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    There are a TON of emotional thoughts being presented as facts on this board right now. A bunch of "This is how I feel so it has to be true" comments. It's not over reaction Monday any more. But folks are digging in because they are more focused on validating their feelings instead of looking at facts. Fact One: It's week four. We are three games into the season. If seasons were decided in September, somebody fill me in on when that change happened. Fact Two: The Falcons are 1-2. 1-2 is not a death sentence. But when you listen to the media for a full week after seeing your team look like crap two out of three weeks, you get nervous. Then you see the odds of the team making the postseason with charts like this: Fact Three: The Falcons are a very talented team that is beating themselves. They are second in the NFL in turnovers so far. They are first in the NFL in penalties. These are player mistakes. Ugly ones that can be corrected. Fact Four: Good teams lose ugly games every year. Such as the one we just witnessed vs the Colts. Don't believe me? That's you being emotional and irrational. Exhibit A: The 2018 New England Patriots Opened the season 1-2 Lost to the Jags and Lions in weeks two and three, scoring a combined 30 points in those two losses They were 3-5 on the road the entire season, losing to other bad teams like the Dolphins and Titans They won the Super Bowl Exhibit B: The 2018 Indianapolis Colts Opened the season 1-5 (!) The chart says you have 0% chance to make the playoffs with a 1-5 start Only two teams since the merger have started 1-5 and made the playoffs They ended the season 10-6, becoming the third team to make the playoffs They won a playoff game in the process Exhibit C: The 2015 Chiefs Opened the season 1-5 (!!) Only one team since the merger had started 1-5 and made the playoffs They ended the season 11-5, becoming the second team to make the playoffs They won a playoff game in the process Those are all factual examples of September football not making or breaking a season. The Patriots are an example of a team struggling mightily on the road as well. 3-5 on the road and losing to bad teams? That's hard to overcome unless you dominate at home. I've been saying that for three weeks now. Win at home and steal some on the road. Yes, they've looked inept on the road. But so did the Patriots just last year. For all the talk of "Belichick doesn't let his team look this bad", you're a liar and there is the proof. Go watch the highlights of them losing 34-10 to the 9-7 non-playoffs Tennessee Titans. They looked terrible. Yet, they bounced back and eventually won the SB. I'm not saying this Falcons team is a SB team. Not in September. But I'm also not going to use three games into a season as a death knell on this team. Just for kicks, here's one more example: Exhibit D: The 2015 Falcons Opened the season 5-0 The chart says that's 91% chance to make the playoffs Falcons went 8-8 Missed the playoffs Right now, the Falcons are 1-2. They have played two bad games on the road. Yet, in both of those games, you saw glimpses of the team they can be if they play clean football. Since 2005, only 35 times has a team won with a -3 turnover margin out of 408 instances. That's an 8.6% win rate. I don't recall a team winning a football game with 16 penalties (one shy of the franchise record). That's two out of the three games they've played, giving themselves less than 9% chance to win in both from self inflicted wounds. I wouldn't say the Vikings or Colts were plain better than the Falcons. The Colts especially not. But as I pointed out with the Pats just last year, even SB dynasty teams lay eggs. Believing otherwise is foolish. The big question for the Falcons for the next 14 weeks is whether they will sort themselves out like the three teams I pointed out above did. Going on a run is not out of the question. DQ was the HC when he took this team on a SB run when his team was 4-3 and ripped off a 9-2 run to the SB. They were 4-4 in 2017 then ripped off a 7-2 run before falling to the Eagles in the playoffs. Acting like DQ is a bad coach and one that can't turn this thing around ignores factual evidence that says otherwise. Even last year, they ended the season with a 3 game run when they could have easily folded. And some of the same people here complaining now mentioned that 3 game streak was good for momentum in 2019. Well either you still believe that or you were just making yourself feel good then. Time will tell. Time always tells. But 3 games does not make or break a season.
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    This thread will get overrun by the Drama Queens, but very well said. The play on the field has been frustrating no doubt, but they look like they are poised to break out if they can get out of their own way.
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    Falcons done had me in a little bit of sour mood lately, but it's Thursday. The haze is starting to clear and I'm ready to talk about something positive. The final touchdown from Sunday's game was a thing of beauty from a design perspective. As a lot of you know, the Colts run a ton of Cover-2, and just about every variety there is from the cover-2 with the hard flats, the cover-2 soft squat, cover-2 sink where it plays almost like quarters, etc. They really are about that life. One of my favorite ways to attack Cover-2 is with the smash concept. SMASH - now what is the smash concept? It's basically some variation of this right here. The outside receiver will run a hitch, or a quick out, the inside #2 receiver will run a 7 route. He'll stress the deep half safety with a vertical route, then flag it to the pylon away from him, right into the void between the safety and corner. The great thing about this is there are alway positive yards to be had, even if you don't get to the 7 route, and if it's read properly, the defense is always wrong. Doesn't matter if they know it's coming or not. 2nd and Goal - I thought we would see this Sunday, and boom, right when we needed it in the 4th quarter, here it came. The Colts are in their Red 2, which is a redzone variation of their standard Cover-2. Instead of getting a jam on the receivers and then letting them have all that space to the safety, the corners are in a soft squat which means they're gonna fade a bit at the snap, get some depth and try to constrict that window between them and the safety. Another difference here between this and standard Cover-2 is the middle linebacker isn't going to look to drop to his landmark at the snap. Instead he's going to read #3, and the inside #2 to not let them get anything too easy underneath at the goalline, like a little hook. In normal cover-2 or Tampa, he's going to open his hips and match the vertical route by the #2 receiver. If there is no vertical route, he'll drop to a depth or about 15 yards or so, turning it into essentially a 3 deep coverage. Here, in this variation, the Red 2, actually plays a lot like quarters. This is what Dirk answers with. We're gonna run hooks to the bottom of the screen into the holes of the Red 2 at different depths with Hooper and Ridley. To the top of the screen we've got Julio inside playing #2, and Sanu outside playing #1. The tight formation is the brilliance of it because as the routes deploy they're going to create extra space for the 7 route. Also, it makes a jam by the corners (if there is one coming) almost impossible. Julio is on the 7 to the end zone, and Sanu is running a little 3 route. QB READS - the read here is as simple as it gets. You can teach this to a middle-schooler. Matt is going to read the outside cornerback on the smash side. If the corner sits and takes Sanu on the 3 route, Matt will throw the 7 to Julio in the end zone. If the corner sinks to try to take away the 7, Matt will throw the 3 to Sanu. Not much more complicated than that. At that snap, this is what we get. Matt's eyes don't even go to the hook side. Against any type of Cover-2, that smash is where you wanna go. Here, he's locked in on the corner. Julio does a brilliant job of selling the vertical route into the seam to stress the safety. The corner has his eyes on Matt, but he's in a bind. He has to make a choice to take Julio or Sanu. Looking at the play in real time, the corner never does commit to one route or the other. He tries to split the difference. I think he just got caught in an "oh s***" no man's land and couldn't make a decision. Don't blame him there. Either way, his feet stopped and that's all Matt needs. Julio is already breaking to the void -- or the honey hole as that space is called (I have no idea why), but Julio is breaking to all that blue turf and you see the safety on his horse doesn't have a chance. And here, you can see, it's just wide open. Now the corner showed great hustle to get back into the play to contest, I mean if you're teaching it, it's pretty impressive he makes any kind of play on that ball. Against a lesser receiver that's a pass breakup. Alas, we don't have a lesser receiver. We got Julio. Great read my Matt, but if I'm nitpicking, it's not the best throw. He put it up nice and high so Julio could go get it, but I'd like to see it a bit deeper into the back of the end zone if you're gonna put that much touch on it. But great play call. Great execution.
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    I know a lot of people were upset when Larkin was released and not brought to the PS...welp, looks like today they brought him back.
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    I'm normally the eternal optimist, but these 2019 Falcons are trying me. It's one thing to be a bad football team. I've seen plenty of that. I have no problem just disconnecting and taking it for what it is, but it's another thing to see a talented team get beat because they are their own worst enemy. And that's the long and short of what I saw Sunday. The Colts didn't come out and throw a whole bunch of unscouted looks at us; they were doing basic stuff that we should have been able to neutralize if we had just executed our fundamentals the way we did the week before vs. Philly. I don't think there was another play all day long that made me want to vomit more than this one right here. 3rd and 12 - midfield, early in the second quarter. Colts don't really push the ball down the field so this should be easy, right? DQ actually calls up a nice play. We only have two down lineman with Takk and Vic both mugging the line along with Deion. All three are going to drop and Campbell and Kazee are coming off the slots -- like a double nickel blitz. Up top we are playing in a rare two deep shell. It's actually a nicely designed play. At the snap we bail. As you can see, Brissett's first look is to get it out quick to #15, but 3rd and 12, he knows he's protected, he passes him up to look downfield. The running back is in a check release. He's going to check to see if his man is coming. Usually he's scanning inside out. If he's picked up, he releases into his route. Now here is where it gets interesting. We got everything covered up, so Brissett dumps it off underneath, which is exactly what you want when you play Cover-2. You want the QB to check the ball down underneath. You'll give up these little 5 yard dump offs all game. Let the back catch it underneath then smack the s*** out him. You wanna hit him so many times he's going back to the huddle cursing out his QB, telling him he better not throw him another one. You aren't going to get beat by check downs... UNLESS you decide to tackle like a bunch of keystone cops. Ball is caught, and right here, we are actually in pretty good position. You see how well we're spaced to constrict ground to the ball carrier. This right here is where it starts to go bad. The spacing still isn't terrible, but Vic... VICTOR RAMON BEASLEY JR! Bro! He needs to be coming to balance right here. Stop chasing and come to balance, and get ready to make that tackle, or let the back run himself into the pursuit. And this is where it turns into a clown show. Vic completely over-ran the play and opened the back door. He should have a foot at the 45 yard line. When Quinn talks about trusting the man next to you and playing just your leverage -- well this is the opposite of all that. Details. Fundamentals. It's not a big thing I'm talking about, but it absolutely adds up to being the difference between a win or a loss. This is how you wind up forcing 1 punt in an entire game. It's not scheme. It's not talent. It's a total lack of discipline. And DQ... can we please stop getting cute and playing Vic in space? It don't work. ... and that dude didn't make that 1st down.
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    I feel like the question for Dr Quinn should be why the Indianapolis Colts zone works while the Atlanta Falcons zone leaks like the titanic!
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    You are just a ray of sunshine lately
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    "Stuck" with the best QB in franchise history. I mean, I'm all for drafting a QB early in the next few drafts, but to expect them to start right away is unreasonable. I'd like to take the same approach KC took with Mahomes. Also, I think we can all admit TD has put together an extremely solid roster on paper. Depth wise this team has also never been better. TD isn't going anywhere regardless of what happens to Ryan and Quinn. Most of the Falcons' struggles point right at DQ, dating all the way back to that SB collapse. He goes after this year if the Falcons miss the playoffs, plain and simple.
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    Rex Ryan: Falcons Are Cream Puffs

    Rex looks like he eats cream puffs for dinner.
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    So, 3 games into the season and 2 losses that were predicted preseason and so many people want to scuttle the ship. I think I'll just wait for the potential to show up.
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    You registered just to post this gem? Good job buddy.
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    Y"all better watch out, you are begining to sound like Bama fans! Some Bama fans are never happy, even when we win. Look, you won a big game, yeah you were hoping for a blow out, but you still won! Celebrate and enjoy the win, you deserve it.
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    Nice theory craft. If my aunt had testicles she would be my uncle. How many league MVP's did Bartkowski have? Bartkowski had a career 55.9% completion rate vs 65% for Ryan. Bartkowski had 141 career TDs with the falcons vs 295 for Ryan in the same amount of years. Not sure if you are just being nostalgic or what but its total nonsense that Bart was a better QB than Ryan and it isn't even close.
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    Fire DQ, Fire TD, trade Ryan.

    So true. Kind of like in 2007 when Vick went to jail and Petrino flew the coop. Took forever for the Falcons to recover.
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    Guys, don’t sleep on Carter. I was actually very high on signing or drafting in the 7th a couple years back. His coverage is inconsistently average, but he hits a ton and has that fire we’re missing. Let’s see what we can get out of him before we get too low. He’s not going to be worse than Ishmael who is a huge MB favorite.
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    Bro you can’t keep clanging coordinators. PERIOD!!! Show me one team that made a seamless transition of coordinators. The Steelers defense hasn’t been the same since Lebeau left.
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    Larkin Back

    https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/falcons-bring-back-austin-larkin-to-practice-squad Falcons bring back Austin Larkin to practice squad Will McFadden ATLANTAFALCONS.COM July 24, 2019 - DE Austin Larkin on the third day of practice. (Photo by Kara Durrette/Atlanta Falcons) The Atlanta Falcons (1-2) made a practice squad move Thursday, ahead of Sunday's matchup against the Tennessee Titans (1-2). Atlanta is signing defensive end Austin Larkin to its practice squad and releasing offensive lineman Nate Wozniak. Larkin, 24, was released by the team ahead of the Colts game to help make room for punter Matt Wile and Wozniak on the practice squad. He began the 2019 season as a member of the Falcons' practice squad after a strong preseason in which he recorded 11 tackles, including two tackles for a loss and a sack. Wozniak spent a week with the Falcons on their practice squad; he has previously played for the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints.
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    Cute. Went to the playoffs and won in 2017. Then had the entire middle of the defense gutted in 2018. If you believe DQ was ready to play Jordan Richards going into that year, then go for it.
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    Sam Baker crushes both the Free and Tru deals not even close.
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    If he doesn't get a SB ring, it will be the most forgettable achievement in NFL history...
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    Don’t know how many have played but as a player you’re always closer to the assistant coaches than you are to the head man. That’s one of the reasons I love to see guys promoted from in-house. And then when a new coordinator comes in it’s not just an adjustment for the players but the other assistants working under him to. @athell’s post is spot on.
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    Titans at Falcons predictions

    Every time I predict the Falcons winning they lose. so Titans for the W!
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    You can have a cast and crew of mediocre athletes and poor play calling and system, but the right type of personality in the locker room and on the field will turn things into something that looks violent and scary.
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    Rid is gonna have to find that cushion. That’s a convo he needs to have with Julio
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    Yep. But they want to fire everybody after three weeks...
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    I have watched enough games where the Falcons D extends drives and OL with drive killing penalties and lose the game. Let’s look at the Falcons record from 2017 to 2019 when committing over 7 penalties. Falcons have a record of 7-10 (41%). There are teams which may have committed more penalties but those teams can over come. Even with KS and historic offense in 2016, Falcons were just over .500 record with 5-4 record. They lost games with dumb penalties. When Falcons commit more than 10 penalties per game. It gets worse, the winning percentage drops to 16.7%. In 2016, Falcons did not have single game with 10 penalties or more, one of the few teams to do so. Bottom line, Falcons better come out disciplined and stop killing themselves in the foot.
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    He can't even see the present...
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    Never said it was a positive. Just saying it's not some Falcons-DQ specific thing. When it's the players clearly seeing they are the ones messing up simple stuff, they need to call each other out. That's the only way they will be held accountable during the season. Ironically, peep what Delanie Walker says here:
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    It will be. But they can't argue the facts. They'll just spout a bunch of emotional nonsense like "Fire DQ" or "Dirk is an idiot". They won't acknowledge it's the NFL and every team loses bad games. Fans love to say "Well it's Belichick" as if it erases what happened. 34-10 vs TEN was embarrassing. Living in Nashville, I saw it happen first hand. Even this classic from Dilfer: This is what happens when you speak in definitive statements in September. You end up looking stupid since there is still over three months of football to play. The Patriots won the SB that year.
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    The O.D.B

    Just re-watched the debacle and

    Just re-watched the debacle rewinding each play and here's what I saw. LB: They were seeing ghosts. *Debo - if not for him, we would've lost by much more however, he's still rusty. Saw him 5 yard behind a receiver who was standing on a spot and he didn't attack him. he waited for the ball to be caught and then moved. I haven't seen him do this since he was a rook. If he sees this on tape, I know he won't do it again. *Debo and Camp - 2 seperate plays I saw each in the correct area to stop the play but ignored the guy leaking out in front of them and ran to the other side. *Camp had mis-steps on 4-5 plays that kept him just short of making a play. he also tackled bad all game long. DBs: Ish: beast at the line (still amazed at his nose for the ball in traffic) but, liability in coverage. *Oliver - 3 or 4 rooky mistakes but, he cleans those up and he's the real deal. Not pleased with his game but his development has me excited. *Kazee - Seems like he's having some issues with who to pick up. There was a TD in the Vikes game where Rico started going to a guy, then noticed Kazee was too and Rico didn't have time to recover the guy that got dropped. Same thing in this game but with Debo this time. I'm assuming this is a Kazee issue only because Rico and Debo don't normally go to the wrong guy. (14 points) The offense was nowhere near as bad as my recollection. Overall it wasn't as bad as it felt. 1 or 2 less perfectly timed penalties, an extra possession or 1 or 2 of the bad plays above and we win that game ugly. All the above fixed and we win by 2 scores. The most concerning things here are Kazee messing up coverage and the LBs not doing things they've done for years. These things are fixable.
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    I don’t enjoy watching the offense. No run game. The defense is giving me very little. Personal achievements have little to do with me the fan.
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    Calvin Ridley on Dirk Koetter saying he has to do a better job getting Ridley involved after one target vs. Colts: ``If you watch the film, there was nothing for me. There was no windows for me, really. It just wasn’t there. I think [Koetter] does a great job getting me involved. I can’t even be mad because I went back and looked at the film as soon as I got on the plane. Every play was zone, so there were no routes. It was hard to get open.’’ Ridley had 10 targets vs. Philly in Week 2 and 6 targets vs. Minny in Week 1. Calvin saying there was no 1on1 opportunities for him to showcase himself earning more targets while Colts stayed in zone? Gotta find a way to attack zones with Julio to free up Calvin.
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    PMF are we too timid early on in games are we in an attack mindset off the bat.I just can’t figure out these slow starts.I swear we have weapons like Ridley Julio Hooper and co I really don’t know why we don’t come out swinging. Shorten the route combinations up early to get these guys and the chains moving then hit em with a bit of Free behind it once we establish these guys. I’m actually shocked at how long it takes us to figure these teams out after a week of game planning aswell.
  37. 5 points
    Matt Wile just looked so much better.
  38. 5 points
    The irony is heavy in that statement! lol. But it is exactly what has to happen. Clean it up and take care of business. Especially you, Mattie Ice.
  39. 5 points
    Yeah I wasn't serious. That was a click-bait header. I've been a fan of this team when they only won 3 games all year. Doesnt make me happy, but doing 1 of those 3 things would destroy this team at this point of the season. Doing 2 of these options would destroy the team for several years.
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    If Brees retires soon...and Matt plays to 40? Good chance. Depends...better shot than Julio catching Jerry. YIKES!
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    E. T.

    Titans at Falcons predictions

    I predict I'm going to be about 6 beers deep by halftime!
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    ^^^^ All this right here. We've had plenty of guys pass through this locker room who were loud, plenty who had personality, but precious few who were leaders.
  43. 5 points
    We have respectful nice guys on the team. Takk is loud, but not an alpha dawg. The problem is simple, there is no identity and no leadership. Therefore there is no discipline. Knowing how to call plays and being a hard worker doesn’t make you a leader.
  44. 5 points
    Just maybe more real practice in the worthless preseason could have shown the coaches they needed to work on some things before the season started. Just a thought....
  45. 4 points
    Exactly what have they shown that says, "they look like they are poised to break out?" Calling people "drama queens" because they haven't liked what they've seen, when this is year 5 of the DQ regime, is ridiculous. I for one think this team can turn it around, but at this point, they haven't shown anything to make me believe "they are poised to break out". The penalties, turnovers, and complete lack of disciplined defense are big time reasons to believe that this team is "poised to go in the tank". Time will tell if they can get it going, but at this time there is absolutely nothing that says the team has a better chance to get it going than they do to go in the tank!
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    And he is 1-0 vs the Titans. Nice attempt at a rebound.
  47. 4 points
    I pointed out in the OP that he didn’t get the 1st down. Yes we got plenty of bad calls go against us Sunday, but this is one of those plays that shouldn’t have been left in the refs hands. It shouldn’t have been close at all. Good defenses don’t let a runner even smell the sticks on 3rd and 12 when four players have him caged in like that. I was pointing out the complete lack of fundamentals and would have had a problem with this play even if it had been marked short. Refs or no refs we’re going to have to play a lot better ball than this if we’re going to come anywhere close to fulfilling our potential. You can’t beat the better teams on our schedule with defensive execution like this.
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    Fire DQ, Fire TD, trade Ryan.

    I’m not firing anyone yet we are 3 games in but what I will say some are on the hot seat and that seat is getting hotter by the week.
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    Kazee went for gold. He wants an INT so badly he was ready to jump the route.
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