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    Deanna Lund, who played one of the seven castaways trying to survive in a world of large, unfriendly people on the 1960s ABC series Land of the Giants, has died. She was 81.
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    Yu Darvish did a cool gesture. He made a rehab start in Class A. After the game he got both teams together and they all went to Ruths Chris and Darvish paid for everyone.
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    "old man" Richard Harrison from Pawn Stars 77 RIP Pops
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    What do the Mets have to lose at this point?
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    Only way to really be safe. If the cops are there, I'm not. I'll cross streets as they approach and the whole nine.
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    I won't speak too much on it but my family is in the troughs of a living nightmare right now involving over zealous police who flat out exasperated a simple situation and a lot of people got hurt in the process. My brother is now in prison for life and disabled for life as a result of it. Now on top of it they are lying to the public to cover their own *****. Just a complete nightmare. I can assure you of this, I tell everyone I know to NEVER call the cops. Do your best to sort the situation out yourself, but never call those guys. If I hear of them being called, I will clear the F___ out. Don't want to be anywhere near them.
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    I’d like to see what’s been proven false
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    I am sure it's because there have been so many things proven false that he is writing a 13 page report.
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    RIP Charles Krauthammer 68 For years I did not know about his tragic diving accident having seen him on TV as a news pundit. I mean they had a way of hiding his wheel chair. It wasn't until I was waiting to go into THE WH standing outside the Executive Office building that I met him and saw him in his chair. What a very nice and courageous man over coming such great adversity in his life to become such a great man Side note: on that same day I met Colin Powell waiting to go in the WH too.
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    RIP Big Van Vader One of my favorite wrestlers from back in the day when I used to watch it. IT'S VADER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    More Hawaii evacuations ordered as volcano moves closer, again So sorry for Tony and his family.
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    In a Father's Day Instagram post, Tony Reali of ESPN's 'Around the Horn', revealed that he and his wife, Samiya, were expecting twin sons. In the lead up to childbirth, one of the sons, Amadeo, died. The other child, Enzo, was born early in an emergency delivery. He is now home and healthy. Yesterday Tony returned to the show and shared the following during the 'Face Time' piece of the show:
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    Matt “Guitar” Murphy of Blues Brothers’ fame lived to be 88 years young
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    Olympic skier Bode Miller's 19-month old daughter, Emmy, in a pool accident. OMG, I can't imagine the pain he's experiencing.
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    Attack victim on bullet train died protecting two wounded women THE ASAHI SHIMBUN Kotaro Umeda (Provided by his family) ODAWARA, Kanagawa Prefecture--Kotaro Umeda, the passenger who was viciously attacked on a Shinkansen bullet train on June 9, died while saving the lives of two injured women fleeing the hatchet-wielding assailant, police said. Umeda suffered dozens of cuts to his shoulder and chest, as well as a gash on the front of his neck, which is believed to have been the fatal wound. Ichiro Kojima, 22, from Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, was arrested after the attack on Car No. 12 of the Osaka-bound Nozomi No. 265 bullet train, which was traveling between Shin-Yokohama and Odawara stations on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line in Kanagawa Prefecture. Around 9:45 p.m., Kojima slashed a woman, 27, who was sitting to his right. He then cut another woman, 26, who had been sitting to his left across the aisle and was fleeing the scene, according to police. The two women ran up the aisle, and Kojima started to give chase. But Umeda, a 38-year-old company employee from Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, who had been sitting two rows behind the three, stopped Kojima. The two struggled, and Kojima slashed Umeda with a rectangular-headed hatchet. Kojima remained silent as he kept hacking Umeda even after he had fallen to the train floor and the train conductor urged him to stop, according to police. He was arrested at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder. On June 11, his case was sent to prosecutors on suspicion of murder. The injuries to the two women were not considered life-threatening. “I feel extreme guilt because he died to save my life,” one of the women said June 10 through a lawyer. “I am praying for the repose of his soul with all my heart.” In a statement through a lawyer on June 10, Umeda’s family members said no words can describe their feelings right now, and they asked that they not be disturbed. BASF Japan, Umeda’s employer, issued a statement on June 11, praising his “very courageous act” to save other passengers. “It is extremely regrettable that we suddenly lost a precious member of our staff,” the statement said. “We feel strong indignation.”