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    Not me. It's strictly a hobby/break from adulting for me. I do a couple of local arts and crafts shows each year, but that's about it other than the occasional sale here and there. My experience has been that the money (locally anyway) is in portraiture and events (senior portraits, children/newborn pics, engagement, maternity, etc. and weddings, corporate events). Some people love it, but it's not for me. I don't like people enough. I've thought about asking a couple photographer buddies if I can shadow them when they do portrait work so that I can gain the experience.
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    My best friend I put to her final rest on Monday. (Hardest untreatable pain I've ever felt). Anyhow Summers she stayed inside and I better turn the fan on. So my electric bill did go up....... In the winter you couldn't get her back inside. She loved it. So here is some tips for people wanting this breed....... 1. Get a really think think bush, and put it under a tree. And dig slightly under it. She/he will stay crazy cool under this....... Due to sometime's you have to leave them outside during the summer. But strive to have them inside. 2. They are the best loving breed out there..... Maybe Akita comes close. 3. Do not cut their hair. But invest in a good blower. That blows their under coat out. Do it when they are young so they don't freak out when they are older. And they will love it and come running when you turn it on...... Blow their hair out at least a few times during the summer. And no more during the winter..... A good one cost a couple hundred. 4. Lastly be prepared for a dog that will always want to be by your side every single second. Which means in their last days it will be really tough on you deciding what is best to do for them..... Mine watched me with a broke back, being horribly sick multiple times. So I feel like a pussyed out on her when the times got to hard to where I had to use a belt to carry here to have her walk 5 feet. (Yes I'm torturing myself horribly. I can't think because I'm seriously confused on everything.).
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    So yesterday, Ellie Mae McPigglesworth celebrated her 5th birthday. She tolerated the tiara long enough for me to get a pic as long as I had a treat ready for her.
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    Hurry find a wall to punch!