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    Seriously though, does ANYONE still thinks it's a good idea for Trump to have a Twitter account? We were all in here patting each other on the back about how presidential he sounded in the address and he undid all of it in 140 characters this morning.
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    I tried telling you guys this already. The Competitiveness and Toughness grades that Quinn and TD have implemented pretty much eliminated this guy before he even had a chance to flaunt his skill set. They want players who eat, breathe, and sleep football and know what it means to be a good teammate - so exactly the opposite of McDowell.
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    So we spend a first round pick on a kick returner because he's fast??? Are you related to Al Davis?
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    I've always seen a solid tackling machine. No flashes of greatness, but a great tackler at doing his job. To me that is a guy I would want on my team.
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    Marco Rubio made a reasonable, cautious, and responsible statement about Trump's accusation. "HE BETRAYED US!!!" Yep.
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    Everything you believe in is wrong
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    It's also a good reminder that Trump has a long history of outrageous and delusional conspiracy theories... Obama's birth certificate 3 million illegal votes. Largest inauguration crowd in history. Largest electoral college victory since Reagan Ted Cruz's father part of JFK assassination. Let's not pretend like Trump isn't prone to go off on some crazy, delusional accusation when he gets his knickers in a bunch. This is looking more and more like that.
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    One thing that sometimes annoys me is there's just no reason to trash the guy. If you think he isn't very good and we shouldn't re-sign him, then fine. But by all accounts, he was a super hard worker and a good teammate. Some of you are punks for no real reason. He went from UDFA, a guy not a single team thought was worth a 7th round pick, to an NFL player generating interest from several teams in free agency. Not only has he increased his stock, he's done it while a lot of his haters have done nothing.
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    Who the **** are you telling? If Trump could control his temper he probably wouldn't have half of the negative coverage he gets. But I'm guessing you think everyone is just picking on poor Donald.
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    Bring him home TD...and have a bag of weed ready to greet him with.
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    Coleman, Julio, Sanu, Gabriel, Tamme, Hageman, Shelby, Clayborn, Weatherspoon, Jones, Campbell, Trufant, Collins, Neal all missed games last year due to injury. How were we lucky? Just because our starting OL didn't miss any games?
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    Hey Guys. Some friends and I have started a new website that will grade NFL players on a per games basis. It is still in the beta stage, but we have the playoff games for the 2016 season up. Being a lifelong Falcons fan, I wanted to get some feedback on the new website from you guys, but I don't know if I am allowed to list web address here in the forum, so if you would like to take a look pls message me and Ill send the link. Specially we want to know how people feel about the grading methods and procedures, as well as the actual grades. (spolier, Deion Jones had a great post-season, Jake Matthews-not so much) Thanks for helping
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    1) E. Engram 4.43/4.42 2) OJ Howard 4.51/4.56 3) D. Daniels 4.56/4.58 3) G. Kittle 4.56/4.53 5) B. Hodges 4.58/4.61 6) G. Everett 4.60 7) J. Smith 4.63/4.64 8) C. Carter 4.67 9) D. Njoku 4.70/4.64 10) J. Sprinkle 4.74/4.70
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    Maybe if he didn't go to Mar a Lago and play golf every weekend he could get some things done. /purp
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    I don't really care, and that's not me trying to be a jerk, because I think he's talented as helI as well. This thread isn't really about if you like him; it's about there being zero chance we take him given what he said in an interview and what Quinn said about interviews.
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    Am I missing something? Has it been said we definitely aren't going to try to retain Aldrick?
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    Dude is a beast. Great bloodlines. He is our best value pick since..well, since we grabbed his father as an UDFA.
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    When I shook Nobis' hand it felt like it had been dragged over the pavement for 50 miles. He shook my hand so hard I heard bones crack, snatched it back and said "dam bro that hurt". True story.
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    Met several including John Gilliam, Van Note, Abe, Nobis, Rod Coleman and more. All were extremely cordial. Played a round of golf with Brian Jordan. Favorite encounter was Chris Hinton. Talked Falcon football with him at a Christmas party for two or three hours after their last practice before traveling to NO to beat the Aints in the the 1991 Wildcard round. Special.
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    Since Quinn got to Atlanta, there’s been a bit of a coincidence when it comes to the most of the players he’s drafted. They are a top performer in at least 1 of the combine drills. Justin Hardy; top performer in 3 cone drill. Tevin Coleman - Didn’t compete at combine, but blazed at his pro-day. Jalen Collins - top performer in 3 cone drill. Beasley - top performer in 40, bench, vert, broad, 3 cone, 20 yard shuttle. ^ All from one draft. De’Vondre Campbell - Top performer in 40, 3 cone drill. Austin Hooper - top performer in 40, bench, 3 cone drill. Deion Jones - top performer in 40, 3 cone. Keanu - top performer in vert, broad. Think Quinn really sees broad/3cone drills translate to ‘explosion’ The guys in this draft that I guarantee he’s looking at; Lamp: Top performer in 40, bench, BROAD, 3 CONE Dion Dawkins: top performer in 3 CONE Dan Feeney: top performer in 3 CONE Dorian Johnson: top performer in vert, BROAD. ^ All guards. Johnson is my favorite from actually watching games. But, Lamp did a great job against the most pro-ready DL in the country. LBS/DLs Haason Reddick: Top performer in 40, vert, BROAD. Jordan Willis: top performer in 40, vert 3 CONE, 20 yard. Derek Rivers: top performer in 40, bench, vert 3 CONE Tanoh Kpassgnon; Top performer in BROAD Derek Barnett: top performer in 3 CONE Solomon Thomas: top performer in bench, BROAD, 3 CONE, 20 yard. TE: Njoku: top performer in vert, Broad 3 CONE Evan Engram: top performer in 40, vert, 3 CONE, 20 yard Bucky Hodges: top performer in 40, vert, BROAD Gerald Everett: top performer in bench, vert, BROAD, 3 CONE, 20 yard —- I probably missed some guys, but I think the two drills that correlate to being high on Quinn’s list the most, seem to be broad and 3 cone. IF that’s any indication, phew…these guys who performed well in this combine…well, I guess the summary is, we’ll be getting some good ball players. Knowing there are obviously some teams who will target OT, QB, WR, HB, CB, positions we don’t really need, I see no reason why we shouldn’t be optimistic about ending up with at possibly two of the guys I just listed. Personally, I really really like Derek Rivers and Jordan Willis. I think they both play the same position in the pros. I’d be ecstatic about landing either one of them. And I think they’d both possibly be there at our second rounder. First rounder though, I’d imagine it’d have to be a guard…or Haason Reddick, because I don’t see Thomas or Barnett being there. Third rounder, possibly one of the TE’s..and bam, improvement.
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    OK, many of these guys are not going to be anywhere close to available for Falcons pick at #31 but I will start from the top (Myles Garrett) and work my way down to at least a half dozen choices that should be available when Falcons on clock at #31 - these are obviously my opinions - based on whom I believe would be good for the Falcons with their 1st pick. Of the ones out of reach anyway(RED), let's try and not argue too much about those guys, if you disagree w/ the order on those. Myles Garrett, DE (top player) Jonathan Allen, DE/DT (top 10) Solomon Thomas, DE/DT (top 10) Malik Hooker, FS (top 15) Derek Barnett, DE (top 20) Reuben Foster, LB (top 10) O.J. Howard, TE (top 20) Hassan Reddick, LB (top 25) Takkarist McKinley (1st round) David Njoku, TE (1st round) Forrest Lamp, OG (top 40) T.J. Watt, OLB/Edge (top 40) Tim Williams, OLB/Edge (top 60) - probably top 20 player on talent alone but testing today and - mostly off-field will drop him Taco Charlton, DE (top 40) Jarrad Davis, OLB (top 50) Caleb Brantley, DT(top 50) Dan Feeney, OG (top 50) Charles Harris, DE/OLB/Edge (top 40) Carl Lawson, DE/OLB/Edge (top 60) Zach Cunningham, LB (top 40) RED = definitely not available PURPLE = <50% chance of being available GREEN = >50% chance of being available I am not looking for total agreement on my board - that would be an exercise in futility! - this is just meant to promote discussion. My board above is focused on our top 5 needs which I have labeled as follows: DE/OLB/Edge OG DT FS TE I did not go past 20 players because I am confident that someone in our "top 15" would likely be available and definitely in the top 19. What say you?
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    I keep going back and looking at some of the edge players and Daeshon Hall just keeps impressing me. I love his game and he tested considerably well for a guy as lengthy as he is. Not a Garrett athletic, but he's still athletic and would make a solid edge defender.
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    Most impressive edge rushers today were : Myles Garrett (goes without saying) Jordan Willis Daeshon Hall TJ Watt Trey Hendrickson Haason Reddick (more of a LB but could rush in nickel) Solomon Thomas (I prefer him at 3 tech than as an edge rusher)
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    Guys like Kpassagnon, Watt, Willis, Riley, Reddick, and Bowser all qualify
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    Everyone should absolutely read that. He's like a character out of a movie except more outlandish.
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    Seriously, though, you guys should read this. Stone brought Jeffrey Toobin to a Miami swingers club to conduct the interview. Stone drinks four triple espressos a day. He has owned up to four Jaguars at once. Stone was the central figure in organizing the “Brooks Brothers riots” in Miami back in 2000. He claims to have played a crucial role in piecing together the Eliot Spitzer escort-ring bust. During Senator Joseph McCarthy's investigations into Communist activity in the United States during the Second Red Scare, lawyer Roy Cohn served as McCarthy's chief counsel. According to Stone, Cohn “was not gay”: “He was a man who liked having sex with men.” There's lots of other great content, too. Stone said the ladies “love” his back tattoo, which is of Richard Nixon’s face.
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    if by some miracle he fell to us, i'd be happy if we took him as he would take Campbell's spot. But the way we rotate LBs they'd both get playing time. You could, in theory, put him in at SLB or hand in the dirt as well. We have needs, for sure; but adding another uber-athletic playmaker never hurts regardless what level of the defense.
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    Yes, perhaps, but it's not the Obama administration writ large. It's the FBI. The same FBI whose director (Comey) held an unusual press conference to publicly comment on the Clinton probe - including overtly criticizing her - over the summer and then released that damaging letter reopening the case 11 days before the election, which ultimately proved to be nothing. In other words, the people overseeing the requests for these FISA warrants can't be said to have been in the tank for Clinton and actively trying to help her get elected. Regarding Trump's specific accusation about wiretapping his phone, his own PR people are talking about "what if this happened" and "we need to get to the bottom of it". That's not how you respond if you have secret information that proves the claim of wiretapping his phones. Everything right now to this being a screwup and false accusation by Trump and his people trying to clean up the mess.
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    Never Google what that dude tells you to. He's into some weird ****, I guarantee he's posting with a ball gag in right now.
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    I agree with you here to a point but how about Trump doesn't go on Twitter and drop accusations like that....I don't feel like I'm asking for too much here. He did this. This one is all on Trump.
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    This dodging is amusing. It reminds me of parents who make excuses for why their child sucks at math or ones that yell at the teacher for giving their child a bad grade.
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    oh, I do. And I agree we don't even have to deal with him if we choose not too. I don't think that would be a good move considering DQ and the way he views the team concept. I'd bet DQ would simply cut him or trade him for whatever. One thing that really impressed me about DQ was the way he publicly told Freeney you're doing team OTAs and activities or not re-upping with us.
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    Actually, getting a FISA warrant is not very difficult and one of the long-standing complaints about FISA is that they defer too much to the administration. That FISA denied the earlier request over the summer means that there wasn't a solid evidentiary basis for the surveillance. The FBI has to rework the warrant request to focus on two Russian banks. But that means they were monitoring server activity (metadata, I believe, not communications) at Trump Towers, not Trump's actual phone calls. Remember also that Trump mentioned in his tweet that they were denied a warrant earlier by a court. That's almost certainly a reference to the FISA warrants sought by the FBI that is covered by the Breitbart story that was passed around in the White House. If this is what Trump's referring to, then the disturbing part of the story is how uninformed Trump is about basic legal matters. He apparently doesn't understand the difference between wiretapping server communications between Trump Tower and two Russian banks, on the one hand, and wiretapping his personal phone calls on the other. He doesn't understand that the president does not have the legal authority to order the wiretapping of anyone's phone calls. Those wiretaps that Marla is referring to weren't overseen or ordered by Obama. They were NSA spying on foreign countries...bad, but very different. The James Rosen incident also involved getting a court to approve a warrant, again something that Obama would not have been able to order. In other words, Trump apparently doesn't understand that there are basic limits on the president's ability to order and get wiretaps of US citizens' cell phones.
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    Obviously, I don't have inside sources; but between watching him play and reading this I just don't see him as a Falcon. His footwork and technique are not good; and reading about coaches "conforming" to him really makes him stand out as a non falcon type guy. I obviously could be wrong, but as we all know on the NFL level great coaching and technique refinement is huge. On the flip side, take a Tim Williams who's had off-field issues, but admitted them; and never complained about his role at Alabama and you can clearly see him improve over his time at Bama. He takes to coaching. I'd rather take him anyday over McDowell. And the reason why I think we'd shy away from the "non-coachable" even if a great physical talent, is we have a HC who is a disciple of his scheme. And in his scheme everyone has specific roles, gaps...etc...A straight freelancer without discipline is not a help.
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    Charge people $2 a day to follow that and get exclusive video of the said pie or dunk machine. We could balance the budget by next year.
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    False stories? There is a connection between his administration and Russia. How many important people have actually accused it of being an inappropriate relationship? It's appropriate to question what those connections are. Russia is not our ally nor close to being one. In fact, they seek to disrupt anything they can with regard to us and our allies because we have pretty much always stood against their interests. It's not illegal nor inappropriate to have communication with them, but being dismissive of it when we don't know the details and equating it to fake news or birthers just because you and Trump view it as "the left attacking us" is irresponsible. Are there liberals running wild with it? Yeah, absolutely. There were conservatives running wild about all kinds of crap the last 8 years, too. Discernment is not a trait of partisan lame brains. Do I think who will acknowledge when he's right? The media? Liberals? Trout? Drake? Meek Mill? I don't think most people on here have a problem admitting when they were wrong or giving credit where it's due. We have some fringe left and right nuts who will never admit the other side is worth anything, but that's the political environment of America. I see a lot of people on here who get labeled lefty or liberal just because they don't suck off whatever the conservative line is.
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