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    "Let's be honest," none of us know who will and won't be there at 26, let alone whether we'll even be there, nor can we effect anything...might as well have fun with it.
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    Man this is perfect! Exactly what I was hoping for after hearing we opened at Philly and had NO on Thanksgiving. We should be one of the healthiest teams all year. We have: a 10-day break before week 2 a 10-day break after Thanksgiving a 14 day break after week 7 That's a lot of rest that teams don't normally get during the year. Having a 10 day break before that December gauntlet is going to be crucial!
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    Enjoy the draft and complain after every pick you don't like. Endorphins bro.
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    I’ve gotten to the point that I do next to zero research on players in the draft. I just sit back and wait to see who ATL takes then check out those guys. Makes it easier to enjoy the draft and saves boat loads of time.
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    I can smell the smoke screen all the way from here...
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    0 and 16 staring is in the face? GTFO
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    Fk yea boys!!! Im coming September 22/23 to see a united game and watch us roast the saints!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS HAPPENING
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    49ers hosting the NFC title? Yep....that's bold alright.
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    We all hoped John Kelly would be able to keep deez nutz at bay But no one can contain deez nutz
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    Schumer returning to his old Democrat roots
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    Wow, we better establish ourselves in those early home games. After October 22, we don't spend two consecutive weeks in Atlanta the rest of the season. We'll get 3 consecutive at home for the play-offs of course but man ...
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    Another piece of evidence that Republicans are garbage.
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    "Democrats begin all-out press to bring down Deez Nutz." "Democrats to Deez Nutz: 'We'll Let the Courts Decide.'" "Democrats accuse Deez Nutz of collusion."
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    the real question is whether or not gen z will be capable fighters in the upcoming robot wars when the wealthy decide to cull extraneous labor
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    The leader of their party is Trump. They look ridiculous.
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    The schedule is made YEARS IN ADVANCE, does anyone do any research before complaining about something??
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    Dude I'm literally having a conversation with my mom like this... No mama, the ones we should be worried about are the ones who hate your other ******* son and son in law. This isn't hard to figure out.
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    I went back and read them again trying to be as objective as possible. It just seems worse for Trump to me. Talking about locking up reporters. The Flynn diss. The discrepancy on pee tape night. The Mattis and Kelly bragging. I'm just not seeing the big win for Trumpers as most people still trust Comey's word over Trump's.
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    Ok, glass half empty. How about 5 of the first 7 at home? Makes for a potentially fast start. Glass half full now
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    Ah I'm not worried about the short week before NO. We ALWAYS get up for that one. All the rest is beneficial for a guy like Julio who is always banged up. It will be key to have a healthy Julio all year. Also, it should help the rookies.
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    Every time TD trades up for a player, that player always ends up being a good player. So I’m personally fine with it.
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    2018 sure is shaping up to be a totally normal year.
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    Dems really need to make this an official part of the platform. If anything, it will make the GOP's "law and order" dog whistle even more transparent.
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    It means I'd get to call Trumpers Nutters so I'm down.
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    She insists because she says I drive too fast. So it's my job to keep the 2 year old happy. Thank Odin for Kindle for kids.
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    Tom Perez: "If we sue them, then we can do discovery and go fishing around to see if we turn up anything." Hypothetical Democrat with working knowledge of basic civil procedure who apparently does not exist in Tom Perez's universe: "They get to do discovery too." Tom Perez: "Shut up hypothetical Democrat with working knowledge of basic civil procedure who apparently does not exist in my universe -- your scary counterpoint can't invade my thought processes!"
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    The Democrats should adopt a new motto: "Yes we suck generally and are way too slow on the uptake. But we're somehow still worlds better than Republicans!" Not really catchy, but at least it's accurate.
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    Yeah but Comey knocked Lynch, Obama, pointed out mistakes. He came off as pretty non partisan. Trump as POTUS talked about locking up reporters. There's a discrepancy between what Trump said and his body guards testimony under oath in regards to "that night". I think I'm being fairly objective when I say that these memos aren't going to be some huge knock on Comey. I'd even venture to say there is more you could use against Trump in there. Seems like a bad move by the GOP to me. Guess it all depends on what the press picks up.
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    I'm excited because I literally have no idea what we are going to do. There are so many different ways we could go with this draft. Our only true hole is at DT, and you can find impact DT's in this draft all the way through to the 4th round.
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    Do people seriously not know that the schedule is made YEARS IN ADVANCE?
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    the important thing is that it's a good game for Thanksgiving unlike most of the Detroit games
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    ughhhh why do we always play saints on thursday night, i’d rather another team . I know its a good rivalry but dang it happens every year almost