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    I've always liked him.He turned out to be very solid for being undrafted. I wish him the best!
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    Give up a mid round third, take on his 10.M salary and he turns 31 before the season when they could just re sign Irvin and draft a guy with that 3d? Hel no lol.
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    Also, you can't take a shot of the uneducated if you can't spell uneducated.....
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    Yep, hated that we gave Free the giant contract, could have spent it on a dominant lineman on either side of the ball.
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    Looking forward to Freeman make a whole lotta TAFTERs eat crow this upcoming season.
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    I think there are a few positions that can be replaced easily, RB has always been one of them
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    Bryant with my heart, but Poole with my head. Poole had swag and had a good game more often than a bad one. Locker room guy too. More importantly- we became thin REAL quick at CB in two weeks. Is Poole all pro? No but he was soild depth for us. That is a fact. CB is a priority this off-season now- believe that.
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    Retaining a nickel that sucks in coverage....ok I think Kazee in that spot is an upgrade
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    We should have kept him. He is a play maker. Sucks in coverage but can find his way to a play. We need play makers.
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    Hard pass on this trade. 31yrs old + $10.4mm + 3rd rd pick for 7 sacks = No chance. We have already seen this movie on a free agent deal a few years ago for Osi Umenyiora. Over the years, Falcons have been way to casual with their 3rd round picks - if this trade occurred, it would be yet another example. To give up a 3rd round pick that is controllable at reasonable cost for 4yrs for a player you might barely upgrade at best - at worst might not be scheme fit or locker room fit. Not a gamble I would make for a guy whose high ceiling is 7 sacks entering decline years.
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    Yes. We have had more holes and less picks & cap space most previous years. Ryans deal doesn’t prevent the team from doing anything. People need to move on from this false notion.
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    He unknowingly does a mean tucker carlson stupid face
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    Idk about a 3rd but I'd do it for a 5th. That's what Philly gave up for Bennett who the year before had 1.5 more sacks and 6 more QB hits than Hughes had last year. But he is about 2 years older than Hughes.
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    Bruh common business sense is not comprehended in TATF!!
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    Should have signed him in 2013 when he was a free agent. Our starting DEs at the time were Osi and Jelly. Good Lawd. His production has dropped down to near Beasley levels. And he ain't no spring chicken. He'll be 31 when the season starts and comes with a $10.4M cap hit. A hard pass for me.
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    Here are his sack numbers over the last 8 years. http://www.nfl.com/player/jerryhughes/496796/careerstats I like him, but he’s 30 & not sure his sack numbers will be rising.
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    So all these threads about how Vic Beasley needs to go, yet folks on here wanna give up draft picks to acquire an older version of Vic Beasley?
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    Hughes is good but we are about to have to re-sign that 2016 draft class and some sacrifices will be made. This means we are going to need production from guys on rookie contracts. I'd like to keep our draft picks this year unless we trade those extra 4th and 5th rounders to move up to get a better guy in the draft.
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    Coming to a team that has a franchise QB, top-3 WR, elite RB, all with SB experience which appears poised to make another deep play-off run, I see this staff coming together to get that SB ring. They will mesh, find their most productive individual roles and help this mostly-young team gain confidence to win in the key games this season. After some dubious choices over the past couple seasons, Quinn really upped his game with this new coaching staff. Arrow is definitely pointing up.
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    Because of a missed tackle. Troy Polamalu would have been cut every week if the fans had a say.
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    We won the trade!! That skills contest determined it all
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    Common sense....Business sense.....TATF...... That **** sounds oxymoronic
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    WHY HAVN'T WE SIGNED ANYONE YET!!!!!! "0-16 is staring us in the face"
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    [Insert what I want here] is smart so naturally the FO won't do it. If they don't do [insert what I want here] it proves that they're idiots. ~TATF
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    Trade a 3rd rd pick and 10.5m, that's not trying to upgrade, that is being stupid
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    https://streamable.com/04wkt EDIT: After much thought and consideration, maybe yes.
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    Yep, Injury prone, horrible in pass protection and decided to have a baby hissy fit about his contract in the off week right before our Super Bowl. I hope we cut him June 1st
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    He was on my 2015 watch list. I'd rather have either Preston Smith or Za'Darius Smith. Z. Smith was on my watch list too.
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    I got you. I'd throw them a 5th, maybe a 4th. Rework his contract and lock him up for the next 4 seasons.
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    Being the #1 pass rusher on our team is like being the valedictorian of special ed ...
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    Maybe Sark. Maybe OL. Maybe just injuries. Or maybe he's just not as good as we want him to be. I'd be very pleasantly surprised if he comes out in 2019 and does as well as he did in his 2016 season. I wouldn't bet on it, but I'd be happy about it if it happened. At this point he can add age to the factors against him.
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    Glad you mentioned that.. And what does that say about Sark?? Let me be kind and say,,, I'm STOKED that he is gone!!! That's been the worst move this Franchise has made in the last 10 years.. if we had had the right OC the last two years.. we would have had a chance to go a long way.. But so long to the past and HELLO Future Falcons with the right OC.. Yeah baby!!
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    Probably got 2 prime years left in him, we should cut him when we get the chance. His contract was a horrible deal for us, and should have signed Coleman in hindsight.