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    Yeah I get what you are saying. My comment was no slight towards Donaldson, as he is a great player in many aspects. And he is a non-Brave player I really like. I was more referring to the "going rate" in MLB player value system....it just keeps going, going, going on up. I wonder the medium & long term impact of skyrocketing salaries.
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    Blank and company did not seem to be phased too much early in 2017-18 when seats were empty and had managed to sell off all the PSL's to corporations and such. Quinn made a big deal out of needing support and fans did arrive later in the season to support, but it helped that the Falcons were still in it. If the Falcons were to start off 2018-19 with a losing record, say 1-3 or 2-4, the Mercedes Benz Stadium is going to be really empty and be a laughing stock on national TV. I just hope that Blank realizes this possibility and cares enough to push Dimitroff to invest in some good FA's.
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    Perfect place to memorialize the Falcons season! RIP.
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    If you bought a PSL you've really got to be pissed right now Seriously -- I feel bad for the individual non-corporate PSL owners who have paid astronomical amounts of money to have this be the product they get in return
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    Serge's top 11 high albums Have Moicy! The Uncluded - Hokey Fright Talking Heads - More Songs About Buildings and Food In the Aeroplane Over the Sea The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground White Album David Bowie - Low Beauty Pill - Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde Pet Sounds Sgt. Peppers 1,000,001) Jamey Johnson - That Lonesome Song 1,000,002) eating mushrooms and spending the night in a parked car with a dead battery in the middle of nowhere, only to hear, as you're about to drift off, a blood-curdling scream and the sound of a chainsaw off in the distance getting closer to your car 1,000,003) The Eagles - **** Freezes Over
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    Navy is a great gig. Prestigious academy. Never have to worry about disciplinary issues. You don't need to aim for any 3+ star recruits. Making a bowl is a successful year. Government benefits.
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    I'd start off by sitting the team down to watch all of the Patriots game films. They've got their shyt together. Just sayin'.
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    The fans deserve better than the current product the Falcons are putting on the field. Hopefully after the SB loss and the major dose of reality this year in our Offense completely falling apart Blank and Dimitroff will realize they’ve got some serious work ahead of them to get this team to where it needs to be
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    Just that it was a minor league deal. I'd assume ML minimum unless something else comes up. I can only assume two things: 1. Braves were offering less than that and/or Folty was requesting more than that and when it became time to file they both moved to the middle or: 2. They're working out a multi-year extension. BTW, Folty could probably sign for about $8M if he were a free agent.
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    I try to watch as many games as I can. Saturdays in fall are set aside for football in this household. Tennessee/Florida is almost always a wild game. My eyes may be bleeding but my brain is telling me it’s fun so I keep watching. For seriouses though I try to watch other SEC teams play when I can and I’ll almost always tune in to the rivalry games. I really hope Richt does well at Miami. I have a ton of respect for him. I’m not like some UGA fans who have almost taken up Miami as a second team, some of my family included lol, but I do wish the best for him.
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    But wait, we weren't done with the 2016 pinned threads!
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    It should be run by that guy that likes to rub hot peppers on his nuts.
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    This is why buying anything in advance is stupid, especially at inflated prices, and especially anything related to an Atlanta sports team.
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