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    If we don't like it maybe we should try being better than them for a change
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    You know what? If the Saints built a new stadium and charged anywhere from $40,000 to $147,000 for a PSL per seat I’d bet they’d see a severe drop in attendance. Falcons created this problem.
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    Man. They really are obsessed with us.
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    Not saying you or anyone else is specifically guilty of this, just seemed like an opportune time to bring it up -- but I haven't seen John Rhys Plumlee's senior season improvement talked about much around here and I'm not sure that kid is getting enough respect for what he's doing. I know we are still after another QB because we need to get 2 on scholly for this class but just considering the one guy we've already got in the fold, these numbers are kiiiiindaaa good. Passing Senior season - 2464 yards, 29 tds 2 ints. Junior season- 1759 yards,14 tds 9 ints Rushing Senior season - 1407 yards, 9.2 ypc 19 tds Junior season - 599 yards 7.9 ypc 8 tds Senior totals = 3871 yards and 48 tds
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    This kinda stuff really isn't necessary and frankly is a bad look for our fanbase. It's not like he set out to play his worst game... And by most accounts, that last play was on Dom, not him. Safety help was supposed to be there... even if he has success at rerouting his receiver, Dom was still going to be late. Wish the kid all the best. There are some hateful **** people on the internet, that is for sure. Not you specifically... Just the nonsense I read online after that game.
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    That picture of Ryan looks like he is high as ****. I don't blame him though, I understand.
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    This should be a meat and potatoes offseason. Simple as that. On offense, we have the WR corps. Even without re-signing Teco, we have the RBs. We have the TEs. We have the QB. We don't have the OL. On defense, we have the safeties. We have the CBs (Tru, Alford, Poole, Oliver, Kazee/Rico). We have the LBs (Debo, Campbell, Foye). We don't have the DL. It's clear. We have the cap space now at $28MM plus the $5MM they'll rollover. They can cut some quick dead weight without hurting the roster in guys like Vic, Alford, and Reed, adding another $25MM, putting us around ~$55MM in cap space. Without major needs off the line of scrimmage, if any money is spent on a non-lineman, it better be a dam good reason for it. With that much cap space and 7 picks plus a potentially 4th round comp pick, there should be a significant investment in both lines. I'm talking two new OL starters and multiple new rotational pieces on the DL. As much as I love Grady, he's been overrated because the rest of our DL sucks. Add a guy like Quinnen Williams or Christian Wilkins or Ed Oliver would give us a premier interior talent and would boost Grady into the guy we think he is. But don't stop there. Go after guys like Sheldon Richardson and Bennie Logan, even Allen Bailey, Dee Ford, Preston Smith and ZaDarius Smith. Go add talented guys who can get after the QB. Being near the bottom in QB hits constantly is not a winning formula.
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    Let oliver play and just build your DLINE .... we will add a high talent D-Lineman and find a impact guy in FA
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    Yeah you guys need to start thinking for yourselves, like the guy who parrots talking points from a college dropout every single day of his life.
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    No! No safeties, RBs, WRs, DEs, LBs, or CBs! I want every pick to be DTs and OLs. I’m not kidding. Give me Linemen. You want edge? Get one who also plays DT. I don’t care. Give me nasty interior guys on both sides. Give me Bama, UGA, Pitt, West Va, big nasties. I don’t care. If this were Reddit I would downvote every last mock that featured a flashy hood ornament type player. We need guys that get it in. The OL sucked before the injuries and still suck now. I have more to say, but I’ll leave at this. Kwon Alexander in the FA. Campbell may not even be here after this next year. The rest need to be role players.
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    Give me five more Kazee's on the back end. I want guys who are all gas and no brakes, not just talk about it.
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    I'm not sure I'm comfortable with you guys associating a comedic icon and legend with a doddering old guy and his horrible political takes.
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    Correspondingly, a backhanded (or left-handed)compliment, or asteism, is an insult that is disguised as, or accompanied by, a compliment, especially in situations where the belittling or condescension is intentional.
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    Once again: Just because you OPENLY obstruct Justice and abuse power doesn’t mean you aren’t obstructing Justice and abusing power.
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    He may say he has confidence, but his face says WTF is a Beadles
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    I hate Twitter, but THAT is how you handle an obvious troll.
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    I mean I feel like one of us has to say it. Hillary is so ******.
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    Keep up them Fox news talking points bud. Chin up
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    All I’m saying is Tyler Simmons was onsides.
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    It's better than getting assimilated by the GOP.
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    Yea ATL teams are just horrible through and through. The closest I've seen to pure domination of an ATL team was the Hawks a few years ago when they went on a 19 game winning streak and literally killed every team they faced even Golden State/Cavs at the time. I have never seen an ATL team in my 40 years of being a sports fan here dominate an entire league like they did for 3/4 of that regular season. In true ATL fashion though when they clinched playoffs really early they relaxed and stumbled to the Conference finals just to get destroyed. Besides that it's usually a struggle or something is always off with our teams even when we do have some mild success in any given season. Our teams never dominate, they never win without some * about it and they always choke it away in the spotlight The only personality our teams share is choking and folding like lawn chairs under any type of pressure. These team really suck and have a LONG history of sucking. If I wasn't born here I would under no circumstance be a fan of these teams they have ZERO endearing qualities of history to be interesting for non natives. Let me ask you people complaining about the fans WHY would a non native follow these teams and given the history of the team why should a native give up our time and emotions to these teams?
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    Never liked Mr.Blank letting Benz having a pseudo stadium named after Superdome. That to me was curse! Wtf PORSCHE was doing?! Dont they have a headquarters in Atlanta? Biggest in North America? We should been Atlanta Porsche Stadium. F. Benz Superdome!
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    Who gives a ****? It's easy to talk **** when the other team is down and out.
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    Yeah I resized those others for you. If you liked the other picture better I resized that too, here:
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    wfw squirming uncomfortably today has been delightful.
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    Resting Deion in a lost season makes plenty of sense to me.
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    Man Fulmer Pruitt and Freeze NCAA might want to rent a apartment in Knoxville.
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    I am protesting the use of two beloved comedy figures to mock wfw. Archie and Rodney deserve better than you hooligans.
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    lol how many months last year did Trump go without a single press conference? much transparency
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    Member the last half dozen times gramps here rushed to the mic to tell unto us how the investigation was dead
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    It's freaking Mississippi. The GOP shouldn't have to go all in to barely win a state- wide race there.
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    This is pretty much what I imagine When someone quotes him. I quit reading what he says a long time ago.
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    This is pretty interesting. This charge is seemingly directly related to Russia, and more specifically, the Steele Dossier. Trump Tower Moscow was sort of the catalyst for the Steele Dossier...
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    No one will ever troll the Falcons worse than the Falcons themselves.
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    Can you say “Intentional infliction of emotional distress”?
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    Irrelevant. His value isn’t something stats measure. Other players eat because of him