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    Ill always be a Poole fan for that hit he put on Rodgers. It was glorious
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    Rico Allen has been something of polarizing topic around these parts for quite some time. I'll admit there were even times when I felt we could take him or leave him, but when you are running a single high defense, you NEED to have a free safety out there who can cover up the defense's shortcomings and the problem with evaluating a free safety is most of the time, what they do doesn't show up on the stat sheet, and there's can be entire games where he'll do his job perfectly, but it'll look to the casual view like he didn't do anything because no action came his way. That has long been the quandary of Rico Allen. He's never been the ballhawk of say Earl Thomas, who is the gold standard, but he's a cerebral player. @TheFatboi was one of the early ones I can remember who harped on the importance of Rico. Well we got a chance to see what it looked like last year when he went down. The secondary was a mess -- even with Kazee back there ballhawking, and it was the little things that were missing. Last night he was a warrior god. Play#1 - second quarter. Philly has us backed up, and decides to attack our Cover-3 with an old staple, Seams. Philly has two underneath routes, and a flat route just in case, but it's the dual seams they are trying to get to. They're creating a 2 on 1 and the safety can't get to both of them. Cover-3 - Trufant and Oliver playing deep thirds, Rico back single high closing the middle of the field. Hook drops for our two linebacker Campbell and Jones. And the two curl-flat defenders to either side underneath. Key thing here on 1st and 10 is we aren't just spot-dropping to landmarks, we're pattern reading the release of the receivers. At the snap, and this is beautiful quarterback play by Wentz. He's staring to his left trying to move Rico. Underneath our coverage is doing its thing. Campbell is reading #2 to #1. The curl/flat defender to the bottom of the screen is matching that route. We don't worry about the back leaking to the flat until the ball is thrown. Carson snaps his head around, just as his receiver clears into the seam as Devondre passes his off to Tru and looks to pic up that hook route. Not a great pic, but Tru pics the route up beautifully and Rico comes screaming over. Carson can't lead him up the field because Rico is coming to close that window, so he has to put it on the receiver's back shoulder. Beautiful football. Another half a step, and Rico has a pick, but it's a huge play nonetheless. He's processing information and playing so fast there is no window there.
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    This Falcons defense is legit, its “Harvey Dahl” identity has arrived. Our defense just won its first in the trenches dogfight in years. The Falcons DL was owning the Eagles big, physical OL. These same Eagles OL bullied us in 2017 playoffs, yet we bullied them last night. I was watching which direction the line was moving at snap, and our DL was collapsing their OL consistently. If it weren’t for the amazing Houdini Wentz magically escaping, we would have had at least 4 more sacks. We knocked him on his $#@ at least 6 times, not including all the hits he took. Not to mention the run defense is spectacular. The Eagles OL was having little success knocking our DL back off the ball when trying to run it. We were relentless, high motor and violent. Beasley and Takk look like different players this year. Wow we’re the signings of Davison and Bailey brilliant moves. They are allowing Grady and our LBs to seek and destroy. Jones was frequently untouched as he came in for the closing tackle near LOS. DQ had an excellent game plan. We played a lot of man coverage and frequently put space between our defensive linemen presnap so Philly had trouble tying them up with double teams. We even have these young guys making big plays. John Cominsky had a nice TD saving tackle. He was lined up out wide at DE in goalline, about 3 feet away from Davison, maintained his gap, but when RB cut inside Cominsky pulled a spin move on the OT Lane Johnson and made the tackle. For a 6’5” 285lb player, that play demonstrated amazing athleticism. The coverage in passing game was tight on receivers, TEs and backs coming out of backfield. The Eagles receivers were getting vicious hits laid on them all night, it wasn’t just Neal doing the enforcement. Rico, Kazee, Campbell, Jones all delivered vicious hits. Any Oliver, while he’s still learning, he’s also getting better each game. He fits this new physical defense well. He made the game winning tackle and it was a big deal. Im so excited I could explode after watching this game again. No wonder I couldn’t sleep last night. I saw what I’ve been praying for for years, a nasty, physical, tenacious, never quit defense. Now, add this to an offense that is about to explode and we’ve got ourselves in a position to win the division, get home field advantage in playoffs and be good enough to beat anyone, anywhere, in any way, at any time.
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    Some of those names man... Loved watching Norwood Congrats to the homie Matt Ryan.
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    AB was getting too much attention. OBJ had to step his game up
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    Play #2 - end of the half. We're in Cover-3 again. Eagles are gonna attack up the seams again, this time Carson's gonna try to get to the receiver in the slot to the top of the screen on a little stutter go. Well it wasn't a real stutter, but he tried to chop is feet to get that curl flat defender to open the gate and let him by. This is the play Rico sniffed out that Collinsworth was giving him kudos over. Once again, Carson tries to move Rico to the left. Good drops to the bottom of the screen. Now this is where Rico saves the day. I don't normally like to ding my man Deion, because I love me some Deion, but he almost screwed the pooch here. That receiver is breaking inside that corner. But the corner is positioned properly to the outside. Deion has to get deeper on his drop as that hook defender. The goal of that hook defender is to get to that 10-12 yard depth to shrink that throwing window between the second and third level and help out the safety. Here he's too shallow. And there's nothing there in front of him to threaten him so he should be getting depth. You can see it right here. Looks like and easy touchdown. Now imagine what it would look like if Deion was two yards deeper. Even he knows he's not deep enough because he's on his horse right now trying to get back. Sometimes you get a little greedy in zone. Everything is in front of you and you want to make a play, but you have to play your responsibility. Wide open... Rico comes over to save the day. Here's another view. You can see Rico moving with his Wentz's eyes and reacting instantly when his head snaps around. This is an All-Pro type of play right here and it's points off the board. These are the type of plays that win you games, but don't always jump off on stat sheets.
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    When I saw him being helped off the field I thought he was done for the season for sure.
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    Been thinking this, might as well proclaim it. Falcons could easily have put 40 points on the board against a very good Eagles defense, Falcons stopped themselves, not the Eagles. Could easily have put 30 up on the Vikings. Same story, they stopped themselves. There are 3 new Olinemen, 2 new coordinators, 1 stud RB coming back from injury. Ryan has made some uncharacteristic mistakes. As much as I agree with not playing starters in preseason, it does mean the first few games can be sloppy. This Falcons offense is going to come together soon and put up huge huge numbers. We've seen glimpses of it. We're about to see a top five offense on the field.
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    we aren’t playing either of them unless it’s the super bowl. Let’s focus on the Colts first
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    They blitzed on pretty much every down. Jim Schwartz' defensive strategy was basically the same as 13 year old me playing Madden 04. it's kind of shocking how much it worked, honestly.
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    Brown low key was the best lineman sunday, gave up only one pressure too
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    Ricardo Allen was a beast last night. I loved the hit in the end zone that broke up the pass. He knew it was a possibility and he backed it up saying he'd be there. He was also a coach all over the field last night. Making pre snap reads and communicating to the linebackers. He was a field general. But best of all I actually saw him take a few more risks and play VERY physical. I've been one of his biggest critics in the last few years. But I'll give him his credit for last nights game. He balled out.
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    He was never hurt. Meanwhile the team is lucky they don't have a game at home next week. The damage his knee did to the turf is gonna be expensive and time consuming to replace.
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    Man I shouted at my TV last night when they were talking about the Eagles injuries..."YEAH LIKE US IN PHILLY LAST YEAR WEEK 1?!?!?!" I'm not gonna celebrate injury, but I sure as **** ain't gonna apologize or feel bad about it.
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    Saw a few times where Jamon Brown held up well against Fletcher Cox in pass pro aswell.
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    Do this for me. Just imagine Sanu isn't even there, and imagine the Defender heading into the backfield, stopping, and turning to chase Julio. His movements would've been the same regardless
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    He didn’t push him from the back.. you need to watch not see some pics.
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    Just wanted add this little thought, too. One of the virtues of keeping your package limited and letting players fly around are plays like this. Yes we run a lot of Cover-3. Yes, the offense knows where we're gonna be. But the flip side of that, is we know what beats Cover-3, so we know where you're gonna be too, and when we know that, and where we're weak at, well now we can start going beyond the design of the defense. Two different series and you see how the Eagles went to the same concept of attacking those seams.
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    Falcons simply cannot take on another player with a $20mm/yr contract -- and that could very well be the rare air from which Ramsey wants to get paid. You could make credible argument that he is the best cornerback in the game. Adding stars to the Falcons roster for the next few years will only come through the draft. To add Jalen Ramsey - you would have to lop off 4-5 mid-range starters - AND - give up at least one 1st round draft pick and probably another very high pick. It's not just the draft compensation. Falcons cannot take on another super high contract. They just cannot.
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    I’m not even trippin. We endured it last year. Time for another team to deal with it. It was Philly in reverse for them last night. They lost more players than we did last year against them. I have no sympathy for teams losing their key guys this year lol.
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    I say slow your roll. They looked fantastic last night but let's see if they can keep it up. Colts and Titans present two different offenses. Like to see them keep stopping the run. Still no reason to not get excited tho.
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    I liked this match up before today. I did not want to see them if they were 0-2 so I'm glad the Titans laid an egg. Their offense isn't the greatest, especially without Funch. Mack is good, Hilton is good, Ebron is finally good, but beyond that it's not much. Will be fun to see how they handle them. On defense, Malik Hooker is a dog, but beyond that, everybody else is mediocre beyond Houston. This should be a comfortable victory. Which means it will come down to that Vinatieri missed FG.
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    DQ in live Press conference. I will post the link of video later.
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    Jacob Tamme? Man, I hated that guy...
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    I really liked what I saw but now I’m greedy. I want to see it again...
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    The defender turned into it, making it look like a block in the back.
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    Greetings all. It's been too long my friends. I was meaning to do one of these last week, but after the opening weekend dumpster fire, I couldn't bring myself to look at that game against the Vikings again without feeling to need to vomit. Mercifully, this week was different. Don't you just love a victory Monday? You don't feel like kicking the dog, annoying kids seem cute, food taste better. Life is just a little better coming off a W. With all that out the way, I wasn't in love with everything I saw last night from Dirk and offense, and I'm still angling to try to see what we hang our hat on on that side of the ball. No worries though -- it's just week 2 and we opened up against two teams that are built to give us problems no matter how together we are, so I have confidence that the offensive cohesion will come (fingers crossed). But I did see some interesting wrinkles last night and I thought they were worth discussing. RPO - or Run Pass Option where a run play is called in the huddle and the quarterback has a built in pass play to get to based on the read of a key defender. You remember a couple years ago when the Eagles tore through the playoffs and the RPO was all the rage and some around here got to asking why we didn't run them? Well we did... and we go. We've always run RPO's going back to the days of Mularkey. We just ran them from under center and they often looked like quick slants. There's one wrinkle that separates these from play-action passes, which commentators often confuse them for. The run and pass are completely independent of one another. On a play action pass, the offensive line, even though they are firing out to show run, are still blocking for pass. In and RPO, they are strictly run blocking. They have no idea if the QB is picking it up and throwing or handing off. They are just doing their job. Even the running back don't know if it's run or pass. The pass option is strictly between the QB and the receiver. Everyone else is executing a run play. PLAY #1 - from the opening drive. We are in a a strong-I formation. STRONG denoting that the fullback in the "I" is set to the the tight end side instead of a dotted "I" directly behind the QB, for anyone who is wondering. Julio is in a reduced slit, or "Nasty" split in West Coast Offensive lingo. Now there are all sorts of cool strategic reasons you put Julio in a nasty split that's worthy of it's own topic. We can get to that another time. Sanu is out wide at the top of the screen. The run call is an inside zone weak to the boundary, with Sanu running a smoke route to the back side of the play. The read Matt is making is the linebackers. This is where the QB earns his money, in the pre-snap reads. He sees them packed in and just creeping for an all out blitz. I can't see the coverage to see if it's a Cover-), but it is not a favorable run look, even with the Wide-9 alignment the Eagles are in. Also, Matt sees the corner playing off, pass the sticks, so it's an easy decision. If that guy was pressed, Matt doesn't throw it out there. Matt picks the ball up and gives it to Sanu right now... And Sanu is just out there being a football player on 2nd and 4. This is more of what I want to see. You don't have to be clever to get the most out of this offense. We don't have to try to drop bombs on people all game. Defense wants to blitz you and leave OUR WEAPONS one on one, let 'em. Get the ball out quick and we'll take our guys one-on-one every time.
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    Falcons twitter killing it. That was hilarious. Did they hire Wendy’s social media person or what?
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    Why does it matter? There wasn't a penalty and the play won the game. Instead of making excuses for losses, now we coming up with reasons the game should have been lost. smh
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    He pancaked Quinnen in the preseason. If Brown keeps his head on straight, he can be really good. It looks like he has an occassional brain fart and that ends up in a false start or a hold. He is a super physical guy that finishes his blocks. I'll have to rewatch the game and look at that. I was in 100000% fan mode during the game and wasn't trying to analyze anything.
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    You guys saying that was a block in the back are either blind or don't know what a block in the back is lol. Even Doug Pederson said it was clean
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    I’m getting so old. I actually remember this.
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    He really didn't push him at all. The defender was headed the direction to head off Julio, and went down, not because he was pushed but because of the change of direction spinning around to go after Julio now in front of him; like was said, more similar to a pick play than a block in the back It wasn't called because there was nothing to call; ticky tack
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    Finally got an offensive coordinator that knows how to use Julio!
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    Man my wife and I were watching the game in Disney world yesterday in the lounging area and there were a lot of Eagles fans there watching with us. The one Eagle fan told me he had Julio and Freeman in his fantasy. Long story short, when Jake laid the Eagles defender out the whole bar went crazy. The one Eagle fan that had Julio in his fantasy was cheering. That might have been worse than the hit he put on Norman!
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    His personality is a moral killer. We have a good team vibe going. A guy like Ramsey could kill that
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    Falcons got a legit coverage sack yesterday. Most of the so called coverage sacks they've gotten past few years were simply the QB being indecisive and holding the ball or the QB trying for the big play. Vic's sack was a coverage sack because Wennz didn't have anyone to throw to. I'm assuming that's in large part to Rico lining everybody up.
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    Yep. Everybody wants an ET. It makes sense. But if ET is the gold standard, Rico is a close silver my friends. He knows what to do and where to be. That hit on Agholor was perfect because he knew what was coming but didn't overplay his hand. He forced Wentz to throw it, but him telling Sheffield to widen and forced Agholor inside of him is the small thing that fans take for granted. Forcing Agholor inside of Sheffield puts that seam squarely in Rico's range. Understanding your limitations and the scheme's limitations and you can be great.
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    "Falconing" lol...make **** way more stressful than it needs to be...