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    https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/peter-king-talks-falcons-who-needs-to-step-top-draft-priority-and-the-x-factor-i Kelsey Conway AtlantaFalcons.com reporter FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – If you were to ask longtime NFL writer Peter King which team he’d be most inclined to buy stock in at this point in the offseason, his answer might surprise you. Let’s just say the Atlanta Falcons would definitely be in the conversation. “I’d be buying Falcons stock right now because I think they’ve got a chance to rebound and play very well this year in what again is going to be a very tough NFC South,” King said. King detailed several reasons why he’s “bullish” on the Falcons in a 17-minute Q&A from the annual league meetings last week in Phoenix. Here are some of King’s takes: Quinn taking over defense will give Falcons ‘more aggressive’ play, including the secondary With Dan Quinn taking back the reigns of the Falcons’ defense, there’s a newfound excitement surrounding Atlanta’s defense. Based off Quinn’s time as a defensive coordinator in Seattle and when he took over the play-calling in the final quarter of the 2016 season, King laid out his expectations of what he thinks the Falcons’ defense will look like with Quinn calling the shots. “I think by the more active role he has in a week-to-week basis with the defense, you’re probably going to get to see more of an aggressive defense,” King said. “I think he will find more opportunities for Grady Jarrett, I think he’s going to find more opportunities for edge players. I think you’re going to see more diverse secondary play. More guys rushing from the secondary.” Takk McKinley is the player the Falcons need to step up most in 2019 All eyes will be on Takk McKinley this year and there’s no doubt about it. Since being drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, the expectations for McKinley have certainly heightened. Not only has Quinn said he’s expecting a strong offseason from McKinley to prepare for the upcoming season, King explained why it’s vital for the defensive end to have a big year. “He was drafted to be [the] really strong edge presence,” King said. If I’m them, I need 50-to-60 legitimate quarterback disruptions from McKinley this year. I think that is vital because I think they’re secondary [could] get exposed. This is a crucial year for this secondary and for the pass rush.” Falcons draft priorities should be improving the secondary, landing another franchise tackle The Falcons have the No. 14 overall pick in the NFL Draft and King believes they should use it on a player who can improve their secondary. Atlanta’s secondary will look a bit different this season with Isaiah Oliver and Damontae Kazee taking on starting roles full-time. “If I were the Falcons, [my priority] would be the secondary,” King said. “I would want to improve my cornerback depth and I would also draft if I can what I consider to be a long-term offensive tackle. King also believes the Falcons could also benefit from using that pick on one of the top tackles in this year’s draft class, similar to what they did with Jake Matthews in the 2014 NFL Draft when Atlanta selected him with the No. 6 overall pick. Matthews signed a five-year extension with the Falcons prior to the 2018 season. Alex Mack is the ultimate X-factor for Falcons King knows exactly which center he would pick if he had the luxury of choosing one in a must-win game. “I’d take Alex Mack every time,” King said. “I love Mack.” Based on Ryan’s consistent production over the years, King’s not worried about what the Falcons will get from QB1 in 2019. “I always look at Ryan as a guy in my opinion, I just think every year he’s going to be a top-5 quarterback,” King said. “He’s going to be productive enough.” What will help Ryan have another quality year is the play of the guy directly in front of him snapping him the ball and blocking for him. “Any quarterback is going to play better when he’s protected better,” King said. “They just have to do a better job of doing that this year whether that’s scheme or talent. I think it’s vitally important that Alex Mack be healthy and give them one more strong year. You can just see the symbiotic relationship between Mack and Ryan.” Falcons can’t let Deion Jones out of Atlanta The Falcons have reportedly begun contract negotiations with Deion Jones who has quickly become one of the best players in Atlanta’s defense. King believes Jones is a player who could be the heart of Atlanta’s defense for years to come. “I love Deion Jones as a football player and I would want him to be the centerpiece of my defense,” King said. “They can’t let him go. “ The ultimate compliment to Grady Jarrett After defeating the Falcons 34-28 in Super Bowl LI, King sat with Patriots’ star quarterback Tom Brady and to discuss the game in which Brady couldn’t have been more complementary of Grady Jarrett. “Tom Brady had more respect for Grady Jarrett than anybody on the Falcons that day,” King said. “I think the world of Grady Jarrett.” Emphasis added. I like how he thinks, and has at least studied a little..
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    single coverage versus double or triple, but ok.....who cares as long as we win
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    Counterpoint - Why the Falcons will not win the Superbowl this coming season History - Are the Atlanta Falcons
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    I have an "official" state of Georgia Atlanta Falcons license plate on my car I was going to make use of whenever I got a new one. But I ran across a cool-looking Falcon novelty car tag on eBay and decided that would work even better. Couple more next post...
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    The secondary is fine. Generate a pass rush, and the secondary can do their job
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    Bosher doesn't suck but he is more expensive than he's probably worth at this point. Everyone says his kickoffs suck but that's not true. He's doing what he's told. Some weeks they want to eliminate the return some weeks they feel like they can pin them deeper if they let them return. It's the same thing with our punt returners over the years. You don't know what the coaches are asking them to do.
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    Just bring these back and call it a day.. Old logo or New is fine with me. but please dear God just make these the permanet
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    Meh. So what round will he be announcing a Cowgirl pick?
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    If you follow my posts, you know that the MAJORITY of the time I clown the Falcons. I have various reasons ( Falcon Filter, 28-3, questionable personnel decisions on defense, 28-3, a history of choking in big games, 28-3, etc. ). I got a feeling though and its a good one. The Falcons will hoist the Lombardi this coming season and here is why: Personnel: The Falcons came into last season with the second ranked roster in talent in the NFL. They bring back the bulk of that talent. Offense: Lets be clear here. Steve Sarkisian was the scapegoat for a offense that DID move the ball. Ok. They had redzone issues. But at least they got TO the redzone. That same talent returns on offense. Quinn was not gonna fire himself so Sark had to go. Bringing in Koetter and Mularkey lets me know that Quinn knows the offense is gonna get TO the redzone again. Koetter and Mularkey were brought into to revamp the Falcons redzone and short yardage offense. The Falcons have a ton of tight ends on the roster and I feel they are gonna use a lead blocker more. Whether thats Ricky Ortiz or putting one of the tight ends back there, they WILL run lead blocking plays. Freeman will be back and Smith is more than capable of filling in. The Falcons WILL score points in the redzone. Ridley will be more developed and take more pressure off both Julio and Sanu. Defense: Its about time that Quinn becomes the defensive coordinator. Leave the offense and game management alone and concentrate on what got him the gig in the first place. Quinn proved he could do it in Seattle so now he has the opportunity to do it here in Atlanta. Quinnen Williams or Ed Oliver effect. The Falcons will sign Grady and trade up and add one of those tackles I just mentioned. My thinking is they will shock and draft Williams. Most folks believe it will be Oliver. WHATEVER. I don't like Oliver's size but he does have the quickness to get the attention of guards which leads me to the effect on Beasley. Its simple with Beasley. If the guy next to him can play it opens up HIS game. Thats how it was at Clemson and thats how it was when Poe was playing on that line. Secondary: I have full confidence that Oliver and Breh- Wilson will step it up. The Falcons do too or else they wouldn't have let Alford and Poole walk. Safeties. Both will be back. My thinking is the Falcons will add a corner and possibly another safety in the draft for depth. Special teams: They have a punter and Kicker. Coaching: Quinn is calling the plays and coaching for his career in Atlanta. He will get it done. History: The Falcons are DUE. The NFL OWES the Falcons after the 28-3 debacle and the Falcons owe themselves after that debacle. The Falcons have been decent to great since they drafted Vick and then Ryan. Thats a long time to be pretty good and not get to the ultimate goal. This is the year they kick the door down and get their first chip.
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    Trenches suck. Says we need to draft secondary.
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    If Dexter shows up to the draft decked out in Red, we will know what’s up...
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    3rd and 16 was forgivable since there are 10 other guys on the Defense. However, the arm flapping?? Dead to me.
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    It's kinda strange how everybody wanted Vita Vea last year even as a top 5, but most people wouldn't take Lawrence with a top 20 pick this year. He's been way better than Vea in college. Between Wilkins and Lawrence, you can't lose with either of them.
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    Until the Falcons defense can effectively and consistently slow down the run game they are going to get battered and beaten. When they face actually good offenses that can run and pass it is a nightmare because those offenses can dictate the entire game to us. When they face teams with big OLs and good RBs they just get steamrolled. Those offenses then get to pick and choose when they run and when they pass to further crush the Falcons defense. Meanwhile our theoretical high scoring offense is sitting on the sideline with their theoretical three touchdown lead that allows our defense to be a 'stop the pass' (small and fast/pass rush) defense... which still can't generate a decent pass rush, stop the run, stop the short passing game, or get off the field with any measure of meaningful success.
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    Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if we won a SB in the next 2 years
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    Trae Young’s magical bag of passing tricks The Atlanta Hawks’ rookie is already one of the NBA’s best passers. Here are all the ways he slices up defenses. By Nekias Duncan on March 27, 2019 12:32 pm https://www.sbnation.com/2019/3/27/18283874/trae-young-highlights-passing-atlanta-hawks
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    I know this kid. We work out at the same gym when he is home in Georgia. Crazy strong. Big time leg. Routinely kicked 50 yard FGs in high school
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    It's amazing how in 2015 most people wanted Kyle gone than in 2016 he became the greatest Falcons offensive coordinator of all time. He was always known as an average offensive coordinator until 2016.
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    You're starting to sound like a bitter ex.
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    See what you did there. Your hate remains strong! fun little stat....10.8% vs 5.3% glad we have both, I will continue to like them both...we have been really lucky to have a top 5-10 WR for a long time, fully anticipate Ridley to be the next great Falcon WR and take the reigns from JJ one day.
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    That absolutely makes no sense. He produces he gets a big contract and we get a 3rd round comp pick
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    This makes no sense. Keeping Beasley has nothing to do with paying someone else long-term. Explain it logically. If he produces? Great problem to have! How does him being gone already matter contrasted to his potential contract in UFA? If he doesn't produce, then he leaves for money elsewhere or signs back for cheap...what's the problem? The thing is, the Falcons weren't gonna be offering long-term deals in UFA in a replacement plan...the replacement plan is the draft and DQ becoming DC, and if Vic wants to get paid even if he goes off then he can go somewhere and we get a compensatory pick to the lucky overpayer. Where is the problem? We aren't committed to Vic long-term. No way around that. We weren't committed to Grady long-term before he became eligible for UFA either. Notice the pending players to be paid by this time next year? Debo...Neal (option buys a year)...Hooper. etc. We already committed to Vic's option last year. Rescind it and we lose any compensatory formula. You know, the thing that has us with 9 picks this coming draft?
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    I want Mecole Hardman in a Falcons uniform badly. I'm convinced he would instantly make our returns better and would learn under Julio,Sanu,Calvin to be a better WR
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    Everybody loved him until they hated him.
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    Atlanta Falcons (@AtlantaFalcons) Tweeted: We told y’all... @CalvinRidley1 is pushing to have a BIG 2019. https://t.co/zujMVdb4ye
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    Yeah Tim good read and I’m confident Quinn is going to have this defense playing lights out. I truly hope our first two picks addresses either the OL or DL!
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    Those in the know always held Kyle in very high regard. He was an elite WR coach..and once Texans owners forced Kubiak to give up playcalling in favor of Shanny, they were top 8. His time in Washington was impressive all things considered. Same with Cleveland. Everywhere he went, offense’s improved. SF will be sooo good on offense next year
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    There isn’t a QB on any of those lists that I would trade Ryan for right now. Brees is almost out of gas Rodgers is always hurt and not a team leader Big Ben hasn’t done anything in a decade Luck has to show he can stay healthy There is now tape on Maholmes and the league will adjust Cam - LOL The only 2 even close to trade worthy are Wilson and Brady. Brady is almost done though and could he win with us and without BB? I’m not so sure. Wilson is about the same with more mobility, so I’d rather just keept Ryan.
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    I was mad we got Trae on draft night. I am glad I am not the GM. I like my crow with bacon and mustard.
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    to be read as - "these muppets better get it right or they are fired"
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    It's true. This clown didn't even put Ryan in Tier 1 after the 2016 season he had for his 2017 rankings. But he put Cam in there in 2017 after a 6-10 season the previous year. Absolute nonsense.
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    Needs to hit the jugs machine above all else
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    It’d be interesting to see if he was able to grab his bag off of the luggage carousel without missing It or being out of position.
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    Cuz I got dem dam low down, drunk all night, mean feelin' 28-3 blues...
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    It should be. It literally lines up perfect for them to knock this out the park.
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    Well let's see if we can build a measure. Broken down, football positions are in general (correct me if I'm wrong) DL...LB...S...CB...K...P (I went with safety and corner because they are played very differently and obviously not interchangeable...except in special circumstances). OL...QB...RB...TE...WR So, that's eleven different classifications spread out to be drafted. Mathematically, if all 32 teams draft in each round, and the positions as listed above were picked on an equal rotation, you would have each position being picked right at 3 times per round...(32 / 11 = 2.91, round up to 3) So based on this, if three of the same position are taken per round, that's not a lot. 4 would be a little above the average, so let's say if 5 or more of any position are taken in any round...that's "a lot". I hope this helps us all unite and live together in peace.
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    Win by rushing and stopping the rush. We need a that big "Poe" presence in the middle again. Gimme Lawrence.
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    Lamont Gaillard, OL, UGA David Andrews was the last center who came out of UGA. UDFA who has started 53 games and won 2 SBs for a Patriots' team whose OL we always say is better than the Falcons'. Gaillard can be that same quality of player, and he can likely be picked in the 4th.