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    I don't know if I could disagree more. Players LOVE him. From current Falcon's players to former Seahawk's players, the one common among them all is how much they love Dan Quinn and respect him. This whole Brotherhood platform he has built, fast and physical, arrive violently...the players really seem to gravitate to it. Quinn has shown he can accurately select talent. He has shown he can develop talent. He has shown he can game plan. He has shown he can adjust. He has shown he is aggressive and tbh, I would rather have an aggressive coach over a timid coach. It's easier for an aggressive coach to bring it in a notch than it is a passive coach to attempt to ramp it up. Dan Quinn was absolutely the correct hire for us and I have zero hesitations over him at this time. He has ultimate trust in his guys, almost to a fault, but I think the more experience he gets the better he will be at taking hold of a game and making it his.
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    I like most of you can't wait for march 9th to come to see who and if we will sign anyone. Especially making a big splash in free agency. i see and read who people want and see other people write how unrealistic it is etc. my thought is If the Denver Broncos can do it why can't we? in 2014 after a loss to the Colts in the playoffs they go in free agency and get, Emanual Sanders, Aqib Talib , and TJ Ward. all be name big splash free agents. the 2014- 2015 season they win the Super Bowl. we have to face the fact that this is our window. strike now while its fresh in the head of the players. the FO know where we are weak. Guard, DT/DE, and FS. Blank and TD need to take a page from the Broncos book and strike now while the energy and desire to be in ATL is HIGH. we have a new stadium, a coach that Players seem to love and respect, and the fact that we are a win now team not a rebuilding team.. Thoughts
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    Roddy is quickly losing his place as one of my favorite former players. His bitterness over being an over the hill player and wanting to blame Shanahan for that fact is understandable at first - it's human nature. But at this point it is way past time for him to come to terms with reality and realize Shanahan was right about Roddy and he's just being tiresome not grasping that. This entire article drips of pettiness from Roddy.
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    It's the offseason. The Falcons had just lost the Superbowl in a very disappointing manner. It's something I know all you Falcon fans just want to see dissipate into the great unknown. It's not a loss anyone on this board should be proud of. Nevertheless, there's still always optimism for next season. The Falcons' defense is trending upwards, and the offense looks like a juggernaut. With Free Agency and the draft coming up, the Falcons could really stock up on some new players real quick and become contenders yet again next season. As a Panther fan, I know I'll have to face the fact we're likely losing at least one game to you guys next season with how stout your team appears. The NFC South is no longer one sided anymore. Anyhow, with the draft coming up, I thought I'll sniff around and give you guys information concerning possible picks for you guys. Today, I'll be presenting some short segments and facts concerning Malik McDowell. The following video really explains this kid's potential and flaws real well: DT Malik McDowell is an athletic freak. If he weren't so hot n' cold, we'd probably be drawing comparisons to Myles Garrett with this kid. He's an absolute game-wrecker when he's on, and literally unstoppable. So, why would he drop all the way to the 31st pick? Simple: He's not consistent. You watch his film. You'll notice some amazing flashes that make you wonder why he's not going 1st overall, then you notice his recessions. He's got a lot of physical talent, but the technical side needs some refining. However, when he gets it, he's truly a top 10 talent. He can wreck any game, and if he's placed in the right setting/locker room, I can tell you right now he'll be a name to watch in the NFL. Imagine a combination of Charles Dunlap and Muhammad Wilkerson rolled up into one. Yep, that's his potential right there. There's many draft sites predicting he's not even in the first round, like 4/5 of NFL.com's mock drafts, and some that have him going in the upper 20s. I think he may drop when the raw factor is considered, but I don't think he'll drop too far when you look at his physical talent. The Falcons' pass rush would have an immediate boost with this kid in the lineup, and with his potential, he'd turn that defense into an absolute monster. Imagine him and Vic Beasley on the same line? Yeah. If the Falcons were to get him, I'd be jealous. He looks like someone that would thrive in your system and locker room culture. Some more notes from NFL.com - http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/malik-mcdowell?id=2557970 UPDATE: For those of you concerned about his "work ethic;" I and others just spoke with a Michigan State fan who doesn't buy it. To keep it a bit short, he believes that Malik McDowell's "work ethic" is fine, and is a true leader. He believes the fact that the MS team sucks really did deter him from his full potential. He blames the fact McDowell was playing all positions on the D-line, and the media/scouts overblowing minor things after McDowell didn't meet "absurd expectations." Mind you he's also a Carolina fan. Here's what he said in Q&A Form: Very good insight I think you all should acknowledge. From what this guy says, he truly believes all of this knock on McDowell is plain excuses on why he wasn't the best of the best this year. If you can buy into this theory, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Falcons pull the trigger on this kid. If the Falcons don't, I definitely want us to grab him - even trade up - for this kid if this is true. Kid looks like a talent rotting in a system that doesn't help him. Like another guy said, it does seem similar to KK Short. Take it what you will, but I knew I wasn't crazy posting this.
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    Roddy, I love your attitude and insight but stop gambling...and if you're going to gamble, don't do it with an enabler like Charles. I love Charles, but probably not a great person to have as your sidekick in Vegas...unless he is paying, then I'm all in
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    Shanny didn't like that Roddy was more alpha than him
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    Thois was the most fun I have had as a fan of this team for 30 years. Thank you 2016 Falcons for the endless exciting plays, and for what the future holds. Brotherhood yall! Let's defend and win the NFC next year.
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    They shoulda marketed it as a ounce or two less than the normal can..now that woulda been petty lmaoo
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    sounds like a porn name for sure. The Maltese Dealdo - starring "Bush Hamdan and Buck Nekkid"
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    As historically miserable moments for teams go, the Falcons established a new Atlanta sports low at the recent Super Bowl. As historically miserable moments for fans go, Roddy White also reached a new bottom the same weekend. The team’s former All-Pro wide receiver and recent NFL retiree traveled from his Atlanta area home to Las Vegas for what would be the start of a dream weekend: Living large as a high-roller on a Sin City Saturday, jetting on a private plane with pals the following morning to Houston for the Super Bowl, then back to Las Vegas for more fun after the game. Then this happened: He lost $60,000 playing blackjack. He decided to bag the expense of the private jet and the Super Bowl tickets (telling Julio Jones’ people to give the tickets to somebody else). He watched on a casino big screen as his former team blew a 28-3 lead and lost to New England in overtime, 38-24, in part because Falcons’ offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan did not play it smart or safe with the lead and a chance to run out the clock. “I’m glad I wasn’t a part of that team because I probably literally would’ve fought him,” White said. And on top of it all: White, who kind of likes gambling, dropped another $40,000, betting on the game. It could’ve been worse. Charles Barkley, who was with him in Las Vegas, lost $100,000 on the Falcons. “You destroyed a dream for a city,” White said. “It’s bigger than me. The city of Atlanta needed that championship and you had it. Arthur Blank needed that championship and he deserved to win that game, with everything he’s been through. It was finally our time to win and it just hurt me that we didn’t get it done.” Related White’s comments Tuesday came during the“We Never Played the Game” podcast (linked here)with WSB TV’s Zach Klein and me, which can be downloaded now on iTunes. It was an illuminating one-hour discussion, during which White discussed: How close he came to signing with the New England Patriots; how he rejected offers from other teams because they weren’t contenders; his early career partying days with Michael Vick; how former assistant coach Paul Petrino (Bobby’s brother) helped turn around his career; his ongoing frustrations with Shanahan; and his exit from the Falcons and more. But let’s start with this: White watched former teammate and close friend Julio Jones make a miraculous sideline catch at the New England 22-yard-line, putting the Falcons in field goal range with a 28-20 lead and four minutes left. “I was like, ‘That’s it. Game’s over. We’re going to have a parade. I’m going to fly back to Georgia. We’re going to have fun,” White said. Then a black hole sucked up the Falcons. On second-and-11, Shanahan sent in a pass play that resulted in a sack. White was asked what his reaction would’ve been to the play call if he was in the game. “I told Julio I would’ve jumped offsides,” White said. He was serious. “At that point, it’s second-and-16, you know they’re going to run the ball,” White said. “Or they’ll throw quick game (quick pass off a three-step drop). It wouldn’t be anything you can take a sack on.” Instead, Matt Ryan was sacked. Jake Matthews was called for holding. The Falcons were pushed out of likely game-clinching field goal range. The team and a fan base eventually melted to mush. “To not finish — and that’s what you preach,” White said. “You have a kicker in a dome and he don’t miss.” White singled out Shanahan for most blame, but he also said it was difficult for him to blame one person for the loss. “As a coaching staff, you’re on the headset,” he said. “Nobody said, ‘Were going to run the ball three times.’” White is a Falcons’ season-ticket holder and attended most of the games. He is certain to at least be added to the team’s “Ring of Honor” in the new stadium and, as the team’s all-time leading receiver, is worthy of having his jersey number retired. He said he was not upset when the offense and the team had success without him following his release after the 2015 season. He stopped working out in mid-October when it was clear he would not sign with a contender. He said he had extensive discussions with New England, including phone conversations with Bill Belichick, shortly after the Falcon released him in March. But the Pats opted to sign Nate Washington (who later was released). “My agent was like, ‘You know it’s cold there.’ But I told him, to win, I’ll play in the cold. … I was kind of pissed (they signed Washington).” White previously said he would only sign with a title contender. Minnesota contacted him during its 5-0 start but White said by the time the team was ready to move on a deal, it had started to fade. So he said no. He also rejected overtures from Tennessee (former Falcons’ assistants Terry Robiskie and Mike Mularkey) and Tampa Bay (Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith), either because he didn’t view them as contenders or his expected role. He would have liked another year with the Falcons but it was clear to him even in 2015 that Shanahan did not want him in the offense. White said he was fine with a reduced role. But when Leonard Hankerson washed out, he found himself playing 60 snaps, but seldom was the primary or secondary receiver. “We went to San Francisco and we threw under to (Justin) Hardy and we got stopped at the 1-yard line and we ended up losing the game,” White said. “I was like, ‘Where am I in the progression?’ What about people who’ve been in this situation and have won games. … It was frustrating. I let it get to me a lot more outside the walls.” White went to Shanahan at one point to clear the air: “I’m asking Kyle, what do you think I can do? He said, ‘Well, you can run slants, you can run under, you can run slow-go’s.’ I was like, ‘Why are you not calling those plays for me?’ He just didn’t want me in the offense. If you don’t want me, just tell me. I can handle that.” That said, White believes the Falcons would have had a better chance to get back to the Super Bowl if Shanahan hadn’t left for a head coaching job with San Francisco, believing there will be a transition period with new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. “If Kyle was still there and parts were intact, I would give them a better chance,” he said, adding that even with the Falcons running the same offense, “It’s a new voice.” White is done playing but he hasn’t lost his voice or his opinions and he’s still reliving the Super Bowl like the rest of Atlanta. http://www.myajc.com/sports/football/roddy-white-sounds-off-super-bowl-and-lost-las-vegas-weekend/udJBS5PSKyQCunmOlWC7FK/
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    Looking at his career stats and he gets a significant injury every 2nd year. That means next year he should be good.
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    Seattle hasn't tuned out Pete Carroll and he's very similar in personality...
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    It's amazing reading this thread and seeing all these school children bashing Roddy. Did he steal your lunch money? Grow up! Roddy is one of the best Falcons ever. He could still play , not like we got much more out of Sanu, he was just a way of fixing a hole created. Roddy had lost a step, he knew that, but he also knew other ways to make plays. He didn't sound bitter to me. Just a honest guy. He was telling what went down. He also said we would be better off if Kyle stayed, that's not something a bitter man says. He also said fault fell on others too. It's obvious Kyle didn't like him and tried to phase him out. Even to the extreme of replacing him with a god awful Hankerson. Roddy may have lost a step , but no way Hankerson was better than him. Him and Kyle just didn't see eye to eye. For whatever reason. Roddy obviously had other options, he just didn't want them. He said from day one, falcons , contender, or staying home. That's what he did. I know him speaking the truth, throws a monkey wrench in your Roddy Bashing, but alot more qualified people thought he still had something left also. Roddy is just being honest. Noone is turning on kyle, we know he got us to the SB, but everyone with a brain realizes he made some bone headed decisions at the end. Him and Quinn. Sorry if Roddy stating that ruins your choir boy image of kyle and your love affair. Roddy obviously is at least man enough to say he thinks Kyle was good for the team. Even if they didn't like each other. Maybe some of you should try being mature enough to admit you was wrong and obviously other coaches thought he had something left. Admit that Roddy and Kyle's personality clash probably had alot to do with him being phased out. I was fine with upgrading Roddy, even though i liked him and im not so sure that invisible Sanu was that big of a upgrade, but i also recognize there was more there than Roddy just not being able to produce at all. It was time for Roddy to go because of injury troubles slowing him,but Kyle started pushing that issue in training camp when he hadn't even got a good look at Roddy yet. Hankerson was awful. Never should have even made that team in the first place.
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    You can't have people saying he's done more in three weeks than most presidents do in 4 years and then say things like you weren't on here whining. This administration operates differently than any we've ever seen. Is the media overreacting sometimes? Absolutely. Without question Are there things going on with this administration that deserve attention/criticism? Absolutely. Without question.
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    It's crazy people don't realize that. We were in the Super Bowl very much because of Shanahan (and of course the team Dimitroff assembled). It's amazing how posters want to give Shanahan all of the blame and none of the credit. Life behind the keyboard is awesome
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    That is why I always have loved Roddy, he says what he means and means what he says. I might not always agree, but at least you know you are getting it straight
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    Day 9: The natives are getting restless and I believe some have become deranged from the mental distress of the Super Bowl loss. They keep repeating themselves and making the same points over and over. I'm concerned for their mental health and my own.
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    PRE COMBINE THOUGHTS Mock Draft 1. Demarcus Walker- De, Florida State · Good Strength · Good Height/Weight · Already Developed Pass Rush Moves · Good Consistent College Production · Breaks through double teams 2. Budda Baker- FS, Washington · Solid Tackler · Ball Hawk Ability · Great Hands for a Safety · Great Instincts, Sees plays before they develop 3. Jake Butt- TE Notre Dame · Good Height · Hands like Magnets · Exceptional is the short-Mid range passing game · Good at finding holes in zones. 4. Tanzel Smart- DT Tulane · Solid player Strong with a deceptive quick burst Good hand usage 5. Chad Kelley- QB Ole Miss · Talented Quarterback · Good vision · Mobility · Tough · Red Flag off field issues Free Agency G- Kevin Zeitler Lb- Zach Brown Resign LB-Freeney LB-Wheeler LB- Reynolds FB-Dimarco WR-Robinson TE- Toilolo
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    Say hello to the newest baby to GA Zoo, Mr. Tom Brady, a freaking cockroach. @gazoo, were you behind this awesomeness?
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    Everybody I was watching the game with (Most of them being extremely casual fans) were saying that we were just going to run the clock down and kick the FG. Even Legarette Blount on Micd up said the exact same thing. Its not hindsight or anything like that it was just common sense. I'm sure most people were thinking the same thing. Also this whole we played aggressive all year BS is such a dumb argument. We weren't aggressive in every situation of every game. We were basically in a kneeling situation and Shanny called literally the worst play you could call in that situation. What makes it even worse is that Ryan was getting pressured on literally every drop back in the 2nd half and Schrader went down a few plays before. Besides that call the 3rd and 1 call was almost as dumb. The only chance the Pats had of coming back was forcing a turnover. 3rd and 1 and you decide to go in shotgun calling a play with long developing routes against an almost guaranteed blitz. Just amazingly dumb.
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    Being aggressive got us to the 22. Nothing wrong with playing aggressive situational football at that time. He could've called agressive run plays that are designed to get decent yards if expected well. Bottom line I don't mind being aggressive at all but at that moment with that little time left it was just smart to run it. Kyles problem is if the run loses a yard he ditches it and that's what happened. It's not even hindsight for me. I wanted to run it 3 times and kick the fg. We had two big plays from agressive play calling. Kick a fg and be champs. Had it been 3rs qtr I wouldn't have minded the plays but 4th qtr with 4 minutes left just go up 11.
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    That's your opinion. It's not mine. Hindsight is 20/20 and we can all parade around the idea now that not running the ball 3 times from the 22 probably cost us the Super Bowl. It probably did, but the fact of the matter is we were an aggressive team all year long. It got us to the Super Bowl in the first place. You dance with what brought you and let the chips fall where they may. You don't get squeamish and tuck your tail between your legs when the game gets tight. That was Mike Smith's philosophy, and everyone around here seemed to hate it just fine back then. Kyle stuck to his guns - it ended up costing us. But if you believe in what you are doing then the most cowardly thing you can do is to change it when things get tight. Kyle stayed aggressive, and as much as all of us absolutely hate that we didn't get a championship, I would never blame it on someone sticking to what got them in that position in the first place. If the players had done their jobs, then we don't get the sack and we don't get the penalty that took us out of FG range. A penalty could have happened on a run play just as easily as it happened on the pass play too. A player like Roddy saying they would false start over a play call is cowardly, and it's probably a big reason Kyle didn't want Roddy around. You want people around that you can trust to do their darn job. And this isn't the first time Roddy has said something to make it clear he wasn't trustworthy under Kyle.
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    I feel like this entire fan base lost a measure of sanity on 2-5-17. Anytime we have a 25 point lead next season, we'll all just be in a corner, rocking and muttering.
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    Kyle had complete control over the offense all year and it gave us the #1 offense in the league. Yeah it was a bad series of play calls but you either trust someone or you don't. No issue with Quinn letting Kyle call his game.
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    http://www.al.com/alabamafootball/index.ssf/2017/01/why_alabamas_assistant_coaches.html Truly the kind of coach that Dan Quinn prefers.
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    Yeah, what's really going to turn this ship around is a campaign-style rally. That's going to get some legislation passed and some policies implemented.
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    The intimation is he's had to go through it before. The unfortunate part is not that he knows the process per se, but that he knows the process because he's been injured in the past and had to learn through experience.
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    I believe that Quinn inspite of the blown opprotunity gets us back and gets it right.
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    I don't think cap has been all-in on Trump at any point.
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    What kills me is people acting like it was just the playcalling on the 22 that was terrible for Shanahan. Our "historic" offense had 21 points, and arguably would have had only 14 if not for the forced fumble. We went away from what worked early and often. We didn't take advantage of certain looks the Patriots were giving us with PA, which had been a staple all year. We didn't call screens to lessen some of the pressure from 5 and 6 man blitzes that were being called constantly in the 2nd half. It's like Shanny fell asleep completely. Even the few good things in the 2nd half could be moreso attributed to the players than any sort of amazing playcalling. Ryan made an absurd throw to Julio and Freeman had an amazing catch and run when a Patriots LB fell down - aside from that, we had a negative yardage total after our score. Look it up. Pathetic.
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    You bastered why do I feel like the last few weeks have all been a setup for just this one post
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    Which example specifically? Syria? I guess he could have invaded or nuked them or something? I dunno I guess it's fun holding presidents to impossibly high standards over hostile foreign powers they have only so much control over without maintaining perpetual new states of war. Trump better get on that North Korea missile launch and forcibly stop it or you might get mad at him
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    People sheeted on Roddy for his discord with shanny. Roddy is real and recognizes real. Wonder how many people change sides now that shanny lost us the trophy..
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    god i hope he convinces the FO to go after Budda Baker!! really like that kid
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    highlighted dark = at least a small chance player could fall to Falcons #31 spot and a position and talent that might entice Falcons to make the pick.
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    Anyone who doesn't realize drug laws were put in place in the beginning for racial reasons is just ignorant of the history of the laws. That should be common knowledge by now...