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    He was just wearing normal gym clothes and I think he was surprised I recognized him. I asked if I could take a picture with him and he said yes. I asked if I could grab my wife to meet him too, and he graciously said yes and waited. I told him that I am a big fan and that I think he and the Falcons can do really big things this year. I could tell in this short interaction, that he has A+ Character for our team and the offensive line group. It was just really fun to meet a Falcon. Go Falcons!
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    Not a huge secret, the Falcons are a team loaded with talent, an MVP/elilte QB, elite offensive weapons and an up-and-coming D that will be among the top 5 units in the NFL. Time to put it all together and get a Lombardi or three while we're loaded and ready to fire.
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    Are all of these articles written by people that don't watch the games and just read the stat lines? It certainly seems so.
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    OK, so at this point, I've been making these for a few years, this being year 4 I think, and people seem to like it, so I thought that I'd make another this year. I just wanted to wait until after our first round of cuts to do so, as I didn't want to waste time looking up info and vids for players who might just be cut some days later. Oh, and if most of this post seems familiar, it's b/c I copy/pasted most of my first original post from my old thread lol. This one in particular, is coming out considerably later b/c I've just been too busy to find time to make it (even more true this year lol). Since most of our undrafted class each year consists of players that tend to be unknown, with very little info and footage on them, I'll let this thread serve as sort of a one stop shop for all (or at least most) of the info and footage that I was able to find on each of our new undrafted rookies. As of right now, there are 26 2 undrafted rookies on our team. So basically, I went out and tried to find as much tape on our UDFA rookies as possible. Obviously, if you're willing to take the time to download and/or watch whole games, that is the best way to study a prospect, but then I couldn't really post those here. I want to get as much in the hands of the boards as possible and really get some good discussion going if I can. This is for me too, however, as it also does the same for me, giving me a single place to see all the info. Now, keep in mind that, for many of these guys, especially the ones from smaller schools, there simply isn't that much out there, so I did the best that I could. Also, when available to me, I will post links to videos of other prospects, but that also allow watching of our guys (ex. a video of a QB up against the defense of a CB prospect). In such cases, I will always try to include the player's number, in order to make it easier to locate them in said video. I will also add the NFLDraftScout link, for every prospect which will contain their combine (if applicable) and pro day numbers, as well as a lot of other useful information. Finally, I'm going to be giving each player their own post. I'm doing this in an attempt to make quoting and replying easier for everyone. It will also allow for posters to hone in on a prospect of their choice, if there is one that they prefer, and they do not desire to watch the vids on all of the prospects. As such, this may take a little while, so bear with me. Now then, with all of that out of the way, without further ado, here is Kurt Benkert QB Virginia waived: Disclaimer: All vids used are not from me, but rather simply collected by me. All credit goes to the creators, and especially to Draft Breakdown, where most of these are from. Check them out. They are a great site. All of their videos going forward: http://draftbreakdown.com/2018-nfl-draft-prospects/ And their Archive for 2017 and before: http://archive.draftbreakdown.com/video/ I'll also update this as players are removed and added throughout the offseason, like I did with last year's. Oh, and if you find a vid which you think that I missed and should add, just let me know.
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    I've mentioned this a bunch, but my friend who discusses that respect, not policy, is what wins votes in this country, makes the same point. Today he noted the victory of Ocasio in NY is an indication of that. Her message was not "I'm going to policy wonk and fix all these complicated things that don't affect you." Her message was "I'm one of you and I respect you. Until the GOP learns to talk to black Americans with respect instead of condescension and patronizing, they will continue to find themselves the party of white people. I've said the same about Democrats and rural folks, Christians, etc. Nobody is going to vote for someone who doesn't respect them, or at least pretend to.
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    All black people are just one monolith that love to keep up with statistics paraded around online by people in forum arguments to prove why the guy calling other humans animals and complaining about "infestation" isn't racist No mind the actual material status and living conditions of the majority of the community. No matters the fact that Trump stands in solidarity with every single cultural movement and government institution that have done the most damage to the black experience in America. They're not going to vote against a party that proudly displays the flag of people who fought with their own blood just to enslave them because of some unemployment statistics. You know what black people really love? Being told to show deference and told over and over what some old rich white guy is "doing" for them. They love it even more when his fellow white guys tell them to show that deference.
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    I think ppls are reading way more into it ... the safety market is cheap meaning if they feel like rico is a playet they really like ... He is making 3 mil now... he may get 4 the most 5 mil a year . I do think Jake Matthews deal will be the most difficult ... To me he is top 10 LT but can you pay him top 3 LT money .. I don't think this says anything about him... He is a good LT .. It's more about where you are putting the money. But yea I think Falcon fans are writers are reading a little more into this then they should.
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    No one is saying we are "loaded" at DT... McClain is a 4-3 DT and was playing way out of position in the 3-4. He was much better in Dallas where he played in position... For someone who hates this team and front office as much as you do, I don't know why you bother here. Maybe your rest should be taking a rest from the Falcons and football and go find something more your style...like soap operas or something?
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    Is McClure just saying what he thinks or does he actually have a source? Hard to tell with that guy sometimes.
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    I'm getting particular enjoyment of the people who cried wolf all the time that everything left of them was socialist realize that actual socialism is on the rise. This is how I felt after Ossoff lost, too. They're going to put the same labels on you no matter what so why not embrace it and push for it instead of perpetually playing fearful politics to appease them?
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    Actually the only person that has it in his post, is poster saying no one is saying it!
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    Hi Dawg brother g-dawg My only input on the conversations you’re having in here today is that this is a good example of why black folks don’t generally trust or vote Republican. They air legitimate thoughts and opinions and are constantly told by GOP supporters that they are unhinged or don’t know wtf they are talking about. I’ve seen it my whole life. Instead of engaging the thought process or even the social issues that might lead a black person to oppose your political view or bring attention to injustice, you’re effectively shutting them out of the whole conversation and telling them it doesn’t matter what they think. Just my thoughts on it.
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    Not sure what this diatribe has to do with the ludicrous idea that """""the left""""" is scared as **** because of some stats about unemployment, even though as I said Trump, and all conservatives, have stood and still stand with every cultural ideal and institution that has done the most to try and make the black experience a living **** in this country. Perhaps you'll get your black conservative revolution when all the purveyors of the ideology aren't running around spouting out **** like "welfare queens" or "blue lives matta" or wanting black athletes fired because they didn't want to stand for an awful anthem representing a country that hates them with a passion, you know?
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    It’s not about falling in line. It’s about removing ego and selfish desires and understanding not voting would have real, long lasting and generally awful consequences for the very people they claim to care about.
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    McClain was playing in a 3-4. He’s back in a 4-3 where he was good. Small things like that makes a difference. And I can’t rwcall anybody saying we were loaded at DT. Just loaded as a team.
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    I fail to see how that is McClure claiming any inside knowledge, but rather just saying what he personally expects to happen. The wording is far too vague.
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    Not related. I just have something called "common sense" which makes me an outlier on these boards sometimes... It is crap to overlook a body of work for 1 mistake. It's beyond crap, it's almost as straight up stupid as saying the Left Tackle is the least impactful position. lol...
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    Not this again...my goodness you people that think elite linemen grow on trees baffle me. Jake is not elite, but he is the tier below that which is exactly what we need him to be. If we let Jake walk, it is going to be a very dark day. Thankfully, the FO sees the value in Jake unlike TATF and will keep him in Atlanta where he should be. And gtfo with that "HE HELD THAT ONE TIME IN DUH SUPERBOWL" crap.
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    This is so critically important. They must retake the narratives from conservatives. Embrace the good from taxes instead of whining that your constituency didn't get the biggest tax cuts. Embrace policies that help people and promote them, don't agree that "teh socialism is bad and we're not doing that" while trying to push marginalized social solutions. Embrace workers and wages and equality, and fight like **** for them.
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    Yes, wanting people to be healthy and educated and not in deep poverty is a real knee-slapper.
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    Name a Matt Ryan down year. I’ll wait. His advanced stats are always great even if traditional numbers are down. His MVP year was the outlier. He’s not MVP worthy most years BUT He has been Top 5 nearly every year of his career and crazy consistent. Brady, Rodgers,.... Only Brees and Wilson have any claim to number 3 other than Ryan and between those it’s all very close.
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    He really thinks if Crowley would have been nicer Dems would have voted for him. Really? They voted for an active member of Democratic Socialists of America because Crowley wasn't nice to Trump? The fact that people think he's playing 3D chess when he says dumb **** like that all the **** time is so........just stupid. No other way around it.
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    Who thought that? This is the first time in my LIFE I’ve ever seen a loaded falcons team. Never saw another loaded falcons team. There was always a steep drop off from the starter to 2nd string. Name one STEEP drop off on the current team? You mean to tell me this secondary ain’t loaded? The backfield ain’t loaded? The wr’s ain’t loaded? We loaded bro. If you’re definition of loaded is a star behind another star that’s something else. That’s the Philly dream team or the Spurrier Skins. Loaded simply means loaded with talent. And we are. You seem to just have a problem with not knowing some of the names.
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    My man...don’t ever turn anything down but your collar lol....what my dad used to tell me.
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    Packers won't even win their division.
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    Smith has 2 in front of him...Ridley has no one.... That simple He will have the immediate impact. Smith might shine...but he will need more chances . which mean someone has to go
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    Your demand for dangerous abortions and children with severe deformaties from uneducated teens and failed abortion attempts is inspiring
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    Small ray of light -- a friend of mine responding to one of the less apoplectic friends: "Don't worry, the sun will eventually destroy the earth."
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    Try Sweet Summer Child for your monthly red wave.
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    Yeah. How quickly we forgot the absolute slaughter Ryan went through from 2013-2015 when his Oline was straight trash. Quality Lineman aren't gonna just fall out of the draft tree even with high picks.
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    Again, Paul Ryan threw a ******* rally to celebrate the baker who refused to serve Vice President Biden, and Fox news fawned over the guy as some sort of revolutionary leader. **** civility, and **** the GOP.
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    How did Trump do that months before he won the nomination? August 2016 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/aug/11/isis-ranks-dwindle-to-15000-amid-retreat-on-all-fronts-claims-pentagon Isis ranks dwindle to 15,000 amid 'retreat on all fronts', claims Pentagon Top commander says Islamic State thought to have lost 45,000 combatants in Iraq and Syria, with many of those remaining ill prepared for battle A top US commander has claimed the military campaigns in Iraq and Syria have taken 45,000 enemy combatants off the battlefield and reduced the total number of Islamic State fighters to as few as 15,000.
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    A Democratic socialist ousted him in a..... but yeah it's because he wasn't nice to Trump that drove Democrats in the primaries. He really has no clue who beat him out does he?
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    Good series of posts Ergo. Well said.
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    ^This. We definitely should have a title to show for it already and had gotten a bye week last season. Still underachieved in truth but glass is half full. Franchise has come a long way! This is our window.
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    I don't really see how being 30 makes a difference these days. Players are playing longer into their 30's and it isn't like his skills are diminishing. He's going strong and every year is in the convo for OUR best corner. There are a lot of players that are 30 and still playing at top 15 or above in the league. Brent Grimes Jimmy Smith Jason McCourty Tramon Williams Terrance Newman Jonathan Joseph Vontae Davis Aqib Talib Josh Norman Richard Sherman Now either these players are in their 30's playing well or played at at the time the were in the league at 30. I just see it as he isn't slowing down and he has just as many years as TRU without all the injuries.
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    Falcons need to make sure Julio stays in Atlanta and that he gets his ring before he hangs em up. He deserves it.
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    That's all you need to know about this comment. He's playing to the crowd. He's doing exactly what any good marketer does. Give the people what they want.
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    So far Julio Jones hasn't missed training camp. If/when he does then folks have a legit right to ***** and moan and act like the end of the world about it. Until then it's completely pointless. He sat out 3 days of OTA's where there's no hitting allowed and the only pads they're allowed to wear is helmets. I don't think they're even allowed to do 7-on-7 drills during OTA's.
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    Take from me little bro...30’s not old.