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    Thank you God!!! My test results are negative for the acetylcholine. Which are cells that attack your muscles (aka myasthenia gravis). I know the doctor will say to do more testing to make sure, due to this is just the receptors. But enough is enough. I've been tortured mentally way to much. And none of this should have ever gotten to this point. I do not know if I'll address my double vision with seeing a new doctor. But right now I never want to see one again. NO ONE should ever have to go thru the mental games these doctors have done to me. I have never been afraid of dying. Not even when I had my tumor. And let me very clear. Even if I would have been positive. Even if I was struck with this horrible autoimmune disease. I would have trusted God!!! I literally have put all of this in God's hands. God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good. Thank you to everyone for praying. That helped me so much. I literally have crawled the floor crying for help from my mind...... Again my brain tumor I was never afraid like this did.
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    I don't know if this has already been discussed, but Olukun had the third highest tackle rate in the NFL last year behind only Vander Esch and Leonard per NFL Network. I am pretty excited about how good this defense could be if they can stay healthy.
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    I’m still shocked fans are still trying to escort TD to the stateline. Only thing he hasn’t done is win it all he’s pretty much done everything else as a GM. I’d be worried about these fans that doubt the guys ability to do this job considering he’s been light years ahead of anyone else we’ve had.
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    The issue with PI wasn't that the rule wasn't strict enough or that you couldn't review it, the issue was that the rule was never enforced consistently.
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    Ask yourself this: If I had to roll with one qb for the next five years, who would you rather have than Ryan? Brady? He'll be closer to 50 than 40. Brees? His arm is weakening as we speak and will probably fall off by then. Mahomes? Not sold yet but at least he's young enough, but I have to see more than one big stat season before crowning him. Wilson? Maybe. He doesn't get hurt but running around like him will take a toll over five years. No...I'll stick with Matt Ryan, a quarterback whose abilities, durability, and football mind are as fixed for another half-decade as any man at that position in the NFL.
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    Keep #2 clean for 3 seconds and he will slice anyone open.
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    Late round picks becoming contributors. Just more shine. More icing on the cake. We need those guys. Solid all around.
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    I’m hearing Oklahoma will be good to us, very good
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    And I recall when we drafted Gage and Foye posters bemoaning the notion TD was yet again wasting late round picks on what could only ever be special teams players. I pushed back on that, asking how they are concluding such nonsense. To be sure, I had no idea Foye would play like this, and Gage is even showing he might be able to play snaps at receiver. I’m surprised they are both looking so good.
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    Eager to see him in Year 2. If he follows the Debo/Campbell trajectory he’s gonna be a stud .
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    Kelsey Conway ATLANTAFALCONS.COM REPORTER FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – The Falcons got arguably one of the fastest players in the entire 2019 NFL Draft class in Kendall Sheffield out of Ohio State. Atlanta moved up six spots to No. 111 to snag the cornerback. Get to know one of Atlanta’s newest cornerbacks here: 1. You can find his name in the Ohio State record book You’ve heard about Sheffield’s speed, but let’s talk about how fast he really is. Sheffield set an Ohio State record with his 6.63-second 60-meter dash time. 2. Coming for that No. 1 spot Sheffield’s path to the NFL was a bit unusual. Coming out of Thurgood Marshall High School in Missouri City, Texas, as five-star recruit, Sheffield committed to the University of Alabama. After redshirting the 2015 season, Sheffield transferred to Blinn College, a junior college in Brenham, Texas. He was the No. 1-rated cornerback coming out of junior college following the 2016 season. Sheffield then transferred to Ohio State in the spring of 2017. He played two seasons for the Buckeyes. 3. A track star in the state of Texas Sheffield won the 2014 Texas state 5A 110-meter and 300-meter hurdles championships and repeated as 110-meter champion in 2015. The guy can fly on the track. 4. Once held the title for fastest player in college football Chase Goodbread of NFL.com ranked Sheffield as the fastest player in college football when he ranked the top 18 players in 2018. 5. A weapon all over the field Sheffiled’s physical gifts allow him to be utilized all over the field. At Blinn, Sheffield averaged 29.1 yards on 18 kick returns and 8.9 yards on 12 punt returns. He also had one punt return and one kick return for a touchdown. Falcons general Thomas Dimitroff and head coach Dan Quinn mentioned he might be in the mix as potential return threat for Atlanta in 2019. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/5-things-to-know-about-falcons-fourth-round-pick-kendall-sheffield
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    I hope yall remember who was beating that Foye drum first....I got jumped on for saying He was going to take Riley spot.....not yall though...im just saying... I aint right a lot....I got to hold on to this
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    House, Bones, Dr. Quinn, the dudes from Scrubs. He’s training with everybody this year.
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    Correcting some info guys, Donnell Harris is reclassifying because he was going to age out. Currently a 17 year old soon to be junior in high school
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    http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000000977614/Tavecchio-seals-win-with-unreal-56-yard-FG ^This Giants game basically earned him a shot at staying instead of Bryant; injuries/age/cost. more:
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    I will take this moment to speak about a question I hear non believers ask. Which is, "why do bad things happen? Why do Good people get hurt? Why do children get struck with these diseases and etc?" I say look at the book of Job. You'll learn what freewill is all about. Freewill in my opinion was given to us, so we can on our decide to worship, love and obey God. However the devil is going to test that. Just like Job was tested 3 times.  ...... So if you have ever questioned believing because of this and never read any books in the Bible. I suggest to read the book of John to see Jesus love and what he went thru. And then read the book of Job. (those are my 2 books I wish everyone read in their life) 
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    Watching his highlights still gives me chills. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-throwback/0ap3000001034547/NFL-Throwback-Michael-Vick-s-top-25-plays
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    Yeah, I'm glad the NFL has moved past that primitive concept.
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    One of the things about Vick is he was soo good that he even lulled Andy Reid to sleep. In other words, they start taking him for granted and throwing offensive lines out there that couldn't protect him. He took a Muhammad Ali type beating up in Philly after that 2012 season. It was brutal to watch. Defenses never stopped Vick's play itself, they just beat the living crap out of him...
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    They were definitely the pioneers....I think Vicks speed is what set him apart....nobody was ready for a QB that was the fastest on the field
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    I got shot out of my own stupidity. When the firefight was happening, I saw two guys down the street cross over to flank us from behind. So me, Mike, and 3 other guys went to meet them. Little did I know that was the second set of guys and a pair had already crossed over before them. So while in the lead running through a mud hut village I turned the corner and almost literally ran into the first set of guys. We opened fire on each other then. It's a miracle I'm here man. I always kept my gun on semi auto because 90% of firefights was us shooting back n' forth from 200-300 yds away. Somehow while running my thumb clicked the selector switch to auto. That's what saved my life. And Mike dragging me out of the street.
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    Me too. Biggest concern is pass rush.....somebody needs to step up....
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    Sure has and has adapted well to change not many will dare mention that.In a league where the environment is always changing our GM has done a pretty decent job adapting and keeping this team competitive.There are far more ups than downs.But for a bit of better decision making on the field I’d be escorting a few of these doubters to the state line before TD lol.
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    This is a pretty **** good deal on an american strat, though it's a rosewood board and I know you want maple: https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/msg/d/marietta-fender-strat-usa/6913758101.html Over $200 more for an american strat with the maple board: https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/msg/d/canton-for-sale-or-trade-fender/6897848988.html
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    Given what we already saw of rookie Foye, which to me is astounding given him playing at Yale, and what we are hearing about Russell Gage out of OTAs, the 2018 draft is starting to shape up as a phenomenal haul for talent. No question Ridley is the real deal, Senat has already proven to be at very least a rotational DL, Ito Smith I freaking LOVE, so it Oliver can prove himself a starter wow what a draft
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    Mike Mayock had Gage listed as one of his top (100) draft prospects for 2018. He has all the measurables to be a really good WR. The 2018 draft will wind-up producing more Starters, than the 2016 Draft (did not say it was better yet, but will produce higher number of starting players).
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    by Jeff Benedict 9 hours ago How does the Atlanta Falcons 2016 NFL Draft class look three years later? Coming into 2016, the Atlanta Falcons had several areas that they needed to address. During free agency, they were able to add Pro Bowl Center Alex Mack. General Manager Thomas Dimitroff assumed Mack would be the final piece of the starting offensive line and then he would add a few depth pieces. Going into the 2016 NFL Draft, the theme was “Fast and Physical.” Head coach Dan Quinn wanted to replicate the pieces he had in Seattle and thought going after fast big hitters was the key to doing so. After losing their initial 5th round pick for pumping in fake crowd noise at the Georgia Dome, the Falcons made one draft day trade in 2016 when they sent the 50th overall pick to the Houston Texans in exchange for the 2016 52nd overall and the 2016 195th overall (in the sixth round). With those selections, the Falcons took LSU linebacker Deion Jones and San Jose State Guard Wes Schweitzer. The 2016 draft class will more than likely end up being the best class Dimitroff will have ever selected. Original Grade Sports Illustrated: D “The Falcons’ personnel brain trust of Scott Pioli and Thomas Dimitroff has had iffy results in the last few drafts, with Dimitroff as the more tenured veteran in the organization. On its face, this draft looks like another head-scratcher. The Falcons did little to address their defensive line needs, instead, spending the 17th pick on (Keanu) Neal, who looks like a reach there. Jones is a speed linebacker with some safety-level assets—not a bad player, but perhaps another reach.” – Doug Farrar FanSided: D “Keanu Neal is a decent safety prospect, but he was a massive reach in the middle of the first round. Atlanta needs to be right about Neal, or this will be a pick that general manager Thomas Dimitroff doesn’t live down anytime soon. The rest of this class might not be able to start over the next few years, something that doesn’t bode well for a team in need of talent.” – Matt Verderame Draft Class 1 (No. 17) 1 KEANU NEAL S, Florida Current Team: Atlanta Falcons Fans hated this pick, most thought he was a third-round pick at best. However, Dan Quinn was looking for another Kam Chancellor-type safety to add to the mix. During his time at the University of Florida, where he was recruited by Quinn, Neal was known as a big hitter but was never able to wow fans with his style of play in college. He had a good combine and Quinn knew he had his first piece to the “fast and physical” style of defense he wanted to employ. People around the city had their eye on the hometown kid Robert Nkemdiche and Clemson’s defensive end Shaq Lawsonas the picks to help beef up the defensive line, which was an area of need despite taking Vic Beasley and Grady Jarrett the previous year. Neal was named to the all-rookie team in 2016 and made the Pro Bowl in 2017. His loss to injury in 2018 was a devastating blow to Quinn’s defense. His impact has been felt on the field by every running back, wide receiver and quarterback who has crossed his face. Round 2 (No. 52) 2 DEION JONES LB, LSU Current Team: Atlanta Falcons If fans were not already upset with the Neal pick, then this reach in the second round put them over the top. The Falcons and Quinn opted for speed with this pick, which was made after trading down two spots. The biggest knock on Jones was he was not a full-time starter at LSU. His combine numbers clearly got Quinn excited as he ran a sub 4.4 40, three-cone time of 7.13 and a 20-yard short shuttle of 4.26. Still, he had never shown anything during his time at LSU. Even LSU fans were puzzled by this pick. Coming into the 2016 draft the Falcons wanted to find a guy with speed that could keep up with running backs and tight ends, Jones is definitely that guy. He has quickly become the best cover linebacker in the NFL. Like Neal, Jones was also named to the all-rookie team in 2016, a Pro-Bowler in 2017 and suffered through injuries in 2018. Round 3 (No. 81) 3 AUSTIN HOOPER TE, Stanford Current Team: Atlanta Falcons Dimitroff was finally looking for the playmaker to replace Tony Gonzalez at tight end, who retired at the end of 2013. While the Falcons drafted another Stanford tight end in 2013, Levine Toilolo, he was turning out to be a much better blocking tight-end than he was a pass catcher. Matt Ryan loves the tight-end, especially in the red zone. The Falcons desperately wanted to add that type of player back into the mix go along with Julio Jones. Hooper was widely considered the second-best tight end prospect behind Hunter Henry from Arkansas. Hooper performed well at the combine and the Falcons were elated he was sitting there with the 81st pick in the third round. Hooper took longer to adapt to the NFL than Neal and Jones. Having two different offensive coordinators in his first two seasons did not help Hooper. In his third year, “Hoop” had a career high in catches, yards and touchdowns and was named to the 2018 Pro Bowl. Round 4 (No. 115) 4 DE'VONDRE CAMPBELL LB, Minnesota Current Team: Atlanta Falcons There were plenty of football issues that plagued Campbell coming out of Minnesota. Mainly, he did not have the instincts to play linebacker in the NFL. Still, Quinn and Dimitroff loved what they saw from the Gophers linebacker. Campbell was an All-Big Ten honorable mention on the field and an All-Academic Big Ten in the classroom. Quinn loved his size, frame and work ethic. Campbell was not drafted to be an instant impact guy on the Falcons defense. However, it was obvious at rookie minicamp he was going to be on the field a lot for the Falcons. Campbell started 10 games for the Falcons as a rookie and collected 48 tackles and five tackles for loss. Campbell’s second year in the league saw him add considerable weight, yet not lose his speed. He and Deion Jones each started all 16 games and formed one of the best one-two punches at linebacker in the NFL. Campbell’s production has increased, as has his role, each year in the NFL. Round 6 (No. 196) 5 WES SCHWEITZER OG, San Jose State Current Team: Atlanta Falcons This was a pick of familiarity for the Falcons. Schweitzer’s offensive line coach in college, Keith Carter, had become the assistant OL coach for Atlanta. Schweitzer was added to the Falcons practice squad as a rookie in order to help him developing while moving him from left tackle in college to right guard in the NFL. Schweitzer has started 29 games for the Falcons over the last two seasons, including all 16 in 2017. Regarded as one of the lower-tier and lowest-graded guards in the NFL, it’s still shocking to many he is still on the Falcons active roster. Round 7 (No. 238) 6 DEVIN FULLER WR, UCLA Current Team: Free Agent Devin Fuller is a guy that was highly productive in college. He finished his career with more than 140 catches and was one of the Pac 12’s best kick returners. After not being invited to the NFL Combine, he jumped on the radar of many teams thanks to his Pro Day,when he ran a 4.37 40-yard dash. Unfortunately for Fuller, hearing his name called in the seventh round would be the only highlight of his NFL career. His 2016 would end in training camp when a shoulder injury put him on IR and then in 2017 he tore his ACL in training camp. The Falcons released him during the summer of 2018. Retrospective Grade Deion Jones is the best cover linebacker in the NFL. His impact on the Falcons defense is seen every single week. When Jones is healthy, Atlanta has a Top 10 defense. When he missed nine games in 2018 due to injury, the defense was terrible. Jones, Keanu Neal, and Austin Hooper have all made at least one Pro Bowl in their first three seasons wearing the Red & Black. Wes Schweitzer has made more than 20 starts over the last two seasons and De’Vondre Campbell has started in 39 of the 43 games he has appeared in. Devin Fuller is the lone draft pick from 2016 that was never able to catch on and that was due to injuries. : A 2019 RETROSPECTIVE GRADE Atlanta Falcons A With three Pro Bowlers, the 2016 Falcons draft class will go down as the most important to the Quinn era and one of the best draft classes Dimitroff has had during his time in Atlanta. There have been better individual pieces drafted in previous years. However, the 2016 class top to bottom is the class that put the Falcons over the top and took them from pretender to contender. https://fansided.com/2019/06/24/atlanta-falcons-2016-nfl-redraft/
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    He was the most naturally talented QB that has ever played. Shame that he fell so incredibly short of his potential... Always wondered what would have happened if we had kept Reeves, maybe Vick would have stayed out of trouble and learned to respect the game. If Vick had had Matt Ryan's brains he would have been the GOAT.
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    "Better' may be relative. I expect better results, but not necessarily better overall numbers. If the 'D' gets better and we are able to win most games 24-10, and we have the game shutdown by early third quarter Matt may not see a lot of games where he's still pedal to the metal in the 4th quarter like most of last season. He can spend a sedate 4th quarter watching Quadree wear down the other team 3 to 4 yards at a time.
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    OU word on Raym was he was expected to announce today or tomorrow, but that changed and now think he'll pick by end of week, and announce early next week OU insiders genuinely have no idea, which is a big change for the "all OU" of a week ago
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    CB on top of route generally means back shoulder throw, just like this. Ryan has thrown 55 yard perfectly thrown bombs over the past few years when the WR has a step on the CB