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    Atlanta Falcons Grade: B Key moves: re-signed TE Levine Toilolo; signed DT Dontari Poe and DE Jack Crawford; re-signed TE Levine Toilolo; lost FB Patrick DiMarco This might shock even an optimistic Falcons fan, but one evaluator said he thought Atlanta now possessed the NFL's best roster, thanks in part to a strong 2016 draft class. The Falcons mostly treaded water in free agency. Their offense should be fine without DiMarco. Their defense should be better with Poe. not pictured: Desmond Trufant, Mohammad Sanu, Taylor Gabriel, Alex Mack, Tevin Coleman, Jake Matthews, DeVondre Campbell, Robert Alford
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    I just put pix of 8 superstars on our team and left off a few more and another almost dozen who are very good. Falcons roster is LOADED!!! w/ hopefully more to come in draft #noexcuses
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    Yall don't see it? I-85 and 53 85 - 53 = 32 (32 + I = 33; Roman Numeral for 1, also as in I-85; SB33 is the only other SB the Falcons have ever been in) The score was 28 - 3 = 31 (32 -31 = I; Roman Numeral for 1, also as in I-85) 32 + 3 = 35 35 is the score the Patriots would have had if they were allowed to kick the extra point 35 - I (Roman Numeral for 1, also as in I-85) = 34 (The Patriots actual score) #Illuminati - There's 10 letters in illuminati. The countdown has begun /purple
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    I have to disagree. This is a pretty big overreaction. He wasn't that good at all and the loss of him is less significant than losing Dimarco. The team will be fine and the rest of the O-line is good enough to be a successful bunch even with RG as an average starter.
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    i rag on D-Led all the time - deservedly so - but this was one of his better articles - nothing new, but at least it was something and readable.
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    I always try to do one mock that is completely against the grain of how I normally would mock, just to get a different perspective of what's available. Plus as @Knight of God will attest, it's simply fun. This mock is inspired a bit by @g-dawg and one of his comments in the "gator pro day thread." Now is this mock likely? I'm not sure, but it made more sense to me as I wrote it out. Enjoy, comment...destroy...all good: While I don't think that we're bound by need per se...I like to consider areas that we can upgrade when I mock. For thisEd draft I still see the possible areas as targets: EDEGE/DE: could be a base SDE, or an EDGE guy. Could be one of each FS: Dynamic FS depth and competition at the least; best case complete Rico upgrade. We're thin, regardless LB: I'm talking more traditional types here. We have Debo, Campbell and Wheeler. But even Campbell could be relegated to "super sub" depending on who we pick TE: Adding Matt a weapon, not only always makes sense; we're a bit thin. Hoop looks good; Levine is Groot from "guardians of the galaxy;" And i'm not ready to appoint Perkins as the next Jordan Cameron. OG: Definitely need competition and depth. Maybe the same at OT, as well. But what a bad draft to go OL So here's the mock: Rd 1: Evan Engram, TE/H-Back Ole Miss 6'3" 234; 4.42 forty -Explosive playmaker. Has vertical speed to challenge in the seams. Definitely athletic enough to line up at H-Back. True Move or "Joker" TE. Can play traditional inline, or lined up in slot or out wide. Matt gets a weapon. And if there he's arguably the BPA. Hoop, Levine and Engram give us a deep, talented and diverse TE rotation. Plus we exploit defenses with yet another big and athletic freak. I think @Vandy said it best. You could see Hooper and Engram being that Gronk/Hernandez combo TE sets that give teams fit. You also can go Goal line sets with Engram at FB or H-Back or even 3 TE sets without defenses keying in on Hooper. Take out Hoop and Engram, Levine is wide open. 5 wr sets with Julio, Sanu, Engram, Hooper and Gabriel is just unfair. Lots of size and speed against smaller DBs, with that blazing fast Gabriel to deal with. The deep threat aspect of this kid is underrated. What LB or Safety can keep up with him? Rd 2: Jarrad Davis ILB/OLB UF Gator 6'1" 238 --Another explosive second level playmaker. This pick could involve a tradeup--but it may not; as he is undersized for some systems and does have an injury history. I think he can play WLB, ILB or SLB--he's the starter at WLB, rotating with Campbell (we rotate a lot); but could also see time at SLB, if we go to traditional 3 LB sets getting Debo, Campbell and Davis all on the field. Our LB corps now looks really physical, athletic and deeply talented. That's a good thing. Just a tone-setting LB. Smacks the **** out of dudes, and a straight up baller in the right system--which ours is the right system for his skill set. RD 3: Demarcus Walker DE/DT 6'4" 280" --Doesn't test as well, dropping him. But he's a potential steal as tweener DE/DT. Long and physical guy who I think will blossom under a NFL diet and training regime. No Michael Bennett comparisons; but he's got some "Dog" in him and that's a good thing. He's just fun to watch play. This is a longer and meaner Babs on crack. High motor guy. Just mean. I can see him being a base DE that moves inside. I like this guy. Rd 4: Dawaune Smoot 6'3" 263 EDGE/OLB Illinois: --Was outperformed at the "underwear Olympics" by teammate Phillips; but watch Smoot play. Great balance and body control. Well coached by Lovie Smith. I see a lot of natural bend as well. THis is a kid who I think will be a very good pro. He's very agile and sneaky athletic. He could still gain weight into that 270ish range and be a stud. I like how he can weave through the trash to get to the QB. Great motor. What's interesting is that he looks just as comfortable standing up as he does with hand down. Rd 5: John Johnson 6'0" 208 FS Boston College: --37" vertical, 4.18 20 yard shuttle; 6.72 3 cone. Long strider who has sneaky range. STs monster, who can provide depth if we ride with Rico. It pained me to wait this long on FS; but I did it on purpose But I watch this kid and he could be an incredibly athletic single high FS. Smart kid who reads QBs, could be a surprise early starter. He's got some "swagger" that I like. Confident FS. The below are his Junior highlights. Rd 7: De'Veon Smith RB Michigan; 5'11" 223 --Big bowling ball with great vision. Sneaky speed but great power. Could be an athletic FB as well. I just like picks like this in the 7th. Upside guys. Looks like an NFL rb. He keeps those legs churning and seeks to inflict punishment. No OL drafted as I just don't like most of them. Didn't see DT as a huge priority, either. But i'm sure that we'll go for some UDFAs in both arease. Flame away.
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    Falcons’ pass-rush project headed to Phase 2 D. Orlando Ledbetter The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12:00 a.m. Saturday, April 1, 2017 Atlanta Falcons The Falcons’ pass rush went from being anemic to having a pulse last season. Beyond the emergence of linebacker Vic Beasley, the Falcons continued to struggle to get consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks. To improve the pass rush, the Falcons added defensive tackle Dontari Poe in free agency and are primed to select a pass-rusher in the NFL draft, which is set for April 27-29 in Philadelphia. “I’m excited about adding Dontari to the defensive front,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said. “We are definitely getting closer to the vision that we would like to play as a team, one that is lit up by competitiveness and toughness.” Poe, a two-time Pro Bowler, has only 13 sacks over 78 NFL games. He had a career-high six sacks in 2014. The Falcons believe that Poe and defensive tackle Grady Jarrett, who had three sacks in the Super Bowl, in the middle of the defense can add to the pass rush. “Both are real-active inside players,” Quinn said. “When you play a four-man front, you want to make sure that you can affect the quarterback in the pass game with your rush and be able to drop and play four underneath, or however you want to play your coverages, without having to devout an extra player to do that.” Quinn had to blitz and send more than four players too often last season. He’d prefer to rush with only four players. “That allows you the flexibility to do things,” Quinn said. “We are really pumped about where Grady Jarrett is going. We think the quickness and the movement that he has (is elite). We are equally as pumped about Dontari being on board and to see all of the things he can bring.” Poe was asked mostly to anchor at nose guard in Kansas City’s 3-4 defense. He played some at defensive end, but wasn’t asked to rush the passer much. After reviewing three seasons of film on Poe, the Falcons believe he can play in their attacking front. “He’s played terrifically as a nose tackle in a 3-4 front during his time at Kansas City,” Quinn said. “I evaluated him on the plays he was really getting up field. I tried to inter-cut that into the Atlanta clips to show how he would play in our system.” Some contend that there has been a dip in Poe’s play since he had back surgery in August 2015 to fix a herniated disc in his back. The Falcons did their due diligence on Poe’s injury history. “When the medical side was comfortable on their end, that allowed us to go full steam ahead,” Quinn said. The Falcons registered their 34 sacks over 655 pass attempts last season. They had a sack per 4.9 pass attempt, which ranked 27th in the league. The Falcons had 19 sacks over 561 pass attempts in 2015. They had a sack per 3.3 pass attempt, which ranked last (32nd) in the league. In 2016, when you count the hurries and quarterback hits, the Falcons affected the quarterback on 255.5 of 655 pass attempts (39 percent). Beasley led the team with 16.5 hits and 33.5 hurries. With his sacks, he affected the quarterback on 65.5 plays. In 2015, the Falcons had 19 sacks, 70 hurries and 75 hits (164 plays) on 561 pass attempts for (29.2 percent). The 34 sacks were the post by a Falcons team since the 37 in 2007. In search for more help, Quinn, a former defensive line coach, went to Philadelphia to work out players at Temple and Villanova and then took a flight to Youngstown, Ohio, to work out Youngstown State standout Derek Rivers on March 16. He worked out Villanova’s Tanoh Kpassagon and Temple’s Hasson Reddick while in Philadelphia. Reddick projects as an outside linebacker and as a first-round pick by NFLDraftScout.com. Rivers projects as a defensive end and a second- or third-round pick, and Kpassagon projects as a defensive end and a third- or fourth-round pick. “We had a good session with those guys,” Quinn said. The draft is considered deep in pass-rushing talent. If the Falcons move in another direction with their first-round pick, the 31st overall, they’ll have options later in the draft. “So just for instance, say they’re looking in the second or third round for an edge guy,” NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said. “I would tell you that DeMarcus Walker from Florida State is intriguing, and he’s going to go in the second or third round. Tarell Basham from Ohio University, he’s a really good football player, and he can play for somebody this year as a rookie.” The Falcons’ defense finished ranked 25th overall (371.2 yards per game), 17th against the run (104.5 yards) and 27th against the pass (266.7 yards). An improved pass rush will help the unit. The defense featured four rookies, three second-year players and free safety Ricardo Allen, who was in his second year at that position, last season. “Can now, (strong safety) Keanu (Neal) bring somebody else with him who tries to get the ball out,” Quinn said. “The communication piece that (middle linebacker) Deon (Jones) took over, he’s in a space where he wants to go for it in the biggest way and not be complacent. “When I hear those comments from him and how hard he’s working now, that lights me up to know that he, by the way he’s working, he’s going to bring somebody else with him.” Quinn credited linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich and defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel with the development of the young defense last season. They worked hard to point out their mistakes. “Not only are there some good players in that group, but I think there are some emerging leaders that will come out of that group,” Quinn said. The youth of the unit is viewed as a plus. “We have 63 of 64 guys now (under contract), and 32 of them are going into year two to four,” Quinn said. “That fires (general manager) Thomas (Dimitroff) and I up that we are going to try to (bring) them through and try to develop them together.” The Falcons start their offseason strength-and-conditioning program April 17. However, they are set to hold a players-only camp in Florida before they report. While the Falcons’ offense led the way to the NFC title last season, the team’s brain trust knows that the defense has major room for improvement. “We are definitely closer to the vision that I’d like to be at,” Quinn said. “I say that because I feel the physicality and the turnovers that we’re (creating). Those two pieces are coming alive. I feel the speed. I feel the communication piece.”
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    Letting Freeman walk is the absolute worst thing we could do. Besides low balling him. Quinn says he wants to create the culture in sports. You don't do that by letting your 3rd round picks, who work their *** off, do everything they're asked of, produce in the upper echelon of their given skill position, represent and serve the community, walk away.
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    I want to see the Pats again in next years super bowl and smack em in the mouth. I already hated the Pats now I can't stand to see a Pats fan. We need redemption
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    I honestly do not understand how one man can be so full of ****.
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    Multiple knee injuries to both knees probably should have made the list...
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    Jesus.. KOG even said he didnt like the 7th round pick..lol. But yea...I battled Putting McDowell there but i think skillset wise.. He is everything Quinn would love.... He has alot of growing up to do and the guy is 20 years old so i was betting on quinn knowing the buttons to push... Derek Rivers is probably the best bet (who i also like) .... Its just mannnnnn McDowell can be a force man...
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    I wouldn't say it's a desperate need but it is certainly a need. Jones, Campbell and Reynolds? Not even enough bodies to fill the unit. Reed, Beasley and Ish can help but they would be playing out of position. I'd rather see Campbell move down to SLB. He got worked at WLB. I say we need to draft at least one backer and sign another.
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    Ben Garland - G - Falcons Falcons RG Ben Garland is expected to compete for a starting job. Wes Schweitzer and Hugh Thornton are also candidates to replace Chris Chester. Garland is the in-house favorite after a strong showing over 101 all-purpose snaps last year. The Falcons haven't ruled out adding a guard in the draft. Related: Hugh Thornton, Wes Schweitzer Source: atlantafalcons.com Apr 1 - 6:01 PM
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    Catalina never impressed the Bulldogs - why would he impress the Falcons? of course Terrell Davis never impressed the Bulldogs either and he is in the NFL HOF, so there is that.
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    You know good and well it has nothing to do with WRITING an article. The article itself is stupid. First the only thing he has in common with Reed is Caucasian. Every white skill player is treated like they are slow, even after proving otherwise. 4.75 is avg so 4.69 isn't slow. He doesn't look slow on tape. He plays fast hard and is explosive. Yeah he raw, but so was CM3. This board and similar articles said the same about him, minus Brooks Reed. TJ Watt is not the second coming of JJ, but he is athletic. Also the writer knows squat about this team or he would have hesitated at putting 4-3 on there. This is the 4-3 Under which easily uses players from the 3-4 with ease. That shouldn't be on the list. Does anyone here know what an LEO is??? Injuries...should be about it. The rest is stupid.
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    In Rome, GA, a judge and a defendant got into a vulgar, heated exchange -- "At one point, [the judge] told [the defendant] that he 'looked like a queer' and even challenged him to masturbate in front of him in the courtroom" -- and Rick and Morty made a faithful, word-for-word recreation of that day in court. Here's an AJC article on the courtroom exchange.
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    6’6 295lbs DE/DT Malik McDowell 1st round: Man when this dude is on… He is a POWER HOUSE… I think Beasley Speed with Mcdowell Power would make a deadly pass rush tandom… I think McDowell skill set fits Quinn D to a T…. Just ask the guy to get up the field and make plays…. Now the guy is 20 years old so he does have some maturing to do as in his game and in life but I think Coach Quinn and Young (who have worked in college) is perfect for Malik and our Locker room would be good for him also.. With development this dude could be one of the better DE’s in the league 2nd round: Taylor Moton round:6’5 319lbs G/T Moton is a big athletic guard that can move ppl… That’s something I think our O-line need… A bug guy that can move the pile but also athletic enough to have good zone movement. Can also play some Tackle if needed 3rd round: 6’0 233lbs LB Duke Riley The mullet Helps us become one of the most fastest LB groups in the NFL …. On Base D we will Campbell, Deebo, and the Riley as our LBs… All 3 runs in the 4.5’s and have coverage ability … And speaking of coverage abilities… The 3 could rotate on Nickle downs because the 3 have coverage ability …. Coach preach Speed and physical play… We just vastley improved in those ways on D.. Also Riley is a very good special teamer 4th round: 6’4 247lbs TE/HB George Kittle Kittle fits the type of athletic blocker TD spoke about … The guy is known as a blocker but showed surprising speed at the combine… Dude finishs kats as a blocker 5th round: 6’3 265lbs DE Avery Moss I remember Moss from Nebraska …. He is a long arm athletic rusher… I think he can develop into a good DE in our rotation. 7th round: 5’9 196lbs T.J Logan Can come in as the 3rd back with ELITE return ability My thoughts on this draft ... I think we will attack the D-LINE in this draft .... If we are going to possibly keep Poe, Jarrett , and Beasley in the next couple of years... We are going to have to let the mid-level guys like Clayborn, Reed, and Shelby .... So we need to start to bring in some young guys in the rotation Also with the O-line I think the coaching Staff really think Wes and Garland could be a starter but i think we being someone in to compete... Also remember Andy Levitre 8.3 mil of cap hit ... I think in 2018 Moton and Wes would be the starting guards in 2018
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    Chester signing changes absolutely nothing. From the very beginning they said that he may retire. They never counted on him returning next season.
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    Charles Harris abused Catalina. I'll pass on him. UGAs weakness was the OL, particularly the tackles, please do not take this guy Dimitroff.
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    vet minimum - 1 year deal - not much to lose - I would try it. Not clear to me if he is currently under suspension for PEDS or just past violations on his resume' with time served already. sounds like this guy just cannot hold any weight so he has to cheat to bulk up. maybe this might luck into a perfect skill set for a perfect scheme set.... probably 90% chance this guy just is not an NFL player - but for that 10% chance, why not? we know the guy is freak athlete and DQ usually can figure out a way to "feature" them as he is prone to say.
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    Andre 3000 once said "you focus on the past, your a$$'ll be a has-what" just move on but remember that hurt and hold on to it
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    would not be shocked if we took Jarrad Davis in 1st and Marcus Maye in 2nd round....would not shock me at all. While I prefer a passrusher, I think we at TATF have been sleeping on Jarrad Davis. We already know that DQ likes Florida Gator players and we know he loves linebackers. I know what I am saying here won't be a popular take and it probably won't happen, but open your mind to Jarrad Davis - I am sure he is high on Falcons board and they like him - maybe don't take him because of position.
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    It's about that time, folks! Just about a week and a half away. Thought I'd go ahead and start this up because Netflix now has season 2 up.
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    With a sweep of the Buccaneers in 2017, the Falcons will have winning recording against all our division rivals. At the conclusion of 2016 our record against each team in the south stands at: New Orleans: 50-45-0 Carolina: 27-17-0 Tampa Bay: 23-24-0 Source: http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/head-to-head.htm
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    I don't think we're interested in McDowell. His reported interviews make him seem a very "Un-Quinn-like" player. I don't think Moton is in our sights either. We're either going Lamp or no OG until late.
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    It is literally insane that medicinal marijuana is not legal at the federal level and in all 50 states.
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    I would sign SIO MOORE and then draft someone in one of the first three rounds. Moore adds versatility as he can play all three LB positions as well as LEO.
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    Yo, your premise is flawed in that these aren't the Birds of past. I'd look at Quinn's accomplishments coupled with Blank and TD. I would also compare recent collapses by Warriors and other franchises that winning a championship takes experience and not just dumb luck.
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    "devout an extra player" lol. That chowderhead reads and writes at a 4th grade level and is a journalist smh.
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    I got that one saved. Forgot to mention it when we were talking about great moments on ABF
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    These numbers alone can probably vault him from 7th-UDFA to the 5th or 6th round. That split time and cone time....MAN.
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    I don't care about any player's feelings.
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    Make no mistake, what we have gotten out of the draft in two years is extremely RARE. Even the best front offices of dynasty teams don't draft this well over a two year period very often. Vic Beasley, DE (sack leader) - 2015 Jalen Collins, CB #3 CB (would start on 1/2 the NFL teams) - 2015 Tevin Coleman, RB #2 RB (would start on 1/2 the NFL teams, key cog) - 2015 Justin Hardy, WR #4/5 (meh....he is OK, will have to fight for roster spot now) - 2015 Grady Jarrett, DT (day#1 starter - solid play - SB performance looks like breakthrough) - 2016 Jake Rodgers, OT - (cut - 7th round pick - who cares?) - 2015 Akeem King, CB - (practice squad) - 2015 Keanu Neal, SS (day#1 starter/enforcer/tackling machine/should get better in coverage) - 2016 Deion Jones, MLB (day#1 starter "all under 25 team"-looks like Derrick Brooks HOF clone) - 2016 Austin Hooper, TE (rotational TE w/ upside, likely starter this year) - 2016 DeVondre Campbell, OLB (day#1 starter - athletic, has upside) - 2016 Wes Schweizer, OG (roster player rookie year - ???? - could start this year) - 2016 Devin Fuller, WR (injured - return ability - who knows?) - 2016 I would say the average NFL team grabs about two decent players out of every draft. I don't want to use the word "starter" as being a starter for the #32 team in the NFL is not the same threshold as for a SB contender. Falcons have more than doubled the average production(anecdotal on my part-no research) of the other NFL teams the last two years and this helped catapult our roster - all while at the #8 draft position and the #17 draft position. Since this year we are drafting at #31 position, you also have to take this into account. If we had same crazy great draft - getting three guys that we could at least highlight in red would be a GREAT outcome - a good outcome would be getting two red players. I highlighted Beasley/Jones in BLUE as those are ProBowl caliber players - some will argue that Keanu and Grady are there already - I will say they are "on the cusp" but not quite there yet - could be by end of 2017 with continued improvement. My goal from this 2017 draft is TWO really good players and hoping that one can be great. Anything else is a double-bonus!
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