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    If you seen him during the superbowl you'd know he wants one just as bad as us. Open your ******* eyes.
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    No need to bring in Brice. I'd rather not waste a scholarship and a 25 limit slot on a guy that probably will never see the field in the next 2 years.
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    Rivals has confirmed Monken is replacing Coley as the OC and Monken will have playcalling duties. They are not sure what Coley's role is at this time.
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    Please God let this happen. Trent Smallwood Trent Smallwood War Daddy Now I have a name that has been tossed around a few times to me and wanted to let you all know. San Francisco 49ers passing coordinator Mike LaFleur is a name I have heard Kirby Smart is interested in. If you are not familiar with him, LaFleur is a young guy that has been brought up with Kyle Shanahan. He was first hired as an intern under Shanahan with the Cleveland Browns in 2014. He was then an assistant offensive coach under Shanahan while he was with the Atlanta Falcons. That Falcons team eventually went on to play in the Super Bowl and Matt Ryan had his best year of his career. Shanahan then was named the 49ers head coach in 2017. When he was hired, he took LaFleur with him to be his wide receiver coach and passing game coordinator. Although he has been in the NFL the last six seasons, he did begin his career in the college ranks. He was an offensive assistant in 2009 at his Alma Mater Elmhurst. He was then the quarterback coach (2010) and offensive coordinator (2011-2012) at Saint Joseph's. He then spent a year as Davidson's offensive coordinator in 2013 before hitting the NFL ranks. Mike is the brother of Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LeFleur. Again, might be nothing to it but his name has been tossed to me a couple of times so wanted to put it out to you all. 1
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    James Cook now has hope. Our TE transfer should fit in well.
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    I guess that could be it. Seems like they just wanted to mention Brady again hah It has been my observation though that a lot of people have had a very bad read on Kirby. He is stubborn but he's not nearly as stubborn as people talk about and I have never understood the narrative about him handcuffing or dragging the offense down. Chaney and Coley pretty much were what they've always been but it has been clear as day that we have WANTED to run a more explosive offense. I was vocal about Coley being a crap hire and all I heard from people was "trust the process" or "trust Kirby" followed by explanations that just didn't fit anything Coley has actually done before. A lot of our struggles in 2019 truly were not his fault, but he did absolutely nothing to overcome it and showed the same tendency he showed at Miami in going ridiculously conservative and incapable of making adjustments. Monken is pretty much the opposite of that. He has had a ton of success doing different things offensively that suit the strengths of his team. He's definitely bringing more of a pass oriented philosophy, but I'm curious and excited to see how he molds it around our OL/RB talent.
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    Kirby did what I didnt expect. I thought Coley would get 1 more season or at least start 2020 as the playcaller. Kirby recognized his mistake and acted quickly to fix it, that takes a lot of guts to admit. Coley is a recruiter not a playcaller.
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    I Tru’s Schlabach on UGA news. It’s why I posted the Monken to UGA rumor last week. This is a GREAT FREAKING HIRE
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    Looks done now, Monken to UGA. Nobody knows exact role yet but theres confirmation Monken is headed to Athens.
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    Doesn’t matter you don’t have defend the whole field when defending DKs offense anyway. Its not called a vertical offense for nothing.I look foward to seeing more of Ryan straight dropping waiting for these vertical routes to develop. Run game lol is that even part of his plan lol. Just Whatever Man.
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    I think beck will challenge more than U guys think-
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    Here are the best logical assumptions for this discussion... If Brice comes here, then it's clearly THE signal that Mathis will never get cleared to play... at least not at UGA. If Brice doesn't come here, then either he doesn't want to play behind Newman and then risk not playing again in 2021 to Vandagriff OR It's a signal that Mathis WILL be fully cleared to play for us. If Mathis gets fully cleared, we just don't need 5 scholarship QB's on the roster. If Newman gets hurt, Beck and Mathis can compete for the job, and I would be more than satisfied with that. Neither is quite as mobile as Newman, but both absolutely could run and Air Raid offense with RPO's and read-options and be perfectly adequate enough. Vandagriff is almost assuredly the future. Potentially jeopardizing that just to have another viable backup/competition would be an unnecessary risk.
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    Like him a lot. He’s a vocal leader too. Backs it up with his play and motor. He’ll light the combine up, but he’ll be at 16 for sure. Other teams’ needs ahead of us are too glaring for them to take him.
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    Don’t see how any dawg fan can’t be ecstatic about this- coley sucked as an oc, we were all worried (or at least I was) that Kirby would never replace him, and he was way to stubborn to adapt to today’s football.. w a better offense u don’t have to 100% out talent every team! And last we all watch because it’s entertaining really- our offense will actually be interesting again.
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    I triple dog dare Kiffin to take his phone.
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    Monken philosophy...lol. Todd, don’t mention trick plays to Kirby please. We have had our fill. We have better player. Let’s win on talent, scheme & execution. Let Auburn have the trick plays
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    Not sure how it doesn't. It's a full blown formal change to a "pass to open the run" Air Coryell true spread system. Southern Miss was 0-12 in 2012 and averaged 19.7 ppg., which was the 112th ranked offense out of 124.Monken took over in 2013.By 2015, Monken had Southern Miss go 9-5 and averaging 39.9 ppg, which was ranked 13th in the nation.This got him hired as the Tampa Bay Bucs OC and WR's coach. He also was at OK State with Mike Gundy when Branden freaking Weeden broke like half the college QB passing records, too. I can't see how someone couldn't be excited AF about this.
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    There'll be homers on every board. Being the polar opposite doesn't help either though. This 7-9 finish didn't look like stat padding to me. It was a transformed team that - especially on defense - looked like they knew what they wanted to do and executed it. The DL is still bad until proven otherwise, though hopefully signings, draft, etc will show promise. Our coaching staff has been improved in some areas but inexplicably chosen the status quo in others (coughoffenseandoffensivelinecough). Our cap has been shafted by trying to sign every player we drafted with talent to top 5 or record setting contracts, but we do have some flexibility still. I swear, half this board sees exclusively in black and white. Maybe, just maybe, there are good and bad things going on? Maybe we're so barely into the off-season that it's difficult to say how good this team might be next year? Crazy thought. This is how I feel. We have a couple terrific players (Grady and Debo) with a few talented but incomplete guys around them, and then some shmoes and below average dudes...and we're badly missing leadership. Rico is the closest I can think of, and he's average. Debo stepped up some but he's less comfortable in that role. It's part of why I've wanted us to sign a couple vets so badly. Weatherspoon and Freeney made a big difference in that SB season, not because of their play but because of their leadership.
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    Exactly, he can employ all the zone he wants and be calling from Shanny’s exact playbook, but it’s the calls themselves that need to change regardless of everything else. One of my favorite things Kyle does is his ability to run so many plays out of the same formation and the defense is forced to hesitate once the ball is snapped. For example, using a full back in multiple ways, not just as a blocker. Dirk is the opposite, there is very little disguising what he plans to do. Keith Smith was on the field 196 snaps, 81 were pass plays, pretty solid balance there honestly, however 54 of them he actually ran a route and he was targeted only twice. 2/81 isn’t making the defense guess. Decoys only work if there is a threat of actually using them on a play. We had more successful onside kicks last season than we targeted our FB despite him running over 50 routes. Either use them or don’t, stop being so predictable and trying to be something you're not. This one foot in, one foot out crap isn’t getting it done. I’m not even suggesting he needs a lot of targets, but if you only plan on targeting him twice, why waste 52 snaps on him running a route when you have no interest in actually having Matt throw him the ball when you have better backs and receivers that you are taking snaps away from that we could actually use.
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    Below is a list of prospects visiting UGA this weekend. https://bulldawgillustrated.com/sports/uga-football-2/daily-dawg-thread-17-january-2020-a-number-of-2021-prospects-are-athens-bound-this-weekend/ 2021 PROSPECTS VISITING UGA FOR WEEKEND OF JANUARY 17-19 Brock Bowers | 4-star TE | 6-foot-4 | 220 lbs | Napa High School, Napa, CA Cody Brown | 4-star RB | 6-foot-0 | 215 lbs | Parkview HS, Lilburn, GA Marcus Burke | 4-star WR | 6-foot-3 | 180 lbs | Trinity Christian Academy, Jacksonville, FL Miles Campbell | 3-star TE | 6-foot-4 | 230 lbs | South Paulding HS, Douglasville, GA Barrett Carter | 4-star LB | 6-foot-1 | 210 lbs | North Gwinnett HS, Suwanee, GA Chaz Chambliss | 4-star LB | 6-foot-3 | 240 lbs | Carrollton HS, Carrollton, GA David Daniel | 4-star ATH | 6-foot-3 | 190 lbs | Woodstock HS, Woodstock, GA Gabe Ervin | 3-star RB | 6-foot-0 | 200 lbs | Buford HS, Buford, GA Tony Grimes | 4-star CB | 6-foot-1 | 185 lbs | Princess Anne HS – Virginia Beach, VA Jordan Hancock | 4-star CB | 6-foot-0 | 170 lbs |North Gwinnett HS, Suwanee, GA Isaiah Johnson | 5-star CB | 6-foot-1 | 180 lbs | Bluefield HS, Bluefield, WV Amarius Mims | 5-star OT | 6-foot-8 | 315 lbs | Bleckley County HS, Cochran, GA Smael Mondon | 4-star LB | 6-foot-3 | 210 lbs | Paulding County HS, Dallas, GA Brock Vandagriff | 5-star QB | 6-foot-3 | 200 lbs | Prince Avenue Christian, Athens, GA
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    I think he’s gonna commit pretty soon. Just my opinion though, no info. Gonna be quite a weekend for crootin at UGA this weekend. I’ll see if I can share the full list of expected players later.
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    Anthony Dasher says he reached out to Chase Brice to ask if UGA has been in contact. Brice says they have not.
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    Dude we need this need ****. We all sat back and watched for years while you trolled snake across multiple accounts. You know we're drawing you back in.
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    Lafleur would bring Shanahan's passing offense to UGA. He knows it like the back of his hand at this point.
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    I would be excited about that hire actually.
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    No! Someone else sprayed diarrhea on their keyboard already! Get a new schtick.
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    I thought Campbell was gone before seeing that Drew Rosenhaus was his agent - he's definitely gone now.
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    https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-sports-todd-monken-jets-darnold-coach-20190101-story.html -- Article is a year old from when Monken was interviewing for the Jets head coaching job. Todd Monken’s three-word guiding principle might be exactly what the Jets need during this watershed moment: ABSENCE OF FEAR. The Buccaneers offensive coordinator’s aggressive and creative schemes created plenty of chatter in NFL circles this year. The Jets have indeed requested to interview Monken, who’s on an expiring contract. “I’m telling you: He’s got it,” veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick told the Daily News Tuesday. “He’s got the ‘It factor’ as a head coach. He’s smart enough. He’s a big-time offensive coach. If that’s what they’re looking for, then it’ll be good for Sam.” Monken’s fearless mantra sounds pretty **** good right about now for a team lacking a killer instinct. “You have an absence of fear when he’s calling plays,” Fitzpatrick said. “As a quarterback, you have an absence of fear. It’s great being able to play with that type of confidence and know that if you make one mistake, we’re not going to shrivel up and run the ball the next 15 times and throw a screen on third down. To be able to play with an absence of fear as a player, not just a quarterback, but as an offense is so important. The way the NFL is going right now with everybody lighting up the scoreboard and trying to keep up with some of these teams, I think to have an offensive mind like that is very important.” “He’s a bright offensive mind that has a good feel for the NFL now and where the NFL is heading,” Fitzpatrick said of Monken. “If you need more proof, look at me. He brought out the best in me and I think he has a way of doing that for quarterbacks. If you’re trying to build a franchise around a young quarterback, I don’t know if there’s a better choice than this guy. ... The guy lights up the room and garners respect of all the guys. You know he’s around when he walks in a room. I think that’s an important thing as a head coach to have that presence.” Smart NFL people praised Monken for his innovative principles centered on pushing the ball downfield. He implemented run-pass options, creatively used space on the field and strategically picked up the tempo to keep pressure on opposing defenses. “If the play-caller has confidence in you, you can feel it on the headset,” Fitzpatrick said. “You can feel it by the way he’s calling plays. He was so awesome this year in terms of that, especially for it being his first time calling plays in the NFL. It was easy for him. He wasn’t stumbling over words or worried about mistakes or shrinking in big moments. He did a great job with all that.” Great play-callers don’t necessarily translate into great generals, but Fitzpatrick praised Monken’s leadership traits, which should serve him well if he gets a chance to run the whole show. “He has so much personality,” Fitzpatrick said. “He’s energetic, but he’s also very honest. If you ask him a question, he’s going to give you the answer. ... He’s going to tell it how it is. I think as a coach that’s really important. The two things that make you a good head coach in this league are if you can get the players to respect you and if you can come across with a clear, consistent message.” “He’s always a guy who’s very consistent in what he’s doing,” Fitzpatrick said. “That doesn’t mean that we were always best of friends and he always agreed with what I did, but if he didn’t or had a problem with what I was doing, then he was going to be direct about it and tell me and not beat around the bush. That’s one of the most important qualities that I think you can have as a coach.”
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    If Monken was on our staff as Co-OC with Chaney since 2016 we have one NC for sure in 2017 and at least play in another one in 2018
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    OMG this is a HUGE home run hire for Georgia! Now I feel a little more confident heading into next season on the offensive side of the ball! This change had to happen which I didn’t see coming.
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    I think the major change will be he isn’t the play caller going forward. Still may keep the title as a CO-OC. Coley has tremendous value to this team on both sides of the ball. I’d imagine Kirby has had transparent conversations with him to work this all out. I don’t know officially what these roles will be. Hopefully he sticks around and is comfortable with the new role. If not, we’ll recover but the guy is an ace on the trail and many of the offensive woes last year weren’t necessarily on him. Kirby is pretty direct. Probably said “listen Coley. First off, how bout them f’in dawgs. Secondly, you’re an elite recruiter but not there yet as a coach. Monken is a two year hire if things go well so learn as much as you can. Park the ego cause you don’t know it yet, but I’m doing you a favor.” Fromm is like WTF? I was stuck with Chaney & Coley
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    Sounds like Schlabach was right, Radi is expecting Monken to join the staff “soon”. I like this move not as much as I would with Lafleur but still really like it
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    One thing is certain. The OP is getting the attention he desperately needs.
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    I don’t care what he runs as long as you see him set teams up with certain things.If you want to run inside great but don’t tell him off the bat your going to run inside.Go outside first set them up get the whole dline moving then crack back inside. Or bootleg the QB once he gets thee above moving and hit the WRers with crosses. Just show me he can keep a **** defense honest just offense 101 that’s all I’m asking none of this predictable BS he has been running because that’s not getting it done.
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    What part of a thread you started titled "Falcons Defense is Hot Trash" would you consider to be "Upbeat and positive"?
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    I'm just glad that we didn't trade for Drummond. Sorry but dude ain't worth a max contract.
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    Davison started for years with Saints Grady starter anywhere Vic - starter most teams. Situationally effective pass rusher any team Takk: my gut says he is much better than his stats and will bust out eventually. For now, he is a ? Debo & Dre are clearly NFL quality starters at LB Trufant starts anywhere except N.E. Neal has been to Pro Bowl Rico starts either at safety or nickel for most teams Sheffield: looks like a starting quality slot to me Kazee: led the NFL in INT’s last year. Not really sure where you’re going with this