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  1. Well I'm a grandfather. I came on this board when she was a toddler, she made me a grandpa this year. I'm excited.
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  2. First off, know this much - I get you. At least on a surface level, it looks like we traded Free, a guy who a lot of TATF liked, for a guy with similar injury issues, a guy who had a down year, and we did it with money that could've been dedicated to the defense. But let me point out a few things that have me high as Khalifa on this Gurley signing. 1) Contract conditional on physical: Gurley's deal with us is conditional on him passing a physical, which means if his knee is really as bad as everyone's making it out to be, he won't count a penny against our cap. Plain and simple. 2) L
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  3. AUTiger7222

    Pray For Gritz

    Everyone please say a small prayer for @GhostofGritz. I'm not gonna post the details on here, he's welcome to if he wishes. But let's just remember him and his family right now as they deal with a family tradegy. I know we all get on each other's nerves at times on here and we last out sometimes but at the end of the day we're one big family and we all lift each other up in times of hardship. I've experienced it and I've seen it happen with others on here. Gritz, we're praying for you brother!!
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  4. I like them. I guess I'll be in the minority lol.
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  5. 1) You draft a QB when your current QB is bad...ours isn’t. 2) You draft a QB when your QB is ending his career...ours isn’t. 3) You draft a QB so you can take advantage of the rookie wage scale and save a ton of money for five years and build around him...we are still paying Ryan so that isn’t a thing, and we have no money to surround that person with talent. 4) The flawed logic of “we won’t be drafting this high in a long time we we have to take our QB of the future”. This is wrong for two reasons. QBs taken in the top five have been less successful then the rest of the fist
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  6. https://twitter.com/FalconsKingdom/status/1358829003180769286 Oh
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  7. First of all, as a Falcons fan since 1966 and having suffered through the Rankin Smith ownership tenure, I am forever grateful to Arthur Blank for what he has done for this city and this franchise. He makes mistakes like we all do but he is still one of the very best owners, not just in the NFL, but in all of pro sports. Mr Blank does one thing exceptionally well. When he decides he wants someone in his organization, he does whatever has to be done and gets the person he wants. He is not cheap. You never hear him complain publicly about money or having to pay big contracts even if those
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  8. That's a dumb way to judge QBs. The QB is 1 guy out of 53.
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  9. After all the "edgy" naysayers piled on the hate wagon, I was curious as to whether or not day 2 would reveal any of the magnified negative perspective after such an exhaustive critique on day one. Nope. Still FIYAHHH!!!!!
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  10. Since it's completely dead here I figured I would revisit this thread I made 5 years ago. There have been more people join the board and new lurkers. Come in and tell everyone about yourself. Here's the link to the original thread below if you want to take time and revisit https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4023102-meet-the-poster/ And please no one be weirdos and use other people's photos from that thread or this thread if someone chooses to post. That very thing happened in that thread. But here's an update of my family. And it was hot that day at Disney. kma
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  11. We cant run the ball, Ryan has no "get out of jail free" receiver, we only get a good pass rush when we blitz, the secondary is weak. It doesnt look like we have a QB problem, he got us a lead. The run game and defense holds the lead. The defense need the run game and overall clock management. I dont think we have clock management plays.
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  13. 🤪😀Of all places, I saw this in the middle of a political thread on Facebook. Suck it Saints.
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  14. The comment from the original tweet is funny.
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  15. Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson were not better QBs than Dan Marino and Dan Fouts.
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  16. No one plays the predraft game better than Dimitroff. That's why you see him interviewed so much this time of the year.
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  17. Good afternoon beautiful people. It's been too long. I've been meaning to do one of these for the longest buuttt... you know, 2020 and all. But the Falcons left me in a good mood Sunday so here we go. Let me just start off by saying, the first five games or so -- and I don't want to be too hyperbolic about this, but this was some of the sh**iest defense I have ever seen in my life. I don't wanna say they were the worst defense I had ever seen, but I can't think of too many worse off-hand. And the defensive play calling (whoever was doing it) was atrocious. It was a total repeat of l
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  18. Sooo.. if you want to know about our new O-line coach's philosophy, check this out. He is giving a clinic on the wide zone scheme, which is what Coach Smith ran in TN. Former NFL lineman who has been coaching O-lines for almost 15+ years. This could be a great hire!
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  19. Start at 1:24, look bottom right, black shirt https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/media/lawrence-jones-cpac-attendees-democrats-coronavirus.amp
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  20. Coach Smith, please do not listen to a dam thing this fan base has to say. Mods, please deliver
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  21. This is not intended to be a final bash Dirk post, although there will be some I'm sure. This is more to show different tendencies over their two years on their respective teams. My goal with this is to try to predict what kind of performance we can expect from our offense next year. I'm also not going to compare basic stats because that is easy info to find and has likely already been done. First, Let's Compare Personnel. I will use PFF Grades to keep this simple as the base of "who is better or worse", I know it isn't the end all be all but very few here I'm sure have watched a to
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  23. etherdome

    Tremendous Off Season

    There are a lot of TD haters on this board, but honestly, I don't understand that logic. This offseason has been tremendous. Look at the improvement in personnel. We have upgraded several positions: Trufant is replaced by Terrell (a better press CB). Freeman is replaced by Gurley. Beasley is replaced by Fowler. Hooper is replaced by Hurst. Davison is replaced by Davidson (a better pass rusher) The Falcons have also acquired depth behind Mack and Neal. Seriously, this has been a very successful offseason.
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  24. Why on earth would anyone consider trading one of the only key pieces on defense?
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  26. A first, I was like “meh”. He’s a good back up. I was underwhelmed by his highlights and a few other loose objects here and there. While sitting here recovering, I was on the phone with a buddy of mine and he knows way more than I ever will. He’s telling me we got one of those sleepers. Was a WR coming out of college Runs a sub 4.5 (colleges have field day) Is very physical, hits like Neal Is a film guy, loves the game and loves to study His best trait is his football IQ, second best trait is his incredible range. Possibly top five in this draft as far as range, lik
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  27. I shouldn’t do this, but it seems only those that know more about me and can actually read know this. There is a going, thread derailing, myth that I’m super negative. No, I have very high standards in everything I am and do. It’s my way. No one has to like it, but if we’re friends, it’s likely to irk but we’re still cool. I don’t dislike ANYONE on our offense. I am and will always be so-so on Matt Ryan, but I love the receivers, TEs (wanted Hurst out of college), the OL I’m so-so. RBs I love except Hill. He’s so-so. I hate Koetter. Always have, always will. On Defens
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  28. I hope the train picks up enough steam that if he's there at #4, we can get a fortune trading out of that spot!
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  29. My 18 month old son and I. Got another one coming due November! Wife and I
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  30. jdawg4876

    Meet The Poster V2

    Im still here wife and i are officially getting married in sept. If we are not all dead by then.
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  31. I am. You can call him Daddy if you want.
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  32. He's one of the best. We will all miss him when he is gone. Meanwhile Capt. Whiny down in Houston is planning on sitting out the season unless he is traded. https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/deshaun-watson-willing-to-sit-out-2021-season
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  33. that was the look on his face when they told him how many draft picks they have this year
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  34. That young man embodies everything right about sports and he has represented himself and this organization in a first class manner since he became a Falcon.
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  36. Defense defense and more defense. The Tampa defense is getting lost in the Tom Brady news cycle.
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  37. As most with common sense expected
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  38. Yes, I’m admitting it. He’s the best ever. And most of you who know me know I’ve been a big Brady detractor his whole career. But, I want to point something out here. I’ve had countless arguments and discussions with people over the years about how defense is more important than weapons for a QB. People have told me that Brady wins with no weapons and Peyton had tons of weapons and couldn’t pull through. Same argument applies to Ryan. Ryan’s been “blessed with weapons” and can’t win the big one is the narrative. In this game we just watched, Brady was 13/22 for 202 yards and 2 t
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  39. Hey my Falcons family. Ol' Goober needs your prayers, good thoughts, and just some good, positive vibes....more importantly, Mrs. Goober needs them. Today is the BIG surgery day, her reconstruction. It's a 10-12 hour surgery, with a 3 day hospital stay afterwards...including a night (possibly 2) in the ICU. I know she's in good hands...both the Father's and, by extension, the surgeon's as well. Never hurts to have prayers and positivity flowing your way, though. Thanks in advance! I'll update once I have the info.... Love to all!! Goober
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