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    Posts a thread about it but doesn't want to say anything.....
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    QB leads the NFC in passing yards, is completing 69% of his passes, has 33 TD passes and just 6 INT with the worst ground game in the NFL while being sacked the most times in his career and somehow he's the problem? I just get so sick of the Matt Ryan hate that is so unjustified.
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    I will take the momentum of a three-win streak going into the off-season for slipping a few spots in the draft. I swear, some people just wanna hate and cry about the sky falling.
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    LMAO. I'm gettin a kick outta watchin yall tanker boys suffer through the momentum. I truly hope we take down the Sucs next week. I absolutely loved the game I saw today and am enjoying it as we speak. Sorry we spoiled your day. Trust me bro. There will be good players on the board when we pick. In every round. We have five key players coming back from injury, nine draft picks, $25M in cap space, plenty cuts to get to $50M and momentum to carry over to 2019. Tanking sucks. Embrace the suck. Good luck with the Bucs.
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    LOL!! Oh my. I have been watching the NFL long enough to know that you can pick 5 on a regular basis and draft bust after bust after bust and you can be 30th on a regular basis and pick stud after stud after stud. Draft position does not determine if you get a stud player or a bust player.
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    I understand your desire for a top-5 pick. It’s sexy and exciting. But ask yourself this: if we lost the past 2 games, what would it say about our team? If we lost to Arizona & Carolina, it would be a problem. The team would be terminal and in need of a purge. Thankfully we won convincingly. That’s what a good team does. It wasn’t perfect or pretty, but we asserted ourselves. I’d rather go into the offseason looking like the team we all assumed we were 6 months ago. It gives us reasonable hope for 2019. If we lost 5 in a row to end the year, it would be a terrifying offseason. Picking in the top-5 is great in a rebuild...but I’d rather pick 12th with reasonable expectations of playoffs and possibly more in 2019.
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    If these people only realized that there are just as many successful players outside of the top 10 in today’s NFL we wouldn’t have to worry about the front page filled with stupid *** tank threads.
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    Winning 2 and possibly 3 against the bucs next week, meaningless games. Squandered away getting a true high end game changing talent being in the top 5 of the draft. Well that is no longer the case. And to the crowd saying this is great momentum going in to next season. What a load of horse crap, I roll my eyes every time I see this. What happened to our momentum from last year making the playoffs? Exactly, even if having momentum going into next season argument was true, It wouldn't matter for this team, a lot of changes are going to happen heading into next season. 2 new coordinators, at least 2 new offensive line men. New defensive linemen. No one is going to look back on he 2018 season and be like "Yeah 2018 was a bad season, but you remember those 3 games we won at the end? Good times!" 2018 is a lost season and to make it even worse is we lost out on having a top 5 pick.
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    Barkley on the Falcons would be so amazing. Anywho, the whole tank thing is pretty disgusting. I never knew people wanted to actually see their squad lose for a lousy draft pick that isn’t guaranteed to turn things around on his own. I’m happy they have won these games. Bad teams or not, they won.
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    lol ima laugh my *** of when he isn’t fired
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    Tanking is for pure losers. No sympathy for losers
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    Who gives a flying fark I’m celebrating a win.
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    I hear ya man...to me, wanting to lose tells me a lot about a person, in sports, competition and life.
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    I imagine it's that the throw "led" Ridley inside where the safety was. However, sane folk will look at it as Ryan hitting his open receiver in space despite having his legs taken from under him by his own lineman. *Woah, my noble steed, heel.
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    Bro we caught fire at the end of 1977, 1979, 1990, 1997, 2003 and 2015 and went to the playoffs the following year. We won at least one playoff game in each of those seasons, went to three NFCCGs and two Super Bowls. We could have tanked but didn't. Momentum is real.
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    I rather finish the season on a high note than tank.
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    This thread already having two Mike Vick comments tell us all we need to know about our fan base.
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    I sure hope the Falcons find a way to keep him. He brings a different attitude to the team and has gotten much more pressure on the QB in the last three weeks than what they were getting before.
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    I’m not either. Especially if the offense plays lights out next week. End of the day you can’t blame him for what’s stood out like a sore thumb. Poor blocking and drops
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    This is what I noticed and it was plain as day. Ryan has a strong *** arm! A lot stronger than people will give him credit. He threw the ball 45+ yards.”, on a rope, on his back foot, and not being able to step into the throw. Watch the video and look at how he throws the ball. He reaches up and over Mathews man and doesn’t even complete a full arm motion and he had no follow through. He does that and still hits Ridley in stride for a TD. Doubt many other QBs in the league can make that throw. When Ryan doesn’t have to throw the ball a mile high to let his athletic wrs “compete” for the ball, and they actually get open, this is what happens.
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    What I love about the throw is Ryan threw the ball over 40 yards through the air while moving backward to avoid Mathews mowing him over. Thats a heck of a lot of arm strength to throw it that far with just your upper body. He wasn’t even on his back foot, he literally was **backing up as he released it**. phenomenal throw many QBs couldn’t even make
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    Go whine somewhere else. I'm a Falcon fan and the Falcons won. Bite me.
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    Kenjon Barner just became the first Carolina Panther I've ever liked.
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    Since I live in Louisiana I can without a shadow of a doubt make this statement. Saints fans in no way are nor have any reason to be jealous of our team.
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    Can't understand losers thinking losing is the key to winning.
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    Lol yeah. I was thinking more would catch on and laugh about it. I was gonna make a noodle arm joke but like I said in the OP, I didn’t want anyone to take it the wrong way. Even with me saying it was going to be for ***** and giggles someone is gonna take it far too serious
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    Bring him home. Atlanta boy. Had a Top 10 scoring offense in six of his ten years as an OC.
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    Anyone who’s ever played any kind of sports knows that’s BS.
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    Tanking is for losers. I can’t help that
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    I’m smart enough to know tanking is a losers mentality.
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    We just knocked a division rival out of the playoff hunt. I aint even mad.
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    I think the whole momentum thing is overstated. Ive seen plenty of Falcons teams win games at the end of the season and still stink the next season. Conversely I’ve only seen the Falcons ride momentum at the end of one season to do something significant in the next twice. in other words these are like preseason wins. They’re nice but have no meaning next year since it will be a different team.
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    As long as he remains injury free. He will be in the HOF. His numbers will be too good to keep him out. A Super Bowl victory would make it a slam dunk.
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    Julio was playing hurt. Not saying that’s the reason for that but he was grasping at his chest a little and walking slow after that throw
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    The rams traded the #2 overall pick to the redskins for three 1sts. One of which was Aaron donald. So yes, them picking in the top 5 got them Donald. That draft capital kick started their rebuild.
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    its statements like these why no one takes Falcon fans seriously.
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    Lol, yeah we're just gonna replace a QB that's thrown for 4,546 yards, 36 total TDs (33 pass, 3 rush), and 6 INTs, in 15 games.
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    Every NFL team was never known for legendary QBs until they got one. Even without a ring, Ryan's numbers still hold quite a bit of weight as he moves into the top 10 in yards and tds. Hopefully he pulls off an Elway type ending to his career.