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    Danny Woodhead is 32 years old and coming off of a torn ACL. Why would you not just draft a RB? Doesn't that make 100x more sense?
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    Looks like someone wants to compete with the Adrian Peterson thread.
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    I have no clue why anyone bothers with any attempt at discourse with wfw, snake, or sobeit anymore. There is nothing Trump could possibly say or do that they would not defend with lies, links to ridiculous websites, and childish meme pics.
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    What I find crazy is he drops a huge bomb like that on twitter and then follows it up with tweets about The Apprentice. It's like he doesn't realize how huge of a deal what he said would be if it actually happened.
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    Hopefully the Browns so I can get a good laugh out of it.
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    Love me some Evan Engram, he'd be a monster for us
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    Another Lemon Party victim. We're going to have to start a support group here soon.
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    Wfw farts in the bathtub and laughs, so I'm sure he chuckled.
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    What no one's made one of these for March yet? Huh, Guess I get to make this next one then. We offered the nation's top rated RB for 2019 while we were hosting IMG.
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    Julio Jones really impressed me with his performances in the 2012 and 2016 playoffs. He torced SF (in 2012) and Green bay's Defense. He made some sick catches in SB 51. This guy makes impossible catches every other game. I have never seen a WR that can make the catches Julio makes except maybe Randy Moss. Julio Jones is great on and off the field. He is a great role model for kids and I think he is worth every penny and draft pick we gave up to get him. Julio Jones is now my favorite Falcon player of all time past, present and future. And thank god his talent was not wasted in Cleveland. Julio has already competed in a Super Bowl and a Conference Championship after 6 years in Atlanta. We will always be a contender as long as we got Juliooo!!!
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    The funny thing is that this brings attention back to the server in Trump Tower that was communicating with servers in Russia. Y'know, the thing that the FBI was tapping with a FISA warrant according to the original article that this story comes from... so this isn't the best choice for distraction stories.
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    Dude is a beast. Great bloodlines. He is our best value pick since..well, since we grabbed his father as an UDFA.
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    For every step Trump takes forward, he must take 2 steps back.
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    You're just saying that cuz he killed the Falcons in the 2012 NFCCG. As for this years TEs, I'm pleased that Adam Shaheen ran a 4.79. His game speed is much better, and I need him to drop to my Bucs in the 4th. edit: Did you mean Vernon Davis or Venereal Disease?
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    It's honestly a matte of time before he moves from Bannon to believing Alex Jones is gospel and we get into even BIGGERtrouble .
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    It's better than that. Posts about democrats family member's affair, blindly supports a guy who has openly had affairs and has openly talked about his desire to date or sleep with his own daughter.
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    So we spend a first round pick on a kick returner because he's fast??? Are you related to Al Davis?
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    I am woth eatcorn on this one....it makes trump look bad.......But that is nothing new. He has proven to be a bumbling buffoon and pathological liar and his cheerleaders do not care.
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    I think you're exactly correct about this. We have seen this pattern time and time again. Trump tweets something with a slight element of truth, the press overreacts and accuses him of delusion. Trump eventually gets around to the slight element of truth and press and attackers look silly. And Trump wins. Here, trump finds out that the FBI, in the course of the Russian hacking investigation, had access to some line of communication. The FBI is an executive agency. Obama was chief executive. Hence: "Obama wite tapped me" Wash rinse repeat and miss the real story.Wash rinse repeat and miss the real story. The story becomes "press falsely accuses trump of lying about something that actually happened" Instead of Trump is so tied to the Russian hacking that the FBI obtained a warrant to wiretap."
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    I've always seen a solid tackling machine. No flashes of greatness, but a great tackler at doing his job. To me that is a guy I would want on my team.
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    Because he wanted to? You really should stop with this attitude, man. Acting like the whole world stops and nothing but arm measurements and 40 times deserve to be discussed and posted about? If the guy was ready to post his mock there's no /real/ reason why he shouldn't. We get it. You're giddy because you're getting your spreadsheet data this week. I'm sure the correlation threads that come off that information will be interesting as always. Don't get into this way of telling people when is the right and wrong time to post what they want to post, though. You and I have always been cool and you're one of my favorite posters here, but this is a bad look for you. Now say you're sorry.
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    It's so hard to have a discussion here sometimes
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    Realistically you can't "replace" a guy as good as Freeman for cheap. And drafting someone would be way smarter regardless.
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    Might be easier to solve if he was in DC, not Florida.
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    ::a certain few posters here:: "Haha Trump wins again! He's trolling the media and making them talk about he wants them to talk about!"
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    I think we've already talked to him. Hes got an h-back written all over him. To me if he's there in the 2nd round I'd grab him. Gotta be G/OT or Edge player for me at 31.
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    His pattern of distraction is obvious. Every single time things are a bit too negative or the Russia talk starts spiking, he lobs some horse **** up on Twitter and the other stuff goes quiet for a few days. It is very obvious that if he is not controlling the narrative or at least portrayed positively, he has to come out with something so outrageous that people must react. I mean, it's not a bad strategy but it is wearing pretty thin. He's the President of the United States.
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    People saying he's going to want money haven't been paying attention. He's a former first round pick who was asked to play as kr and kickoff coverage this year while being a 4th string wr in a running offense. Not only did he agree but he stepped up admirably. You van tell he genuinely loves football and had a surprisingly high amount of tackles. I live in Minnesota so the only team I watch more than the falcon is the vikings. Give this guy a 2 year 5 million dollar gig and cut weems.
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    Trump brought this up. Not us....
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    WFW been waiting for five hours to hear from Trump's PR surrogates so he knows what he's supposed to say on the boards.
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    Here's a live look in to the White House
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    Worrilow is an average football player. If he signs with someone and turns into a beast i will be absolutely stunned.
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    I hear you, but the team comes first before Freeman himself. The crap before the super bowl was stupid. I don't blame Freeman AT ALL for trying to get paid. Players should try to get as much as they can. But I'm just personally a little turned off that Freeman's agent before the super bowl pulled that BS. I like Freeman, but championships are won by making smart decisions, not loyal ones. Freeman isn't a top 5 back IMO
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    And passing game. He is often kept in as an extra blocker ....his pass blocking on the edge is one reason why put down field passing game was deadly