this week to have it drained out before the chemo can start. Plus - he's down 22 pounds (134 pounds now ) and I need to get some weight on him (truly impossible task - sigh! ). But we want to get his chemo started as soon as he's able. Bottom line - I'm having a quilt made from photos and sentiments from friends and family - and I've saved a spot for our Falcon buddies. I'll put it together in a collage which will go on one of the quilt squares - a nice warm quilt with pictures of the people he loves and pieces of our life. The Falcons are a big piece of our life and I'd like to add this piece. If you could just put a word or two of inspiration, comfort, friendship or whatever to help encourage him - while keeping him warm through the days of chemo. His name is Nito for the purposes of the blanket. Please no cursing though - I don't know what mix of patients might be at the hospital and I don't want to insult anyone. Here are a few quilt patches I've put together so far - to give you some ideas of what we are doing:
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    I was very critical of Trufant's play for most of last season. His week one performance was particularly ewwww. Anyone else notice that he looks waaaayyyy better so far this season? He is attacking the run. The tackle he made with 50 seconds left against the Panthers kept three plays out of Cam's hands. Receiver would have been out w// 46 secs remaining. The next snap didn't occur until :26. Trufant had a game winning open field tackle and no one is giving him props. Not to mention he and Alford are both blankets this season.
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    My wife’s uncle, who is a pretty cool dude and a big Falcon’s fan, upgraded his man-cave and through my wife invited me to come over and check it out this weekend to watch the Falcons/Aints game. Only problem is his wife is a Stanks fan and talks mad junk. My wife didn’t even check with me before telling him nope not a good idea. Thank God I married a woman smarter than me.
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    Cool info stat king... Oh....and how bout dem Braves
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    He has not given up a sack or even a QB pressure in two games. And against two of the better defenses in the NFL. Just sayen!
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    Having a Julio jones as your #1 is a great thing. Imagine how Matt’s YPA will be once him and Julio start hitting on the deep balls this year.
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    **** lies, they didn’t include Tyrod Taylor.
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    We will be fine. If we play like this again vs Tennessee then I’ll get concerned. Frankly, if we can play as poorly as we did today and beat a team with the kind of offense Mizzou has by 14 then I think we can get things back on track.
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    Praying for both of you!!! May God lay his healing hands upon Nito and give you strength to help him through it.
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    Trufant gets unfairly criticized just because he doesn’t play perfect all the time. He’s still a good corner even if he isn’t at his 2015 level. I still have hope that he can maybe get back to that level.
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    As he made that tackle, I actually said out loud to my gf, "Thats a game winning play right now, huge play".
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    Title obviously should say Trufant and not Trufan. Tru fan would actually be a pretty good board name.
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    I think I speak for all of us when I saw that we hate the Police. Their music is overrated, at best, and creepy at worst. Sure, there were some innovations there, and Stewart Copeland is a **** fine drummer, but where's the heart? And, it was the Police that sprung that ****ed Sting on us. WHAT THE **** KIND OF NAME IS THAT? Props to @Rocko for his inspiration. Your contributions to this board are calculable.
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    Hall had a nice catch last week, so did Hooper. I am excited about YAC ability from Ridley. He was top 4 in NFL on Expected YAC/r to YAC/r differential. He averaged 5.9 YAC/Reception then what is normal, considering the separation, speed,how many defenders and blockers were in the space.
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    It just so happens that Brees is a human with the best completion % of all time.
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    I’m not even gonna be a **** because I know you aren’t from the states and your English isn’t that great.
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    I've honestly never attempted rape on anyone high school or otherwise. (Kinda says slot about these ladies high school experiences) In point of fact I can be exceedingly shy if I didn't know you that well.
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    Florida State leads Northern Illinois 14-0. Could be an upset in Tallahassee.
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    Here's a small comparsion of Richard Jarvis' measurables against some other LB:
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    Today will be a special day for the Markakis family. His mom, a breast cancer survivor, will lead the chop in the 1st inning. It's a pink out the park event today for breast cancer.
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    He’ll get more opportunities. Tomorrow probably.
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    Ridley adds so much more to the offense than ppl realize.
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    I honestly thought this was a praise thread....what in the world is up in here Wow
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    It’s been the weirdest ive seen this place since I joined.
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    Well its probably not gonna be short term IR then....
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    One has to question his judgement, if he fails so miserably in that critical of an area....who knows what other major character flaws that he has.
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    Just found out a temporary employee out my job is an Ain't fan. Cool guy. He's dead to me this week. To **** with the Aint's
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    Nobody is doing that you don't have to exaggerate people giving the rook his kudos in his debut game. He stepped up to the plate and impressed. Thats all a lot of us wanted to see from this team and Ito.
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    Lol who'd have thought paying our own the market rate and fans still love complaining about money there not paying the individual mentioned lol only on the board.