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    So we essentially delivered a resident journalist to a country knowing he'd be murdered. And people are totally cool with it.
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    Camargo makes your bench a lot better. Culberson needs help there.
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    Big, ol' orange coward. F'n shame to have that big a wuss as POTUS. America really screwed itself.
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    I always find it highly ironic how it is those same dumb people, those who claim that climate scientists are using fear to get money, can't see how politicians use the same tactic to get them to vote for them. The only difference is empirical, provable evidence utilized by scientists as opposed to 'feels and opinions' given by politicians.
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    I would love for a division rival to hire Roger McDowell.
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    Markakis also fell back to earth after the break. Probably led to pitchers being more careful to Freddie knowing the guy behind him was hitting .258 with little power.
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    You're going to hear those talking points all day tomorrow. (1) He wasn't a citizen and (2) It happened in Turkey so it's Turkey's problem and (3) since we don't know what happened, we can't assume Turkey is right over Saudi Arabia. Kind of like how the GOP let Kavanaugh pass since there were no pics and they needed him to radicalize the Court. Yeah, they're "concerned" right now, but I'll bet money that by Monday, the entire GOP is on board with covering somebody's huge orange ***. The Sunday shows will be brutal to watch for how much they try to twist the narrative. They'll say the same thing, almost word for word on all four networks. Watch.
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    David Ross is in the mix to be the next Twins manager.
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    Manny at 3B (where he's a superlative defensive player) Riley in RF Camargo UT Seems like a fit to me.
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    Perhaps you would like a report from the Trump Administration: Draft Environmental Impact Statement Or the IPCC itself: IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 degrees Or Forbes: Trump Ignores The Impacts Of Climate Change At His Peril -- And Ours Or any credible climate research at all. Or perhaps you're just a conspiracy-theory believing right-winger who will continue to stick your head in the sand as long as you possibly can. I'm guessing that's it.
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    So pretty much our Machado/Harper options are: 1) Machado-3B; Dansby-SS, Riley-OF or 2) Riley-3B; Harper-OF I don't see either happening, but both make the team better. I think Camargo on the bench as the super utility guy also makes us a better team. Hopefully "Camargo over Dansby" in the IF guy doesn't come in soon...
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    Most definitely a must resign. We lucked out that Freddie didn't miss any time this year with some freak injury, but fatigue showed in Freddie's bat towards the end of the season.
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    Absolutely!! I'd also like to see the Braves retain Lucas Duda. He did so well off the bench.
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    I agree. Riley has the potential to be that big time right-handed power bat we need but I don't want to expect that will happen immediately in his rookie year. Braves need to go out and get a legit proven bopper. Doesn't matter if it's lefty or righty. Just get someone capable to swatting 35 on a regular basis to take some much needed pressure off Freddie to be "that guy." Freddie isn't that guy. That's not his game. He's capable of being that guy if he wanted but I like Freddie just the way he is. We should also keep Acuna in the lead off spot just like the Astros do with George Springer. If it ain't broke then don't fix it. Acuna is going 30/30 next year. Book it!!
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    I think super utility is the way to go with him. Riley is our 3rd basemen of the future and we need a big OF bat.
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    If you strip the subsidies we give to fossil fuel energy, renewables are a cheaper source of energy. But hey, don't let that get in the way of the 'science isn't real because scientists make money' argument that every one of you idiots discards the second you walk into a doctor's office.
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    Kemp can catch a big ol bag of *****. Scum.
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    Yep. I never understood and will never understand why many of the Pro Life people are also anti-contraception.
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    Can't wait to hear about how Democrats need to do better at convincing people to vote Democrat, even while Dem voters are being disallowed from voting. Can't wait to hear about how I need to make MAGA idiots feel 'respected' instead of actually allowing free and fair elections.
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    There is a huge history of it and, of course, antisemitism and its ties to fascist thinking. As you recall, even after Albert Einstein beat feet out of Germany due to the rise of the Nazis, they attempted to disclaim (only loudly and emotionally) his Theory of Relativity.
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    Heard audio of Trump this morning and it went something like this: Trump: "He's not even a citizen is he?" somebody else in the room: "He has permanent residency." Trump: "Oh." <-- sounded like he was disappointed.
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    Really I was talking about the first two rounds. I guess I should have made that clear. A trade down would work for me. Although, when you have a top ten pick it is always a good play to take a pass rusher and/or QB. I think our philosophy in recent history has been to draft offensive linemen mid to late rounds and coach 'em up. This has obviously not been a successful endeavor.
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    The only reason it doesn't concern me is because Freeman was still hitting. If he had just stopped hitting period it would have been a concern for me. Even with his drop off in homeruns in the second half of the season he still slugged over .500 and nearly had a .900 OPS. Freeman is such a line drive hitter and uses his top hand so much in his swing that he's going to have stretches where he's hitting the ball with too much top spin to hit a lot of homeruns and that is all that happened with him in the second half of the season.
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    One of the reasons the Braves were so good for so many years was because they spent their big time money on the rotation and lineup and pennies on the dollar on the bullpen. Now one can argue that always reared it's ugly head in postseason and I wouldn't necessarily disagree with that. But you can get just as good production for a lot less if you sign someone like Cody Allen or Kelvin Herrera. Personally, I'd rather have Cody Allen over Herrera because Allen gets more strikeouts without sacrificing any control.
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    I don’t know where he saw it, but I heard Sentell talk about it on his Dawgnation show.
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    You cannot get people's money unless you scare the he.ll out of them. First it was Ice and now it's heat/climate. And that has been going back a longtime ago.
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    Fun fact about Harper: He's had a WAR of 1.5 or less two out of the last three seasons. His seasons are like Star Trek movies. Every other one is good.
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    Well of course. We've long been rumored to be the leader, but it's still a battle that will go all the way to December. But think about it this way: we are reportedly planning on taking 3 inside LB's this class. We currently have 2 in Davis and Marshall. We pushed Bertrand out to make room for a reason. The only other 2 ILB's we're in the conversation with are Dean and Pappoe. While Pappoe is still possible, at this point it's probably a longshot. The writing on the wall would suggest Dean is all Dawg. Either that, or we're comfortable with leaving a spot open for Dean or Pappoe, and if one of them don't come we would have a contingency planned lined up. Such as the aforementioned 2nd QB, or even a 5th DB behind Cine, Nick Cross, Stevenson, and Elam. There is still a possible DL flip being rumored in there too. I have no idea who that potential DL flip could be, but options include Zacch Pickens (longshot), Chris Hinton (another longshot), Nathan Pickering, Justin Eboigbe (he's my guess), Quashon Fuller (strong possibility), or Justin Hunter. Guys that we have a very legitimate shot of landing, and some we are outright overwhelming favorites for: S Nick Cross (current FSU commit) CB Tyrique Stevenson (was ours a month ago, now a big battle with Miami) CB Kaiir Elam (battle with Florida, but most think he's on board) WR Jadon Haselwood (yep, we're still very much in it to get him back. Miami if not) OT Trevor Keegan OC/OG Clay Webb ILB Nakobe Dean That would leave us around 2 flexible spots.
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    The majority of baseball people say Machado is better than Harper: http://www.espn.com/blog/buster-olney/insider/post/_/id/16322/bryce-harper-vs-manny-machado-who-would-you-rather-have Evaluator 5: "Not really all that close for me. Machado has much better swing and approach. He hits good pitching; the other guy does not. Machado is a better defender at a position that is tougher to find. Harper has swing flaws that have been exposed in every year except 2015, and I am not buying he was injured last year." Evaluator 7: "Both are uber-talented, but Manny's skills, where he could easily be one of the top three shortstops in our game, but instead, for now, is one of the top third basemen in the game. Absolutely nothing gets past him, and for my money he's a better hitter. Harper gets credit and gets a huge part of his reputation for how far he hits home runs, but they still only count for one run. Machado is an entire field hitter who hits to the situation. He can hammer majestic homers, but can also do other things to help a team win."
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    Since he's going to Athens we should all just agree to call him Ciné.
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    I agree with a lot of your points, but not your conclusion. There's no way our special teams should continue to be this awful. We appear not to even care about returns (not to mention all the blocked punts and more). But ... Dan Quinn is the best coach we have ever had, by far. Yes, he has weaknesses, but the total package is remarkable. He's a master motivator and an incredible judge of talent. The smart move IMO is to keep him, resolve to put up with his weaknesses, endure this wasted year and get back on track.
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    If the Braves jump into the market to sign a free agent starting the pitcher the one I want is Patrick Corbin. It took him a while to find himself again after Tommy John surgery but's coming off the best season of his career and just turned 29 in July. He's capable of giving the Braves great innings. He's thrown over 200 innings twice (2013, 2018) and turned in 189 in 2017. His ERA was 3.15 this year but his FIP was 2.47. So he was hurt by the Diamondbacks not being a great defensive team. 246 SO this year too!! Him and Folty (one from the right side and the other from the left side) would make one heIl of a team.
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    How Conservatives picture themselves in 12 years How it'll actually be...
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