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    Objection! Your Honor, let the records show that tl;dr mentioned possible UT coaching hires without mentioning John Gruden which, as we all know, is not in accordance with the so-called "Chucky" statute instituted during the 2008 college football season which states that any and all lists of possible future UT coach hirings must include John Gruden. However, in light of this past weekend's knock out at Neyland, we will urge that the court show mercy if tl;dr will amend his list to include Bob Stoops.
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    this female journalist goes all in on cam https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/cam-newton-shows-what-he-knows-and-what-he-clearly-doesnt/2017/10/05/d03fecd2-a9e3-11e7-850e-2bdd1236be5d_story.html?utm_term=.9a46eab85654 I just don’t know if I’ll be able to read all those funny, squiggly, complicated lines on paper, showing what a curl is. But for his sake, I’ll try. And in return I’ll show him how to check his appearance in the mirror to make sure the tilt of his hat is properly jaunty. Also, how to hide his overt, obvious irritation when someone turns the subject to his receivers instead of himself. After all, we women who cover the NFL have spent years hiding our impatience dealing with average quarterbacks with below-average verbal skills. My list of questions for Cam Newton only begins with what a dig route is, and what is a post. There are so many, many things I need him to explain to me. Such as: How can you overthrow multiple 6-foot-5 receivers? When you throw the thing to the whatchamacallit, and the other team catches it instead, does that make you feel sad? Please tell me more about how to balance academics and athletics at Auburn University? Is there a good fence for stolen goods in Gainesville, Fla.? Can you come over and kill a spider for me?
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    Lol this was a good read. Gruden will pretty much be mentioned in every Tennessee coaching search until he gets too old. I could be wrong, but I don't see him leaving unless they give him a ridiculous amount of money.
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