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  1. Gbpack10

    Packer fan here

    I wanted to say I hate the Saints. That is one awful cocky fanbase reading their boards. Also we owe you a Thanks for beating them a month ago. That gave us a bye. I know we were lucky to win both games against Detroit but still a big Thanks! Who you guys rooting for in the NFC and AFC. I hope the Saints choke again in the playoffs.
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  2. Well I'm a grandfather. I came on this board when she was a toddler, she made me a grandpa this year. I'm excited.
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  3. First off, know this much - I get you. At least on a surface level, it looks like we traded Free, a guy who a lot of TATF liked, for a guy with similar injury issues, a guy who had a down year, and we did it with money that could've been dedicated to the defense. But let me point out a few things that have me high as Khalifa on this Gurley signing. 1) Contract conditional on physical: Gurley's deal with us is conditional on him passing a physical, which means if his knee is really as bad as everyone's making it out to be, he won't count a penny against our cap. Plain and simple. 2) L
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  4. AUTiger7222

    Pray For Gritz

    Everyone please say a small prayer for @GhostofGritz. I'm not gonna post the details on here, he's welcome to if he wishes. But let's just remember him and his family right now as they deal with a family tradegy. I know we all get on each other's nerves at times on here and we last out sometimes but at the end of the day we're one big family and we all lift each other up in times of hardship. I've experienced it and I've seen it happen with others on here. Gritz, we're praying for you brother!!
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  5. I like them. I guess I'll be in the minority lol.
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  6. I’m not a huge fan of Koetter, but I’m tired of the parade of OCs Matt Ryan’s has through his career. Changing coaches every year isn’t how you build a winner.
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  7. Congrats Falcon fans. Saints got smoked today in all 3 phases. Dan Quinn and team showed up. Maybe he is your man after all. So now I walk away shaking my head to go take a long dump and ponder my football world this evening.
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  8. I thought he didn’t score TDs? 6th straight game with a TD, you navel-gazers! Yeah, let’s trade him!
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  9. Cost them first seed. Now it goes through GB and GB gets the bye. You are welcome swamp-rats! F*** the Aints.
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  10. 1989Fan

    **** you Matt Ryan!

    30/36, 356 yds, 4 tds, 0 int great job leading the Falcons to another loss draft Fields, we need a scrambling QB, that was a Dawg (before leaving for greener pastures that is)
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  11. Goober Pyle

    Prayers Requested

    Hey guys! I debated with myself to even start this thread. Y'all know me as Goober here on the boards and a few know me in real life. I'm not one to usually share much of what's going on in my personal life...even with those I know off the boards. And the Lord knows the everyone has SOMETHING going on that affects them or their loved ones each day. With that said, even though I don't know many of you on here, I still feel like this is an online home away from home....almost like the bar in "Cheers". I come here many times during each day, checking for new threads and replies in current on
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  12. It’s a very good trade for both teams. Go get a ring, Sanu
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  13. Matt Ryan - Let's get this out of the way first - I want Ryan next year, and I think he's a good quarterback. That being said, he was not very good this year. This was easily his worst year since 2015. He missed a lot of reads, he missed a lot of throws, and he was just generally "off," mostly early on, but also later, he just cleaned up the interceptions comparatively. I was a big DK hater before going back and rewatching games while keying in, but after...Ryan and Freeman were the biggest issues by far. Ryan for missing throws, Freeman for missing holes. If they're less off and making the mo
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  14. Sun Tzu 7

    Kroy Re-Signed

    On the bright side I guess it means we can finally cut him now.....
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  15. After all the "edgy" naysayers piled on the hate wagon, I was curious as to whether or not day 2 would reveal any of the magnified negative perspective after such an exhaustive critique on day one. Nope. Still FIYAHHH!!!!!
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  16. Since it's completely dead here I figured I would revisit this thread I made 5 years ago. There have been more people join the board and new lurkers. Come in and tell everyone about yourself. Here's the link to the original thread below if you want to take time and revisit https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4023102-meet-the-poster/ And please no one be weirdos and use other people's photos from that thread or this thread if someone chooses to post. That very thing happened in that thread. But here's an update of my family. And it was hot that day at Disney. kma
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  17. With all the negativity surrounding the Falcons this year I figured I could bring a little joy to the boards by announcing that I'm gonna be a daddy!! I'm scared to death and excited over the moon at the same time!!
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  18. We already have game wreckers. They are on the side lines wearing headphones.
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  19. dmo_dlo

    3st pick!!!

    Why not aiming for the 1nd?
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  20. It’s a community service group for assisting at risk youths to make it through college.
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  21. Dude, it’s just a dig at Brown for assaulting a moving crew guy...we need to take off the foil caps around here and stop looking for things that aren’t there.
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  23. CrimsonFalcon


    We can only hope...
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  25. The prevailing wisdom at the moment centers around getting an offensive specialist and going all in on the rest Matt and Julio's prime years. By focusing on an offensive head coach, you insulate yourself from him being hired away by another team when/if we inevitably catch fire and having to hit reset on that side of the ball. Sound logic, but I just wanted to put this out there as a little food for thought. No brilliant coach or coordinator works in a vacuum. No matter what level of genius he has, he leans on his assistants to help him put it all together on gameday. Every single ass
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  26. So...Shanny is 0-2 in the Super Bowl is how I see it
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  27. Leading the league in TDs, #2 in yards, #2 completion percentage, #7 QBR, #10 yards per attempt.... But yeah, let's keep looking for issues with Matt...
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  28. The comment from the original tweet is funny.
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  29. QB - I like Ryan, I hate that fans are unrealistic about him. At this point, I would hope a true back-up/understudy is drafted or signed in 2020. I like mobile rather than running or statue QBs. RB - What are we doing??? I thought we love Freeman!?!? Protect him, play one of those young inactive guys. Right? Lol. Really, draft a home run prospect. Stop dipping your toes and just jump in the RB pool. FB - I’m good WR - Trade Sanu??? Wow! Dude is actually the clutch 3rd down guy. My opinion only. No need to draft though. We have Ridley. TE - Hooper is fine. Good. Schemes for
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  30. Man... Is the season over? I didn't know football seasons were decided after one game. Yes, we just witnessed arguably the single worst regular season game in the DQ era. This team was healthy, fully loaded, and laid a massive egg. No way around it. But if you think this is going to continue for 15 more games, then don't even bother reading the rest of this. You're mind is made up after one game. Move on and accept you're going to root for a miserable team until January. As for the rest of us, let's carry on. If you've ever done anything worth doing in life, you've laid an egg
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  31. From the owner to the HC to the water boy. Thank you for not tanking! I won't forget. Yes I know many TATFers would've rather tanked for draft position, but they still don't realize no NFL team ever tanks. Never. Not the Suck For Luck Colts or even the 2019 Miami Dolphins. Tanking is for draft geeks, mocker fockers and losers. This team is playing like the 1997 Falcon team that parlayed momentum to a Super Bowl berth the following year. And whoopin as on the road which is hard to do. There are so many reasons you never tank. Here are a few: For Real Falcon fans like me that want to see w
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  32. No one plays the predraft game better than Dimitroff. That's why you see him interviewed so much this time of the year.
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  33. We started 6-1 in 2015 and finished 8-8. The only people that are soft and broken are the fans.
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  34. *DISCLAIMER: religious post* As most know, I've been one of the residential Vic Beasley homers since he was drafted. I badly wanted him prior to the draft, and purchased his jersey from NFLShop at 9 AM the following morning of the draft. Even though I loved Vic's athletic abilities and college production, I was admittedly blinded by Vic Beasley the person. A good friend of mine who was a student at Clemson had told me stories about Vic's ability to communicate with everyone he met and a persistent attitude when it came to sharing his faith. This is something that has continued into Vic's
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  35. Serves ‘em right. I’m all for squeezing every bit of profit out of everything but you got to be a greedy mother***** to come up with the concept of charging people for the RIGHT to buy a ticket to a seat BEFORE they actually buy the ticket.
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  36. Knight of God


    Cousins barely threw 200yds, but they ran the ball 40 times and not always with much success. Still continued to run. Also the defense was on point. Again. Run + Good defense = win The passing league talk was an agenda for ratings. If everyone is designed to stop the pass, you run!
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  37. While the rest of you ninnies argue about Quinn, defense, yada yada, I’m going to celebrate Matt Ryan’s continued March to Canton...
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  38. Sounds corny but it's absolutely true. Ya Boi J.....I told you I wasn't leaving! I wanna thank you and my nephew for that connection to get back here! I love you son. I also love these people on the boards! My eyesight is worse than Ryan's now.......not good! It's a blessing to have technology like this......because it warms my old heart. The old song, running against the wind comes to mind for me. I looked at it like this...well I'm older now and still "flyin", against the wind. Give me time to type and put spell checker in he place Dawg noeswatisayn! My first time on in bou
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  39. Rico Allen has been something of polarizing topic around these parts for quite some time. I'll admit there were even times when I felt we could take him or leave him, but when you are running a single high defense, you NEED to have a free safety out there who can cover up the defense's shortcomings and the problem with evaluating a free safety is most of the time, what they do doesn't show up on the stat sheet, and there can be entire games where he'll do his job perfectly, but it'll look to the casual view like he didn't do anything because no action came his way. That has long been t
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  40. Saints fans preparing lawsuits against Aaron Donald as we speak.
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  41. There’s no one open. The pressure wasn’t even the worst I’ve seen it this season. He had multiple snaps yesterday where he has time to get through all 5 reads, and you could see his head moving from one side of the field to the other. No one was open, not even an outlet. Ill let you draw your own conclusion from there.
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