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    Tennessee Thread

    Objection! Your Honor, let the records show that tl;dr mentioned possible UT coaching hires without mentioning John Gruden which, as we all know, is not in accordance with the so-called "Chucky" statute instituted during the 2008 college football season which states that any and all lists of possible future UT coach hirings must include John Gruden. However, in light of this past weekend's knock out at Neyland, we will urge that the court show mercy if tl;dr will amend his list to include Bob Stoops.
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    Tennessee Thread

    On cue:
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    Tennessee Thread

    Lol this was a good read. Gruden will pretty much be mentioned in every Tennessee coaching search until he gets too old. I could be wrong, but I don't see him leaving unless they give him a ridiculous amount of money.
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