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    Thanks for the warm welcome. This should be interesting...
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    I just was notified he has stepped down. I know some love him, some hate him, some go back and forth, and etc. But fact is he lasted for a long time and always tried to make the best for the community here (even though some are always going to disagree). I could never put up with the crying, hypocrites, two face, photo editing who try to get others banned, etc etc...... So my hat goes off to Monoxide for doing it, and doing it for such a long time. @Monoxide thank you!.
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    Two very different perspectives yet fair and should do a wonderful job as Moderators. Hopefully you are able to fill Mono’s rather large shoes. Well deserved and smart choices
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    Wiltfong with the Ringo cb to UGA!
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    I do hate you. You’re the only reason I took the job in the first place.
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    you've shown more outrage for a piece of cloth than the treatment of actual people.
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    Any team that needed the Opening to decide to pursue this kid doesn't have the slightest chance of landing him
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    If he decided to I'm willing to bet he could make you eat whatever the **** he wanted to. That's a big dude. His calves look bigger than my entire upper leg.
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    Gonna hijack your thread real quick because I was considering making a thread on this but decided against it. Everyone here can agree to some degree it's weird we signed 2 guards and then drafted a guard at 14 since we can only start 2. But what if there's more to it? Y'all remember this off-season we had a rumor someone was considering retirement but nothing ever came of it? What if that person was Mack? It would make this off-season make more sense. We'd have depth this year at G while one sits and learns the system/progresses, then it would allow a line of Matthews Carpenter Lindstrom Brown McGary Next year. I like Lindstrom at G because of his mobility but what if this is what the team is thinking moving forward?
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    They aren't gonna like you before too long. Calm down.
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    Vicious had to be the freakiest transformation I have ever seen. It literally went from "I'm not that into politics really" to "The Marines have invaded Langley and the Clinton's are running a child trafficking ring through a pizzeria. The storm is coming" in less than a month.
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    Him? Haha, that's hilarious, Stevie. Good one. You called the lesbian "him". I get it, like she's a man or something. Hahaha. She's a world champion and you are a guy who creates alts on a message board so you can like your own posts. I wonder who is winning here. Tough call...
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    Watching folks get mad about Ariel being black and now the flag thing.....just smh.
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    Wiltfong also with the SVP cb to UGA!
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    After working the entire holiday weekend, I'm finally off today. I make breakfast for my little girl. I sit down with a big cup of coffee and open up Twitter and see this: F**k all of y'all. I'm going back to bed.
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    Could also make sense if Ricardo Allen is gone next year. Mack stays at center and Lindstrom plays FS.
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    Pretty sure he's slated for around July 27 or 29th (Milton is the other)... it's HEAVY favorite trending to the Dawgs at this point (for both).
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    I would say, the OL upgrades will make the biggest difference this year. That and staying healthy, will make our coaches a lot better just by default.
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    Cool story. Don't care. He's not a Falcon so **** him.
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    I have twitter but I absolutely hate it. Thinking about shutting down the Facebook too
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    in an ironic twist - Spellman ate the donuts that were to go to Atlanta/Schlenk.... Golden State was then forced to add a player to the deal.
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    So you're a Florida man? This explains so much.
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    His commitment video is being shot today. Coming so quickly after the Opening and his conversation with Ratledge, I'm still saying he's s Dawg.
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    Rapinoe has conservatives watching a clip from a soccer game.......and rewatching it and then again in slow mo. That's ******* winning.
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    He encouraged witnesses in the investigation to not cooperate and perhaps even lie to Mueller's team under oath. He twice ordered Corey Lewandowski to get Sessions to un-recuse himself and order Mueller to change the scope of his investigation to exclude Trump and his campaign. He twice ordered Don McGahn to directly fire Mueller. That's at least five acts of obstruction of justice. As for Clinton, the result of 9 congressional investigations and an FBI investigation cleared her of wrongdoing. In contrast, Mueller specifically said that he could not clear Trump (because Trump obstructed justice but can't be charged while president). Yeah, great comparison!
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    I don’t see her step on it. They drop it to pose for a photo and someone else smartly picks it up. More manufactured outrage for conservative martyr complex
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    At the All-Star Break, Atlanta leads the NL in runs scored. They are 8th in runs allowed (which is actually solid improvement as we'd been 11th last time I mentioned it).
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    This was 95 MPH from Anderson. The hitter is Wander Franco of the Rays. Franco has K'd 39 times in his entire career of 580 ABs. The guy just doesnt get fooled.
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    But seriously, if there’s a pattern to the reporting — the same person making multiple reports, ESPECIALLY if that person is engaging in the same behavior they are reporting — why don’t the mods ban those abusing the report feature? For example, SB (who has done the bait and report game in the past) spends the entire week calling people “commies” and “useful idiots” and other insulting language. Suppose he turns around and reports numerous posts of other people calling him a racist or a moron. He would have reported people for exactly the same behavior he has engaged in. Ban his ***. [And to be clear, this is a hypothetical...but SB has done this very thing in the past and has bragged about it on the boards.] I’ve never understood the logic of letting people openly abuse the report feature.
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    This is insane. I mean, you realize there is a whole subculture on the internet of people posting videos to expose white people calling the police on black people for bloodthirsty crimes like grilling in a park or being at a public swimming pool, right? And the same busybody jerks who do that are not immune from calling the police on white people or other demographics. I lived next door to a particularly obnoxious ***hole who called the cops on me because my truck tire went flat and our dogs actually relieved themselves in our backyard. Sometimes you have to encounter the police when you have done absolutely nothing at all wrong. And the answer "well, I don't have to deal with people like that" is not sufficient justification for ignoring they exist. There is a simple reality that some people have worse encounters with the police than others, sometimes based on race, but probably as often also based simply on where you live. I had 2 officers in my old neighborhood show up because my daughters were having a dance party with the lights out and flashlights going. The guy who did the talking had both of his hands up in an apologetic posture when I answered the door -- "sir, we're sure it's just your kids playing, but we saw flashlights in a dark house and we just wanted to check things out to be sure." The other guy had both hands behind his back, not in a "I have a gun" way, but in a "I'm trying to appear as non-threatening as possible" way. I appreciated the encounter -- it was nice they were looking out for us. But if I lived in a ghetto, or a rural area known for drug running, do you think their posture and approach would have been the same? And if I've done nothing wrong, is that something that ought to be considered? I understand the difference in relative danger presented by the two situations. But for all those cops knew, my house was being robbed. And for all they know, the ghetto homeowners have done nothing wrong. We need to be about fixing those stereotypes and training officers to approach people in a non-threatening manner while still being prepared just in case.
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    Sure hope this dude makes me eat crow...he looks terrifying. I swear he just ate Courtney Upshaw. So much rides on him putting everything together for a full season finally
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    My older son came by the office today for a workout at the gym downstairs. We were both kind of doing our own thing and I was watching him thinking about how freaky it was that I could be old enough to have that guy be my son. I was also pretty proud of him.
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    Probably the first time I am actually excited to watch preseason. There is nothing “vanilla” about watching o-line. Every play is like a plate of scattered, smothered, covered, diced, chucked, & topped. A punishing o-line is a beautiful thing to watch.
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    The one who broke the law in order to give Epstein that sweetheart deal?
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    It's nice how the Nordic model has gone from a right-wing boogeyman to, "Well, actually, they're super capitalist," over the past few years.
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    I still think Wilkins or Oliver was the target. So we could not go into the draft with our OL a mess planning to draft DL. Lindstorm was always the backup pick if we didn’t land one of those two.
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    Swear to God..... Every poster I promoted to mod before I dipped...they heard....that little ******* Yo...warned his little *** six times.... off the record a lot of times....that's the **** you have to put with.
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    Great shot. If I’m Charlie that’s going to be somewhere in my home lol.
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    As a firm believer the draft is nothing more than a numbers game.....The one thing I wish we did a better job at like the Pats is not fall in love with players by trading away valuable picks to move up. Whenever we’ve traded up, it’s come back to bite us. Maybe not for the player we traded up for.....Julio, Tru, Takk at al are obviously great-to-good players....but those trade ups made us reach on later picks such as Lamar Holmes and duke riley.
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    Mono was and always has been a very fair and reasonable mod. This place will miss him. I'm rarely on here any longer. One of the main reasons is Twitter. I have found a ton of fellow Falcons fans on there, and the interaction I've had with them all has been very good. I enjoy it, but I certainly get why it isn't for everyone.