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    A bunch Bama fans are just waiting til January, probably.
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    As a huge bama fan...I took a nap at halftime, woke up in the fourth and found something else to watch. More of the same next week with bacon bits...
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    Expect the new SW movies to be the Ghostbusters remake with all women characters.
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    Dude thing is Kelly can't wait, if he stays he's done. If he leaves he gets another year to progress and show NFL scouts what kind of player he is. He's doing this for his future. I love UGA but if I was in his situation I'm gonna bounce too. His future and career is on the line.
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    They did it on purpose in case Trump (covfefe) was viewing so he's know what they were saying.
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    In some regards, it's been 1865 in America since 1865.