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    - See more at: http://www.trunews.com/article/real-story-behind-president-trumps-civil-war-reference#sthash.bs0EKiaP.dpuf Only stupid people are the ones defending him. Also lol @ citing a website called trunews. Definitely no agenda there.
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    Four score and seven years ago...really?..that's stupid, I've scored thousands of times, like literally tens of thousands of times
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    The great thing about his tweet is that it destroys any effort Republicans will make to blame a shutdown on the Democrats.
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    People would have lost their minds if Obama said a shutdown was needed to rewrite the rules about negotiating with Republicans.
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    Sort of developing a man crush on Nacho* Varga. Wisdom and depth of character does not suit men of his station. Do he have the authority to let out the mother with her child? He clearly has the respect of his peers. He Obviously seems better suited for Mike and Gus than Hector. I dread learning his fate. *Nacho typical Gangster.
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    I geeked out a little at the opening scene... and then again when Gus offered Mike a job and told him a bullet to Hector's head would be far too humane. Seeing that pool reminded me of one of the best moments from Breaking Bad. I think Chuck exponentially increases Howard's level of douchiness.
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    Another random off topic post from me but I just noticed something. Happy birthday @Carter. You've got me beat by about a month and a half you old *******.
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    The dude has a Jackson portrait in the oval office... Dude ordered the Trail of Tears (signed the removal act). Jackson is a piece of filth, Bannon is a piece of **** for pushing him on the POTUS
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    - See more at: http://www.trunews.com/article/real-story-behind-president-trumps-civil-war-reference#sthash.bs0EKiaP.dpuf Only stupid people are the ones defending him. Hearing Trump talk about history is like listening to a drunk*ss try to explain something they know nothing about...
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    Andrew Jackson: Time Traveler. Sounds like a so bad that it is good syfy mini series.
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    It's a shame he has taken a back seat since season one, he is a great bad/good grey character played by a fantastic actor.
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    Don Eladio is definitely a part of some of the best scenes in the BB/BCS universe.
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    @Darth Falcon just for you.
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    I'm not sure what Kim is up to, but I love her.
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    Someone told him Jackson died nearly two decades before the civil war. Instead of admitting his point was dumb he moved the goal posts. Classic Trump.
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    Love it or hate it, the Falcons 2017 draft is in the books, who's on your watch lists for 2018. Here are some guys I'll be keeping an eye on... Edge Arden Key, LSU Harold Landry, Boston College Marquis Haynes, Ole Miss Sam Hubbard, Ohio State Porter Gustin, USC Tyquan Lewis, Ohio State Lorenzo Carter, Georgia Dorance Armstrong Jr, Kansas Jaylon Ferguson, Louisiana Tech 1 techs Vita Vea, Washington Da'Ron Payne, Alabama Lowell Lotulelei, Utah 3/5 techs Christian Wilkins, Clemson Derrick Nnadi, Florida State Maurice Hurst, Michigan Andrew Brown, Virginia FS Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama Jordan Whitehead, Pittsburgh Derwin James, Florida State Brandon Bryant, Mississippi State Evan Berry, Tennessee Tony Brown, Alabama Jonathan Abram, Mississippi State Off-Ball Linebackers Malik Jefferson, Texas Kendall Joseph, Clemson Josey Jewell, Iowa Jordan Williams, East Carolina Roquan Smith, Georgia Interior OL Mason Cole, Michigan Will Clapp, LSU Austin Golson, Auburn Martez Ivey, Florida Braden Smith, Auburn Frank Ragnow, Arkansas RB Derrius Guice, LSU Saquon Barkley, Penn State Nick Chubb, Georgia Sony Michel, Georgia Kalen Ballage, Arizona State WR Courtland Sutton, SMU Calvin Ridley, Alabama Equanimeous St. Brown, Notre Dame A.J. Brown, Ole Miss QB (Probably not a need, but this class is stacked) Sam Darnold, USC Josh Rosen, UCLA Josh Allen, Wyoming Jake Browning, Washington Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State Jarrett Stidham, Auburn Riley Ferguson, Memphis Luke Falk, Washington State Lamar Jackson, Louisville
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    I've been seeing stuff about Ossoff being a human trafficker as well. I guess this is what we should expect from a desperate GOP though: Pathetic fearmongering.
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    So like the second time they've collaborated on an album
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    I didn't claim to know more, but I do not have to buy what ever ******** spin she wants to put on it. I heard and read the conversation. This also isn't the first time trump has been ignorant on historical figures. Let's not forget his comments on Douglas and Lincoln.
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    Sadly, the most valid comparison to Trump's 100 days is closer to the Cain Mutiny, with Trump starring as Captain Queeg.
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    Why does this even have to be said out loud
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    Does the first stage of govt shutdown only affect state parks and things of that nature? Obviously the electricity won't be turned off at the WH as stage two. Domestic politics is not my strong suit btw.
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    Sad. I'd honestly prefer he'd be alltogether up there when his legacy is finally torn down. Just to see him sputter and fume and ungraciously as possible turn his administration over is enough reason to vote Democrat in 2020
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    Told y'all earlier, Ivanka is there to serve the same purpose as Nancy Reagan during Reagan's second term......................Trump has either early stage dementia or his azz is straight up (going) senile.
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    I caught up last night on this season (episode 1-4). The writing and directing by Vince Gilligan is phenomenal. AMC should let him take over TWD before it's too late.
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    Lol but couldn't you honestly see us in a few months time comparing tweets, one where he says "we need to shut it all down" to another that says "total democrats fault for shut down. Sad." We'll slap ourselves silly for the obvious lie and hypocrisy it is and his followers will never care in the slightest.
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    You know what? If he gives Democrats what they want and he keeps caving on his dumba** ideas, I'll put on a MAGA hat myself and extoll his virtues as a great negotiator.
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    I assume they're going to manipulate the tape so that it plays something other than Jimmy's confession.
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    Sh1t, just throw in a few sharks, some lasers and a few chainsaws, i'd watch it!
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    He could very well have early stage dementia and that would explain why he has family (esp Ivanka) close by to cover for him. And most likely they won't ever say a word about it. They just need to stop him from giving those one on one pressers that sadly reveal his childish stupidity.
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    Stephen Colbert hit the nail on the head last night when he called Trump "the orange faced brain dead pumpkin". Sad, so sad when the majority of America is embarrassed by our so called "leader".
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    So yesterday, Ellie Mae McPigglesworth celebrated her 5th birthday. She tolerated the tiara long enough for me to get a pic as long as I had a treat ready for her.
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    Hurry find a wall to punch!