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    Figured I'd make a thread for the big news just so nobody misses it.
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    Yall really going to start going after Stewart again cause he tried to shame congress into maybe actually taking care of 9/11 victims instead of making patriotic noises about doing so? Is this really the issue the rightwing boomersphere wants to waste time pushing back on?
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    Pretty sure he just took a look at his outfit and posted this.
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    Imagine being so far off the charts to the right that Cracker Barrel bans you.
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    I've become more optimistic about Allard, he's shown real improvement in Gwinnett both in velocity of the 4-seamer and location of all his pitches. That said, if Allard and Burrows gets Felipe Vázquez through 2023, you make that trade right ******* now and pray the Pirates don't come to their senses.
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    After a season in which Atlanta finished 7-9 and missed the postseason for the first time since 2016, everything was on the table. The Falcons’ offensive line was in need of a makeover this offseason. "I’m comfortable at center and left tackle in the same way as you said,” Quinn said following the season. “Past that, you scrub every bit of it” The Falcons struggled to protect quarterback Matt Ryan as he was sacked 42 times – the second most in his career – in 2018. Atlanta’s run game was also never able to flourish in the way they hoped, finishing the year as the 27th ranked rushing unit in the league. Dimitroff and head coach Dan Quinn knew how critical this offseason would be in terms of addressing their needs. Offensive line wasn’t the only positional need, though. Dimitroff and Quinn heavily weighed the options of taking a defensive lineman in the first round as well. “We were very honed in on the defensive line as well,” Dimitroff said. So were other teams, however, as seven defensive linemen were picked in the 13 picks ahead of Atlanta, the last being defensive end Rashan Gary to the Packers at No. 12 and defensive tackle Christian Wilkins to the Dolphins at 13. At that point the Falcons knew where they were going with their first pick – and that was Lindstrom. Dimitroff wanted to rebuild Atlanta’s offensive line with players who are quick, athletic, tough and play with a sense of urgency. Lindstrom certainly checks all of those boxes. “Highly competitive, highly tough and highly urgent as an athlete” is how Dimitroff would describe his first thoughts after watching hours of film on Lindstrom. From watching Lindstrom up close at the Senior Bowl to watching him test at the combine to a private workout at Boston College, Dimitroff found himself wanting to see more of Lindstrom. Ahead of the draft, the Falcons brought a contingent of coaches to work Lindstrom out. In addition to Dimitroff, Quinn and Scott Pioli, now former assistant general manager, offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, offensive line coach Chris Morgan, assistant offensive line coach Bob Kronenberg and strength and condition coach Jesse Ackerman were all in attendance. Lindstrom said after the Falcons put him through the workout and interview, it just “felt different” than any other workout he had done to that point. He was a guy I kept coming back to study more video of [and] do more research on. Similar to other really important first and second round draft picks over the years, he was in that same boat. Thomas Dimitroff “He was a guy I kept coming back to study more video of [and] do more research on,” Dimitroff said. “Similar to other really important first and second round draft picks over the years, he was in that same boat.” The Falcons’ 2019 season was ravaged by injuries, especially at the guard position. Both starting guards Andy Levitre and Brandon Fusco were placed on injured reserve during the season and the injuries didn’t stop there. Starting safeties Keanu Neal and Ricardo Allen both suffered season-ending injuries in the first month of the season and starting middle linebacker Deion Jones missed 10 games with a foot injury. After watching how the season unfolded with so many injuries to key players, Dimitroff made a vow to himself and the organization that he would never put the team in a position where they are without depth at key positions. “I personally felt I would never put this team in that situation again where, God forbid, we had injuries [and] that we were limited in overall depth at the position, especially interior,” Dimitroff said. “That we were going to make sure we had a rotation there that was going to be legitimate and accomplished.” Dimitroff accomplished that feat this offseason with the additions of Lindstrom, Brown, Carpenter and the selection of Kaleb McGary in the first round. The Falcons traded back into the first round of the draft to select McGary out of the University of Washington. And while it’s too early to tell how exactly Atlanta’s starting offensive line will shake out, it appears Lindstrom is well on his way to solidifying a starting spot. Jake Matthews and Alex Mack will be the only two players along the offensive line who started every game for the Falcons in 2018. After that, it will be a full-blown competition for starting roles during training camp amongst several talented players – exactly how Quinn likes it. Morgan has spent the most time with Lindstrom since his arrival in Atlanta and the longtime position coach has been pleased with what he’s seen from Lindstrom in the short period of time. He’s made of the right stuff. Chris Morgan Lindstrom has enjoyed his brief time with the Falcons just as much as his coaches are enjoying teaching him. If he continues to progress the way he has so far, Quinn and Dimitroff will enter their fifth season together knowing they not only have a vastly improved offensive line, but their selection of Lindstrom could give them a potential long-term starter at the right guard position for years to come. “It’s been absolutely incredible,” Lindstrom said. “I’m playing for a great organization. In an offensive line room with a great group of guys and I’m really thankful for that. If you’re passionate about something and you want to get better at it and you’re in a great environment like this, there’s nothing better in the world and I’m enjoying every second of it.”
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    Link to Pete Prisco's Top 100 NFL Players 4 Falcons made the list. Julio, Ryan, Grady and Deion. In my opinion, Julio is about right, Ryan is too low, Grady is about right, Deion is way too low but being injured last year I get it. Should be top 50 though. Somewhat surprised that Matthews, Mack and Neal were left off.
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    YES and we keep the 10th pick, sweet!
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    And Julio has mastered the technique of his craft. He is no longer just an athlete.
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    I can’t take anything away from Rodgers. He IS that good. The media does overrate him and I believe he and Matt are neck and neck so long story short he is slightly overrated and Matt is severely underrated.
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    Mike Evans only 25? Seems like he has been around forever for some reason.
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    Why include Julio in the discussion if they aren’t going to discuss his strengths and the reasons not to take him. The question should be “what WR under 26 years old is most deserving of a big extension?” And nothing in Julio’s game hints that a production drop is on the horizon
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    This series shouldn't be overlooked. As Buster Olney points out, the Nats recent stretch is a 16-7 record over the last few weeks. If you look at their upcoming schedule it's the worst teams in the league after this weekend. They have Miami twice, Detroit and KC before the break. Braves need to crush their streak right here before they really get flowing. They have too much talent to let that momentum carry and build confidence.
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    Pete Prisco sounds like a guy who would go town to town with a wagon selling "Vitality Tonic".
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    Never trust grown men with hyphenated last names.
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    Umm.....MJD's best years were with Dirk Koetter as his offensive coordinator. This feels pretty **** dumb.
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    Got our first CB for Caleb Williams to UGA
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    I mean, it’s Ben Domenech. I can’t even imagine what kind of ignorant, self righteous conversations he has with his wife. WFW posting a tweet crapping on one of the very few people fighting for 9/11 first responders just because he’s liberal fits the profile.
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    yeah, I don't wanna know.....just let my mind do what it does. It's more fun that way too
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    I tend to agree with you, I think we have been one of top 5 run organizations in nfl for at least a decade now. Besides Pats, ravens were always top notch under Ozzie. Then in no particular order, Eagles, Seahawks, and falcons. Browns are doing a lot of good things on paper, but too soon to say they are a top run organization.
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    Excellent point. When you master your craft you play smarter so when you lose some of that physical ability it’s balanced out by adjusting your technique. You can only do that by mastering your craft.
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    Dudes been a consistent producer his entire career. they're lowkey though. I didn't even realize how good of a season he had last season until last week
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    Rubio is NOT ******* HAVING talk of Trump being too lazy to invade Venezuela lmao HM will never be as embarrassed for voting for Trump as I am for voting for lil Marco. I mean, what in the actual **** was I thinking?
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    From the people who brought you "Too dumb to collude", we now bring you "Too lazy to warmonger". I just hope Trump gets another case of the lazys before we kill a another half million in Iran.
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    Ressler IS making the team better. He is spending a ton on renovating the arena, the Emory Practice Facility, etc. We finally have a competent owner / thank God! We have an owner that will spend the money on top free agents when his smart GM tells him to do so. You and I both only see a very small peephole of the overall picture. You see picks 41/44 sold for cash and fret. Schlenk knows what the h3LL he is doing. I have seen NOTHING in two drafts so far to make me doubt him. Eventually he will make a mistake but certainly not losing sleep over 41/44 in a weak draft.
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    I get that. But why even have Julio as an option for discussion if they were just going to factor him out of it from the get go due to age?
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    hahahaha.....(deep breath)....hahahahah Thomas is not on the same level as Julio or even Evans for that matter Thomas is more on level of Jarvis Landry or Keenan Allen. Julio an Evans are premier, perimeter threats. Ala AJ Green, Hopkins. I hope the Saints pay Thomas more than Julio though, that would be hillllarious
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    I didn’t watch the whole thing..but he talked about family and winning. Am I missing something?
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    If there are 95 players better than Debo in the NFL then I need to stop watching.
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    Latest Rumblings: .......there is more talk than ever on players with multiple years on contracts and picks. Said that New Orleans is being extremely active trying to move up and down the board. Said, the Hawks control the draft but Pels control the top half. I do want to confirm, Pels want DeAndre Hunter but they want to move back from #4 to get him with hopes of enticing the Bulls. He said the Bulls have interest in moving up only if the terms are reasonable. Lottery protected pick with 2nd round rollover which didn't sit well with NO. He said NO wants to trade but not fall out of the top 8 and he doesn't see an avenue since no want to offer what they consider a great value. Atlanta's 10/17 is out there for the taking he said like it's been out there. Said, no one will bite and doesn't think anyone will. Says it will take a Luka like return to get them to move #4. Protected top #5 pick 2020. Their plans is to be ready when a Giannis or Beal becomes available via trade. Said they are targeting Beal if he doesn't sign the EXT from Washington which by all reports, they will. They even offered a deal to MEM to move up, also declined. Wanted ATL to give 8/17, also declined. Have been very aggressive during trade talks. Says Cleveland is split on #5. Coach wants Hunter. Mentioned the team wants to give the coach what he needs so Hunter will be the pick, otherwise, it's Culver who the team also likes. Mention, Garland is in the mix. Says PHX is locked into Coby White. Says CHI #1 option is Garland and #2 is Culver. White is #3. They are split on four prospects: Hunter/Reddish/Little/Sekou. They do not want to end up without a guard option. They really really want Garland and there is some belief that he will fall to #7. Says Hawks have one goal for the top 8. Land two 1sts in this range. It's unlikely at this point and they are likely to keep their 1sts at this stage. Didn't speak on WAS Said #10 is still shopped but they could keep the pick.  Says MIN has real interest in #4 and the cost is very real for this draft. Very real. Says Goga will be the pick at #11 if it's NO. Said nothing on CHA/MIA and BOS. Said DET was looking for more picks and found a suitor.  Said ORL is looking to add more picks as well. Said IND is looking at all options. They are targeting Rubio and D. Russell and remember, Russell is from Louisville, KY which is close to Indy. The interest is real. Moving down is an option. OKC is still shopping pick to move down or to get out of Dennis or Adams contract. Said suitors are low but their is interest in Roberson. Likely still the Hawks.  Spurs are looking to move up in the lottery. Targeting Keldon Johnson if they stay at 19. Philly is shopping 33/34 for a 1st Atlanta is shopping 35/41 and mid tier cap space for a 1st.  Said trades are expensive and he would not be surprised by the lack of trades in the draft and said, you might see some depending on who's available and at what spot.  Doesn't expect fireworks this year. Salary and contracts are the theme of this draft. Teams want to clear cash or get 2nd rounders for salary reasons and don't see enough quality to look otherwise. 
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    It’s definitely looking that way when you look at a lot of mocks. At this point though man I trust in Schlenk to get this draft right as well!
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    Had to have a five year protection window for MR2. If any SB dreams. Got it.
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    Plus the fact that Julio is still better than both at 30. PLUS the fact that Julio is the only one of the bunch that can take the top off the defense. And he’s 30.
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    I'm just so glad they couldn't say with a straight face "Carpenter, Brown, and Sambrailo are going to be starting on the OL for the Atlanta Falcons". I was nervous about adding that much risk to the OL. Yes, Lindstrom and McGary are rookies, but Lindstrom is probably our best OG right now. Throw in full blown competitions elsewhere and I think they'll be alright.