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    I sure hope the Falcons find a way to keep him. He brings a different attitude to the team and has gotten much more pressure on the QB in the last three weeks than what they were getting before.
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    QB leads the NFC in passing yards, is completing 69% of his passes, has 33 TD passes and just 6 INT with the worst ground game in the NFL while being sacked the most times in his career and somehow he's the problem? I just get so sick of the Matt Ryan hate that is so unjustified.
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    Most employees wont throw their immediate boss under the bus until after they have moved on. This is no exception.
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    So, with all of those 7-9 seasons, Brees must suck then, right? Winning is a team stat, not a QB stat. You can have a crap QB on a good team and win a Superbowl. (Trent Dilfer) You can have one of the best QB's of all time and never win a Superbowl. (Dan Marino) Matt Ryan is statistically one of the best ever, but has never played with a defense that pulls its own weight. His offensive lines, throughout his career, have been suspect. The one year where he had a somewhat decent OL, he went to the Superbowl, despite the defense being unable to play with any consistency. Maybe when Ryan finally retires, and the team goes back to being a perennial loser, fans will finally appreciate what they had in this guy.
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    LMAO! so it was after watching Seattle's defense give up 31 points?
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    i still dont think the pocket is collapsed inside enough.... i feel like QBs are allowed to step up inside the pocket and Takk and Beasley come off the edge... I feel like we are missing power rushers.... A big Hicks or Chris Jones type rusher... Thats why i like Simmons or Rawkwon Davis if we are picking 13
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    Cause we're a friggin joke to them. They aren't jealous, they're laughing at us......
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    I understand your desire for a top-5 pick. It’s sexy and exciting. But ask yourself this: if we lost the past 2 games, what would it say about our team? If we lost to Arizona & Carolina, it would be a problem. The team would be terminal and in need of a purge. Thankfully we won convincingly. That’s what a good team does. It wasn’t perfect or pretty, but we asserted ourselves. I’d rather go into the offseason looking like the team we all assumed we were 6 months ago. It gives us reasonable hope for 2019. If we lost 5 in a row to end the year, it would be a terrifying offseason. Picking in the top-5 is great in a rebuild...but I’d rather pick 12th with reasonable expectations of playoffs and possibly more in 2019.
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    Hope everyone and their loved ones have a great Christmas.
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    I believe it's the Charmin Chernobyl 3-8. If not, it's most likely the Manuel 4-7 Foamy.
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    Exactly. Is Flacco a HOF after his D carried him to have a chance? ...Ok, so Flacco got hot and had an amazing SB run. Still, how were they there to begin with?? And then got a playoff gift by Chris Harris? Matt Ryan has never had a D as good as Ravens or Giants teams that carried those QBs. But Matt is somehow not a winner compared to those guys. Some people will never get it. Booger McFarland said it best on MNF live. He said the truth. That Matt Ryan is elite. That the SB was not Ryan’s fault. The coach should’ve just ran the ball and kicked the game sealing SB win. Only trolls or more ******** “Falcons fans” want to focus on Ryan. It’s beyond stupid. Dude is way down list of why that game was blown. Like why we are losing this season.
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    I would say the highest paid OL in NFL should restructure first.
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    Jealous of our 0 SBs... failed season, empty stadium, demoralized fan base, record holders of the biggest choke job in history... yea im sure they are soooooooooo jealous meanwhile you spent christmas eve morning at like 5am patrolling their board... and they are the obsessed ones.... sure thing
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    Agree with everything except Duke and Neasman. Duke is struggling on this level. Neasman could play for me. He went off today and has put two or three good games together. Great depth at SS in case Neal needs a few games or gets hurt again. Irvin is definitely in my current off season re-tooling plan. If we can get him at a similar vet min contract like the one he's on with a $1.5M cap hit. Maybe go $2.0-2.5M. We need playmakers on defense. He's a playmaker.
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    Fromm's football IQ is tough to match for anyone. There might be guys that have better arms and more talent but theres not many that match his IQ. Anyone who couldn't realize that was the reason Fromm was playing is in denial. You need more than just a good arm to succeed at the highest level.
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    We have a Top 10 offense, and a bottom 10 defense. Yeah, let’s fire the OC and keep the DC.
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    Grady’s had back-to-back weeks with an atrocious roughing call against him. Rosen fell over him last week and they called roughing. This week there was no flag for at least 15 seconds after he sacked Heinicke, it was a late pity flag by the refs after Heinicke hurt himself by hitting his elbow on the ground and didn’t get up right away. The league has become such pansy **** with these bailouts on 3rd-and-long.
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    This is why even though the season is gone why games are important and performing well is also important.Guys like Sambrailo have an opportunity to lock down a spot.If he performs well it makes Schraeder expendable and we may not have to go for a early draft pick at the given position. Much like Oliver same deal if these 2 mentioned guys perform Alford could well be allowed to walk and this opens up cap flexibility for the team. To me this is as important time as any for this team going forward.This money saved could well plumbed into help locking down Jarrett long term or used to go add more experience upfront either side of the ball.
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    Absolutely, Takk and Vic have started playing better since he's arrived. I'd be all in for a three year deal.
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    Does anyone want to take a risk and grab him in the 2nd? He is a top-10 player but will drop now. He is Poe. I would love our 1st three picks to look like this. Definitely get us bigger, stronger & meaner. 12th pick: Ed Oliver (DE/DT 6’3 292lbs) 44th pick: Dexter Lawrence (DT 6’4 350lbs) 76th pick: Teronne Prescod (OG- 6’5 340lbs)
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    He has earned it. I hope he gets it...unfortunately I hope it’s with another team. Teco was very good for us. Let’s not turn this into a classic TATF bash thread
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    Another thing. People saying Ryan is regressing. Sorry, that’s a joke. Like every single quarterback, he has some flaws. Just sad that so many opt to magnify the flaws while minimizing his long list of strengths. Since 2012, Ryan has a staggering 116.2 playoff QBR. That stretch of 7 games is unmatched by any QB in playoff history. For perspective, Brady has only eclipsed a 116 QBR four times in his extensive playoff experience. That is Ryan’s average since 2012, which includes a stinker in Philly that brought the number down
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    You're right Takk, Deion, Jarrett, Campbell, Neal, Rico, Kazee, Oliver, & Senat all suck!! The fact you said Smith had a good defense shows just now clueless you really are.
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    Tomlin should be nowhere near a hot seat. he's basically a fumble and a HORRIBLE DPI call away from beating the Saints yesterday, he couldn't control that outcome. plus dude has NEVER had a losing season
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    Takk beasted today and was close last week. I wouldn't throw dirt on him yet. He's a playmaker. Trust me.
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    69.3% // 4,546 Yards // 8.06 YPA // 36 TDs (33 Pass, 3 Rush) // 6 INTs // 108.5 QB Rating With one game to go he will finish just shy of 5,000 passing yards while having a chance at getting 40 TD's. Doing all this while being the most pressured QB in the NFL and having been sacked 41 times, Having the 27th ranked rushing offense and the 27th ranked Defense. Team has 17 drops and the Coaching at all facets of the game is terrible. We probably have the worst return special teams in the league giving us horrendous starting field position every game of every year. The play-calling has not been much better. Started off okay after the Philly game but from Cleveland to now its been horrendous. How a coordinator does not know that a QB Sneak is an easy TD/First down when you only need 1 yard or less is beyond me. Then of course the injuries all over the board to key players has not helped. Simple Question, Is this the best QB season ever for a team that will be finish under .500? I know the most popular answer will be one of the Drew Brees 7-9 seasons (He had 5 of them w/ the Aints) but if you look at all his numbers from any of those seasons I don't think their better than Ryan's numbers this year (Keep in mind Ryan still has 1 more game to play)
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    Favre Price Petrino Edwards EDGE Hartwell (Lofton after him and RIP traditional 4-3 run stopping MLBs after that...Hartwell was better in a 3-4)
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    I really think the Falcons should hire an Assistant Head coach to help Quinn with some of the admin stuff so he can be more involved or even run the defense.
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    I get the logic of tanking, but in reality you're building on next season. Winning out -- even against bad teams -- sets a tone that is hard to set when your end-of-season mindset is "we should lose these games and we have nothing to play for." Play for your brothers. Let the rest sort itself out. Also, hope the Saints get bounced from the playoffs because nobody needs that nonsense in our house.
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    Austin Riley crowned the Braves new #1 prospect.
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    Here is a quantifiable, if not perfect, way to answer this question. Right now Matt Ryan has the 27th best passer rating in NFL history this season. Every QB in front of him on the list went 10-6 at least except for Daunte Culpepper, who went 8-8 in 2004, while throing for 4717 yards, 39 TDs, and 12 INTs. So it's easy to make an argument that this is the best season ever for a QB with a losing record.
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    Exactly. Case in Point: 64.7% // 4,095 Yards // 7.74 YPA // 20 TDs // 12 INTs // 91.4 QB Rating 69.3% // 4,546 Yards // 8.06 YPA // 36 TDs // 6 INTs // 108.5 QB Rating Option 1 went 10-6 and won a playoff game. 2017 Matt Ryan Option 2 is currently 6-9. 2018 Matt Ryan It's a team game and right now Ryan's team is TERRIBLE
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    Let's keep this Ryan's stats on the down low. League officials could hear about this and issue a random drug test.
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    Agree to this completely....we need someone like these guys mentioned above or Cox who are basically wreck the line at will and pressure Q.B on face up.
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    Merry Christmas fellas. Best group of fans on all of these boards. Not even close!
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    Whenever Quinn takes over playcalling, our defense drastically improves. His defense was equally as important as the offense in 2016 as we stormed into the playoffs and Super Bowl. I don’t think we allowed 20 points in the 1st half of all 3 playoff games combined. The games were over at the half due to solid fundamental defense and turnovers. Unfortunately Quinn lost his HC voice in the 2nd half of the SB and didn’t order 3 straight runs and a punt once up 28-3. Ask his old players...Irvin, Sherman, Thomas & Co all heaped praise on him. You know more than them? So do yourself a favor and stop while you are behind. Say what you want about how he handles the offensive side of the ball, but he is a shockingly gifted talent evaluator and a wonderful coach on that side of the ball
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    I'm pretty sure he wants football players with speed and athleticism.... Which is pretty much what every single coach in the NFL is looking for. Just like most though, he has some hits (Keanu, Deion Jones, Grady Jarret, Campbell) and some misses (Beasely, Duke Riley, Jalon Collins.) I don't have a problem at all with the talent we have brought in during Quinn era. Our roster when relatively healthy is as stacked as any roster in the NFL. I have a bigger issue with the play-calling, game management, situational awareness and his hire of Sark and Mannuel. Most of Quinn's issues as coach have been evident since day 1 and our collapse at the Superbowl showcased them in all of their hideous glory.
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    I like Tomlin a lot and always have. I also ha e a deep respect for Zimmer in Minny. I tend to like the old school coach who is a smash mouth kind of coach. He beats you by beating your *** into a pulp! I have less respect for coaches that try to win by tricking you. I prefer lining up and knocking someone’s d**k in the dirt, so to speak.
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    The rams traded the #2 overall pick to the redskins for three 1sts. One of which was Aaron donald. So yes, them picking in the top 5 got them Donald. That draft capital kick started their rebuild.
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    Sark isn't the problem. Part of it but not THE problem like people want him to be
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    Bunch of idiotic none sense, Carroll is a defensive minded coach and nothing prevents him from getting good players to fit his scheme. Its as if other teams aren't allowed to put together a good defense once we poach one of their DC's. Our defense is the most talented defense we've had since 2004. We have good young talent at DT(grady), LB(dion), DE(Takk), and DB (Neal, Allen). What we need is to surround those players with good complementary role players and a DC that can develop them and get the most out of them and help lighten Quinn's load.