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    Trumps own team. Infighting I assume. i was asked why everything that little thing that happens is reported... I was like wtf do you expect the media to do when someone from inside the White House is feeding them information? Verify and sit on it? Wtf are you supposed to do when trump tweets and behaves the way he does? Being a rude person is not something that should be praised. It should be admonished
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    I don't disagree that's the best Time could do. Where you and I apparently disagree is in thinking it speaks well of Time magazine. In fact, we apparently even agree that nobody knows anything about Russia (at least not the loudest voices telling us what an ever-present danger they are to our freedoms -- old habits die hard in 'Murica). I find that lamentable. And in this case, ironically hilarious.
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    Uh, an image of an actual government building that represents the Russian government instead of a Church with the crosses removed? Don't be a dumb ***.
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    Y'all are hilarious. Time, CNN, USA Today and the NYP are just sad. 1) That's not the Kremlin. They're implying a Church is overtaking the WH, specifically, St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. St. Basil's is not the Russian government. 2) Apparently, not only does Time not understand this, but neither do the New York Post or USA Today, because they call it the "Kremlin" in their headlines. 3) Worse, CNN thinks those are minarets on St. Basil's cathedral......ERRRR.....the Kremlin. Russian minarets, even. 4) Russia's government is hardly "red" anymore, Red Square isn't named that for either Communistic or aesthetic reasons, and yet the cover depicts both St. Basil's and the overtaking of the WH as red in color, for reasons the reader would have to guess at.
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