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    Don’t know how relevant or accurate this person is but
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    I thought Campbell was gone before seeing that Drew Rosenhaus was his agent - he's definitely gone now.
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    I think the Falcons most hated player shouldn't even be a player. It should be a picture of Sean Payton.
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    He had some good moments, and he is a good player, but tough decisions need to be made in terms of this roster and honestly I don't see this one as even being that tough. I'd thank him for his services and wish him the best.
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    No way, this guy is pure entertainment in a sad lonely offseason.
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    If Mary and Joseph had shown up at Worzone’s house looking for a place to stay he would’ve called the cops.
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    "Highly sought after" = Big asking price = Hasta la pasta buddy!
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    Sounds like Rosenhaus is trying to make a market where one doesn't exist.
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    No! Someone else sprayed diarrhea on their keyboard already! Get a new schtick.
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    Can we get a new logo too? A blend of the old and the current?
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    I've posted this multiple times in the last 2 months.... The last year of the CBA rules..... This and the 30% rule. The good news is the league wants a deal done by the superbowl.... the bad news is that I think that's going to be harddddd
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    If everyone is going to get all lit up about a litany of Bernie and Pocahontas tweets, I might as well do this:
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    You must have many alt accounts because I cannot bring myself to buy into someone actually hitting like on any of your posts once let alone 763 times.
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    Page.....after page..........after page......after page of the exact same ****! Forgive me, but I would think that after watching Snak treat the board like a science experiment, Steve locking people into circular arguments going nowhere, WfW trolling everyone with his WWE schtick, the board would be "smarter" by now! Ignore people and move on, you're being played/trolled!
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    Wow, we really are weak if we're actually considering paying this guy big money. lol
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    Wonder why people keep calling me, the guy who thinks certain peoples are incapable of democracy and thus deserve to be dominated by better people, that we need to nuke certain countries, and prescribe to racial replacement theory, a racist and far-right. Must be that they're communists.
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    For the record, this is replacement theory. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Replacement
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    Campbell is gone... We can't keep everybody
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    Update From the guy who knows a guy: We did inquire about Poetl. We also inquired about several others including Myles Turner. No framework from what I've heard so far. It's highly unlikely Goodwin will be converted to a standard NBA deal before the deadline. The reason why is because Atlanta needs that slot for trades. He heard Atlanta might be interested in a long term min contract. Atlanta is open to anything and they want to improve the bench A LOT. I knew that already but we would have had some trades right now if as TS put it in the 92.9 interview, guys weren't scared to pull the trigger. That's what's holding things back for Atlanta. There will be a lot of trades by us or with us in it. We will be active. I think Tony is ready and TS is as well. Just some of the players mentioned that are in framework is making my mouth water. Shooting galore. Trae will be happy. The bench will be badass like it was for Sap's last season when we had Hardaway Jr. This team will be extremely good. As far as values go, here is the updated chart: The core is not available for trades: Cam, Trae, John, Hunt, and Kev. The 2019 Atlanta 1st is not available. 2019 Brooklyn 1st and/or future Atlanta based 1sts could be available for a young potential star. Bruno is considered special and only available for a significant asset only. OKC 2022 1st is considered special and only available for a significant asset only. Atlanta is considering Parker, Len, and Bembry as key young players they value and can help a team's rotation.
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    this place is pretty peaceful at 5am, just before boomer sunrise.
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    Chad Simmons also posted an update regarding Broderick Jones. Matt Luke will be visiting Jones on Friday before he leaves for his official visit to Arkansas this weekend. Chad says Luke has been working hard on Jones since he took the job.
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    Oskar, there are 1,100 people who are alive because of you. Look at them, you piece of ****.
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    This concept of mine is a blending of eras. It uses the red helmet and black jersey combination of the original 1960s teams. Light gray is used in place of white, reminiscent of the old sets with the gray pants and occasionally gray numbers. There are several combinations available as we saw the team use in the mid 2000s. I used a single stripe design that thins out in the middle, similar to the wing- yet the shape is stillcontained within a traditional stripe shape. This evokes a bit of movement and speed without resorting to odd shapes and lines like we've seen from Nike lately. The stripe is consistent across all applications, similar to the Florida Gators. Take a look at this site I made which allows you to choose your favorite combination: https://andrewwagner.wixsite.com/atlantafalcons2020
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    Y'all need to stop worrying. It's just agent talk. Campbell was quoted around a week ago saying he hasn't heard anything from the FO. He's not going to be a Falcon next year. Wish him the best though, go get that bread
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    "A lot of interest". Agent talk who's looking to earn a commission and nothing more. Leading tackler means nothing. Campbell's always been soft and never truly took the next step to elevate his game after a promising '16 season. I think he's one of the players that Grady, Ricardo and Julio refer to when they say players aren't putting in the work to get better. I still remember after the Browns game in '17 when they spanked us, Campbell was quoted as saying he didn't take them seriously because they're the Browns and didn't need to prepare as hard. Really dude?
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    Let him walk and draft his replacement, our scheme hides a lot of his flaws. I prefer Isaiah Simmons.
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    It doesn't matter how many times you explain that requesting asylum is completely legal. Certain people here are going to be willfully dishonest and continue to lie about it.
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    Coups. Gang and cartel violence. Drug war. Illegally closing ports of entry. You pissing yourself in fright over refugees. Yep. Been through this a few times already. Doubt it will be entertaining this go around though.
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    I don't trust the Falcons' brain trust one bit when it comes to getting new uniforms right. The current logo screams "90s design", but I doubt there will be any substantial changes to it. Clean and classic with an attention to detail should be the design philosophy behind uniforms, but all it takes is one look at the new stadium to tell you that's not how they operate. My only real hope that has a chance of coming true is that they'll switch to a red helmet. The best they've looked in years was the throwback a few years ago with the black jerseys and red helmets. Looked as good today as it did back then.
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    No keep it..much needed... the more ppl get this the better Let's hope a deal gets done.... if it's not done by the superbowl... I don't see it getting done by the new league year
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    Would be funny if he had thousands of photos of them though.
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    I believe the tweet is discussing yards per drive. Not total yards per game
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    So basically what any true Falcon fan already knew...defense has ALWAYS been the issue holding this team back. Arthur even knew and that's why he hired DQ to fix it. Instead he got a Seahawks fraud who got a job based on the defense Pete built. Why is DQ still here again?
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    They will need some time, that’s normal. Robinson being an early enrollee and going through a full spring with the team + Newman is going to be a huge help though. He will be big and physical enough to stay on the field to block too, which is something Pickens has actually shown a desire to do himself. Man Pickens leveled some guys last season. It will be interesting to see how soon some of these young guys get on the field. I fully expect Pickens, DRob and Landers to be our top 3 against Virginia with Kearis being the first one subbing in. Blaylock will need time to heal up. After that I think Robinson will have a leg up on the competition and I can’t say when Burton, Rosemy, Smith will find themselves playing regularly but it will be hard to keep them on the sideline. Hopefully we can get the TE a little more involved. Having a legit receiving threat at TE can really stretch a defense out.
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    Mack was probably one of if not the best signings we've had in this decade.. Hes going to be hard to replace.. Ill never forget the games before he arrived.. Only issue, we dont have the cap space to properly replace him with a vet so itll have to be done in the draft
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    https://theathletic.com/1536886/2020/01/15/what-new-assistants-joe-whitt-jr-tosh-lupoi-bring-to-the-falcons-staff/ The word continuity was mentioned often in the immediate aftermath of the Falcons’ 7-9 season that ended without a playoff berth for the second consecutive season. After electing to fire every coordinator from the 2018 staff and take on additional responsibilities himself, head coach Dan Quinn decided that a 2020 turnaround would have greater odds if most of the coaches he had in place — who helped the team finish with a 6-2 record after a disastrous 1-7 start — returned for another year. While Quinn wants to keep the vast majority of assistants by his side, he did part ways with defensive passing game coordinator Jerome Henderson and assistant defensive line coach Travis Jones. To replace Henderson, Quinn hired Joe Whitt Jr. to serve the exact same job. Replacing Jones on staff is Tosh Lupoi, who will coach defensive ends while holding a defensive run game coordinator title. Whitt has vast NFL coaching experience that dates to 2007 when he first entered the league as an assistant with the Falcons under former head coach Bobby Petrino. Lupoi’s experience mostly has been in the college ranks, with 2019 being his first in the NFL. Whitt and Lupoi were on the same staff in Cleveland this season. While there is a vacancy at tight ends coach following Mike Mularkey’s decision to retire — with offensive assistant and former Tampa Bay tight ends coach Ben Steele being a prime candidate for that position — it would seem any new openings would arise from an assistant on staff leaving for another job. For now, here’s a look at how Whitt and Lupoi’s additions should affect the coaching staff for the 2020 season. Whitt’s role with the secondary The bulk of Whitt’s career in the NFL has been as a cornerbacks coach. While he holds a defensive passing game coordinator title, it’s easy to assume the bulk of his responsibilities will be with the corners on Atlanta’s defense. But nothing has been revealed publicly just about the coaching setup in the back end. What is known is that Raheem Morris, who went from receivers coach to defensive backs coach (with an emphasis on cornerbacks) will be the defensive coordinator. This should imply that Morris, while he probably will remain involved with the cornerbacks to a degree, will spread his time to all positions. When Morris started spending more time with the cornerbacks, Doug Mallory moved from cornerbacks to safeties. Therefore, an educated guess would be that Mallory will remain coaching the safeties while Whitt coaches the cornerbacks. While the secondary wasn’t getting the appropriate coaching through the first half of the 2019 season, hence Morris’ move from offense to defense, the coaching staff probably will feel comfortable with Whitt based on his expertise. After Petrino’s failure in 2007, Whitt took a quality control job with the Green Bay Packers in 2008. When head coach Mike McCarthy was hired by the Packers a year later, he retained Whitt and made him the cornerbacks coach. Whitt stayed with McCarthy during his entire tenure in Green Bay. In four of 10 seasons under McCarthy, the Packers finished in the top 10 in passing yards allowed. 2009: fifth, 201.1 passing yards per game 2010: fifth, 194.2 passing yards per game 2011: 32nd, 299.8 passing yards per game 2012: 11th, 218.2 passing yards per game 2013: 24th, 247.2 passing yards per game 2014: 10th, 226.4 passing yards per game 2015: sixth, 227.6 passing yards per game 2016: 31st, 269.2 passing yards per game 2017: 23rd, 236.8 passing yards per game 2018: 12th, 234.5 passing yards per game With the Browns in 2019, Whitt’s secondary finished seventh in the NFL by allowing 216.9 passing yards per game. That gives him five top-10 showings in the past 11 seasons. The area where Atlanta hopes Whitt’s addition helps the most is with takeaways. While the Falcons tied for 17th with 12 interceptions during the 2019 regular season, that number was backlogged during the final eight games. In the first eight, Desmond Trufant totaled two picks, and that was it for the entire team. With Green Bay, Whitt’s secondaries were known for picking off passes. In seven of his 10 seasons with McCarthy, the Packers finished in the top 10 in interceptions. 2009: first, 30 interceptions 2010: second, 24 interceptions 2011: first, 31 interceptions 2012: eighth (tie), 18 interceptions 2013: 26th (tie), 11 interceptions 2014: seventh (tie), 18 interceptions 2015: ninth, 16 interceptions 2016: fourth (tie), 17 interceptions 2017: 20th (tie), 11 interceptions 2018: 29th (tie), seven interceptions This season, the Browns, with Whitt having the defensive passing game coordinator title, tied for eighth with 14 interceptions. With the Packers, Whitt coached Charles Woodson, Al Harris, Tramon Williams and Sam Shields, which certainly would aid any position coach. And with Cleveland, he worked with Denzel Ward. The Falcons definitely will have young cornerbacks Kendall Sheffield and Isaiah Oliver in the fold for the 2020 season. Desmond Trufant’s future isn’t as clear, as he could be a salary-cap casualty. But regardless of who is in the defensive backs’ room, Whitt should be a positive presence for a team looking to create more turnovers. Lupoi’s role with the defensive line While the secondary coaches aren’t as defined just yet, Lupoi’s role is clear. He did receive a fancy title — defensive run game coordinator — but his primary focus will be to coach the defensive ends. This season’s defensive line coach, Jess Simpson, now will focus on coaching the defensive tackles. While Lupoi did receive a defensive run game title, it seems fairly evident that a big part of his responsibilities will be to improve his group’s pass rush. In 2019, the Falcons finished 29th with only 28 sacks, and 21 of those sacks came during the final eight games. But even if that number could have been extrapolated for the entire year, the Falcons would have finished 15th with 42 sacks. So there is still plenty of improvement to take place for the Falcons to get where they want to be in this department. Lupoi’s next-level coaching career began in 2008, when he became California’s defensive line coach. During his four years with the program, he coached future pros Cameron Jordan and Tyson Alualu. At Cal, 15.5 of Jordan’s 16.5 sacks came with Lupoi leading his position group. Alualu recorded 7.5 sacks during his final season at Cal in 2009. From Cal, Lupoi went to Washington to work for then-head coach Steve Sarkisian as the defensive run game coordinator/defensive line coach. Two standout players Lupoi coached were Hau’oli Kikaha and Danny Shelton. In 2013, Kikaha, an edge rusher, recorded 12.5 sacks and Shelton, a defensive tackle, totaled 50 tackles and a sack. After 2013, Lupoi left Washington with a settlement after he was investigated for paying for a player’s tutoring and online classes. An NCAA investigation, however, cleared Lupoi, who then took a defensive analyst role at Alabama during the early 2014 offseason. A year later in 2015, Lupoi was elevated to outside linebackers coach, with 22.5 of the Crimson Tide’s 53 sacks that season coming from his position group. Lupoi was subsequently elevated to co-defensive coordinator. In 2018, he became the team’s primary defensive coordinator. At a place like Alabama, rushing the passer with the talent available was relatively easy. Even so, during his time with the Crimson Tide, outside linebackers Tim Williams and Ryan Anderson saw significant jumps once Lupoi took over the position group. Williams went from 1.5 sacks in 2013 and 2014 to 18.5 sacks during his final two years. Anderson went from 4.5 sacks in 2013 and 2014 to 14.5 sacks in 2015 and 2016. After the 2018 season, Lupoi left Alabama to be the Browns’ defensive line coach. While Myles Garrett totaled 10 sacks in 10 games, the team totaled 30, which ranked 20th in the NFL. In his new job, the Falcons will hope that Lupoi putting his sole focus on the defensive ends will lead to greater production in the sack department. Having two experienced assistants on the defensive line, in theory, should further free up Quinn to focus on the bigger picture as the head coach. Now, considering Lupoi was given a defensive run game coordinator title, here’s a look at how Lupoi’s fronts have fared against the run in the college ranks. 2008 at California as defensive line coach: 25th nationally, 122.2 rushing yards per game 2009 at California as defensive line coach: 23rd nationally, 112.0 rushing yards per game 2010 at California as defensive line coach: 35th nationally, 132.1 rushing yards per game 2011 at California as defensive line coach: 34th nationally, 128.7 rushing yards per game 2012 at Washington as defensive run game coordinator: 62nd nationally, 160.1 rushing yards per game 2013 at Washington as defensive run game coordinator: 61st, 161.3 rushing yards per game 2014 at Alabama as defensive analyst:fourth nationally, 102.4 rushing yards per game 2015 at Alabama as outside linebackers coach: first nationally, 75.7 rushing yards per game 2016 at Alabama as co-defensive coordinator: first nationally, 63.9 rushing yards per game 2017 at Alabama as co-defensive coordinator: second nationally, 95.7 rushing yards per game 2018 at Alabama as defensive coordinator: 19th nationally, 122.0 rushing yards per game In his first NFL stop as a defensive line coach, the Browns ranked 30th by allowing 144.7 yards per game. In the college ranks, Lupoi held a reputation for being an elite recruiter. While that skill doesn’t directly translate to the NFL ranks, he should provide a relatable personality to the players he will be coaching. While Lupoi has shown the ability to coach up quality talent as a college assistant, Atlanta will hope he can help elevate the team’s defensive ends heading into the 2020 season.
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    We substituted a lot of our players with guys that are now out of the league. Just couldnt tell because they never took their helmets off. Vic Beasley was actually Lawrence Taylor. Freeman was Hershal Walker. It just gets crazier from there man. And Oliver? You guessed it, Brian Finneran
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    I heard that the new deal is pretty much in place and that both sides really want it to get done.... the only hold-up is the 17 game season.