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    Outside of Ed Oliver these are the two lineman I like the most in next year's draft class. Both could play the 5T and then slide down to DT in Nickel. The article was written last year.
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    Per DOB: #Braves 3B prospect Austin Riley has been promoted from Double-A to Triple-A Gwinnett, person familiar with situation said.
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    I don’t consider any casualty acceptable. I also know stupid gun control laws don’t stop casualties. But you keep pining for that ban on AR15s and dancing on corpses.
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    Would be shocked if he isn’t in Gwinnett within the week.
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    I believe it while heatedly after watching both Clem and im games they were several standouts. As it stands now I believe I would take either one if they dropped to us.
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    If we are picking 20th or up next year then I don’t think we sniff either one of them. Similar to Vea and Payne that went 10th and 13th. Not getting my hopes up. I did that with Vea and Payne.
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    Rashan Gary has looked like a future top 5 pick ever since he stepped on the field at Michigan. I was hoping Wilkins would declare this year. He may have been the first tackle taken. In the 2019 draft he might not even be the 3rd best.
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    It's embarrassing to be a UT fan these days because of foolish decisions like that. I live in the Knoxville suburbs, so I need to get a job at UT then get a buyout. I heard on the radio that UT's paying $24 million in buyouts, starting with the Fulmer firing in 2008. I get so frustrated with the incompetence.
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    There's a very good chance that Davenport p*ssed off the Haslam's. Plus the good ole boy system at UT might have not been ready for a female Chancellor. She was better than Jimmy Cheek, who was given so many chances, but Davenport wasn't, which isn't fair. I like Fulmer, but yes, he's a snake. He gets what he wants by throwing others under the bus.
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    Not hearing much about that mall shooting anymore. Or the school shooting in Maryland. Funny how silent folks get when stuff doesn’t fit the narrative. Even those who were loud before they knew that.
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    AoS finally caught up to the Thanos story line last night. But as always, no other characters from the MCU crossover to AoS.
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    Those of us who remain are fighting the good fight, the smart ones like @silentbob1272 left long ago.
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    Probably my favorite cartoon as a kid.
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    This thread title would be cooler if it was "Anyone Into Anarchy/Bowhunting?"