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    Knight of God

    Things I Like About Hawkins

    A first, I was like “meh”. He’s a good back up. I was underwhelmed by his highlights and a few other loose objects here and there. While sitting here recovering, I was on the phone with a buddy of mine and he knows way more than I ever will. He’s telling me we got one of those sleepers. Was a WR coming out of college Runs a sub 4.5 (colleges have field day) Is very physical, hits like Neal Is a film guy, loves the game and loves to study His best trait is his football IQ, second best trait is his incredible range. Possibly top five in this draft as far as range, likely #1 or #2 in football IQ. Lined up at EVERY defensive back position successfully Plays every coverage at every position very well Best suited for Strong safety, but can be a great FS and is compared to Amos. So, I went back and looked at anything I could find. I’ll just say, he may be what I’m looking for. Likely our fastest safety, hits like Neal, has Allen’s work ethic, hawks like Kazee. I’m intrigued. I think we got one.
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    I shouldn’t do this, but it seems only those that know more about me and can actually read know this. There is a going, thread derailing, myth that I’m super negative. No, I have very high standards in everything I am and do. It’s my way. No one has to like it, but if we’re friends, it’s likely to irk but we’re still cool. I don’t dislike ANYONE on our offense. I am and will always be so-so on Matt Ryan, but I love the receivers, TEs (wanted Hurst out of college), the OL I’m so-so. RBs I love except Hill. He’s so-so. I hate Koetter. Always have, always will. On Defense I really like the coordinators and assistants. Really. I don’t like Takk or Rico. Everyone else is aces with me. I’m cool. Just those two. Rico mainly because he’s made to be something he isn’t and he needs serious upgrade. Takk is all bark no bite. Gets the fanbase hyped up and does what he did the year before. He has the potential, but behaves as though he’s already made it. As far as Kazee, I like him. I don’t think he can carry the secondary. His reads are bad, his reaction time is inconsistent to a fault, but I love his dog and effort. The same thing I like in Rico. Effort. Thing is, I believe we are a LB and FS short of that excellence we can be. If Neal is healthy, we’re good there, but just stop it with the Kam Chancellor bull. The only similarity is they hit. That’s all.
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    Hey my Falcons family. Ol' Goober needs your prayers, good thoughts, and just some good, positive vibes....more importantly, Mrs. Goober needs them. Today is the BIG surgery day, her reconstruction. It's a 10-12 hour surgery, with a 3 day hospital stay afterwards...including a night (possibly 2) in the ICU. I know she's in good hands...both the Father's and, by extension, the surgeon's as well. Never hurts to have prayers and positivity flowing your way, though. Thanks in advance! I'll update once I have the info.... Love to all!! Goober
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    So, here is how I see it: Forget the Falcons, Smith has NEVER coached in the NFL or any level outside of 1 year as an assistant with UT when they "mutually parted ways" after 1 season. He claims Quinn took all the credit for the defensive/pass rush turnaround last year. I have not seen Quinn take any of the credit other than for moving a couple of responsibilities around and giving Morris and Ulbrich all the credit for defensive improvement . Chuck says he was done dirty, but I dont see it that way. Until any team decides to make him a coach I can only conclude that for all of his knowledge and expertise, he is deemed as a potential liability, hence organizations value his input, but have to keep him at arms length. I dont fault the Falcons when 31 other franchises arent knocking at his door either to get him on payroll. Some people are just better suited to consult and keep it moving. Smith seems like a good guy, and a real dude, but he comes across as a little cocky and arrogant. Coaching is more than just teaching technique and Xs and Os by the way. Smith likely could teach our staff a ton about pass rush, but that doesn't mean he needs to be in charge of professional athletes 365 days a year. That's a different set of skills. You get ALL the criticism from fans media, other coaches, the GM, and Shareholders, but you still have to show up to work and lead a group of young men to achieve THEIR best potential as a professional athlete on and off the field and maybe never get any credit publicly. Thats a different animal of a human. And he is upset he didnt get a shout out last season, but you want to coach? There is always 2 sides. There have been 4 Head coaches for the Falcons since Smith retired in 2000 and none of them brought him on to staff. At some point you stop pointing fingers man.
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    It is with great sadness that I tell you today, the man who was in charge of Field Designs for the Georgia Dome has passed away. Charles was responsible for the field work and painted many Falcons logos and endzones. He was also contracted by the NFL to do the endzones and field designs for the superbowl with the one in February being his last. I don't know if this post will be moved/deleted or whatever but I thought it was important that if you are a Falcons fan and if you ever been to the Dome or watched a game that took place their between 1992-2007, you should know the man who was behind all of the graphic designs on the field. His work includes the Georgia Dome and all the events that took place there including Falcon home games, Sec games, monster truck events , Superbowl, Logo work for the PGA in Augusta and he had his own private Field Design Company. He was a life long Falcons fan and even had the pleasure of painting the field for our Falcons when we went to the superbowl. I am apart of his family and I know he always loved... God, family and the Falcons. He leaves behind 2 loving children and grandchildren. RIP Charles, we will miss you!
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    All In On The Allen’s

    He is above average....and honestly, I’ll gladly support a man who is devoted to his wife and puts in the time/effort to raise his children properly and do so in a healthy & happy environment
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    Go be a fan of a different team if you don’t like our Franchise QB 😷
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    Goober Pyle

    Prayers Requested

    Hey guys! I debated with myself to even start this thread. Y'all know me as Goober here on the boards and a few know me in real life. I'm not one to usually share much of what's going on in my personal life...even with those I know off the boards. And the Lord knows the everyone has SOMETHING going on that affects them or their loved ones each day. With that said, even though I don't know many of you on here, I still feel like this is an online home away from home....almost like the bar in "Cheers". I come here many times during each day, checking for new threads and replies in current ones that I follow. To sum up....I feel welcome here. My family got some bad news a few weeks ago that I didn't share with anyone. My wife has breast cancer. She found a lump in her left breast on a Sunday night and scheduled an appointment with her OB/GYN the very next day. After ultrasounds, 3D mammograms, and a biopsy, we got the news we dreaded. It wasn't completely unexpected as her mother is a breast cancer survivor, but it was still a bit of a shock. My wife is only 46 and we've been together for for 29 years...married for 24. She is without a doubt my very best friend and my soul mate. Now, with that said, it's not all bleak. We caught this very early and we're told that it's the most treatable kind of breast cancer. She goes this Friday to have the port installed and chemo treatments start next week. She will have a total of 6 treatments that take place every 3 weeks. Once the chemo ends, she will have surgery. Through all this, she has been an absolute rock. She refuses to get down and has said repeatedly that a positive attitude is a must. She will beat this. I'm coming to you guys asking for prayers for her and our family. If you don't pray, please send out some good thoughts and vibes our way. I'll still be here. Goob's not going anywhere. Much love to you all and thanks for being here.....
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    https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/why-the-lsu-game-endeared-a-j-terrell-to-raheem-morris-the-most One game shouldn't overshadow an entire career, but A.J. Terrell's performance against Ja'Marr Chase in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game had a massive impact on the public's perception of him. It also had a pretty big impact on Falcons defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, who knows a thing or two about coaching cornerbacks at the highest level. But while public opinion soured on Terrell because of his play against LSU, Morris came away with an entirely different reaction. "The things that people didn't like about him was his LSU game that he got beat on a couple of times, but that was what made me like him probably the most," Morris told AtlantaFalcons.com. "In that game, I saw a guy go out there and challenge a guy. Get beat, not be afraid, make a play. Get beat, not be afraid, make a play." It's true that Terrell did get beaten by Chase, who finished his sophomore season with 84 catches for an NCAA-best 1,780 yards and 20 touchdowns, in the title game, but practically everyone did in 2019. A mere glance at Chase's stat line from that game – nine catches, 221 yards, two touchdowns – might leave Falcons fans anxious, but there are two important things missing from those raw numbers. The first, Clemson had so much faith in their top corner that they tasked Terrell with shadowing Chase around the field and often asked him to cover him one-on-one. Seeing how Terrell didn't back down from that challenge and seemed to relish it gave Morris even more belief in the player he can become. "That's kind of our game, that's kind of the life we live, especially when you live at corner," Morris said. "People call it an island, but when you have the ability to go out there and play in a big-time game and be competitive that way and not be afraid to lose sometimes, which is going to happen, to be able to come back that next play to really make a play, those are the kind of guys that I love." The second aspect of Terrell's performance against LSU that's important to consider is that he played much better than the stat line reflects. Terrell was in position to make a handful of plays against the nation's leading receiver, who also benefitted from having Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow throwing him the football. On a couple of occasions, Terrell was in the right place at the right time only to have a Burrow dime make the difference. When you're playing in the title game, that's how life is sometimes. However, that performance doesn't change what the Falcons like about their newest first-round corner, namely: his speed, length and competitive attitude. It's not as though Terrell hasn't proven he can play against top competition, either. If he had ended his college career after returning an interception for a touchdown against Alabama in the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship Game, Terrell would have been riding high heading into draft season. Instead, he enters the NFL coming off that LSU performance, but it might work out in the Falcons' favor. Terrell now has a chip on his shoulder that will motivate him to prove he's more than one game. "You know, I always carry a chip on my shoulder, but that one game definitely gave me a chip on my shoulder," Terrell said after the draft. "… For me, that game was definitely a learning experience of just never being satisfied. I'm just ready to get back to work, get back in the lab." That's the kind of mindset Morris can't wait to work with.
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    https://youtu.be/wbnXxu4ZkUg This is solid work by Alex Rollins. I couldn't agree more with him. Good watch. Edit: I'm old, and I can't remember how to embed a youtube video.
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    I see many are worried about Tom Brady entering the division. I believe the Bucs just paid $25 Mill for a big chunk of fool's gold. Brady had the best situation possible in New England all those years. He had HC Belichick, but he also had an under the radar phenomenal assistant head coach/OL coach Dante Scarnecchia all but two of his seasons (2013/2014) when you'll see the Patriots offenses dominance took a modest dip from the years before and after. Scarnecchia retired this offseason, but this is just as big a loss to Brady and Belichick was. The brilliance of Belichick cannot be understated as far as being able to watch film on an opponent and rattle of each players strengths and weaknesses on both sides of ball as if he was coaching them all year. Then, to take this ability and scheme against the opponent was second to none in the history of the NFL in my opinion. But Scarnecchia helped Brady BIGTIME as well. This help is gone, and I don't think Arians will scheme around Brady's Achilles heel like BB did. Scarnecchia and Belichick knew Brady had to have a clean pocket to dominate, especially in his later years. Scarnecchia taught pass protection technique to where his interior OL would hold and release just before flags were thrown and ball was already in the air. It was very subtle, but extremely effective in keeping the pocket clean for Brady. Brady's Achilles heel that has increased as each year goes by is if you ,dirty his pocket in any way, even with hands or pushing his interoir OL back so he can't step and throw it renders him average. If you watch the film, he has these really long arms, and when he steps up into pocket, he throws in a downward tomahawk chop motion, over the DL and toward the ground where only his diminutive receivers running crossing patterns can catch it. If the ball isn't caught, it hits the ground limiting bobbles and tipped balls being intercepted. This has been the Patriots bread and butter play for years and why Belichick always finds these little slot receivers. You'll also notice Belichick over the past 4 years hasn't invested in speeding long WRs. Fans think this is why Brady's stats as far as yards per pass plummeted, no speed WRs. Its just the opposite actually. Belichick didn't bother investing recources in premium speed WRs Because he knew Brady's arm was losing its strength. I know he went after AB, but that was about it. But let this be known, if Brady cannot step up into his pocket, his great WRs in Tampa will be of little help in Arians deep passing game. Brady's arm is all but shot for the deep ball. Winston could hit deep passes while backing up, but Brady HAS to step into his throw to get it deep downfield. At 43 years old, Brady may come out of the gate slinging it, but as the season wears on his arm will wear down. If you take his pocket away, it will be non-existent. Same with Gronk, he has had some nasty injuries. I never thought he'd come back from that brutal knee injury that bent his knee back at about a 40 degree angle. Then, his nagging back issues. He's lot a big step. We may see his play decline as season wears on as well. He should still be a punishing run blocker. This is where Davidson comes in. You HAVE to get interior push and disruption from the DTs. With Grady and Davidson (and quite possibly Cominsky) , especially the way Davidson uses his hands, Brady is going to have some issues stepping up into his throws. If you get him out of the pocket he gets spooked. If you hit him enough he becomes pedestrian. He HATES getting hit. Davidson is built just like Rod Coleman in his upper body and uses his massive frame, arms and hands same way. Punching, chopping, violent motions that keep OLs hands from getting up under his pads and reach over and through OL. He also gets those arms out to make plays, so he'll have them in the pocket slapping at the ball frustrating Brady. Playing next to Grady he's going to get some chances. Brady no longer has Scarnecchia to help keep defenders off him and to keep defenders out of his pocket. He no longer has Belichick to scheme to protect him. Brady needs to learn a new scheme for first time in his career, and he knows none of the players yet, no offseason to get timing down. shortened preseason if any. He also has Arians vertical offense with a lot of 5 step drops. Unless Arians makes some big adjustments, Brady is going to have trouble later in the year. Once DCs see this Achilles heel, Brady is going to get hit, a lot. His deep weapons won't be near as helpful as the season wears on. Arians doesnt use his TEs much, but if Brady starts favoring Gronk to keep from getting hit those talents WRs on the edge may get upset. This thing might look good on paper to many of you, but they play the game on the field and there are an awful lot of question marks I see if the Bucs are going to be any better than they were last year..
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    'Mama, we made it': Falcons draftee Marlon Davidson fulfills NFL promise to his late mother Marlon Davidson stood at his mother's gravesite hours after the defensive lineman was selected by the Atlanta Falcons in the second round of the 2020 NFL draft and recited those words: "Mama, we made it. We're here now." Amid the chaos of the family celebration, Davidson slipped out of his aunt's home in Greenville, Alabama, hopped in his truck, and drove 20 minutes to the Ridgeville Baptist Church cemetery to honor the person who paved his NFL path. Davidson's mom, Cynthia Carter, died on Feb. 23, 2015 at the age of 47 due to complications from a blood clot in her right leg. She collapsed and hit her head while leaving an immediate care facility, but it was the clot circulating to her heart -- not the fall, as had been reported -- that was the cause of death, according to Davidson's aunt, Debra Moorer. Davidson, a junior in high school at the time of his mother's death, went to live with Moorer. Reflecting on the tragedy makes his voice quiver. After losing my mother I can’t even imagine the distractions, emotions and grief at such a young age. It’s a wound that never heals go big man.
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    My one & only mock draft in 2012 had us taking Curry in the 2nd round: https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/3942736-mock-10/ Me begging TD to trade for Curry in 2014: https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/3999335-vinny-curry-to-be-traded-bring-him-home-td/ Me still begging TD to trade for Curry in 2015: https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4023831-vinny-curry-in-the-4-3/ Better late than never???
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    Was Colin Cowherd right about Matt?

    What a crock. No wonder you bring up cowherd, who has never been right about anything. Ever. Anyone who uses him as a reference has zippo cred with me.
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    Deone Bucannon signed

    Crown Dimitroff. He is blowing away the record for signing free agent 1st round busts in one off-season.
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    Schedule release video

    I dont care what anyone says, the social media team has a very unique sense of humor
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    I like him and all, but you don’t owe anyone a danged thing
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    The O.D.B

    Check Out The Dream I Had Last Night

    Dreaming about DQ laying Pipe..............Are you really sure you want people to try and interpret this?
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    Good to hear they both are working to develop that chemistry Matt had with Hoop. TE is so important to this offense.
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    Why are y’all hating? It’s a 7th rounder and a smart move concerning Takks inability to finish a season healthy and also likely attitude to having his 5th season declined. Cry about not having depth then cry some more when the depth isn’t who you want. Talk about never being satisfied.
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    Our poor kicker....

    Instagram hates the the falcons. But this is a little funny.
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    He may have a point, I mean if you take away the six Super Bowls and average his career out then Tom Brady is actually a total schmuck.
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    If you think Cowturd is right about Ryan than you got issues.
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    What Takk and Marlon did is a success story alone. How they play has no bearings on what they did when they were drafted. I mean come on now lol
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    Goober Pyle

    Prayers Requested

    Update Many thanks to all of you for your prayers and good thoughts for my wife. She finished chemo in March and handled it like a champ. Now we’re on to the next step. I’m asking for your prayers and good thoughts for Mrs. Goober today as she has a bilateral mastectomy. She’s in good spirits and knows this is just a speed bump in the road of life. The prognosis is excellent as the chemo completely took care of the lump. Once she is healed from the mastectomy, she’ll have reconstructive surgery. She’s a strong lady, guys and the best person I know. I love her dearly and ask you guys just to remember her today if you don’t mind. I’ll update later after surgery. Love to all. Goober
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    The Truth about Takk Mckinley

    Takk has god given abilities and ideal size for a pass rusher. The problem with Takk is that if everything is not perfect for him, he shuts down. His constant twitter rants and making fun of the team that pays him is pretty ridiculous. I heard someone say, he can have a Shaq Barrett type of season. Barrett has one thing that Takk doesn't have, is heart and passion for the game. I would rather let Davidson or Cominsky or Larken get a shot before Takk, because at least those guys want to play the game. Those guys wont get all emotional and hurt if the offense and defense doesn't play to his style. Takk needs to get traded and get traded fast.
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    Small Hennessy factoids

    BTW, I want one of these Jersey cards
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    I'm an ATLien.

    That's all I have to say. Ain't no thang but a chicken wang. Do what you wanna do with it. I love me my Falcons... win, die, or lose. That's how I do.
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    Not to mention in the 4th quarter, Ryan completed 5 of 7 (71%) for 91 yards... that's a QB rate of 113.69. That's pretty dang great for a guy who "looked lost" in a game that was "too big for him"
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    Chess? Probably not. Seems more like 'Craps' to me, let's just hope those dice aren't 'loaded'.
  37. 16 points


    We are lucky to have this guy. He’s just a straight up baller. One of the DTs in this league that just doesn’t get enough credit in my eyes. Celebrate 97 we are seeing probably one of thee best players in his position.
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    You really didnt need to explain yourself, this board is of hypocrites. Cant state an opinion without someone clowning you for it and then they do the same thing and getting defensive. This board has changed alot in the last few years. The posters on this board act so high and mighty. I agree on Takk and Rico however, Ryan is good but too me is not up there with Manning, Brady, Favre, Brees. He's not that kind of player imo. Takk has never impressed me at all, Rico is ok. He did some good things but not what we needed at safety, need a playmaker.
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    He's pretty good at reading a draft board too
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    I was absolutely wrong

    On draft day I wasn't happy about our first round pick and didn't have kind words for Mr.Terrell but after watching a lot of footage I believe we may have gotten a steal. This film, in particular shows what type of Corner A.J. really is. I really believe he's going to surprise people.
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    https://theathletic.com/1778262/2020/04/27/thirty-thoughts-on-the-falcons-roster-now-that-the-nfl-draft-is-over/ Now that the NFL Draft has come and gone, here are 30 thoughts about the Falcons’ roster: 1. Out are Vic Beasley, Adrian Clayborn and Jack Crawford. In are Dante Fowler and Marlon Davidson. It will be a slightly new-look defensive front for the Falcons this season, with the hope that Fowler can add a consistent pass-rushing presence. Fowler recorded 11.5 sacks for the Los Angeles Rams in 2019 and previously played for head coach Dan Quinn during his first year at Florida. The two new additions will be critical in trying to add pressure while producing more sacks. In addition, it will be interesting to see how Takk McKinley responds to having Fowler on the opposite side of the formation. 2. Considering that Davidson was a second-round selection at a position of need, he will get every opportunity to start. The plan is for Davidson primarily to play the nickel defensive tackle role to provide a pass rush up the middle. In that situation, Grady Jarrett would play nose tackle. Of course, Tyeler Davison still will be the primary nose tackle when the Falcons are lining up to defend the run. If Atlanta sticks to the original plan, John Cominsky should start to see some defensive tackle reps, too. 3. With the Falcons addressing cornerback and the trenches with the first three picks, it’s clear that Quinn was telling the truth about Foye Oluokun being a starting linebacker during one of his pre-draft conference calls. Last year, the Falcons asked De’Vondre Campbell to do a lot at linebacker — he covered tight ends, rushed the passer and dropped back as a deep safety. Oluokun actually played safety in college at Yale, so now it looks to be his time to shine in this particular position. 4. While Oluokun figures get the first crack at starting, Mykal Walker, one of Atlanta’s two fourth-rounders, will do his best to vie for a rotational role. Atlanta’s selection of Walker is eerily similar to when it took Campbell four years ago. Campbell was taken with the 115th pick of the fourth round. Walker was selected at pick No. 119, and they have similar builds and athleticism. Both were taken when there was an obvious need at the position. Both are versatile linebackers who can play multiple positions. One thing that stands out about Walker is how instinctive he is on the field. He may not be the plug-and-play starter Campbell was, but Walker could earn some playing time earlier than expected. 5. The Falcons entered the offseason with only Oluokun, Deion Jones and Ahmad Thomas at linebacker. Since then, they have added LaRoy Reynolds and Edmond Robinson before drafting Walker. Jones, Oluokun and Walker seemingly are locks to make the 53-man roster. Last year, the Falcons began the season with four linebackers. If the same holds true for 2020, there will be a competition among Reynolds, Robinson and Thomas for the final linebacker spot. 6. First-rounder A.J. Terrell will start at one of the outside cornerback spots. If last season is an indicator, Kendall Sheffield can be expected to start as the other outside cornerback in the base package. In nickel, Isaiah Oliver may continue to play one of the outside corner spots with Sheffield moving inside to nickel. Blidi Wreh-Wilson once again will be the steady reserve he has become known for. 7. With Sheffield ending the 2019 season as a nickel cornerback, Damontae Kazee will stick to being a safety. But if Sheffield is the first option at nickel, and if Keanu Neal is healthy enough to resume his strong safety spot, who will start at free safety? That job seemingly would go to Ricardo Allen, the smartest player and a team leader on defense. Could Kazee then go back to a backup role? Or could the Falcons play more in a dime defense? Or could the nickel defense actually feature Allen as the slot corner with Sheffield playing primarily outside? It’s possible that Atlanta’s nickel defense, or a variation of it, could feature three safeties and two corners instead of two safeties and three corners. 8. Neal and Kazee are free agents after the 2020 season, which made safety a position the Falcons felt the need to target in the draft. Jaylinn Hawkins, the second of two fourth-round picks selected, has a little bit of both Neal and Kazee in his game. He’s big and can play down in the box like Neal. He also had 10 interceptions in his college career at California, with six coming as a junior in 2018. This season figures to be a developmental year for Hawkins, and if Atlanta doesn’t keep Neal and Kazee in 2021, the ensuing offseason could decide whether he’s a starter. 9. Of all the smokescreens involving Atlanta, the one indicating interest in drafting a quarterback was the biggest. 10. Matt Ryan will start at quarterback for the 13th consecutive season. But the preseason will be interesting as it pertains to his backup. Matt Schaub, who played well in his lone 2019 start against the Seattle Seahawks, is set to make $2 million as the No. 2 QB on the roster. But Kurt Benkert and Danny Etling have the tools to push Schaub for the spot. 11. The Falcons decided they were good enough at running back and didn’t feel the need to draft anyone at the position. Todd Gurley will be the team’s starter but probably won’t see the number of touches he saw with the Rams back in 2017 and 2018. One of the best camp competitions will be at No. 2 running back between Brian Hill and Ito Smith, seeing that the second running back will still see plenty of snaps. Qadree Ollison will be looking for a big jump too. 12. Last year, people wondered if the Falcons would even carry a fullback. After signing Keith Smith to a three-year deal, that’s not a question this offseason. 13. In what was considered a historic class at wide receiver, the Falcons elected to pass on the position in the draft. Like running back, they must feel good about who they already have. 14. Atlanta did add Laquon Treadwell, a former first-round pick, to the roster during free agency. But he is not expected to be in the top three of the receiver rotation, at least for now. His addition is more in line with replacing Justin Hardy. Treadwell is expected to be a No. 4 receiver who can add value on special teams coverage. 15. Of the receivers on Atlanta’s roster, the biggest winner is Russell Gage. After how he finished the 2019 season, he’s expected to remain the No. 3 receiver. 16. The Falcons drafted six players but added seven with the draft picks they had prior to the start of free agency. They traded second- and fifth-round picks to the Baltimore Ravens for Hayden Hurst and a fourth-round selection. The second-rounder can be attributed to Hurst while the original fifth-rounder moved up a round. 17. The second-rounder Atlanta traded was the 55th overall pick. With that slot, the Ravens took Ohio State running back J.K. Dobbins. Again, Atlanta’s faith in its existing running backs and the need for a tight end won out over adding to the backfield. 18. Behind Hurst, the Falcons will have a competition to monitor closely. Jaeden Graham is the only returning tight end on the roster and figures to be the lead candidate to be Hurst’s backup. Khari Lee and Carson Meier will compete for a blocking tight end spot. And then there’s undrafted free agent tight end Jared Pinkney, who a lot of analysts expected to be selected during the past weekend. Pinkney’s best year at Vanderbilt came in 2018 when he recorded 50 catches for 774 yards and seven touchdowns. 19. Whenever football activities resume, left guard will involve the most crowded competition. Four players — James Carpenter, Jamon Brown, Matt Gono and rookie draft pick Matt Hennessy — will all hope to end the preseason as the starter. Quinn said Hennessy will have a good chance of winning the job. 20. Gono’s offseason is an important one. He began his pro career at tackle in 2018 before seeing some practice reps at guard late in the year. He opened the preseason at guard last year before moving back to tackle. Yet by the end of the year, Gono was back at guard again. Jake Matthews, Alex Mack, Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary are entrenched in their positions. Does Gono also compete with John Wetzel as the swing tackle? Or does Gono stay at guard? 21. The Falcons were strategic with the lone offensive player they took in this year’s draft. As expected, they selected a center who has the versatility to play guard immediately. Hennessy’s long-term future is obviously at center. But with Mack under contract for one more season, Hennessy will start out at left guard. Hennessy was the second center selected in this year’s draft, behind only Michigan’s Cesar Ruiz (New Orleans Saints). 22. If Hennessy, 22 years old, wins the starting job at left guard, the Falcons will have an average age of 26.2 on the offensive line. The other projected starters’ are Matthews (28), Mack (33), Lindstrom (23) and McGary (25). This shows the effort Atlanta has made to scale younger up front the past two offseasons. The average age of the offensive line going into the first week of the 2019 season was 27. In 2018, it was 29.8. 23. With Atlanta deciding to not retain Matt Bosher, the Falcons added punter Sterling Hofrichter in the seventh round. While Ryan Allen finished the 2019 season as the team’s punter, he isn’t a long-term option for the franchise. Hofrichter’s hang time is attractive to this coaching staff, which holds a special teams philosophy in limiting the number of overall returns. 24. Right after the 2019 season ended, Quinn said the team would add competition for place-kicker Younghoe Koo. That hasn’t happened yet, although that remains the expectation. 25. Quinn said receiver Brandon Powell is the leading candidate to be the team’s return specialist. Undrafted free agent defensive back Tyler Hall returned kicks at Wyoming, which could create an avenue for him to make the 53-man roster. 26. In addition to Pinkney and Hall, an undrafted free agent signee to keep an eye on is Buffalo offensive tackle Evin Ksiezarczyk. Ksiezarczyk, at 6-foot-6 and 310 pounds, was the Bulls’ left tackle who helped lead one of college football’s best rushing attacks. Buffalo finished 10th in the nation and first in the MAC in rushing with 250.5 yards on the ground per game. 27. If Atlanta’s offense has a sleeper, it would have to be Gage. Gage will begin the 2020 season as the top slot option, with skill position players Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Hurst and Gurley working around him. Gage, by default, should find himself open or in single coverage more often than most. 28. On defense, Atlanta’s sleeper is Steven Means. It doesn’t appear the public has taken notice of Means, even if he’s someone Quinn and defensive ends coach Tosh Lupoi have recently raved about. Starting the final three games of the 2018 season, Means recorded seven tackles and a sack off the edge. Returning from an Achilles tear he suffered last offseason, Quinn believes Means will be a significant contributor in 2020. 29. Of last year’s rookies, McGary should see the biggest jump from Year 1 to Year 2. McGary showed off his strength as a run blocker but obviously underwent a learning curve as a pass protector. His play improved in the final quarter of the season, which should be a trend that continues in 2020. 30. That stated, barring a sudden change in events during the next two months, the NFL is not expected to have any on-site offseason work until training camp. And even then, no one truly knows if or when that will take place. This lack of offseason work figures to put all rookies across the league at a disadvantage.
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    If you look at Ryan over the last 4 or 8 years, he ends up being in the top 5 on most advanced stats. Looking at his play under Mularkey 12 years ago isn't very relevant right now.
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    Deone Bucannon signed

    If you don't know The Dude's drink... you should reevaluate your life choices...
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    He's going to be a top TE in the NFL for us. The epic drop-off predicted at TE with the loss of Hooper will be found to have been grossly over-estimated.
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    Mister pudding

    The Franchise

    Just want to say he's great before anyone comments that you could make an entire pasta salad with all of those noodles
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    So, I remembered that it wasn't long ago that we had the number 1 toughest strength of schedule prior to the beginning of the season and that there was a year where we had home-away-home-away-home-away scheduling - so I went back to look it up - 2012 (4th toughest SOS) - Games were scheduled Away - Home - Away - Home - Away - Home - bye - Away - Home - Away - Home - Away - Home - Away - Home - Away - Home In 2012 - our record was 13-3 and we went to the Conference Championship game - but lost to SF 2016 (Toughest SOS - tied with SF) In 2016 - our record was 11-5 and we won the NFCC game - but lost in the SB So, while the past isn't necessarily an indicator of the current season's success, I'm not going to let strength of schedule or the odd home-away-home scheduling bother me. Just a little tidbit of info for those who are interested.
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    Worthles players we dumped: Jamal Carter, Jonathan Cyprien, Devondre Campbell, and Kamal Ishmael. Worthless players we should have dumped: Allen Bailey. He just didn't provided anything as a pass rusher, even his contributions as a run stopper were negligeable. Worthless players we should have never traded for: Jonathan Cyprien cost us Duke Riley and a 6th round pick. Vet players who were puking aweful: Dr Dre Campbell, Trufart, and Freeman. My Offense Notes: Julio needs to learn to high point the ball and make a habit of catching it with his hands. There were too many occasions where he tried to catch the ball with his body, and he dropped a few tds because he didn't aggressively try to hand catch the ball or it even led to an interception (Vikings, eagles). As the best player on this team he needs to do better as this is one of the reasons he has a low TD total. Matt Ryan with Matt Shaubs arm would be a fantastic player. There were a few occasions where Ryan delivered a moon ball, where as a dart would have lead to a TD. He also locks in on Calvin Ridley too much, leading to interceptions. Freeman and Hooper gambled with the ball too much for my liking trying to play hero ball, this lead to fumbles. DQ needs to learn to kick FGs and when to punt the ball. Seriously it pays to be conservative. He lost us at least 2 games trying to play madden ball and be a hero. Its ok to take 3 points in the first 3 quarters as well as to punt on 4th and 4. Young Hoe pretty much cost us the second saints game with 2 missed fgs and 1 extra point. We pretty much hung out rookie McGary to dry one on one vs JJ Watt, wtf? Koetter needs to add some quick passing plays to his play book. We threw too many deep passes, and as a result it lead to high number of TO's. My defense notes: Oliver has not arrived yet, don't buy the front office marketing plan. Oliver is still grabby, bites on PA, gets caught looking in the backfield, and at times gets roasted by faster Wrs. His play did improve from the beginning to the end of the year, but I am not ready to annoint him yet. I would say as of right now our best corner is Kendall Sheffield. Thank God Trufart is gone. For a vet "shut down corner" his season was too inconsistent and inexcusable. The bail artist got some jail house loving by the Titans AJ Brown and lost us that game single handedly. His outings against will fuller, and Michael Thomas were not much better. Trufant struggles vs taller wide outs, and struggles in zone, often allowing his wr to get behind him and a make big plays while he tries to play hero ball. Devondre Campbell has momements where he looks ok, and moments where he looks like a heaping pile of hot dung. He is too inconsistent which is inexcusable for a vet. For instance he'll have a sack or come up with an int or a pd, but then he would crash inside on a run play against indy and lose us the game. Or he would get some Jail house loving by saints TE Cook, or abandon his zone leading to easy TDs. He needed to be gone yesterday and is not a good player considering he had 4 years in the system. opposing OCs were absolutely STOKED when Devondre Campbell, Kemal Ishmael, Oliver, and Oloukon lined up on defense. It was a guaranteed 1st down play almost every time. I am glad we got depth at SS in Hawkins. DQ needs to slip some testosterone to the DBs, and Lbers. The feminine tackling was ugly and it was the theme all season long. Deion Jones, Campbell, Ishmael, Takk, and Oliver were especially bad. DQ allows his players to play undisciplined and freelance too much, which leads to easy plays such as Deion Jones vs Jack Doyle (Indi game). Almost everyone on defense is guilty of this. Whats up with our olbs/DE's having a fetish for crashing inside on run downs? Takk, campbell, and Vic did it the most, but so did bailey and it lead to huge runs. Takk was playing with shoulder injuries all season long. You can tell he was favoring his shoulders because he would miss easy sacks with wimpy tackling or would go down clutching his shoulders or look limp. He could have easily had 8-9 sacks had he wrapped up properly or tackled the QB. He reminds me of a younger clayborn who could be better if he moved inside. He needs to get off the ball better, as he looks sluggish off the snap. He may not have filled the stat sheet but you can tell he is getting pressure because it lead to INTs or incomplete passes. He gave the QB too much time to get rid of the ball or dump it, and it think it has to do with his injuries. Clayborn will be missed as a nickle DT pass rusher, Davidson has big shoes to fill to step into his spot. Kazee stinks as a NCB, but he is a good FS. Tyeler Davison is not amazing as an NT but he gets the job done. Vic Beasley is a very good designated pass rusher, but he is not a 3 down player.
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    The humour of post draft grades... We only produced 3 Pro Bowlers
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    The importance of Deion Jones to the Falcons' defense can't be overstated It is no coincidence that the Atlanta Falcons earned the 19th- and 25th- ranked coverage and defensive grade, respectively, in 2018 — the year Deion Joneshad his season cut short due to a foot injury. And while Atlanta also lost safety Keanu Neal in the same game, the PFF data suggests that Jones is the player that the Falcons need as the leader of their defense. The 2017 season was a different story for the Falcons. The defense maintained an 87.6 team defense grade and a 91.0 coverage grade, both of which ranked inside the top eight in the league. This was the season in which Jones proved himself as a top-tier talent in the NFL, as he went on to earn an 87.3 overall grade and a 91.1 coverage grade across his 1,020 defensive snaps. Jones looked to be going about his business as usual in Week 1 of the 2018 campaign, as he earned a 90.2 defensive grade across 69 snaps against the Philadelphia Eagles in the season opener. However, injury struck, and after 11 weeks on the inactive list, Jones struggled to refind his feet when he returned, and he earned a 67.9 grade over the last five games of the season. You do not have to look far to find the area in which Jones excels. His coverage ability, more specifically his ability to break on throws and make plays in the open field, is arguably second to none. Jones produced 22 coverage stops in 2017, the third-highest total of any linebacker in the NFL, and he led the league with nine combined pass breakups and interceptions. These PFF metrics resulted in Jones leading the league in 2017 with a 91.1 coverage grade. The LSU alumnus is entering the fourth year of his rookie deal after being drafted in the second round of the 2016 NFL draft, but PFF data suggests the Falcons might want to look to get ahead of the pack and sign Jones to an extension. Looking at his tape, it's not hard to notice that Jones consistently makes plays in coverage, plays that could easily result in a touchdown for a majority of linebackers in the NFL. This playmaking ability is displayed here as rolls to the left and sprints upfield to stall a screen pass to Tarik Cohen, one of the NFL’s most dynamic players. Jones’ rare athleticism translates to freakish playmaking ability on the field. The below example is one of many, but it may be the most notable, as he picked off future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees to seal the win over New Orleans. Jones' 33” vertical leap ranked 13th among draft-eligible linebackers in the 2016 draft class, and it showed itself here. It was not a tough decision to put Jones on PFF’s top 25 NFL players under 25 list. We detailed Jones’ career by highlighting His 12.2 forced incompletion percentage which ranks first among qualifying linebackers since 2017, and his 81.0 passer rating allowed which ranks second. Look for Jones to make his case as a Comeback Player of the Year candidate in 2019 as he hopes to not only formulate a comeback season for himself but for the Falcons as well.
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    I have a feeling you would’ve made this same thread regardless of who was picked at #16. Lol.
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