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    1. Take what someone says about an investigation into themselves or what they own with a grain of salt. 2. What he actually said was that he had his, "suspicion," that it was about the Cuccinelli case... even though that case resolved itself nearly four years ago.
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    It was every day for over a month when HMIFC (I think) was doing the tick tock thing. I stopped doing that awhile back, but I get why people who had to see that bulls*** every day for over a month (possibly more, I don't remember) would keep doing it for awhile. You may be right that it's juvenile and annoying. But if people hadn't done that so frequently for so long, I doubt it'd still be going on now. It's a good example of why people need to stop with the gratuitous non-stop taunting of the other side. Stuff like that inevitably is going to get used against them. Like Trump with the whole "Make America Great Again" and "you're going to get tired of winning". It just begs people to throw it back in their faces.
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    No, you are just driven by blind faith that Trump is doing something illegal.
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    I very recently purchased a ps4 (yeah late I know) and I got madden17 and wwe 2k17 My PSN name is the same Falconsd56 so if anyone wants to hit me up feel free. I have not done the online gaming thing in a while but looking to get back into it
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    A little rub off print never hurt anyone.
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    Mostly good choices, but the Fact that Randy is at #6 with Mr. Crowley and not way way way higher. invalidates the list in my eyes
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    I wouldn't wipe my *** with the WashPo, I have too much respect for my ***
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    Anyone think it was smart to have Russian dignitaries and Russian news media into the oval office with today's technology in surveillance equipment?
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    This should settle the Crowd argument once and for all... Iron ****in' Maiden.. Better than Either asshat...