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    UGA starting to look like a tournament team.
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    There is a possibility that reality is holographic and we live in a simulated universe. There is evidence to support this. So that could mean that the aliens could be our overlords. This may have some substance to it.
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    I think some of the shyt I've seen the past year is a fine example of string theory
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    Wait whaaaaa.? Papa Johns and nazi's? What's the story behind that? Is he sending pizza to 90 year old Germans hiding in Argentina?
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    Awesome. His recruiting is picking up. But can his coaching improve? i have doubts
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    Not really. Nobody has called anyone a Nazi and the lame gifs are to a minimum. Really though it's dudes who are normally arguing with each other just **** talking each other in a friendly way. On a personal note I was kinda disappointed with big dogs story. I was like 65% sure there was going to be an abduction somewhere in there.
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    Back on topic, IIRC, I think the folding of space is a theory proposed Einstein and a guy named Rosen. Proven to be viable mathematically.