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    Gents! Happy to say that This next season I will finally be able to fly from North Dakota to ATL and attend a Falcons home game with my son (men only trip) I'd really appreciate any info as far as where to stay thats close to the stadium and places to eat.. the plan is to arrive on friday september 21st and hopefully go to a United game saturday and follow it up with a falcons game sunday! @Slappywhite maybe we can finally meet up as well! anyways any info is appreciated guys/gals. Cant wait to finally come down. Only been waiting 20 years... -SKER
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    I love people who think they know what goes on behind closed doors...
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    Yea! Darn coaches NFL Passes Dropped Rank Team Passes Dropped 1 Atlanta Falcons 30 2 New York Giants 29 3 San Francisco 49ers 29 4 Oakland Raiders 28 5 Seattle Seahawks 26 6 Jacksonville Jaguars 26 7 Indianapolis Colts 23 8 Arizona Cardinals 22 9 Chicago Bears 21 10 Cleveland Browns 21 11 Denver Broncos 21 12 Buffalo Bills 20 13 Cincinnati Bengals 20 14 Pittsburgh Steelers 20 15 Los Angeles Chargers 20 16 Baltimore Ravens 20 17 Green Bay Packers 19 18 Kansas City Chiefs 19 19 New England Patriots 19 20 Philadelphia Eagles 19 21 Minnesota Vikings 17 22 Washington Redskins 17 23 New York Jets 16 24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 25 Carolina Panthers 16 26 Dallas Cowboys 15 27 Miami Dolphins 15 28 Houston Texans 14 29 Tennessee Titans 14 30 Detroit Lions 13 31 Los Angeles Rams 13 32 New Orleans Saints 12
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    Anything good that happens = DQ & Pioli. Anything bad that happens = TD No collaboration takes place whatsoever.
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    This garbage is not even worth flaming.. let it die slowly..
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    The players were by far the biggest problem on the team last year. They under executed like a mofo. Drops, whiff blocks, underthrows, tip picks, missed tackles, overthrows, dumass penalties, butt picks, you name it.
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    cat down the mountain melted theatre butter
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    These are the top 15 snap counts on defense for 2014 and 2017, from Football outsiders 2014 2017 Worrilow Alford Trufant Neal lowery Jones Ishmael Allen Bierman Trufant McCLain Campbell Babs Jarrett Alford Poe Goodman Poole TJAx Clayborn 567 Soliai Reed Peters Beaseley Wilson Shelby Bartu Takk 401 Shembo Riley In 3 years 13 out of the 15 have been replaced, with better, younger players. That's an incredibly rapid turnaround. See no reason it can't continue this year.
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    I like Sherm, but this is one of those things that doesn't really hold much water as far as calling it a college philosophy. Bill Walsh used to make the same point to all of his understudy's (Pete Carroll formerly being one of them) that it's best for a coach to only stay in the same job but for so long as the message begins to fall on deaf ears. In a way the salary cap era is the perfect antidote for that as it necessitates turning over your roster virtually every 4 years or so.
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    We played in and should have won an NFCCG 3 years before DQ was our head coach with a roster that TD built (even before the assistant GMs). Because you don’t like some of the decisions he has made or how the chips have fallen with some of the talent we’ve pursued doesn’t make him an inept or even average GM.
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    No player should be throwing one of his coaches under the bus. Not professional just shows disention which leads nowhere positive.
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    Thought you were about to announce you lost your virginity. This is a close second to that
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    It has been more than two months since the Falcons followed a Super Bowl season with an ugly meltdown in the red zone at Philadelphia, a playoff failure that served as a fitting summation of the season’s chronic underachievement. There’s a saying in sports: If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. It follows that the Falcons couldn’t go into this offseason believing they were suddenly going to morph back into the team that dazzled Atlanta and the rest of the NFL in 2016. They needed at least one lineman to strengthen the defensive front. They needed at least one guard to improve run blocking. They needed a dependable tight end to fill a void that has been present since Tony Gonzalez retired. They needed a fullback to throw a block in short-yardage situations. Two months ago. Still waiting for most of the fixes. If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. The offseason isn’t nearly complete yet. But the outset of free agency has made it pretty clear the Falcons don’t plan on any earth-moving signings, and if they’re going to get better, it’s going to be because of: 1) the draft; 2) significant improvement from existing players. There’s risk in this. Sometimes existing players don’t get better. Sometimes rookies aren’t ready to contribute at a high level. It’s true that free agency has its perils, but proven veteran commodities tend to be a safer, albeit more expensive, fix. Problem: The Falcons are somewhat hamstrung by the salary cap. They’ve known for a while what re-signing quarterback Matt Ryan will cost them. That will be confirmed when Ryan signs a contract extension, likely next week, that’s expected to pay him near $30 million per season. The front office also did a nice job last year locking up cornerback Desmond Trufant and running back Devonta Freeman to long-term deals, preventing both from becoming unrestricted free agents this month. There are other significant players with expiring contracts soon: Grady Jarrett, Jake Matthews and Tevin Coleman in 2019; Deion Jones, Vic Beasley and Devondre Campbell in 2020. It’s the price for drafting well. But seemingly every important NFC team around the Falcons is getting better. The Falcons’ biggest move has been the signing of guard Brandon Fusco, a relatively cost-efficient move (three years, $12.75 million) for a player who has started 80 of 83 games over seven seasons. But they’ve already lost defensive tackle Dontari Poe (who signed with Carolina) and end Adrian Clayborn (who signed with New England). That’s a hit to the defensive line. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the NFC ... South Division rivals: Carolina lost guard Andrew Norwell (Jacksonville) but added Poe, who helped the Falcons significantly improve their run defense in 2017; New Orleans signed cornerback Patrick Robinson, convinced Drew Brees to stay in town (he had more lucrative offers elsewhere) and free-agent defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is scheduled for a visit; Tampa Bay added defensive tackle Beau Allen from Philadelphia. Philadelphia: The team that ended the Falcons’ season and won the Super Bowl acquired defensive end Michael Bennett from Seattle and signed Haloti Ngata to make up for Allen’s loss. Minnesota: The Vikings filled their biggest need by signing quarterback Kirk Cousins after taking a run at Brees. They’re also talking to free-agent interior lineman Sheldon Richardson. They should be contenders again. Los Angeles: The Rams had the league’s new hip offense under coach Sean McVay last season and they’ve strengthened their defense, trading for cornerbacks Marcus Peters (19 interceptions in three years with Kansas City) and Aqib Talib (five-time Pro Bowler). Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is giddy. San Francisco: The 49ers had a ton of cap space and may have overpaid for players, but they’ve made the team significantly better. Former Minnesota running back Jerick McKinnon (four years, $30 million), an Atlanta native and former Georgia Southern quarterback/tailback, will flourish in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Ex-New York Giants center Weston Richburg (five years, $47.5 million) will stabilize the offensive line. Richard Sherman (three years, $27.5 million, but only $7 million guaranteed) provides some leadership, although it’s uncertain how he’ll rebound from a ruptured Achilles that ended his 2017 season. Green Bay: The Packers surprisingly let wide receiver Jordy Nelson go, but signed tight end Jimmy Graham and defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson. The Falcons will be battling all eight of those teams for playoff berths. Five of them -- Philadelphia, Green Bay, New Orleans (twice), Carolina (twice), Tampa Bay (twice) -- comprise eight of the Falcons’ 16 games. With Fusco signed, it’s logical general manager Thomas Dimitroff and coach Dan Quinn will draft a defensive lineman early in the draft. They may also need to draft a tight end. Signing or trading for a proven veteran and potential mentor to Austin Hooper would’ve been safer. They also still need a fullback. Still a lot of holes. Still a lot of time. But everybody else seems to be getting better, and the Falcons look like they’re standing still. https://www.myajc.com/blog/jeff-schultz/while-falcons-have-remained-silent-other-nfc-teams-are-getting-better/OX2zX0ViMRP85A9fBNqVFO/
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    Yea someone really needs to get in Julio's *** about how to catch a football since he lead the team in drops.
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    Draft Taven Bryan and Tim Settle , will go a long way in keeping our LBs clean .
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    We've been the most successful we've ever been under the guy you want to get rid of. Like you said whose going to guarantee success under a new guy as much as TD has had,who knows right. To me the franchise has had at least 3 decent shots to win it all the last decade I can't honestly say that has ever been the case in the 30 odd years I been a fan.
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    One of the best rosters in the NFC. Still. Period. Right now, the only teams I'd put above us is PHI and MIN and even that's close. The rest of the article is a chance to get clicks because fans are in bltch mode right now. Again, look at each starting position. Where can we upgrade? DT. That's about......it. Tell the Rams turn on the tape and see how my defense strangled that offense. On the road. Ask Wade Phillips how many teams put up 26 points on his defense last year. Two after week 4: PHI and ATL. Tell Aaron Rodgers and the Packers see me when they can beat a DQ led team. In any form. Tell SF to see me when Jimmy G plays 16 full games and proves himself. We already know it's on sight when it comes to New Orleans and Carolina, so I don't care who they add. Seriously. Stop downgrading your team just because other teams have made some moves. The offseason literally just started. We have one of the best rosters in the league. Period. It's nothing but being envious and "grass is greener" that's taken hold. Give me Matt, Julio, Sanu, Freeman, Coleman, Hooper, Jake, Andy, Mack, Fusco, Schraeder, Takk, Vic, Grady, Debo, Devondre, Tru, Alford, Keanu, and Rico and I'll go battle any starting group you put out there. That's 20 of 22 core starting players. You're telling me we can find an impact DT in the draft and some depth with the remaining group of free agents? Seriously. I've got one of the best defensive coaches in the league. Out of all of the BS we went through last year, the biggest margins of defeat we took were 16 points at NE (just terrible) and 10 points at NO (worst officiated game I've seen in my life). We lost to MIN and PHI by 10 points combined. Yes, they have improved. But just because we haven't made a move yet doesn't mean we won't. What's left to improve is role players on offense (FB, #2 TE, WR depth). Look at the FBs left unsigned. Zach Line is still available. If not, there are plenty in the draft. Go get Julius Thomas, who ran with Knapp in Denver. Go kick the tires on a guy like Kendall Wright if you want a guy who's got starting experience to bolster the WR depth. It's not bare out there. They've literally set the draft up to capitalize on a draft deep at DL for a HC who specializes in developing DL talent. The guy who is credit with making Michael Bennett the player he is today, the guy yall have your panties in a bunch about missing out on. The guy who Arthur Blank demanded 3 starters out of the 2016 draft and came up with four and a strong back up TE who played meaningful snaps. Seriously. Even with a "shltty" 17 draft, we were knocking on the NFCCG door and the only NFC team to return to the playoffs. If DQ finds just one starter in this draft, I'm putting money it's a DT at #26. At that point, it's BPA from there. This place has gotten so annoying coveting thy neighbors instead of seeing what we got and having faith DQ and TD can find one starter, something they've done every single draft together.
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    His plan is two fold. 1) Do nothing 2) Watch the Falcon fanbase meltdown and throw hissy fits. It's working out perfectly tbh
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    Bill Norton, a 4-star strong-side DE prospect from Christian Brothers in Memphis, saw no need to drag his recruiting decision out any longer. He chose Sunday evening as his time to commit to UGA. That move from the Tennessee native allows UGA to again take over the top spot in the national 2019 team composite recruiting rankings. He shared his decison on Twitter. “I had a lot of thought about it,” Norton said. “We went around to all the schools and saw how I would fit in. I had a good time meeting all the new coaches and seeing places I had not seen and stuff. But at the same time, it was coach Tray (Scott) and coach Kirby (Smart) have known about me and shown love to me even before all the other (schools) knew about me. It has been the same ever since.” Norton admitted he had been holding back on making that commitment for awhile. “It was really a no-brainer,” he said. “The only reason I had been holding back for a little while because I wanted to give every place a chance to see if any other places would be a good fit for me on the field and academically as well.” What Bill Norton’s decision means for UGA The 6-foot-5.5, 270-pounder from Tennessee ranks as the No. 11 strong defensive end in the 2019 class and No. 128 overall player in the nation on the 247Sports national composite rankings. He has liked the Bulldogs for quite some time. Norton has always had the Bulldogs at the top of his list since a July 2017 visit to a Kirby Smart football camp at UGA. Defensive line coach Tray Scott played a major factor in this decision. Scott has been recruiting Norton heavily since March of 2017. Norton took a weekend visit to check out Tennessee. He liked the visit and everything about Jeremy Pruitt and his new staff. But it still wasn’t Georgia. He saw no need to string out his recruiting process. The junior told DawgNation that he hopes to make it up to Athens for G-Day on April 21, if not sooner. Christian Brothers does not allow its student-athletes to graduate early. That means Norton won’t return to UGA until June of 2019. The Bulldogs now have a trio of 5-star commits in the class for 2019. Norton makes the fifth pledge with a 4-star ranking also among that class. He’s the highest-rated of those 4-star recruits and the first defensive lineman in the lot.
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    I do not buy that the teams Schultz listed will be all playoff contenders again. The Falcons were the only NFC team to reach the playoffs again last year from 2016. All of this is a bunch of assumptions assuming everything stays the same. The Falcons are in great position because we have drafted extremely well. We got to the superbowl with a lot of rookies and made the playoffs again with those same players. FA is how you get in cap ****. Free agents arent guaranteed. Plenty of cases out there were FAs are complete busts under new coaches/systems. Nothing is played in a vacuum in the NFL. Schultz has no headlines to write so he reaches with this piece of fiction. Those of you who share his viewpoint are just looking for a headline splash hire whether it be good for us or not. I believe the Falcons can win a superbowl with the players we have now. They are young, fast and have valuable playoff experience at the highest level. Worry about locking them up and ride with the ones that have gotten us there. We will get back.
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    We signed a guard and you think we will draft another...
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    Anticipation. Everyone handles it differently. Its like when you have something you're looking for and having that build up of unknowns. Its even more exciting than receiving the actual thing. There is a sense of camaraderie when waiting on the same thing together and having that same excitement. It is fun, exciting, and also makes for anxiousness. The thing about it, we are not all the same. We have the same goal and hey, most of us genuinely care for one another. Many of you I know by first name, but many of you I simply know on the boards. A fanbase is a lot more than just a few guys that like the same team. A fanbase is a bunch of people that are passionate. Let's look at the word "fan" for a second. "a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing." We all have a strong interest, we all love the Falcons. We are all very different. Different occupations, ages, outlooks, everything. Everything from world view to home life. I don't think my opinion is better than anyone's, I love or at least like the huge majority of you, and I enjoy the majority of you on the board. Its okay, to not agree. Again, society has drawn the line so much in RL, its seeping into fandoms and pop culture, but just remember....this isn't personal. I don't care what your opinion is, they are just opinions. No one here knows exactly what we are doing, but we are all giving two cents. Its anticipation. This off season is different for everyone. I'm learning more, but just because I'm learning from you doesn't mean I will adopt your perception, nor should you adopt mine if it doesn't fit. When all is said and done, the preseason gets here, many will still complain. Some complainers will complain for the first time, but still. We are just fans. All of us. You can know what you know, doesn't mean anyone will take it for themselves. Its fun, we are going into this together, and its still the Falcons. Now, I will get back to my complaining. Enjoy.
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    the cambridge analytica stuff reminded me of this bill the gop passed last year: isps whined they this would put them at a disadvantage to social media companies like facebook, who is now embroiled in a privacy controversy. perhaps we should stop allowing corporations turn people's personal information into a product that can be bought and sold, and perhaps we stop voting for the party that allows it.
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    Players were in position numerous times to make key plays and didn't. Absolutely no excuse for that. Sark had his struggles, but players shot themselves in the foot repeatedly.
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    I'm just waiting on the time Pioli's name even comes out of DQ's mouth when it comes to roster building. At that moment, I'll go with it. But until then, these theories that anybody other than TD is DQ's right hand man is stupid. Plain and simple.
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    Sure the players screwed up a lot more than in 2016. But you're kidding yourself if you think Sark isn't an issue too.
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    bro.. ive got 4 kids.. that was lost long ago lol
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    You all hatin' on TD do realize that Quinn stated specifically when he was hired that one of the reasons he came to Atlanta was because TD was here, right?
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    I’m not sure they could draft an OL if not in the top 10 myself. Go look at how many have been drafted and signed at other levels of the draft. I think at 26 we’d get some guy out of TDs old college.
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    We hunkered down in the hallway. Two bad systems, and one literally went just north and the other just south of us. We got a lot of rain a little wind and a little lightning and that was about it. Y’all stay safe out there.
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    If anything ever sends Drake up a clock tower with a rifle, it will be one of you calling him a millennial.
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    Yeah, because TD almost bungled the last 3 drafts. Quinn has to personally hang up TD’s phone, mid conversation as TD tried to call in ATLs picks. They eventually taped him to a chair so he couldn’t mess with the draft. It worked out well that’s why we have Debo and Jarrett now.
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    Mindblowing that this hasn't gotten very much media attention. This is a series of terror attacks in a major American city and most are barely aware of it.
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    I absolutely LOVE the system. Its deadly. It is formulated for the outcome to wear down the edges on a high level. The problem is you can basically use anyone. Because it is based on destroying the edges, there is little rush. Therefore the guys are better against the run than pass. Placing them in a more pass happy OL can take 2-3 years for them to build up. Plus the system also beats the crap out of the OL. They struggle to stay healthy in the NFL because in the pro's immediate results are desired when they should actually sit out a year.
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    3rd DT and DE are essentially starters in this defense. We have only decent at DE and nothing at DT. 3rd WR is a starter in pretty much all offenses. We don't have even a decent option here. 1st TE is still weak. LB, nickel, and safety could use help. So, we're very weak at DT, 3rd (starting) WR, 1st (starting) TE...and we need some other guys. If you're always just filling holes in the draft you never get around to getting better. We'd be very lucky to fill holes at DT, DT, WR, TE, DE before we even talk about upgrading.
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    I don’t know if it’s the bicycle shorts or the hair gel, but TD is on some of yalls mind an alarming percentage of the time.
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    Well he's certainly going to get a heavy dose of some of the speediest in the league in practice so let's hope this is a learning opportunity..