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    Everyone please say a small prayer for @GhostofGritz. I'm not gonna post the details on here, he's welcome to if he wishes. But let's just remember him and his family right now as they deal with a family tradegy. I know we all get on each other's nerves at times on here and we last out sometimes but at the end of the day we're one big family and we all lift each other up in times of hardship. I've experienced it and I've seen it happen with others on here. Gritz, we're praying for you brother!!
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    Trufant. But we can go several different directions to address that.... Best one being drafting a ball-hawking safety aka Delpit, McKinney, or Whitfield Jr.
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    How are you coming along with that goal? Weekly gif updates would be appreciated, I’m rooting for ya
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    Yeah? My goal is to bang every model on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar. Best of luck to both of us, pal.
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    I got fatigue from this stuff after hearing Vic claim he’s a doubt digit sack guy and all of Takk’s unmet seasonal goals....
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    More {Potential} Hints From Twitter.
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    If we come out of the draft with Chaisson, Uche, or Baun, I'll be happy. I dig all three. Add a safety like Winfield, Delpit, or McKinney, and we're golden with whatever else we get imho.
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    When dudes are debating ketchup,mustard,mayonnaise complimenting foods.....it's time to step up
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    This is the best helmet concept I’ve seen.
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    We need to unite the country. Which is why I'm rolling out an initiative to distribute resources to people who vote for me. Rally around the flag!
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    and @BamaBirdLady it's extremely noticeable you haven't once responded to specific criticism of the trump administration - doing this "i know y'all hate trump" bit in response is just performative deflection because the reality is you have absolutely no defense of his utter incompetence, lies, and non-stop ********, and it's a lot easier to brush off criticism than seriously address it.
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    If your point is "Will the Falcons FO take a chance on him", then I'm with you. I think it's highly unlikely. If your point is "he should be off the board because of this", then I'm not with you. You can imagine that after being reinstated he was put through multiple random tests and he clearly passed them all.
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    Glad you’re not in charge of our draft. Although it wouldn’t shock me. On second thought....TD, is that you? (sorry, Ikie)
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    @Billy Ocean Mike rode by my driveway a min ago and threw out a poweraide bottle with a half o in it.
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    I say Clayborn. He was an underrated part of our defensive rotation last year. Easiest to replace is Campbell. Wish him the best, but he was a liability last year. Trufant is a steady player, but I am intrigued by some of the young guys. I think you will see us pick up a veteran cut after the draft to add depth to our thin secondary.
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    you won't respond because you can't. dude's going to get hundreds of thousands of americans killed because of his narcissism, sociopathy, and mush-brain ineptitude. he spent months lying about this being "under control" and doing everything he could to downplay the seriousness of the virus because it might hurt his precious re-election chances. now he's doing everything he can to point the finger at anyone and anything else, and here you are, echoing the same kind of spinelessness by pretending random cdc comments in early january are somehow comparable to the dude comparing this to the flu in f*cking march. it's just so mean and unreasonable of us to demand our elected officials do their jobs, right? how dare we get angry at the idea of daily 9/11s being inflicted on this country because the president cared more about golfing and campaigning in janurary and february than listening to the experts. in fact, the cdc needs to chill out with the scary predictions! can't upset the stock market too much.
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    No thanks...he is a boom or bust pick. If he falls to us and he is #1 on our board, so be it. But no way i move up for him
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    Speaking specifically of the trade scenario I mentioned (trading up to #11/12) If someone is a star, giving up 3rd round draft capital is worth it. Trufant was a very good corner but not a star Takk isn’t even anything better than average and we gave up 3rd rounders for both - we lost those trades. If Falcons deemed Kinlaw a star in the vane of Fletcher Cox or Viewed Jeff Okudah in the vane of Jalen Ramsey, then you make the trade. Gotta be a star player though - not anything less.
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    Shin Soo Choo announced hes giving each Rangers minor league player a check for $1K. Choo will have donated a total of $190K when all checks are handed out. Tremendous move by Choo and one that I hope is copied by the many players around the league capable of the same.
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    We got the 5th best Edge in the XFL, and it actually IS an upgrade?
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    Consolation prize if we can’t get Chaisson
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    Campbell and Clayborn are replaceable. Trufant has to be replaced with a high draft pick. Not sure if FA is still a possibility for a CB but it’s definitely a priority.
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    Trump derangement syndrome definitely describes Trump's detractors (an overwhelming majority of the world) and not the folks who believe everything that comes out of his mouth. Seriously, you guys literally travel to see the dumbest president we've ever had speak. That would be hilarious if it was happening in a movie. In the real world it's just terrifying.
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    and when we end up with a much worse death rate relative to population, are you going to acknowledge our catastrophic systemic failures and lack of leadership, or are you merely going to move the goalposts again in two months? like do you not see how absurdly hasty and how unbelievably reliant your entire argument is on this specific moment in time? the curve hasn't flattened at all yet here, unlike many of the countries you've mentioned.
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    He's not from here. He's actually agrees with Trump on several points. Your inability to recognize that we have screwed the pooch on this one hard is on you and it's one thousand percent partisan political ********.
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    the party of "benghazi isn't going away!!" is going to completely ignore that we're going to be inflicting daily 9/11s on the country within a week or two because of the trump administration's incompetence and the long-term consequences of right-wing public policy preferences
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    This is obviously a very crude photoshop, as no even moderately sentient human being would get a Bruce tattoo.
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    Really can’t take this mock seriously when I see this... Round 2 - Pick 29 (61) D'Andre Swift RB GEORGIA • JR • 5'8" / 212 LBS PROJECTED TEAM Tennessee PROSPECT RNK 41st POSITION RNK 2nd To take some of the load off franchise tagged Derrick Henry, the Titans get a springy pass-catching specialist in Swift.
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    Cliff notes: Falcons take Chaisson over Kinlaw(17) AND Brown (22) with pick 16. Falcons take Jaylon Johnson at 47. Passing on Diggs, Hennessy, Cushenberry, Swift, Uche. Would not be thrilled to see round 1 play out like that, round 2 I can live with. Gonna be some good players for us at 47.