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    You'll love this one at least as much (where the rest of my Bernie Bros at?):
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    Having a white slot receiver named McHonkey is like something I’d do if I were writing a New England Patriots parody so I’m all for him signing on.
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    I'm gonna double down and say I hope the niners lose it 56-6
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    @ATLSlobberKnockers @g-dawg- ps, your mocks suck but you're cool @Precyse Enjoy your day peoples
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    Remember when posters wanted to "move on from Grady" because he "wanted too much money"...I remember.
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    For anyone interested, part 1 is tonight. I won't be watching but enjoy. He's a former Falcon so I guess it's TATF related.
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    I trust Kirby and staff, so welcome Edwards and Go Dawgs. Clearly not as talented as Evans, but if Kirby feels better taking Edwards then so do I.
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    I'm actually in the process of re-watching the last 8 games and... Koetter wasn't terrible. He wasn't great and his scheme is still centered around tried and true pro style plays and isn't the most creative, matchup exploiting offense. But he scored fewer than three TDs only once. The run game even showed different styles. Outside zone, tosses, inside zone, power, traps. There was a good mix there that wasn't there initially. One thing I did notice is that Matt missed a good number of reads this year. It's not popular, but he's just as much to blame for some of the inconsistency. As expected though, his first year in a new offense. If they can clean it up, the offense can be good enough. It won't be KC or SF, but if they can score 25-28 points per game, it's winnable.
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    Definitely will be watching this.
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    Is he talking about toilets.....again? Seriously imagine how far gone you have to be to come onto a message board talking about toilets because your cult leader is doing so.
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    I know the leftists consider it being weird.... But the President's lawyer essentially arguing that if the President feels like it's in the national interest he can do whatever the **** he wants to do. Yeah I'm gonna have feelings about that. Only an idiot wouldn't.
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    Hey everyone, We read a lot of feedback from people about topics being moved and how we can improve AFMB altogether. We listened to the feedback and we've started the process of cleaning up the forum quite a bit. The home page has been condensed to a total of 6 forums. Talk about the Falcons Around the NFL NCAA Forum MLB Forum NBA Forum Anything but Football We are hopeful that these changes will actually make Around the NFL a very active forum. The biggest complaint we were getting was that people only went to TATF and if a thread got moved, it would essentially die. Well, hopefully this helps some of that. I encourage football fans to utilize Around the NFL as much as possible and have TATF still be...TATF. Around the NFL can be used for threads like NFL news, discussions on players not on the Falcons, etc. However, I will allow mock drafts, draft prospects, free agents that fans want the team to go after, etc. to stay on TATF moving forward. To make this as black and white as possible, if your topic has the Falcons tied into it, we will keep it in TATF for you. Lastly, don't worry, nothing was deleted. It was just essentially hidden. The MLB forum still has all the Braves stuff in there, just a title change to the name. I'm open to more suggestions or thoughts. My commitment in taking on the role of Moderator was to make the forum better.
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    Embrace the...its not going to suck itself
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    House update#23 We were suppose to sign on Monday the 4th but due to delays on the sellers end it may not be until the 6th or 7th. But we should be signing next week! It is a nice house with a nice lay out but it is a bit smaller than we had looked at but it is so far below our budget ( we were qualified for a loan up to 350k and this loan will be under 250k) that we eventually are going to put a 500-600 sf guest house in the back yard to eventually be my office/man cave. Plus that will add some resale value as we we Will be adding more living space.
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    Fun fact: that scene is set in 1955, but that Gibson ES345 guitar wasn't released until 1958. Ok, that's not really a fun fact. Just a fact.
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    Part of me wants to watch it but another part of me knows that I will be infuriated because of how much talent he wasted here.
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    It’s interesting regardless and has nothing to do with SVP. We are in a position of closing with the best players or best fits available for the last couple spots. SVP is a center and all Dawg. Also I was mistaken earlier, seems Henderson’s not a commit for Ole Miss. OM wants him to play tight end and defense as a freshman. Luke has apparently been talking to him for a while about UGA. Pittman is also trying to get Henderson to Arkansas. I become less sure how this class closes out after Jones and SVP with each passing day lol
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    My God you lemmings will just repeat whatever they tell you to. You parrots Anyways let's talk about toilets.
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    For me it's watching the defense collapse. There was no quid pro quo. Show me the Quid Pro Quo! This is all hearsay. Show me the first hand witness! Bolton: It was definitely Quid Pro Quo and I was there and heard him say it. Quid Pro Quo doesn't matter. The president can do whatever he wants with whatever he wants if he thinks him being re-elected is in the national interest. **** the Constitution and laws
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    "So we're going to take a look at things, see why we aren't going out as consistently as we can be, and get things cleaned up, and that's when we'll be at our best." "Sir, this is 911, what is your emergency?"
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    This year he's actually looking for "game-wreckers"
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    Another thing to consider is it all works together. The offense was bad for a couple of games, then pretty good, but the defense was consistently putrid. No offense can overcome that. You get behind 2 scores because the defense can't get off the field and the offense hasn't hit its rhythm yet and you are limited in the plays you can call. Constricting the playbook makes any OC look bad. Same with failed runs on 1st and 10. There aren't a lot of sure thing plays for 2nd and 10, and you are really limited on 3rd and long. You're taking a lot of tools out of his toolbox just because they couldn't get something going on 1st and 2nd down. I'm not defending Koetter, because I don't like his system or philosophy and I wanted someone like Bevell. But we got who we got, and Koetter for all his many faults isn't an idiot. He knows how to coach offense. He needs more stuff to go right to be successful, but he has made a career of making things go right. And he isn't hampered with a head case QB who is in love with his own arm, so I think things improve this season with or without a new RB. But get a good running game going? Look out.
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    It’s the first thing that struck me is his energy and has multiple ways to win. I think alot just don’t like the Beasley body type and associate it with oh he’s a speed rusher that’s it.Chaisson is far from that. I keep looking and I like him more and more every game I’m watching.
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    If trump said he wanted toilets that used a quarter of a gallon per flush omega would be in here telling you he loves the idea and how he already shut his toilets out to that flow years ago in his cabin down by the lake.
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    First half of the year graded much worse than second half, so that lines up with what the eye test says. I always take their grades with a grain of salt, but I love a lot of their other advanced stats, which is the reason I pay for their membership, not the grades.
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    I don't think his desire to be great can ever be questioned.
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    I mean it's on their side. They gotta pay for that.