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    Thank Ewe for joins me today as I sit down with Atlanta Falcon Offense Coordinator Steve Sharkkeyursin. Emmitt: Steve, I’ve always wondered why they call your job title ‘co-ordinator’. So tell me, who’s doin it with you? Shark: Well Emmitt, the staff and I together, come up with our approach on how to attempt to…. Emmit: I see, so this is a grouper effort so to speak? Shark: Ah yes, it is Emmitt. Emmitt: Tell me Jim, for your first years as the co-ordinator, what went into your game planning? Shark: Lots of things Emmitt. I like to surf the AFMB and get ideas for game plans as well as a healthy dose of Madden 2007 during the week. I usually find that the recommended plays work the best for my thumb and forefinger movements. Emmitt: I see. I sea. Tell me Shark, you receibed a lot of criticism before the season, preseason, during the season, after the playoffs, after the season last year. What did you take from those critsisms? Shark: Honestly Emmitt, I did see any of that.. Emmitt: Hold on Shark, do you mean to tell me this is news to you? Shark: Oh no Emmitt, I heard the criticism, but I didn’t read any of it. You see, I lost a contact while looking for Julio’s earing in Lake Lanier. I’ve been flying blind since then. Emmit: Oh come on Steve. That dog don’t c***! Shark: It’s true Emmitt, I thought about using my glasses, but frankly, I can’t find them because I can’t see them to find them if that makes sense. eMmitt: Of I see, I do that sometime. I knock my glasses off the nightstand. I’m looking all around and then CRACK! Them b***** broke. Shark: Exactly! Emmitt: I want to thank you Shark for taking the time out in your busy Madden schedule for speaking with me. I also want to say that I hold you in high right guard as a former non-alcholic for what you have over come. Shark: Anytime Emmitt, maybe sometime this year I can pick your brain for some ideas to implement during the season. Emmit: any time Bob, any time.
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    Tier 1 Saints Saints Tier 2 Saints Saints Tier 3 Sean Payton Heath Evans Tier 4 Orlando Ledbetter
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    Shamefully, I have not spoken out before. Pride, fear, professional survival, selfishness have prevented me from speaking out about something that happens on this board that is an abomination and needs to stop. right. now. "You're off your meds" "You need medication, dude." We've heard it. We've said it. I've taken ADD medication for 20 years. I've taken Wellbutrin for depression for two months. I'll get into the why's and more at another time. The point is: Human beings have chemical issues that require chemical treatment. That treatment is not an indication of weakness, character flaws or anything else. The last thing we should do is contribute to the reluctance people already have to seek help for these issues. We need to de-stigmattize treatment for emotional health. It is literally a life and death issue. MeToo People know me here personally and professionally. I recognize the risks I am taking. But this is too important and we must change. This is my part. I miss Robin Williams. I'll miss Anthony Bourdain.
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    And in just a few days somehow the Beasley thread is one upped. Never change offseason threads, never change.
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    If you know the rookie contracts are predetermined then why would you think the Julio non-story would impact Ridley? There’s really nothing to negotiate, Ridley either signs it or doesn’t play and he’s been at OTAs so there’s no worries there. Rest easy friend. As far as Julio teaching him the position? Not worried at all. They’re definitely different types but Julio’s a different type from everybody. There’s still universal truths Ridley can learn from Julio.
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    Aj Green for the next two years will make 13 million this year and then 15. Also had 8 TD and over 1000 yards last year. While julio a similar contract for this year and next. And then has a third year. And he also got paid more recently of 15+. So it's a contract that is not back loaded. And he produced 3 TD with 1400 yards. Aj not asking for more money. And he is at OTA. Flame away, I don't care. I get it's not mandatory. But he could help Ridley and learn what changes Ryan has made to his arm. ..... if julio was working year around, I get it. But he has been off since January 13. Which is where he missed the catch to send us to the NFCCG.
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    It took Matt a full year to adjust to this offense, yet we expected Sark to do it in an offseason. It took Kyle a full year and offseason to understand his personnel, yet Sark couldn't get that same opportunity? Sark wasn't the greatest, but he doesn't have to be. He doesn't have to pilot the 7th best scoring offense of all time. 25-28 ppg is very attainable with this group. I will not be surprised to see that be the end result.
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    I get paid for this my friend. While this isn’t technology my job, I am getting paid.
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    Well since Green plays for the Bengals there really won't be any football activity going on at their OTAs.
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    You have way to much time on your hands.
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    Didn't see this posted. But its makes me feel a lot more optimistic. (crazy that it took freakin Greg Knapp to do that) Many folks have wondered how hands on new Falcons QBs coach Greg Knapp would be in the game planning in 2018, given Steve Sarkisian’s struggles a year ago. As it turns out, he’ll have a vocal role. In an interview with D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Falcons OC Steve Sarkisian spoke to what Knapp will allow him to do this season, and that, indeed, the new QBs coach will consult in helping call the plays this year. “He just has a wealth of experience,” Sarkisian said. “He’s been doing it a long time. He’s coached a lot of great players. He’s coached a lot of great quarterbacks when you are talking about Steve Young and Peyton Manning, there’s instant respect when you walk into that quarterback room with Matt Ryan.” Sarkisian said the addition of Knapp will allow him to focus on the big picture of the offense. “It takes a little bit off (my plate),” Sarkisian said. “I know when Greg goes into that quarterback room, what is getting taught is exactly what needs to get taught from week-in to week-out, from game to game. I can continue to stay focused on the big picture of all 11 players per snap. There’s a huge value in it.” Knapp will be consulted on the game plan and in-game for help calling plays. “Without a doubt,” Sarkisian said. “He’s just got a wealth of experience. With experience comes knowledge. I’d be remiss not to lean on Greg in our game-planning and even in-game with some of the adjustments that need to be made.” This is encouraging for all who feel Sark needs a veteran voice to guide him in his young NFL career, and for those who feel the offense looked a bit disorganized last season (which, if you’ll recall, included a couple of anonymous Falcons). Knapp weighed in on the weight he knows Sark is under to perform. “We live in a fish bowl,” Knapp said. “You guys are assessing everything that we do. There’s a need for a bit of a trust factor built in between coaches and coaches and players. “You are going to have tough times during the season when there are setbacks. You want to have the ability to lean on another person knowing that ‘OK, I’m taking some hits right now, but I know the guy next to me is going to help me through these tough times.’” With a guy like that in your corner helping you grow, and knowing the stress that’s on you, it makes a ton of sense that Sark is pretty happy to have Knapp around. “Philosophically, Greg and I are very, very similar, if not identical to how we view the game,” Sarkisian said. “Greg being an extension of me through Matt is very consistent for Matt. He’s hearing the same thing whether if it’s from two different people. It reinforces a lot of things we talk about.” Oh, and if you’d like further insight into Knapp’s relationship with backup QB Matt Schaub, well, uh, have at it! “I call Matt Schaub my football son,” Knapp said. “I was with him back in ‘04 here and we got together in Houston through those years we developed a strong relationship.” So, if the new QBs coach literally calls the expensive veteran reserve his “football son,” that’s probably a good reason why he’s still on the roster, sans what he brings in practice and as a mentor. So, we’ll see if having Knapp around will help Sark get this offense to the point where its potential is. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/6/7/17436094/atlanta-falcons-new-qbs-coach-greg-knapp-will-consult-in-play-calling
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    It’s as if some people cannot function without drama. Let’s take one made up story and turn it in to a brand new one. This is why we can’t have nice things in Atlanta. We don’t know how to act when we have a healthy, successful, and professional franchise. We’re so used to our players being dysfunctional that that’s the only way we know how to be fans. Its pathological honestly. We need therapy
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    I love his self-confidence. Sark is ready. It's going to be a good year on offense; maybe even an epic year because he's still got all the tools (plus some extras!) to make it happen.
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    Yep. He knows why he is here and he is ready.
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    This is why the guy couldn't find a job at the end of his career even though he could clearly still play. Dude is non stop drama, he just can't help it.
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    What worked in 2016 might not have worked in 2017 even if Shanny was here. There's a reason record-breaking teams don't do it every year. What I got out of the article is that Bush Hamden did jack shiet while he was here.
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    Let me add, in addition to "are you off your meds," telling people on the internet "kill yourself" is a horrible thing to do. You never know when the person you are talking to, who is usually a stranger, might have considered that.
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    People have made up their minds already about Julio. People are so far down this rabbit hole that it's becoming unhealthy.
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    I`ve got some deep Alabama ties and contacts and talk to him and Ridley a couple times a month. He said everything was all good and that he and Ridley were going to rip apart secondaries throughout the NFL this year and for years to come! He also wanted to remind me of what he said to Ryan a few years back and that was " Don`t let the long ball die!". And he is totally down with Hive Sop Dap!
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    Atlanta Falcons Most impressive Falcons at OTAs this year ByJames Parks Jun 7, 7:48 AM The NFC hopefuls are returning what many believe to be among the most talented rosters, both offensive and defense, in the National Football League, and with a genuine shot at representing the conference in the Super Bowl game, which this year will be played in their own stadium. Still, with that talent, many questions face the Falcons, including how they plan to revive an offensive rotation that last season lost more than 11 points on average per game, how to better ward off injuries to trusted starters, and how they plan to align their front seven with Vic Beasley moving back to the defensive line. Head coach Dan Quinn has big plans for how to exploit these offseason meetings. “It’s really almost like doing an audit on everything top to bottom,” Quinn said. “How are we doing it? Which players can we feature in a different way? Which schemes do we want to add? Which schemes do we want to take out, and which things do we want to do differently? So, the term that we use is, what are we going to start doing, what are we going to stop doing, and what are we going to do differently?” The coach also stressed that their talent level means their job is easier than most others. “It’s not like this wholesale change of what we do,” Quinn said. “And then we’ve got to go through the same process, defensively. So, that’s our challenge. To see how good we can get in all three phases. I love this group, I love what we stand for as a team and I’m so lit up to get rolling with the guys again as our offseason program will begin in April.” Here is a list of some of the best performers at OTAs so far this year. Calvin Ridley, WR (Photo: Atlanta Falcons) The rookie first round draft pick had to turn heads at his first practice showing to justify the pick at this early stage, and so far he has. The former Alabama wideout has been a fixture on various points of the field, securing much of the attention in the passing plays with Julio Jones still out of the picture. Ryan is learning to get his timing with Ridley down and the rook is also impressing onlookers with his straight line speed and burst ability when taking part in the special teams reps as the return man. Kurt Benkert, QB (Photo: Atlanta Falcons) The undrafted free agent will use this summer to earn the Falcons’ No. 3 or 4 position on the depth chart behind Ryan and fellow Virginia alum Matt Schaub, Atlanta’s backup in 2017. In 10 games as Virginia’s starter, Benkert completed 56.2 percent of his pass attempts, threw for 2,552 yards, scored 21 touchdowns, and was intercepted 11 times. As a senior, those numbers crept higher still: 58.5 percent completion, 3,207 yards, 25 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. Can he nudge out Schaub or Garrett Grayson? He tried to answer that in the affirmative with a long touchdown pass to Calvin Ridley in OTAs this week. Deion Jones, LB (Photo: AtlantaFalcons.com) Deion Jones burst onto the scene again in his second NFL season, dominating the Atlanta Falcons’ resurgent defensive effort in 2017, leading the team with 138 tackles and three interceptions, breaking up nine passes, and racking up 10 tackles for loss. The fast-moving middle linebacker was a playmaker all through the season, and proved a pivotal figure as the team found themselves back in the playoff hunt after their mid season slump. Dan Quinn says Jones is having a “**** of an offseason,” in an effort to repeat those exploits, and in the defensive reps has proved a fast moving option who can bring pressure and drop into coverage. Keanu Neal, S (Photo: Dale Zanine, USA TODAY Sports) The Florida product and strong safety was everywhere on the field for Atlanta last season, his second in the NFL, racking up 116 combined tackles, breaking up six passes, forcing three fumbles, and intercepting a pass in his 16 regular season starts for the team. His tackles number was second on the team behind Deion Jones and second in the league among all safeties behind Reshad Jones of the Miami Dolphins. In practice, Neal has maintained his sideline speed, his closing ability, and a predilection for knowing where the play is going. Tevin Coleman, RB (Photo: Scout.com) In the 2017 season, the Falcons used Coleman on 424 of their offensive snaps, or 41 percent of the total, a share that increased when starter Devonta Freeman was lost for two games following a concussion. That use marks an increase from the 2016 campaign, when the eventual NFC champions employed Coleman on 353 of their offensive plays, or 34 percent of the total. This year, Coleman says the Falcons have a new plan for him with an expanded role that has included some reps as a receiver positioned out wide. So far, he has impressed in his reps at OTAs. De’Vondre Campbell, LB (Photo: Atlanta Falcons) Campbell is expected to start as the Falcons strong side backer, but has been getting reps with the defensive line to fine tune his pass rushing skills. “Individually, I think that what you’ve seen is just a glimpse of what they can be,” linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich said of Campbell and his peers. “I think that both have parts of their game that are not complete that they need to work on. The reason they’ve got a chance to fulfill their potential is that they have such humility and they understand I have deficiencies, and I have things I need to work on and they’re committed to it every day. They work for it and they put the time in and they empty their tanks. I think they can be special players in this league.” Jack Crawford, DT (Photo: Diamond Images/Contributor, Getty) Atlanta signed Crawford prior to the 2017 season as a free agent and made a splash in the preseason before appearing in three regular season games prior to his injury. The Falcons went 4-1 in the games Crawford played, appearing on roughly half their snaps on defense. Head coach Dan Quinn said he admired the toughness he brought to their front seven. Crawford has taken part with the starters in the defensive line drills and looks ready to go right now. Reggie Davis, WR (Photo: Joe Skipper, Getty) Undrafted last year from Georgia, Davis is in his second stint with the Falcons, who originally signed him last offseason. A brief time with the Cleveland Browns followed before he came back to Atlanta through their practice squad last September. Davis reunited with the Falcons after signing a reserve contract early in the 2018 calendar. He is still looking to get some attention as a potential reserve pass catcher. In OTA recently, the former Bulldog hauled in a long ball from Matt Ryan in double coverage, the kind of effort that will get him some attention.
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    This is how I picture @WOR when he discusses race relations with @SpongeDad.
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    Same. I'm sure it will never happen...because we are the Falcons...but imagine defending a lineup of: Ryan Freeman/Coleman Julio/Ridley/Sanu Gronk/Hoop My goodness...that would be a death wish.
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    I was hoping to hear more about how the draft picks looked from this article. I think we all know that all the veterans mentioned are really good players lol.
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    It's not just about the speech. It's about the entire moment. He cried about not getting in and now he finally does and now he's showing his azz because it wasn't done the way he wanted. It's extremely childish and petty.
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    He's been hanging out with Julio too much.
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    It's officially contagious we have a bunch of fans in this forum who are out there just posting this garbage because looking for drama when there's zero to report.Start a thread and 20 pages later it's Rinse wash repeat.
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    Another thing people ignore is how healthy Kyle's offense was in 2016 compared to Sark's in 2017. Kyle lost Tamme and that's about it. Sark lost Schraeder week two and he was never fully himself after coming back. Lost Freeman for two games and he wasn't healthy in the Eagles game. Lost Julio and Sanu in the same dam game and still almost won it. Lost Levitre and won a playoff game with Garland at LG. Sark had a LOT of adversity he had to face that Kyle didn't in 2016. As a first year OC, that's tough. If we can just get some luck in the health department, the offense is much better.
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    Drugs are bad but I’ll still be in line for the next post lol
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    Pretty interesting read. I think Sark is going to get this offense clicking. http://www.espn.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/32354/entering-year-2-oc-steve-sarkisian-ready-to-unleash-falcons
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    Dear writers, Please come up with an episode where HM and Mdrake do a reenactment of the Bird Cage Sincerely, Everyone
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    I'd love to hear how Ito Smith is doing, I'm excited about the guy. Last year at this time there were already some rumblings that Brian Hill didn't looked like he belong. Lots of times those rumblings are BS, but those didn't turn out to be lol.
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    Yep. I am starting to appreciate the process of OTAs then training camp then pre-season, the last few years, knowing what can happen. In the old days I was like, get on with it, let's see how bad this thing is.
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    Would you seriously expect Matt to say anything other than that? Has the dude ever said anything that wasn't 100% politically correct before?
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    Folks in here wanted us to trade for him in offseason.....I predicted he would be released. Still not sure I want him, he’ll just get in the way of younger guys like Oluokun development....
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    Oh, it’s not just black folks, is all colored folks. The Latin community has gotten their N word wake up call as well( see Paul Mooney bit), between “the Wall” and Puerto Rico.
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    HE IS REALLY STANDING OUT!!!* *in shorts** **and no pads*** ***running against UDFAs and rookies