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    Shanahan is a good coach he made some Quarterbacks far worse than Ryan look good. I knew once Ryan got that system down they were going to light **** up in the league. Receivers open everywhere back then, I miss those days.
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    Andrew Bone (Rivals Bama writer) now calls UGA “the team to beat” for Sanders. He also finally acknowledges that Dean’s mom is pushing for him to go to UGA and if not UGA (other family members want Bama or Ole Miss due to distance) then Ole Miss. Mama doesn’t want her son at Bama. I will say here that if Texas fans tell you they are getting Sanders or LSU fans tell you they are getting Dean... you should laugh at them. Just laugh and laugh and then pray for them.
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    Where have i heard this before?
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    no problem, I try not to take things personal, even if they are aimed at me I mean people get ticked about some of my posts, but if they only knew what I typed and backspaced out first....
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    I spoke to Terrance Mathis briefly on social media and asked him if he thinks Gary Kubiak would help our offense or if we should stick with Sark. His exact words were "Sark is fine". I trust his opinion more than any of ours because he would have a better understanding of the game than we do. Just wanted to pass that along.
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    Beasley and Trufant have lost some fans for life lol. Even when they're outplaying their counterpart they get roasted.
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    Everyone's probably down on him because he's had 4 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 QB Hit and ZERO sacks in his last SIX games.
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    Blank isn't going to fire Quinn after giving him and TD 3-year contract extensions a few months ago. However, he is unlikely to survive another season in which the team plays as sloppy and uninspired as it has over the last month.
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    Problem is our run/pass ratio. Just not going to win much when you run 34% of the time. Ryan already has the same number of pas attempts as he did all of 2016 (20 less). No run game = no play action = 1-dimensional = defenses best friend
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    I actually think we should keep Sanu. Dude has been solid since he’s been here.
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    Said it about Roberts and saying it about hardy, they aren’t the issue. Hopefully people will realize this one day
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    After first day of practice, Clay Webb said he had never had so much fun and couldn’t wait until the next day!
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    I'm mad that this team looked competent for 3 straight weeks and got my hopes up more than anything.
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    I can read english fine, and even comprehend it. Apparently better than you, I wasn't referring to YOU, I was indirectly agreeing with you about some of the 'fans' around here. I understood your 'he's a monster' comment to mean you didn't fall in that group......It's your thread, but that doesn't mean everything is about YOU....
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    what's sad is he's been back what, one game? from an injury that took him two full months to heal from, and from which he's probably not even back to preinjury status, yet there are fans that want to make threads and throw him out there like losing is his fault..... man some around here should really be glad I'd never be a mod
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    I was one who said Sark wasn't the problem, but after the last five games he has put his head on the chopping block. Went from 28.5 ppg in our first eight games to 16.2 ppg over the five game losing streak. That's termination worthy. Couldn't adjust to what the league did to us. Started way back with SB51. We haven't adjusted. Yeah our #1 RB was out and we were playing behind a Dimi Oline, but he still could have made better adjustments. He showed no adjustments. The offense cost us at least seven games. I put my name on you bro. Score less than 30 Sunday and I'll pick you up at Gate D. State line.
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    No coincidence that Bama’s lack of closing skill and Kirby being gone happened at same time.
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    Please pick Oregon, so we can watch half the Bama fan base meltdown and the other half say, "well he wasn't that good anyway" n
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    2 td’s less? Hardly. We also dropped more passes, and had more health issues in our OL and with our lead RB. But don’t let facts get in the way.
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    Armstrong has been a problem, but for some reason he gets a pass every year.
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    Ha The Bama Melt starts early Once again, Bama fans think they have a recruit in the bag - and they don’t. Nations #2 prospect DE Kayvon Thibodeaux a DUCK!
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    Because they're looking at stats, instead of watching the game. Takk is double teamed, and held on almost every play.
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    That's because even Deion can't turn **** to a diamond. He is a good player but not good enough to turn this crap around by himself. We have to empty the garbage and reset.
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    Again, no running back, and a broken OL. But I hear you. I just don’t understand all the Sark venom as bad as the defense has been. Hardly see any of these ‘fire Manuel’ threads when our defense is #1 reason why this year’s team is not a playoff team. That and poor situational coaching by Quinn. Quinn was hired to fix the D. 4 years in, he obviously hasn’t.
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    If they don't make at least one big FA move, then Quinn and Lucytroff gonna have some splain'in to do.
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    Roberts is much better than Hardy. Roberts had all his good returns wiped out to penalties. Hardy just doesn’t do anything. Unfortunately we have no better option, which is sad in itself. Keith Armstrong has to go though, should’ve been fired 2-3 seasons ago.
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    We've beeeen known Keith needs to go.. Devin Hester can make any st look good. Him getting his record here bought Keith more time but hes trash
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    Trent has Sopsher predicted for LSU. Bama missing on Thibodeaux, Sanders, Dean, Neal, Sopsher, with Hill flipping back to Michigan.... would be an epic meltdown. Funniest comment I’ve seen on a Bama board is “why can’t we close anymore?” as they relentlessly talk about how Kirby is trash.
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    One simple reason ~ to protect the owners from themselves.
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    You can't fire Quinn after this one season. You can start building a case for it and you can demand changes to staff be made, but you have to give him at least another year to turn things around. As a team owner, you have invested too much to just clean house and start over after a SB and then a follow up playoff season.
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    Another day another let's fire everyone thread.
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    Sark - Toss Sweep , Coleman on 3. Its 2nd and 10, we got this. Matt - "WTF is he thinking??""
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    My take was that he alone would have been enough to make the difference in specific games, like Saints 1 and Cincy. Had they won those two, do they have a little more confidence and consistency and find a way to get it done against Dallas? So, I didn't think he could save the team by individually shutting down entire offenses. I did, and probably still do, think that he can make a significant enough difference alone to tilt the occasional one score game in our favor. That, alone, could turn the team into a contender. In team sports there is a "mood" or "personality" that each team develops during the course of a season. I think it is what some refer to as "identify." That can be changed based on whether things seem to be going your way, or whether your always coming up one play short. It is really all a matter of how you define "turn this team into a contender."
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    Not true at all. You guys are just making this nonsense up as you post, without any facts to back your BS up.
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    Jawaan Taylor is really good. I was watching some of the South Carolina game again and he is just effortless and rushers just do not move him. I'm not convinced he's a NFL LT because there are so few that are 340 lbs, but he could be a very good RT or OG.
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    TD has 7 winning seasons in 10 years. Quinn is experiencing his 1st losing season in 4 years. Neither is going anywhere. Get over it
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    Thing that kills me that the Falcons rarely under Smitty till his last year, had losing streaks. Quinn now has had two seasons out of 4 with extended losing streaks. Dont think he will come close to recapturing the magic of 2016 again, but two years have shown he has a penchant for running off long 5-7 game losing streaks. I like Quinn plopped down on the say the Jets his stuff might work, but its old hat here, they are closer to the playoffs with new energy new outlook,new approach of another staff, than the same tunes blaring at practice. Watching the Chargers go into KC and upset them with 3 starters out, and without time to adjust, shows he hasnt prepared or chosen his second string well either. We have seen Quinn's ceiling that took the 7th best offense in history to even get there, and have lived in his basement 2 other years. At some point the rah rah ends and x's and o's take over, and then Quinn has no answer just soft zone ********, hope his players that are less and less motivated beat the guy in front of them.
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    If Dawgs sweep Dean, Sanders & Neal after they lose Thibs today - Bama messageboards Will spontaneously combust at the same time. Molten lava melt
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    The 14 Stages Falcon Pass Rusher Grief 1. Celebrate his drafting/signing. 2. Celebrate his first sack. 3. Note his future sacks. 4. Disregard his slip in production. 5. Note his almost sacks. 6. Blame rest of line for not being good enough. 7. Blame his position coach. 8. Blame his defensive coordinator. 9. Blame head coach. 10. Blame GM for signing/drafting. 11. Call him a bust. 12. Demand he is cut/traded/shot. 13. Draft/sign new pass rusher. 14. Repeat.
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    Mike Smith had 5 winning seasons in a row for the falcons while Quinn only has 2 . A home record of 1-7 against AFC teams, under performing off/def lines and definitely not able to manage a game in the 4th quarter.
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    It won’t happen. But I’d fire Quinn if this was my team. He doesn’t do anything great as a head coach. 1)He’s hired and stuck by Sark who everyone hates. 2) defensive scheme is boring as ****. Hardly blitz. Soft coverage. Doesn’t work. 3) makes poor decisions as a coach 4)makes poor personnel decision such as deactivating Senat. 5) I hate all the brotherhood stuff. Have since day 1. I hate the way he talks. I hate positive this and positive that. It’s just not my style.
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    It is hard to have quality depth at every position Again we are missing a starting running back both starting guard's both safeties now we are missing long snapper we just played 10 games with put debo we played 3 games with put Grady we played a game with put takk and Alford We have played a half without Sanu and Ridley Chitt we lost our kicker for a month. It is fine to criticize the play on the and some of the decisions on game day but the idea that we should have had enough depth to cover all of those spots is completely unrealistic.