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    Senat had to fight for reps just like Jarrett who found himself in a four player rotation at DT his rookie season. In 2015 Jarrett was in a 4 player rotation with Soliai, Babineaux, and Hageman. In 2018 Senat was in 4 player rotation with Jarrett, McClain, and Crawford. The numbers both players put up their rookie season are pretty similar. I'm not saying Senat will turn out to be like Jarrett, but with a offseason to develop more I think he could hold down the NT spot like Seahawks former NT Brandon Mebane. Who is also similar in size. If we do draft a DT I don't think we will be drafting a NT. We will be looking for a 3 down player like a Jeffery Simmons. Senat had quality reps against some pretty good centers in Pouncey and Kelce this year.
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    The Dan Quinn haters are going to be in awe at this one. Love love LOVE how this off-season is shaping up.
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    Changes definitely coming for the offensive line. As much as we want an offensive tackle, this is probably the most likely scenario right now given our draft position: And I wouldn't hate it at all. Best OL in the draft at 14 is a steal.
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    The NFL is a lot like the federal government. By its very nature it's impossible to get even the smallest task done right.
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    Are we just going to gloss over the bit about him punching a child in the face, throwing the kids fishing rod in the lake and threatening to kill an entire family .
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    Sounds like Quinn might be changing what he looks for in his personnel, to an extent. Just fast won’t cut it anymore.
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    I’m getting 2014 flashbacks. Mike Smith was saying similar things with all the “toughness” talk in that offseason. We’ll see if the team can get it done but I don’t like how this issue keeps coming up. Even when the team is good, they don’t beat teams up in the trenches.
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    IMHO Losing Tollio was big. Letting A C go, hurt. The loss of DiMarco and Hageman hurt. Being stubborn and not bringing back Feeney to help VB hurt. Losing Gabe to take the top off of defenses hurt. The Draft of Harlow instead of some other available OL's didn't work. But every team makes mistakes. To me the biggest mistake was " We are good like we are."
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    If McCoy is cut and they add him, our DT needs may be solved with him. McCoy and Grady could be like Donald and Suh in LA. At that point, it's adding a physical DE to pair with Takk and fixing the OL.
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    I really have a ton of respect for Eason and how he handled that whole situation. It was not easy at all. He went from being the guy to losing his job to a freshman because of an injury and he was absolutely a professional and true teammate about it. No doubt. If Fields can humble himself I would welcome him without reservations to be a Dawg forever. I really think he had a poor attitude to begin with but that’s freshman **** anyway. Really unfortunate we didn’t have stronger player leadership in place to derecruit him and get the buy in process cranked up.
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    DQ just said that other than Mack and Matthews, every other position on the OL is up for grabs next year https://929thegame.radio.com/articles/atlanta-falcons-could-look-replace-three-offensive-linemen-2019
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    I don't know about Sark, but the response to Manuel's availability has been somewhat less than fast and furious.
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    I am amazed at how well you can read someone's eyes. Gifted you are. And yes, there was an open competition, and the better qb won out. I know this to be true, from someone who was at every single practice and from Andrew Thomas, who stated exactly why Fromm was the starter.
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    F Lawrence and Fields. I want to see Eason light it up at UDub. Btw... if you want to transfer, take a page from Eason's book. Keep it out of the media, don't drag it out, and just make your decision.
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    Yeah man he sounds like a guy who may have got a stern talking to from The Godfather!
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    I’d prefer Saban’s slogan: if you win the toss Coach Saban, what will you opt to do? “I hope we opt to Kick Their ***.”
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    So let me get this straight, you thought a guy you just picked up from the bottom of the Pats roster to play special teams was going to get the job done when Neal went down? Holy crap someone needs to go tell Quinn to look at Smittys last two years and the oline and dline. He more or less thought the same thing. By the time he realized it, it was too late. He had one season to fix it but then he lost 4 starters on the oline and the season went down the drain.
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    I think Vic will be a career average 8 sack guy and should pay him accordingly. I'd prefer to keep Vic and Irvin this year and draft Ed Oliver.
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    I’ll be very Polite but please No. Don’t want another undersize DE. Resign Beasley to a team friendly deal and draft somebody else.
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    https://theathletic.com/748093/2019/01/03/schultz-quinn-dimitroff-acknowledge-mistakes-made-on-roster-coaching-staff/ Schultz: Quinn, Dimitroff acknowledge mistakes made on... Jeff Schultz 7-8 minutes Once you get past the postseason reflections on injuries, a five-game losing streak that smothered playoff hopes and the recent firings of three coordinators, here’s what the Falcons’ fizzled 2018 season comes down to: Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff screwed up. It doesn’t mean Quinn isn’t a good coach (he took an upside down team to the playoffs in two of his first three seasons, including a Super Bowl run), or that Dimitroff isn’t more than competent as a personnel man (his good decisions far outweigh the bad ones, critics notwithstanding). But as the co-builders of the Falcons’ organization, both acknowledge there’s ample evidence that their assessment of the depth on the Falcons’ roster was inaccurate. They believed they could let go of certain veterans because some young players would evolve into leaders. That didn’t happen. They believed they didn’t need to make moves early in the season after injuries to significant starters because their depth would rescue them. Instead, it buried them. They believed they hired the right two men as offensive (Steve Sarkisian) and defensive (Marquand Manuel) coordinator after the 2016 Super Bowl season. Wrong again. “I asked each of the players what are two or three of the plays or moments where you could’ve made a difference and how would that change,” Quinn said Thursday. “So for me, there must be 50 of them. I definitely feel that responsibility when we don’t hit that mark as a team.” Dimitroff, expressing disappointment in the team’s play after Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, Ricardo Allen and others were injured, said, “There are certainly people we thought stepped up, and there were people who we thought were going to step up and thrive for us but didn’t. That’s something I’m always going to be focused on.” If the right coaches are hired, if the right players are brought in to fill the gaps, the Falcons can accomplish next season what they failed to in 2018 —compete for a Super Bowl. If the wrong decisions are made, Quinn and Dimitroff both could be out of jobs. The realities of this season hit home for Quinn during a five-game losing streak that began in November in Cleveland. The Falcons had steadied themselves with three straight wins to get back to 4-4, then backslid. “I thought maybe we were back on solid ground,” Quinn said. “After the five-game stretch, that was a spot where it got frustrating. When you get eliminated from the postseason conversation earlier than you would like to and having to watch January football, it sucks. Those realizations hit you right in the face. The easy thing to do is (say), ‘Well, we just have to do better.’ But it’s way deeper than that.” There are a number of major personnel decisions the team must make, including satisfying Grady Jarrett (free agent) and Julio Jones (renegotiations) contractually and strengthening the offensive and defensive lines. But the single most important decision will be the naming of a new offensive coordinator. The potential candidacy of Gary Kubiak rises above all others. The former Denver and Houston head coach has expressed an interest in getting back into coaching, possibly as an offensive coordinator, after two years off for health reasons. Broncos general manager John Elway would like to keep Kubiak in Denver, where he has some nebulous adviser title. But too many have latched onto Elway’s words and not this simple fact: Kubiak has yet to say anything publicly. Quinn acknowledged Thursday that there is at least one candidate, possibly more, he’s waiting to speak with after the playoffs. Keep an eye on Jedd Fisch, a friend of Quinn’s and a former offensive coordinator in Minnesota and Jacksonville who’s currently with the Los Angeles Rams as a “senior offensive assistant.” As for Kubiak, I asked Quinn if he might also be waiting on a potential candidate who’s not in the playoffs now but is considering his options and is currently in the Rocky Mountain region. Hypothetically, of course. He laughed. Then he answered. “Hypothetically? Yeah, as we cast a wide net, you better make sure you go through the process (the best) that you can to explore all avenues,” Quinn said. “What I can say is there are a lot of people who want to be here.” If you’re into connecting dots, here are a few other things to consider: Kubiak is the best fit for the Falcons’ scheme, which isn’t going to change. He is close with Falcons quarterback coach Greg Knapp; the two worked together in Denver and Houston. One more thing, for conspiracy theorists: Quinn has fired four coaches to date: three coordinators (Sarkisian, Manuel, special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong) and one position coach. That assistant: tight ends coach Wade Harman. Why the rush to fire the tight ends coach now? One possibility: Brian Pariani, a tight ends coach, has been with Kubiak at every stop in his career, other than one season at Syracuse. Pariani was fired by the Broncos after Kubiak stepped down after the 2016 season and now works as a consultant. If Quinn can’t get Kubiak or former Miami head coach Adam Gase (who is interviewing for head coaching jobs), expect the coordinator to come from a group that includes former Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, former Falcons offensive coordinator and Tampa Bay head coach Dirk Koetter, possibly Fisch and others. Alex Marvez of SiriusXM NFL Radio reported the team interviewed former offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey. I’m not sure if that was a courtesy interview or with something else in mind, but it would surprise me if Mularkey is a serious candidate to be a coordinator. Quinn won’t put a timetable on the search, logical because of potential playoff candidates and, presumably, the decisions to be made by Kubiak and Gase. But Quinn and Dimitroff also will be kept busy trying to fix the flawed roster. The lack of physicality in the running game and against the run bothered both. “When you have a difficult time like this, you hold the light up to it,” Quinn said. “It’s not always comfortable. You want to find where there’s a scab. You want to find where there’s something to address. You want to find where there’s something to clean up. Physicality on both sides of the line of scrimmage has to be better.”
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    I’d love to hear what 10 QBs were better than Ryan this year
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    Thomas wasn't even the second best WR in the divison Going off REC / YRDS / AVG / TDs Julio: 113 / 1,677 / 14.8 / 8 Evans: 86 / 1,524 / 17.7 / 8 Thomas: 125 / 1,405 / 11.2 / 9
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    Beasley was drafted higher than Neal, which is one of the main reason's its lower.
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    Wins have (or should have) zero effect on individual achievements. Only MVP should sway it but not completely.
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    Well good. Seems cheap if he comes back as good as he was.
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    Lot of the same similarities as Grady. Senat is going to play well as part of our DL rotation this season and will just keep on getting better. He's gotten doubted and disrespected for being short and sqat his whole football life and he's overcome it. He has the make-up to continue to succeed and will do so.
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    while I like Sark and thought he had some really good plays, the fact remains that he couldn't make second half adjustments and the offense went through some some pretty long stretches where we couldn't get anything going on offense. people complain about the O-line but Shanny could at least scheme around it. the only time he really couldn't was against the Eagles at their place and honestly the team was more tired than anything and it showed. after the bye week guys got healthy and refreshed and we went on a historic tear. I kinda hoped we would keep Sark in some capacity to let him learn more about calling NFL games but I get it why he was let go
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    Can’t wait for that kid to announce so we can move the **** on, tired of seeing his name and Justin’s name. Move the **** around so we can get our attention to kids who play for this team
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    The guy may have some experience but whoa man.. He cannot hold a steady job... As coach: Gainesville (FL) PKY (DC) (1997) New Jersey Red Dogs (WR/QC) (1998) Florida (GA) (1999–2000) Houston Texans (DQC) (2001–2003) Baltimore Ravens (AQB/AWR) (2004–2007) Denver Broncos (WR) (2008) Minnesota (OC/QB) (2009) Seattle Seahawks (QB) (2010) Miami (FL) (OC/QB) (2011–2012) Jacksonville Jaguars (OC) (2013–2014) Michigan (QB/WR/PGC) (2015-2016) UCLA (OC/QB/interim HC) (2017) Los Angeles Rams (Senior offensive assistant) (2018–present)
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    TG deserves to be a first ballot HoFer. He was always the consummate athlete and always carried himself with integrity.
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    I’m not as in love with Freeman, Ito, and Hill as the rest of the board
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    Fisch was Sean McVay’s clock management specialist last year. Made his bones learning under Mike Shanahan in Denver.
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    More like he's legitimately stunned at how certain players performed this year.
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    Need Guards more than RT. If we can provide a pocket for Matt to step into, it'll help mask some of our RT deficiencies for another year. We have got to get better inside on this line.
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    Bullcrap. The only reason this line wasn't ranked around 25th is because Matt Ryan did such a great job compensating for having only about 1.3 seconds to find a receiver.