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    Oops!! Should have traded him straight up for Jake Locker when we had the chance.
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    I doubt Bennett is solid at playing RT when you don't have any RTs. I've seen Toilolo tie up three guys and block everyone effectively (except Von Miller just about), plus he knows the system already. I'm ok with the signing.
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    19-0 Gonna be a special year. 85 Bearsesque. Gonna knock the 72 Dolphins off the Throne!!!
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    Hooper is the future, no need to compare a backup blocking TE to a feature TE. The extra 4M+ Bennett got may have prevented us from bringing in Poe, which was a much bigger need. We had the 8th best offense in NFL history with the TE group we have on roster.
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    so you're basically saying either you haven't watched toilolo play, or don't have a good sense of what his value is. There have been several posts already by people who are generally considered here as cap guru's that have said this was a good contract. Toilolo has played his part and filled his role very well, and what he got paid is pretty much right in line with his value bennett on the other hand, (either of the current bennett brothers currently in the NFL) is pretty much a cancer type player that I wouldn't want here, IMO GB over paid
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    No, we could have stopped Brady in this game by being efficient in play calling and if our offense could have held up. We left the defense on the field too long If they don't do something to shore up the offensive line so they can hold on for 60 minutes a game instead of dying out in the 4th quarter - then we are in the same boat. I love what they've done - but they have to address depth and stamina on the OL.
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    When you realize how close Ryan was from having 2 rings
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    I am a Matt Ryan nuthugger... THAT'S MY QUARTERBACK!!
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    This is just such an awesome pick-up from every possible aspect. I have to confess I'm looking forward to seeing this D on the field as much or more than our history-making offense. It's going to be straight eye-candy to watch after what we've been through recently on that side of the ball.
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    Nasty Bully to put in the rotation and possibly groom. I like his running style Discuss
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    What you guys think 1st round Taarist McKinley DE 2nd Tanoh Kpassagon DE 3rd Ethan Pocic C 4th ELIJAH LEE LB 5th Jarron Jones DT 7th Jalen Reeves-Maybin LB
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    ill believe whatever I want and you can't tell me otherwise... we are doomed
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    A contract with only $3 million guaranteed is really nothing to fret about IMO.
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    The defensive line is shaping up to the have the depth and talent to come at you in waves for an entire game with no let up
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    All I know is Grady Jarrett is going to feast this year.Good lord he's going to be a lot fresher not having to eat all those double teams yum yum get some.
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    KEY: IMPACT PLAYER FA Signing Re-signing Draftee This is NOT A FINAL 53, but gives us a lot of good battles for training camp; inevitably some cut candidates and practice squad members above.
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    Something positive from R The Great?!?!?! Just look at what we lost versus what we have gained on the DL.... Lost = Babs and TJax Gained = Poe and Crawford MAJOR UPGRADE to the Defense Front 7, at no expense to the rest of the defense!!! That is what is exciting...and we still have the draft!
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    Link to decreasing the debt by $60 billion? Searching Google shows The Gateway Pundit as the source of that claim, which is LOL.
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    WFW is here to get shots in...that's it. He never engages in serious discussion. He made the majority of his posts in rival central. He has to have a rival he can troll. It's what he does.
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    BTW, I'm not a Matt Ryan nuthugger. Just saw this on Twitter and felt like channeling my inner @gazoo.
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    Budda Baker, FS - Washington 5'10", 195lbs - 4.45/40 - When I watch him on tape, the player he most reminds me of is Tyrann Mathieu, the Honey Badger. He is an undersized safety but just has a knack for making plays and being all over the field. Although small, Baker is a physical player which you would not anticipate. Here is NFL.com scouting report: OVERVIEW Baker's given name is Bishard, but has gone by Budda since birth because his mother thought he looked like a Buddha doll. Nothing Zen about his game, though, as he's been a starter for the Huskies since he stepped on campus. The former Washington state high school 100-meter champion (and three-time state football champ) was honorable mention All-Pac 12 as a freshman (80 tackles, INT, six pass break-ups). Baker garnered first-team all-conference honors in 2015 (49 tackles, seven PBU) and 2016 (team-leading 71 tackles, 10 for loss, two INT, six PBU). STRENGTHS Tremendously explosive and passionate in his play. Former high school track sprinter with good play speed. Screams off the edge as a blitzer. Always bouncing on balls of his feet just waiting to race to the action on a dead sprint. Plays with smooth backpedal and diagonal shuffle. Has a shiftiness that allows him to mirror change of direction in space. Plus instincts from any coverage areas. Allows quarterback's eyes and pattern recognition to carry him around the field. Not easily pulled from coverage responsibilities by bait routes around him. Has the click and close ability of a cornerback in coverage. Ball skills are solid. Plays with exceptional aggression. Accelerates through receivers to jar the pass loose. Tackle finisher who races to the throw to end plays at the catch point. Scouts use terms like "winner" and "top notch person" to describe him. WEAKNESSES Undersized safety in a smaller frame. Could struggle to carry 200 pounds as a pro. Gets big-boyed by tight ends from the slot. Lack of size may limit how NFL teams can use him. Aggressive shoulder rolls into running backs could cause future health issues. Force as a tackler just average against big running backs. Forced into grab and drag scenarios to get running backs down at times. Small hesitation to accelerate when forced to open and sprint down the field. Can be too overzealous when stepping downhill to tackle. May need to play with a little more discipline and control as an NFL tackler. SOURCES TELL US "I would leave him as a centerfielder and then roll him down over the slot if you needed too. He's too small to cover tight ends, but he's got great instincts in coverage which is why he should shine as a single-high." - NFC area scout NFL COMPARISON Bob Sanders (I don't like this comparison because Sanders, while a good player, was oft-injured and does not have the ball skills of Budda) BOTTOM LINE Undersized free safety with the heart of a linebacker. Baker plays with a competitive desire that leaps off the field when you watch him thanks to elite football character and above-average explosiveness. While he is undersized, he makes up for it with his football instincts and plus play speed. Baker has the talent to become a play-making safety with Pro Bowl potential if he can sustain his health. I see his upside as a Pro-Bowl free safety with the center-field ability of a poor man's Earl Thomas. He could transform the back of our secondary and allow more aggressive cornberback play. Baker is no pansy as you can see in these highlights - he will hit and support the run. Would love to get him in 2nd round but his likely range to be selected is #20-#45. I don't know that I would want to take him w/ our first pick - but I would not hate it!
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    there were a lot of contributing factors to Hooper's limited production. To name a few, late getting started because of that dumb pac 12 rule, Played behind Tamme and didn't get the targets that much (though man the ones he got were wow!) then got hurt and missed a few games. Throw on top of that (pun intended) he played hurt after coming back from the injury. I personally expect him to have a stellar year, although I DO indeed agree with your 'fretting over not having another legit weapon at TE' for now. I do think there's something with Perkins maybe we're not quite privy to? As for both of those guys, even the GOAT Gonzalez wasn't all that great his first few years either
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    When you say "our only good safety" and "didn't have a competent nickel...." that's not injury issues, it's roster discipline. We had a top 5 CB go down and got BETTER. Lol. We had our starting SS, 3 LB injuries, 2 top WR injuries, backup SS, split RB, and Starting Edge Rusher all have injuries
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    4 players on defense including if not or best 2nd best player on defense.. Just because they weren't at the same position as yall doesn't mean they were nothing.. Every position is a key position when the starter is down
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    I'd rather be forced to watch the super bowl again.
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    Update: Now that we signed Poe we need to get another pass rusher or two and draft a FS.
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    Still can't believe we got him. Free agents actually turn down more money to play with the Falcons now!
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    Pff omce said that we really did not play well...that we just waited for the other team to mess up. This was after we shut out the giants 34-0 Yeah pff can eat a ****
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    FIFY (put in the NFC East and West division winners)
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    I love people who count out the guy who almost took the starting spot from chester in preseason just because he was inactive due to garland playing both ways... honestly we need LB depth bc Reynolds and ish are not real depth, we need a good swing tackle with schrader and jake getting nicked up a good bit. We need FS depth, long story short the Falcons can go BPA after the 2nd or 3rd round probably
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    It looks to me the Falcons are preparing for another matchup with the Patriots in the 2017 Super Bowl. The ONLY way to stop Brady and that offense is the get interior pressure so Brady can't step forward in pocket and kill you with those short passes. We saw before our defense got gassed in Super Bowl how well we were penetrating and causing Brady problems. It was only once Brady could throw without pressure in his face that he started playing better in that game. Poe ads the interior pentetration component to go along with Baby Tuggle. I've heard Quinn mention interior pressure countless times since the Super Bowl loss. With interior pressure robbing Brady from the ability to step forward to avoid edge rushers and get rid of ball in 2.5 seconds or less, this causes Brady to have to stay back looking for targets and gives our edge rushers time to affect him. It's the only way to stop Brady. Poe and Grady BOTH get interior pressure. Collectively playing alongside each other this is much more a threat to offensive lines than if only one DT can get constant penetration throughout a game. You simply can't double them both all the time. In my opinion Poe is almost as a big of a signing in terms of the impact it will have on our defense as a whole as Mack was to our offense last year, both anchoring the center of the lines. Mack made everyone me better. This signing is huge. You have to look past just how Poe plays and look at how his skill set fits into the rest of the chess pieces. Obviously Poe helps against any opponent but it appears to me we may be getting ready for a rematch.
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    Biggest needs: OG and pass rusher Second needs: LB and DT Not a need but would be Nice: Powerback and FS So...I honestly dont think we target a safety early this year. I believe the coaching staff has confidence in Rico Allen and they are even talking possibly moving one of our CB (probably CJ Goodson) to FS...which is why I think we re-signed Blidi. So we might pick one up late but i doubt it. We lost P. Worr and P. Wheel so i look for us to add a LB. We currently don't have T. Jax, D. Freeny or J. Babs under contract...but we re-signed Upshaw and we're getting back Clay and Shelby from injuries...so Dline is looking strong. New Additions: Jack Crawford-DE/DT Dontari Poe-DT/NT Andre Roberts-WR/KR/PR Draft: 1-Charles Harris DE Missouri 6'3" 253lbs- Gives us and additional pass rusher that we still need despite and improved pass rush last season. Not much explaining needs to be done here. This pick can be any pass rusher as long as its someone that can bring the heat off the edge. If F. Lamp falls to us here...we might have to consider that move. If not we continue to improve the DLine. 2-Dorian Johnson OG Pitt 6'5" 300lbs- Here the upgrade we need for Chester. If D. Feeney is here we take him instead but i doubt he is. Dorian is a smart football player who plays really well in space. Really good a moving and pulling. His quickness and body control make Johnson particularly well suited to a zone-blocking scheme. 3-Tyus Bowser LB Houston 6'3" 247lbs- Speed, pass rush, TE coverage and instincts. I had a tough time figuring out who to draft here...so I went defense and dept. He can fill in for D. Jones, D. Campbell and V. Beasley. He has good ability to cover TEs and the ability to get after the QB. Hasn't hit Ceiling because of late start in football. Has tons of potential with good production already. 4- Samje Perine RB Oklahoma 5'11" 233lbs- Reminds me of Michael Turner but with better hands. I've watched every single one of his college games and the kid is a beast. ( we also have the same barber...when he actually gets his hair cut) He gives us our short yardage power that we need. Ran the ball alot his first year due to Mixon suspension but wont be asked to do that here. If hes not here when we draft...James Conner 6'1" 233lbs is another option. 5-DJ Johnson DT Mississippi 6'1" 319lbs- Alot of scout are giving him the Grady Jarrett comparison. I don't think he gonna be that good...but he's good insurance in the case that we lose a big body out of our DL rotation due to injury. This point in the draft we're not looking for startes but dept. that can come in and produce when needed. 7- I have no idea what to do here...may a back up Center that could flex to a G if needed. I think these moves make us better, bigger, faster and stronger. Flame away fam.!!!
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    He's one of my favorite guys in the draft. Washington lined him up everywhere from single high safety, nickel back to in the box safety. Amazing range, closing speed is insane (hardly ever allows yards after catch), great ball skills, plays every snap like it's his last. Fits what Quinn wants in a player to a T. He's like a cross between the honey badger and Earl Thomas.
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    Maybe my favorite player in this draft outside Solomon Thomas, I would lose no sleep with taking him at 31. Like you said, I dont see any way hes not gone by 40, just brings a different attitude to any defense. I'm mostly not trying to get my hopes up. Can play close to the line or deep 3, maybe split time with Allen and Poole year 1. Very good tackler.
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    Are you saying that looking at him as an edge rusher or a linebacker? Because as a pure Leo he would be a terrible first rounder but as a hybrid linebacker I think he's one of the elite prospects of this class.
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    Poe signing will have the impact on defense that Mack had on offense. We ain't soft in the middle on either side of the ball anymore.
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    The good thing is his stats have looked better each year. Guy is still improving and he says he's a much better player now than even a year ago. He could breakout with 7-8 sacks opposite Beasley.
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    Can't wait to use this on some brown peasants.
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    And huge tax breaks for wealthy people.
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    There are certain rival posters that are trolls. There are certain that talk smack but can have a conversation. You, Johnnybuc and a saints guy that slips my memory that are not trolls. I enjoy talking and talking smack to you and hearing your info.
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    Add an early round DE and a later round develomental 3 tech, and this line is going to be interesting.
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    Yeah, I posted the link to all that info. PFR is the best!! Matt Ryan #1 in passing yards in NFL history for a QB through 9 NFL seasons. Pretty **** impressive.
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    I used to think the same thing but that's not true. Here's TD pass totals for those 3 guys through the first 9 years of their career from inside the opponents 10 yard line. Matt Ryan - 123 Peyton Manning - 105 Drew Brees - 74
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    Thanks. I learned about the rookie salary-cap and how it impacts the overall team salary-cap last year when I did a similar type of topic thread. I too think that it is very interesting, but highly complex at the same time.
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    I'd say Poe is only 1 person out of 11 on defense...
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    Let Babs walk, cut Jackson and focus on trying to sign Dontari Poe. KC will probably prefer to sign Eric Berry and go after Star Lotulelei in FA or draft another Nose in the draft. Jarrett continues to beast on the line and having an athletic NT next to him who can take on double teams and still be effective against the run and pass would be huge for the Falcons and Jarrett. I would than draft a pass rusher and SDE in the first 2 rounds to go along with Poe and Jarrett.