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    I laughed out loud lol More like, "It Doesn't Matter Who's Coming Through the Hole, I Won't Tackle Either of Them"
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    I got to pet a lab/pit mix at a restaurant last night. His name was Lil' Pete. He was a gentleman and a scholar.
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    I only watched part of the NY/PHI game last night, but I got a little choked up. Buck announced that Matt Millen isn’t broadcasting right now because he is awaiting a heart transplant due to suffering from amyloidosis, which is the rare blood disease that killed my father. It causes a certain protein to overproduce, and the blood stream carries it through the body where it clumps up on organs and painfully causes them to slowly shut down. There is no cure. I tweeted at Buck and Troy and asked if there was anyway to contact the Millen family to offer them support, and a Philly fan replied to me that his father passed away from Amyloidosis also, and that he had never heard of anyone else afflicted with it until I tweeted. We responded back and forth and shared stories about our dad’s experiences. I’m still going to try to see if I can get in touch with the Millen’s.
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    This low key might be my favorite post of yours. Seriously. I laughed more than I probably should have.
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    Freeman's picked up 3 injuries this year and carried the ball only 14 times. That's got to be a record for injury to carry ratio.
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    Self awareness is for beta cucks. Now look at this ******* pass: and a 30-footer for the win, because why the **** not:
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    To tell you the truth, I really don't care all that much about Freeman any longer. Between the whiffed pass pro blocks and the constant injuries, I don't really consider him an important contributor to the Falcons.
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    Everything is coming to a head at once. O-Line is getting old right before our eyes, lack of depth on the defensive line is being exposed. And the defensive coaching especially is leaving a lot to be desired. The injuries put them in a bad spot but it takes no talent to line up correctly, fit the run properly and make sound tackles. Total cluster on that side of the ball.
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    Last week.... This week... Y'all Better tighten up... Cuz we coming for dem cheeks, son!
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    Tired: Purging the voting rights of hundreds of thousands of Americans from the system Wired: purging my Patriots for Palin Facebook discussion group
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    Senat needs more playing time. Just start the kid already, McClain isn’t doing **** out there.
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    https://mavenroundtable.io/theintellectualist/news/report-indiana-has-cancelled-the-voter-registrations-of-469-000-voters-gqyBXQkzEk6AIESavuIVpA/ 469,000 voter registrations canceled in Indiana. Republicans don't want Democracy, they want power. They're working to steal elections in plain sight.
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    Leaving the roof open so God can get a clearer view when he decides to **** us again.
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    If the pic was motivation to look moist, then it accomplished that.
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    I knew he was done last year....dont know why they didnt know...they could have got Lamar Jackson....or Mason Rudolph
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    I hope not. With this team this season, the sun would probably hit Matt Ryan in the eyes and burn his retinas.
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    DUKE RILEY: FOR: TWO COWBOY CHEERLEADERS WHY IT MAKES SENSE: At least we would have something nice to look at...
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    he and kazee have been the few bright spots on d this season.
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    They started showing Monty Python in the mid 70's on the local PBS station. I was one of the first people in my high school to tell people "You need to check these guys out. They are funny and different from anything else you've ever seen." A couple of people ended up signing my yearbook, "Thanks for telling me about Python."
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    I'm sorry, but I'm starting to enjoy the openness the GOP is taking to their Batman villain persona
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    Someone who cares for this kid needs to sit him down and tell him to lay low. The dots aren't connecting for him, on the field and off. He's our worst defensive player and clueless in every aspect.
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    So we essentially delivered a resident journalist to a country knowing he'd be murdered. And people are totally cool with it.
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    Thanks to all the extra amenities, when the stands are completely devoid of patrons by mid-third period the commentators will be able to claim everybody is still there, just enjoying the game from inside.
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    Man that is “down low!”...I mean, low down! Heck, I’m confused.
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    This is an SEC game on the road, the name of the game remains the same: run the rock, and stop them from running the rock. If the run stalls, I hope Fromm can come through. Hopefully he won't start as slow as he has in a couple of games this year. Fields will be utilized at some point, no doubt...to what degree he'll be involved is the question. I'm guessing we'll see him in packages on third down in the first half...Say Fromm struggles in the first half, I think they might give Fields the offense on a full drive. Either way, should be interesting, and a good problem to have. I'm really interested in the performance in our running backs in this game. Each of the four guys Swift, Holyfield, Herrien. and Cook all intrigue me in their own way. Swift has lost a bit of burst this year due to the lingering groin injury, but even at about 90 percent, he's still lethal in space. Holyfield is the thunder in this equation, I love how he finishes runs, he's bigger than he looks, he punishes defenders, Herrien has been underrated here for so long and its understandable with the talent that's always been ahead of him, but I've always loved the way he fights for extra yardage. Cook is the one I'm intrigued in the most. He has the potential one day in the future to take the bulk of our carries. The limited times we've seen him, he's really impressed. What speed. Pressure Burrow, get him off his spot, and I think we run away with this in the second half at worst. LSU has talent and they're at home, so that'll help them a bit, but we should handle this game. UGA 29 LSU 19
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    need to open it to let the stink out... not to mention need to change their mojo
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    Completely unrelated. Growing up with a gay brother the ralationship conversations, I mean they were pretty much nonexistent. Since he has had to move to the country where his husband's mother lives though..... We are so vibing on the mother in law convos. He ******* hates that woman. This is true marriage equality. It crosses all nationalities and sexual preferences. I've enjoyed this convo with him so much. Welcome to being married *****. You own all that ****.
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    He’s a hustler bro. He's running a store he opened up called "Novelties of the White guy" and he has an interview with a fortune 500 company as a consultant between American companies and the big dogs in South America. There is a chance he's been ****** up into a pretty decent opportunity here.
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    What bugs me about this the most. I've sat here and watched Trump invite celebrities into the White House. One of those being Ted Nugent who threatened Hillary Clinton and so on. We aren't talking celebs bull****ting at shows or on TV. We are talking about the Republican Potus bringing Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Kid rock and Ted Nugent who said what he said into the White House. We aren't talking about some random senator. We're talking about the Republican President of the United States inviting these folks in for optics. But those **** lefties. Right?
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    Barkley really is that dude. It’s a shame they don’t have a QB. I wonder how all those idiot fans feel about Eli now after raising all types of **** last year. I know they’re offensive line isn’t great but Eli is done
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    OK folks, we are back in action. Just got power back and have air conditioning and running water again. Storm was horrible, very scary. I will spend the next few days with a chainsaw and my trusty F150 hauling wood to the landfill. I am very glad to hear most of us will recover and are safe. Thank you all for the prayers and support.
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    No,but George Soros has torpedoed the stock market.
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    The Falcons role is to string along a fan base and disappoint them at the worst possible time. We will never win a SB and will always lose when it's most embarrassing to us.