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    If Julio’s contract and the offensive line are our worst problems I’ll take it
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    D-Led juicing up the situation as always. I wish he would find another profession or go work at Fox and friends...
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    My family spends every saturday volunteering for the Miracle League with disabled kids and some have down syndrome. This **** infuriates me.
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    Kid was so wrong. Cam was offering his time. But Cam should be way above that tbh.
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    You're on the side of a 29 year old, 6'5", 245 professional football player trying to intimidate a high school kid that looks all of 5'6" and 130 lbs because he can't take trash talk from said high schooler? lol. k
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    I don't know...those with the "Can I speak to the manager" haircuts are pretty cold-blooded.
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    actually middleschool kid who thinks its cool to to try and bait a grown man for social media fame at his camp that cam is taking time out of his day to teach said kid, and than kid challenges him to a fight instead of trying to learn from a multi millionaire mvp quarterback. look at it this way you are giving a lecture that many people paid to see and hear and one person is talking and mouthing off the whole time while you the speaker is trying to talk and teach, do you not have the right to tell said person or kid to shut up. If my kid was acting that disrespectful to an adult I hope they call him out and im wearing his butt out when he gets home point blank period.
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    Nobody cares about your opinion. You are entitled to your opinion. But bringing up our coach's (recovery from) alcoholism is a cheap shot and unfair to him, his family, and frankly common decency. You should be ashamed of yourself.
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    Some folks just have to learn ish the hard way. This kid looks like a prime example. Too much internetz and not enough parental guidance.
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    My kids know better...I dont give a d@mn whats on your mind...You respect adults...think about whats in your head before it comes out yo mouth...know your place always... I wouldn't have done it growing up...and my kids wont either..todays kids have no filter or barrier..and thats a problem Talk to a grown up in a grown way?? Expect a grown up reaction..
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    im on cams side, kid seemed like a two bit punk at cams camp
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    He isn't being asked not to enforce the law. He's being asked to enforce it in a more humanitarian way. He has a choice. He has chosen poorly. His hands aren't tied.
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    @marla_mulder & @WhenFalconsWin I want to hear you publicly say that Lewandowski is the scum of the earth and should be handed over to Sponge, deep in the woods where no one can hear him scream.
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    This needs to be done to Miller, Kelly, Sessions, and Javanka.
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    he also drunkely slapped the *** of the black conservative singer lady (that wore a maga dress) at a private event and told her she couldn't do anything about it. he's a piece of ****.
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    And remember, life must be preserved even if the product of rape But a family can be ripped apart for a first time misdemeanor.
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    Yep, I really appreciate what Culberson has done. He started slow but he's turned into a very useful bench player.
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    Where did ya grow up where you could talk ish to a grown man and not get yelled at as a kid? he wasn’t going to hit him, just used his stern voice...ya buggin’
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    Im a white dude that grew up in college park until I was about 10 than moved to the nice suburbs, I knew real quick what to say and what not to say
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    Sonabitch!!! I hate that horse****!!
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    Given the history of the franchise in the last ten years, it's surprising that some people have this idea that this team would be set back in some substantial way by losing Julio. I mean, do people not remember 2007? This team was left for dead. Multiple media outlets suggested the Falcons would go 0-16 in 2008. The team ripped off 5 straight winning seasons. This team, unlike the 2008 team, is absolutely loaded. Everything is going to be OK, Julio or no Julio.
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    Excellent post. I would try to keep Free and Teco though. If we integrate them into the passing game more I think we could offset Julio and be even more dangerous. Add a big back in the mix too. We're going to lose several key starters pretty soon and will need as much cap space as possible to stay competitive in the league, conference and division. I don't think many TATFers fully realize this yet. I'd be exploring trades right now. There's a sucker team out there. Find it. Gotta protect The Brotherhood. Julio averages 10 targets, 96 yards and 0.4 TDs per game. I think we could replace that if we spread those to Free, Teco, Ridley, Sanu, Hoop, Hardy and a couple surprise targets. If I couldn't find a trade partner I'd play hard ball. That would be a boss move by Dimi. Julio already played hard ball. Call his bluff. Don't cave. For a decade now teams have been winning Lombardies without an ornament. We had seven chances with him and failed. I didn't think 2011 was the time to hitch our wagon to him and definitely don't in 2018.
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    I respect you and your opinion as well , just chewing the fat here , I just think caving in will ruin this team , I think his attitude gets worse , his toe hurts more , especially on 3rd down , I mentioned it halfway thru last year , that Julio was approaching divaness , the star , who went about his craft in a workmans way, had changed , and I got laughed at by some . I dont know what happens from here , but Im betting, it doesnt get better , new contract or not .
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    Immigrant families are being separated at the border not because of Clinton, not because of "W", not because of Obama, not because of Democrats and not because some law that forced this interment of little children and separating them from their parents. They’re being separated because the Trump Administration chose to prosecute border-crossing adults for any offenses.
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    This is meant as perspective on the Julio holdout. Our players shouldn't need to hold out and our FO is known for paying players fairly. I do not advocate for these guys to hold out. Grady Jarrett is playing for peanuts on a 5th round rookie contract. Deion Jones is playing for peanuts on a 2nd round rookie contract. A serious injury could jeopardize their next deals, both of which will be several 10s of millions guranteed. These are the type of situations when players justifiably don't want to risk $50+ million to play out the last year or 2 of a small contract.
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    Sponge wins this round of "Who's more Grizzled."
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    the focus on undocumented immigration, on using 'reform' of undocumented immigration as a trojan horse to make legal immigration more restrictive, on the constant bleating about ms-13 - it's all about creating a racist caricature for motivating rural white people that have been completely and utterly abandoned by the neoliberal economic regime of the past several decades engineered by the very political party they've voted for. it's about giving people that have been genuinely harmed by market fundamentalism for decades a brown scapegoat.
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    pelosi literally says "undocumented immigrants" in ben's video. stop ******* lying about everything.
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    Man, I have to agree. No room for that BS.
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    Charlie has filled in nicely playing his role.
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    Agreed, the players played their azzes off. The coaches pulled a few boners though. As we both know boi, halftime adjustments is usually what wins and loses games.
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    Outside of that phone call I got, ive been fortunate with my older daughter. She gets picked on by other kids because she does things different and likes different things than a normal black kid would. **** she got picked on for being friends with white kids. It’s sad but true. In every situation it’s mostly the same, the teacher always says it comes from those other kids homes. Now my 2 year old on the other hand, i already know I’m gonna have to fight her a few times when she’s able to talk
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    Lol some people never get to go through it but will certainly speak on it. Growing up in tough areas and having strict parents are blessings in disguise
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    Why would we want Moustakas? He can't hit lefties and is hitting .182 the last month.
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    Is it absurd? Tell me if this stat seems a little bit strange for a player who is a "generational talent" and "the best WR in the league". In his 7 year career, Julio Jones has never scored a TD in the last 4 minutes of a game the Falcons were losing. In the last two seasons, he's only caught one pass in the last two minutes of the Falcons 11 losses. You know why it is hard to remember those times when Julio saved the Falcons in the clutch? Because they didn't happen.
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    You know, I'd actually like it if he sat out the first 3 games and we won them.
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    The kid was wrong. That is partly what's wrong with this world today. Kids dont know how to behave or know their places. I remember when kids where kids and stayed in a kid's place.
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    Dude if you let a kid get at you like that then idk what to tell ya. If the kid wants to be disrespectful and what not then let him. Cam's accomplished more than that kid could probably dream of, let it go.
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    Well anybody that says the Falcons should cut Julio is an idiot. If he doesn't come to work though, they have to at least listen to offers for him. There's nothing wrong with his contract, no matter how many other bad contracts get signed in the NFL. He has an excellent agent who got him an excellent deal.
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    I mean, that was a stupid, poorly thought out publicity stunt, but I don't remember it being filled with "lies."
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    The Falcons knew Julio wanted more money months ago. I kind of think if they were going to pay him they would have done it already. I don't think Julio's strategy is going to pay off here. I do think Julio will be back to work though.
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    marla is a spineless, non-contributing, paranoid, racist.