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    Totally fine with it and it makes sense. He was solid when he took over for Schraeder. He's only 27. This keeps him a Falcon until he's 30. At worst you have a solid swing OT.
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    You have no clue about the first part. Pure speculation, which is pointless in February. 3 years for a rotational piece with potential upside to play snaps if need be, yes. But let's bltch and moan about the lack of depth right? Many more times of being awful? As a Falcon? I'd love some back up on that one. But go ahead. I'm not even going to waste time on this one.
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    I'm cool with this pending the details of the extension. If we got him with a low 2019 cap hit around $2M, it's a good move. He played way better than Shredder. Only 26 years old. Decent size and athleticism. Needs to improve in the run game though.
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    Lol thanks for the credit. Rodgers is the better QB but he is one of the the golden boys and can do no wrong. No one in the media or even fans care he has a losing record over the last 2 seasons and he can't seem to stay healthy. No one cares his production has fallen off over that time frame as well. When something goes wrong for Rodgers, Brees or Brady everyone just blames everyone else around them. The Run Game, O-Line, Talent at Skill Positions, Defense, Coaching, etc. It's never those guys fault. Yet when Ryan loses EVERYTHING is his fault. No one cares about the faults of the team around him like they do with the golden boys. Ryan is having an amazing season this year and no one cares because of our record. Anytime you mention Ryan, haters will just go "Well whats your record"? But when Brees was throwing for 5000+ every year and the Saints had 3 straight 7-9 seasons NO ONE CARED about their record, Just that Brees was killing it. "The defense sucks, That's the only reason they lose"
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    Everybody complains about depth and then cries when we sign depth.... This place man
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    Again, reading what DQ said - “versatility”; “valuable piece”. He’s our depth unless something goes wrong, not the pencilled in starter.
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    I'm interested to see what happens with Schraeder now ... I know Ty was looking for a starting op coming off his good season. I know alot of ppl was act like this is nothing but the guy came in and played goid at RT.. ,We don't have the money to go out and get the Jamessage and Williams who will get around 10 mil a year. This was a smart signing ... sign Ty... Then draft a 2nd or 3rd round guy like tytus Howard to learn behind hI'm for a year or 2
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    I seriously am not as opposed to the idea that he could be ready for a bigger role as you are. Can't help but feel like all the "Ty sucks" stuff is based off of his play at Denver... when they threw him into a starting role way before he was ready/able to handle it. The reality in my eyes is that he was far better than Schraeder when he got the starts this past season and quite possibly has spent the last few seasons learning the game & getting up to speed. The reason he was a 2nd round pick is because he had the size and athleticism to be a solid player in this league, but like so many o-linemen coming out of college lately, he just wasn't ready from a mental/technique standpoint. He's had the time to develop, so perhaps he is now ready. Keep in mind, he's only 26 (will be 27 later this season), which just happened to be the point where Schraeder went from backup to starter. Clabo was a backup until he was 27 & then sunnderly became a solid starter for a few years. This pattern is not the unheard of.
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    Ask the Colts about the Mark Glowinski signing last year. Claimed off waivers by the Seahawks. A dominant OL in Seattle and he couldn't hack it. Went to a better offense and produced a top 5 OG season (per PFF) and was just re-signed. But if that was TD, yall would be responding the same way...
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    I’d rather get him for half the price and keep the draft pick after they cut the guy.
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    To be fair, most are judging him based on one game three years ago.
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    30 million a year to live in San Diego instead of Philly. How could that even be a discussion?
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    Huh? Dude played well. One less draft pick to worry about.
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    Anyone else find it strange there's DE's and DT's, but then just OL instead of Center, Guard, and Tackle? It's funny how WR's and CB's get paid more than most of the trenches even though it all starts on the lines.
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    1. Sign a FA, draft one 2. Resign Jarrett, draft one 3. Draft 4. Draft, minor signings, UDFA
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    This is my favorite post here in ages. "You can call me anything in the world...but not a Yankees fan. NEVER a Yankees fan!"
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    7 Sacks last year would have tied for 1st on our team.
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    Bleacher Report ATLANTA FALCONS ACQUIRE JERRY HUGHES (Photo: Scout.com) Another team that might consider trading a highly paid star as it rebuilds? The Buffalo Bills, who have the cap space to retain veteran pass-rusher Jerry Hughes but might prefer to save $10.4 million and get something for Hughes ahead of a contract year. Potential trade: Falcons acquire Hughes in exchange for a third-round draft pick -via Bleacher Report
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    He's our Urlacher. He won't go anywhere as long as he stays healthy.
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    Ty Sambrailo's contract extension doesn't change my mind about what should be the Falcons #1 need in this upcoming draft - it's still a Right Tackle or swing Tackle/Offensive Guard. If Ed Oliver dropped to #14, I would have to consider him -- but outside of that or some crazy drop for someone we wouldn't expect to drop (Bosa/Quinnen) - I believe the two players Falcons should be looking hard at are as follows: Jonah Williams, RT/LT - Alabama (probably Top 10 pick) Cody Ford, RT/RG/LG - Oklahoma (probably goes Top 20)
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    It gives us some flexibility in the draft as well. We don't <HAVE TO> draft a RT out of desperation. If the right guy comes to us great, if not we can roll with whoever wins between Schraeder/Ty/Gono. Now if the right guy does come to us in the draft we have the luxury of maybe cutting Schraeder, and letting Ty be our insurance policy if the new guy has issues coming up to speed. Flexibility is nice to have.
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    First day at my new job fam. Lots of opportunity to impact the entire company. I am trying my best to just listen and not give opinions for the foreseeable future. After I gather enough information though, I will slowly shift. Technology is easy. People and culture is extremely hard to change.
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    I was being facetious... I know it's not close to over. There is some truth to my statement though. Klobacher is going to be DoA. Her treatment of employees will get her done in, and frankly, I think more will come out. Kamala is going to get called on her criminal justice career, and I don't know that she can explain that away. I don't know that her past can be rectified with a "I've changed". I'm worried that Warren will come off as "weak" when facing Drumpf. Now, I don't believe that to be true at all, I'm a huge fan of Warren's. Her and Bernie are an interchangeable 1 and 2 to me. But I don't think she can win. Gabbard, Gillibrand, Delaney, Castro, etc are just there to fill up the stage, unless one starts to really open eyes. Gabbard is DoA with her hawkishness and the other issues that we know of... Gillibrand is HRC 2.0 even if she's not. Booker has some promise, but I wonder how much of his fluff will be ripped up once the party starts. He has some moments of promise, then he has moments where he's playing a part. We'll see. Sanders is old. I get it. I've said, I wasn't sure that I wanted him running. But since he is, and since no one else is really taking the torch from him, he's got my vote until someone does, or he loses...
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    Yeah not a great draft. And to think half these jokers wanted us to tank wins for some of these clowns. Yeah I didn't want to see the return of Kutty but that ship has sailed bro. My main issue with him was his pass happiness and penchant to throw bubble screens as a substitute for running plays. Supposedly Quinn has issued a run the dam ball edict. Maybe Mularkey can help with the run game. Man I wish we'd won that Bowl in 2016. I probably would've taken my rest and hit the road. I'm tired bro.
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    I still think we're all jumpin the gun with speculation and assumptions. Me included. We're still three weeks away from free agency and we need to let at least the first phase of free agency play out to get a better feel for what we have and where we're headed.
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    Exactly that will be his bread and better playing in a 4-3. Maybe. Take Simmons with our 1st 4th round pick. Have him ready for 2020.
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    And the guy who said Trump would never win the Republican nomination in the primaries. Said he'd eat his shorts if he did I believe.
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    yeah, that was my main disappointment w/ cutting Rocky - not necessarily that it was a bad move but I just wanted to skip having to draft a corner early this year.
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    Same thing the Braves can do with Riley and Camargo for a fraction of the price...
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    snak lost his mind over the Iran nuclear deal. Wonder how he feels about Kushner and Flynn trying to give nuclear secrets to the country that produced the majority of the 9/11 hijackers.
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    Plus one for effort and finally we address line play early. I like the position drafts 1-3. Even if we end up with different players I agree with the logic here. Best part of your draft = no red flags. Your best pick is the second rounder from NCSU. We could pick anyone on that line as far as I am concerned.
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    No... if you have a difference of opinion you are *****ing, whining, hysterical, or just plain stupid! /purple
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    If Ty got 5 million he’s the starter, not the swing tackle. And I’d start drinking if true
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    I would not assume anything with this staff. What should be a depth signing as of right now could very easily turn into starting tackle by week 1. Ty as a rotational piece...ok whatever...but 3 years? I'll wait to see what the financials are but he has been an underwhelming head scratcher for me since we traded for him. He has shown signs of being ok...but also many more times of being awful. Not excited about this for a 3 year commitment and sincerely hope this is how we aren't planning on attacking our glaring oline issues. Better than Schraeder isn't inspiring.
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