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    http://www.theplayerstribune.com/michael-vick-atlanta-falcons-super-bowl-li/ Atlanta Feb 1 2017 On the first day of my sentence at Leavenworth Penitentiary, on November 19, 2007, I made a list of three things that I wanted to accomplish. One was to make it home from prison safe. Two was to see my grandmother again, before she passed away. And three was to return to the Atlanta Falcons as their starting quarterback — and finish what I’d started. I wanted to lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl. When I tell people this, at first, I think most of them have the same reaction — that I was delusional. Mike, you really thought, after all that, that you were going to come back to the Falcons … and start at quarterback … like nothing had happened? I think people would hear that I had hung on to the hope of returning to Atlanta as their quarterback … and then maybe assume that I was in denial about my entire situation. That I still wasn’t able to accept the full severity of what I had done. But to be honest, that really wasn’t the case at all. In those first few months of my sentence, I really did come to understand how far I had fallen. I came to understand how much hurt I had caused, and how much work it was going to take to earn back just a portion of the respect that I had lost — both people’s respect for me, and my respect for myself. I came to accept the consequences. Photo By Geoff Burke/Getty Images But there was one thing that I just had a permanent blind spot for: being the starting quarterback of the Falcons. It was something that I had taken so much pride in … something that I had come to identify myself with so strongly. Who was I? I was Mike Vick, quarterback, Atlanta Falcons. I was those five words. They were a part of me. They were … who I was. And so I think I just sort of developed this one blind spot, purely out of necessity, to keep my emotions in check. I was sorry — sorrier than I could ever express — for what I had done. I was prepared to serve my sentence, and to do so with dignity. I knew the millions of dollars that I had lost, and the value to my reputation that I had lost, and every day was a reminder of the freedom that I had lost. I knew all of that. But in my mind, even from a prison cell, there was at least one thing I hadn’t lost: I was still the Atlanta Falcons quarterback. That was my job, on my team, in my city. They could take everything else — I deserved it. They could have everything. But my job … my team … my city? Those three things, I was going to get back. It’s what I thought about on the day that I walked into prison, and it’s what I thought about pretty much every day after that. That is, until April 26, 2008. I remember the exact date, because it was my mom’s birthday. It was also the date of the NFL draft. Leavenworth had certain rules for using the phone to make calls, where each inmate would get a set number of phone minutes a month. Normally, you couldn’t use more than 10 of those minutes a day. But sometimes, if you’d saved up your minutes, and you got lucky, they’d let you roll some over. And I’d made sure to roll mine over just right — so that I’d have a full 15 minutes to talk to my mom on her birthday. Except, when I called her that day, she pretty much cut me off right away. “Michael, I’ve gotta tell you something.” “Is everything O.K.? Mom — what’s wrong?” “Grandma had a stroke.” I don’t even remember if I told her happy birthday or not. All I remember are those first few words. She told me it was bad, and that my grandmother probably wasn’t going to make it. And man … that tore me up. It’s almost hard to know what to write here. I was so distraught that I could feel tears welling up in my eyes — and you don’t cry in prison. You can’t really show that type of emotion. You don’t want to show weakness. So I rubbed the tears off my face, and I hung up the phone. And then I made my way up to the TV room. Photo By Jason DeCrow/AP Images I was late. The draft had already started — was almost an hour in— and most of the other guys were already up there watching. As I walked up the stairs, on my way to the TV area, I passed another inmate who was on his way down. “Hey Mike,” he said — his voice was kind of hesitant, like he only halfway wanted to talk. “You see who the Falcons drafted?” “Nah, I been at the phones. Who?” “Matt Ryan.” My heart dropped. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. As my playing career in the NFL winds down, and as I reflect on the past and really start to contemplate where I go from here … well, one thing that I’ve known I always wanted to do was write a letter. And not just any letter. I wanted to write a letter to the city of Atlanta. I wanted to write to the city as a whole, and to the people in it — to remember, I guess, and to say thanks. And maybe also just to sort of reflect. Because without Atlanta … man, without Atlanta, I’m nothing. Without Atlanta, I might not even be here to write this today. And when the Falcons beat the Packers two weeks ago, and made it to the Super Bowl — well, it seemed like the perfect time. It’s been almost 10 years, now, since I last played a down for the Falcons. And for whatever reason, and it’s hard to explain … there is something about this year, and this season, that just feels right. It seems like Atlanta — as a team, as a city, as a culture — is finally coming full circle. And in my own small way, I hope I am too. Photo By John Bazemore/AP Images It’s funny: A lot of people are surprised when they find out how passionately I’ve been rooting for the Falcons this season. They assume that there is some sort of tension between us, some level of bitterness. And even when I tell people that it isn’t the case … I have a feeling they may not exactly believe me. But if you could see me watching these games … man, you would believe me then. I’ve been living and dying with every play: Pumping my fist after every touchdown. (And thankfully there have been a lot of touchdowns.) Watching every field goal attempt through my fingers. (And thankfully most of them have been good.) I’ve just been a fan. And if people still don’t believe me … if they still don’t understand how I could be a diehard Falcons fan, after all of these years, and all of our history … well … then I don’t know what else to say. Because in that case, they must just not understand family. They must not understand Atlanta. When I think about my legacy with the Falcons, there are a number of tangible things that I’m proud of. I’m proud of January 4, 2003: when we marched into Green Bay, into Lambeau Field in the middle of a snowstorm, and came home with a 27–7 win over a Packers team that pretty much everyone had favored. I’m proud of January 15, 2005: when we hosted Atlanta’s first home playoff game in six years, and beat the Rams 47–17 to earn a trip to the NFC championship game. And I’m proud of December 24, 2006: when I became the first quarterback in NFL history to rush for more than 1,000 yards. Photo By Darren Hauck/AP Images And of course … we gotta talk about Madden. People will still come up to me all the time and want to talk about it. They’ll tell me about the 95 speed rating … the 95 agility … the 97 arm strength … by now I know it all by heart. People love — man, love — to tell me their “Vick in Madden” stories. About how they ran for 500 yards in one game. Or about how they broke the touchdown record in a season, 10 times over. They’ll tell me that I was like a blur of a blur. That I was a human cheat code. I was so dominant that apparently kids created a rule, like almost a nationwide thing, known as “the Vick Rule.” I think it varied from place to place, but it was basically: If you were playing against your friend, you could pick any team you wanted … except for the Falcons. Because if you picked the Falcons, then you got Vick. And if you got Vick … then it was game over. To be honest, and I’m glad I can finally admit this, I never really understood what they were talking about. Don’t get me wrong — I tried. Once in a while, when no one was around, I’d turn on the PlayStation and throw on Madden. And I’d pick the Falcons. And I’d try to see what all the fuss was about. But the truth is … I was never very good at playing as myself. Actually, you know what? I was pretty bad. The only person on the entire planet who wasn’t unstoppable while playing as Michael Vick — was me. Michael Vick. Over my six years as a Falcon, we did a lot of great things together — things that will live on in the record books. And I’m proud of that. But what I’m most proud of, honestly, is the stuff that is less tangible. The stuff that doesn’t show up in the record books, or on YouTube, or NFL Films. What I’m most proud of is the stuff you had to truly be there for. I’m proud of the moment we created. It wasn’t just inside the Georgia Dome. It was also outside of it — throughout the entire city. It was a moment that was everywhere, and for everyone to share in. Everywhere you turned, everywhere you looked: Falcons fitteds, Falcons jerseys … man, it was Falcons everything. It really did feel like Atlanta culture was at its peak … and I really did feel like I was right there at the center of it. Michael Vick And it meant a lot to me to be able to give the black kids of Atlanta their very own black quarterback — someone who they could see on the field, and watch play, and think, you know, My QB looks kind of like me. And I could play that position someday, too. It just felt very real. It felt like we had made football cool again. Or maybe football wasn’t even ever cool to begin with — maybe we made it cool for the very first time. But whatever it was that was happening, it was happening in a big way. And it was happening in our backyard. We used to have this running joke, back when the team really had it going, that, you know: “The Dome is better than the club.” Wasn’t no need to go to the club to meet a lot of people, we figured, when you could just come to the game. I mean, I’d look around before kickoff and I’d see T.I., Usher, Ludacris, David Banner, Bow Wow, Jason Terry. Even politicians — Jimmy Carter would show up every now and then. (Very nice guy. Very humble.) If it was a Falcons home game, man, everyone was there. And what made that cool was — it wasn’t just a football moment, or a sports moment. It was a full-on cultural moment. It was Atlanta sports, and Atlanta music, and Atlanta movies. And they were all just sort of coexisting, and feeding off of each other, and making each other want to be great, in this really special way. Maybe the coolest thing about that time was how spontaneous it all felt, and how naturally some of those connections happened. Like, one day, out of the blue, I was approached by T.I’s people about doing a video for “Rubber Band Man,” his new single. Now … me being a very reserved person, I wasn’t really dying to do the actual video aspect of it. But at the same time, it felt like, O.K. — I’m on the come-up in Atlanta in my lane, and he’s on the come-up in Atlanta in his lane, and this is what this exact moment is all about. You show up for your city, and you build these relationships. You share in this culture together. You try looking smooth next to Usher. So I showed up for the video shoot, and, listen: You wouldn’t believe all these celebrities there. You had Usher there, you had Jagged Edge there. I think 8Ball and MJG was there. Man, Diddy was in the video. And of course T.I. himself. At first I was a little nervous — you know, being on this set with all of these famous dudes, all of these musical pioneers who I was a fan of like everyone else. But everyone was very friendly, and I ended up just having a lot of fun. I know I definitely didn’t understand the full magnitude of it at the time — the scope of that becoming such a huge single, and such an iconic video, and such a classic Atlanta moment. And yeah, O.K. — such evidence for my friends to use that I don’t have any rhythm. (You try looking smooth next to Usher.) But I’m glad I did it — and I’m glad for the experience, and for all of the experiences like it. And while it’s nearly impossible to pick out just one memory, or even a hundred memories, from that time period…. Me and Usher, standing there, mugging, dancing, in front of those massive T and I letters, engulfed in flames behind us … as those last notes of “Rubber Band Man” play out…. Man, it doesn’t get much better than that. It really did feel like Atlanta culture was at its peak … and I really did feel like I was right there at the center of it. Like I was at the center of a whole world, right there, in this crazy community that we had built. I was Mike Vick, quarterback, Atlanta Falcons. I was those five words, man. Photo By Scott Cunningham/Getty Images And at that moment, in that city, those five words meant everything. Four years later, I was in prison, and it was all gone. I can still hear it. I can still hear that other inmate’s voice calling out to me as I walked up the stairs to the TV room. Can picture him stopping me on his way down to make small talk. Can picture him turning to me, and saying, “Hey.” Can picture his face, without much expression … not even meaning anything by it. Just a guy I knew, being friendly, trying to tell me about the NFL draft. “Hey Mike … you see who the Falcons drafted?” “Nah, I been at the phones. Who?” “Matt Ryan.” And like I said: My heart dropped. I did my best to seem casual … tried to sort of just play it off. “Oh, really? That’s cool.” But I barely had the energy to put up a front. And my heart just kept dropping. Photo By Dale Zanine/USA Today Sports Images Matt Ryan. I know sometimes people will say it’s like they’ve been “punched in the stomach” when something bad happens … but I’d never really understood the expression, until that moment. Matt Ryan. I just kept repeating his name, in my head, again and again. Every time I thought about what it meant, it took the air right out of me — but I couldn’t help it. Matt Ryan. As in, the quarterback. Before that moment, I didn’t have much. I didn’t have my money … or my reputation … or, worst of all, my freedom. But I did have one thing. I had those five words: Mike Vick, quarterback, Atlanta Falcons. And once I heard, Matt Ryan, well … I didn’t have that either. After that, I knew that everything had changed. I knew there was no going back — not to start for Atlanta, not to play for Atlanta, not even to live in Atlanta. Matt Ryan. After that, I knew it was over. Matt Ryan. I just kept repeating his name, in my head, again and again. My grandmother passed away less than a week later, and I filed for bankruptcy a few weeks after that. Not everybody can tell you the specific day that they hit rock bottom, but for me it isn’t hard: April 26, 2008. The day my mom had a birthday and my grandma had a stroke. The day the Falcons drafted Matt Ryan, quarterback out of Boston College. The day I lost Atlanta. There are a lot of misperceptions about me — a lot. Probably too many to count. Like, if I started going through all of the things that people think about me that aren’t true, then this letter might never end. So I’m just going to skip 99% of them — and cut straight to this: One of the biggest misperceptions about me is that I have a bad relationship with Matt Ryan. Matt and I actually have a great relationship. Over the last few summers, we’ve both gone to Roddy White’s camp in South Carolina — and we’ve gotten to know each other a little bit. When we’re there, man, we always find some time to go out to eat — me, Matt and Roddy. And we have a really good time with each other. And yeah, maybe we share a football story or two … but it’s really not about that. Mostly it’s just a few guys getting some great food and telling some terrible jokes — you know, just catching up. It’s good friendship, and Matt’s an extremely good dude. Real cool, real funny, real thoughtful. (Matt’s the kind of guy the old folks would call “a fine young man.”) And just like people are shocked when I tell them I’ve been rooting for the Falcons, people are shocked when I tell them that Matt and I get along. And I get it. I mean, I just told you my story from prison, my rock bottom. And obviously Matt’s career, and my career, have a very unique connection. I won’t pretend there isn’t a lot of shared history there — or pretend that, on a certain level, some bad memories aren’t involved. But that’s not Matt. That’s just me. Matt being such a success — that’s been a joy for me. For me, that’s been relief. It’s been peace of mind. Michael Vick I told you about my lowest point, but I didn’t tell you what happened after. And what happened after is that, slowly but surely, I made peace. Slowly but surely, I came to understand that, just as I had brought prison on myself … I had also brought the Falcons finding a new quarterback on myself. I mean, how could I not have expected them to move on? How could I blame them? I was the one who had made the mistakes — and because of those mistakes, they just did what they had to do. And Matt — lucky for the Falcons, and lucky for Atlanta, and honestly, even lucky for me — was a big part of that. People have to understand: I felt like it was my fault, like it was my responsibility, that the Falcons franchise had been set back. And if Matt had been a bust … then my guilt over the harm I’d caused the city would have only grown worse. So, yeah, I’m human. It hurt when the Falcons drafted Matt. And for a while there, for sure, I was envious of Matt’s position. But Matt being such a success — that’s been a joy for me. For me, that’s been relief. It’s been peace of mind. And the same thing goes for this MVP season of his (he’s got my vote), and this amazing Super Bowl run (I’ve got the Falcons winning, 23–16). Joy, and relief, and peace of mind. And that’s what I mean, when I say that Atlanta is family. Family isn’t just about when it’s good for you, or when it’s convenient, or when the love comes easy. Family is about when the love comes no matter what. And that’s my love for Atlanta. It’s no matter what. So when someone asks me what my relationship with Matt Ryan is like … I just think, Man — do you realize how much we have in common? Matt is one of the very few other people in the world who knows what it’s like to lead this city as the Falcons’ quarterback. Who knows what it’s like to put Atlanta on his back. Atlanta is family for both of us. And as far as I’m concerned: Matt and I are family, too. I wanted that phone call so badly. When I heard that the Falcons were putting together a ceremony to commemorate the last regular-season game at the Georgia Dome, and that they were going to be inviting some Falcons greats to come back to Atlanta to be part of the ceremony … man. Once I heard they were doing that, all I could think about was getting that invitation. Getting that phone call. I’ve kept a healthy relationship with the team over the years, but always from a distance. After everything that happened, I think the team has always been hesitant to welcome me back into the fold — at least in any official or public capacity. And I understood. But when I heard that this ceremony was happening … well, knowing my part in Falcons history, I just thought to myself, Is it finally my time? I knew they had started making calls, and I didn’t want to get my hopes up. But between you and me: I wanted it so bad. I got to checking my phone, as a habit, to see if I had any calls from an Atlanta area code. Every hour, probably more like every minute, I’m right in there, glancing at my alerts, double-checking my messages, making sure that my ringtone is turned up loud enough, seeing if anyone has gotten in touch. Like I said, I tried not to get my hopes up — but pretty soon, I have to admit, they were up. If they didn’t ask me to take part in the ceremony, and I didn’t get to be a part of saying goodbye to the Georgia Dome … I was going to be pretty heartbroken. Photo By Michael Hickey/Getty Images And then finally, I got the call. I was in Arizona, driving to the airport, when the number of Kevin Winston, the Falcons’ director of player development, showed up on my cell. Kevin and I have been in contact over the years, and we’ll chat every now and again, but still — when I saw his number show up, I had a good idea of what it was about. And then he just said it. “Mike, I think it’s time for you to come back home.” Come back home. I thought about so many things in that moment, on that call. I thought about how impossible something like this had seemed, at times, during my prison sentence. I thought about putting on my number 7 Falcons jerseyagain. And maybe the thing I thought most about, in that moment, was Arthur Blank — who is so much more than just the Falcons owner. Mr. Blank has always been incredibly good to me. He has been, in many ways, almost like a mentor to me. When I got out of prison, he was one of the very first people to get in touch with me. And I just thought about how much it meant, after all these years, to know that I’d earned back his trust. I can’t really remember the rest of the conversation, because I was so happy. But I’m pretty sure, within a half second or so, I just came back at Kevin, like, “I’m there. I’m all in.” I flew in the day of the ceremony, and all I could really think about during the flight was, How is my reception going to be? I knew the connection was still there between me and the city, and they had shown me love over the years. But even still: The last two times I had been back in the Dome, it was while wearing another team’s uniform. And as an opponent, just naturally, you’re going to hear your share of boos. As far as my being back on that Georgia Dome field, in front of those Atlanta fans, as a Falcon in some way? It had been almost 10 years. And you just never know. For the ceremony, they have it so the players come out riding in the beds of these big pickup trucks, in groups — and then, while the truck is driving around the field, each guy’s name is announced, as they wave to the fans. It’s very cool. But then, for the last group, they have Roddy and I paired together. And the thing is, our car isn’t a pickup. I have Roddy, looking at me, with that big old Roddy grin, grabbing my shoulders, pumping me up, saying, “Bro. Bro. This is about to be crazy.” It’s a drop top. Roddy and I go way back — so he knows me real well. And as soon as he sees me take a look at our car … I know he can tell exactly what I’m thinking: That we’re going to be way more visible, way more “out there” and exposed, than anybody in the other cars. Which means that everyone is going to be able to see my face, and see my reaction, as I absorb whatever level of approval — or disapproval — I receive from the fans. And since, in the back of my mind (or maybe more like the front of my mind), I’m fearing boos and whatnot … well, that just adds to the nerves of it all. As our car gets ready to take the field, I try my best to stay calm. Listen, I tell myself, you probably have more fans in here — just in this building right here — than you have in the entire rest of the world. And then of course I have Roddy, looking at me, with that big old Roddy grin, grabbing my shoulders, pumping me up, saying, “Bro. Bro.” “This is about to be crazy.” And then at the last moment … I remember feeling this great sense of calm. My nerves disappeared, and I looked at Roddy, and we laughed. And I just thought, O.K., this is it. Whatever happens, from here on out, today — you made it back. You’ve waited a decade for this, but now you’re here. You’re home. So let’s go. So we went. Photo By David Goldman/AP Images And, man: I barely even know what to say. Because it was so beautiful. The lights were so bright — and I just let them wash over me. If I had gone blind, in that moment, then that would have been O.K. The cheers were so loud — and I just let them pour into my ears. If I had gone deaf, in that moment, then that also would have been O.K. And as we made our way further and further onto the field, it just got brighter, and brighter, and louder, and louder. I didn’t actually want to die, right then, in front of 70,000 people — but it was one of those moments where you’re thinking, You know what? I could die right here … and that would be O.K., too. It was perfect. And yeah: I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that, being back on that Georgia Dome field, and hearing that reaction, and having Roddy right there by my side … if I didn’t also think — just think — for just a split second, you know … What I wouldn’t give to go out there and draw up one last play. Just one last play, right now, while everyone is here. What I wouldn’t have given, during that car ride, to just … slide off the back of that drop top, and tell Roddy to go long, and sprint around that turf like I used to, and let one fly. But then I took a deep breath … and I looked back at Roddy … and I looked back around at the fans … row by row … up into the second level … up into the upper deck … up into the back, back, back row … up into those blinding Georgia Dome lights … and I closed my eyes … and the feeling finally passed. And I realized: This is that last play. This — just being back here, on this field, right now — is that last moment. And they kept shouting my name, and I kept wanting to shout something back. But then I thought, Nah. This is Atlanta. Between family … nothing more needs to be said. Photo By Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images I’m 36 now — and as my career winds down, and as my life begins to move on to its next chapter, I can’t help but feel as though I am finally coming full circle: The Falcons are back in the Super Bowl … and I’ll be there. Not on the field, like I’d once dreamed of. Not raising that trophy, like I’d once felt was my destiny. But I’ll be there, rooting for my team as hard as anyone. I’ll be sitting and watching, hoping and praying. I’ll be there, as if I was right there, still there, under center — as if I was an Atlanta Falcon myself. In my heart, I always will be. Michael Vick / Contributor
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    Well, well, well! What do we have hear! It SuperBowl time people!!!! But firsts, I would like to announce that this, win or tie, will be my last pronotification of this football seasons. I know, try and hold back the angwish, but I gots to help my neighbor move after the season as I’m sure the Falcons are going to sign Courtney Upshaw to a multiyear contact. It might even be more than a one year deal this time! Courtney, for those of you who don’t know is my neighbor (seriously). We meet when we accidentally got some of his mail and my wife started opening it up and reading the man’s mail. He’s as nice and polite of a man as you would ever want to meat. He’s been a quiet neighbor in our subdivision. I see him riding his bike during the summer, which my other neighbor can’t get over the fact that he rides a girls 10 speed. You know, the kind with the top tube slanted down toward the pedels. He do look strange on it as big as he is. The other time that stand out was when our racist busy body neighbor called the cops on Court one day, because she saw a car in the cul-de-sac with a big man with long dreds just sitting there. She can almost spit on the man’s drive way from her house and she didn’t recognize him or the car? Stupid Hoe! Court didn’t get all upset or anything and handled it WAY better than I would have. I do have to give my boy Courtney some love before I get to the nastification, so to speak. Me, still being a fan of the NFL, I’m amazed at the work ethic of this young man. I leave my fine home every mornings at 6:30 AM on my trusty Harley (that right! Emmit a biker!) to go anal at some footballs games, I always see Courtney leaving at the same time. I think I know the Falcon schedule better than Dan Quinn himselves! Yes Sir, Courtney put in his time at the branch, so to speak! It not all great with my boy Court though. He has some driving problems often after games. I’ve seen his Challenger practically in every position imagineable in and arounds his driveway. I know he can drive because I follow him a lot of morning. I think it’s the fact that these Falcon like to let go and celebrate after a victory. H***, he even nocked down the light pole in his yard one day. I got up and looked out the window and there was the street light sitting at 47 degrees! Yep, you guessed it Falcon Win Bit**! It gettin to the point where I don’t have to see the games to tell if the Falcons win. I can just look at Courtney’s parking ability Monday morning and right then and there, I will know if it’s a win or loss. Here how I have formulated my equation for determination of the outcomes. I call it the CCDWAS equation! So far, it proven 110% dead balls accurate! Can Courtney Drive Worth a S**T : 1) Challenger + Escalade parked normally like normal folks = Falcons loss (it hadn’t happen much, and 'burbs insurance rate still like the Falcon, Rise Up!) 2) Escalade normal + Challenger with one tire in the grass = Narrow Falcon victory 3) Escalade normal + 1 (Challenger) tire in cul-de-sac + 1 tire hanging off the curb + 1 tire in grass = Big Falcon Win (I’ve seen this one the most, it a site to see) 4) Escalade normal + Challanger 3 wheels in grass + 47.3 degree(street light)= Falcons kick S**T out of Saints 5) Escalade normal + Challanger (1 wheel) touching driveway + 3 wheels in street = Cam went down I think the thesis of this FalCourtic Equation is this: Court’s girl drives the Escalade Now on to this week match up: Falcons Offense vs pat d: I know, I know the pat d ranked first this and first that. They have Bill Cheatacheck as coach and what forth. I say this and I say this with conviction and with every moral fibre in my body and soul: They ain’t played anybody!!!!!! They can’t stop Julio and they can’t stop the running game at the same time! Now, here where it get interestings. I know it not widely known, but the pat known to bend the rule, so to speak, here and there. Look for the pats to try and sneak a couple of extra players on the field during several important third downs. I’ve attended some of their prepatory practices and I’ve seen as many as 28 player on the field for a single snap! When you through the zebras in there too (cause you know who’s side they on), it balances the matchup up a little. Falcons D vs pat o: I remember when all-time great Greg Brady was only a photographer for his high school football team. He**, even the pass he broke Marsha’s nose with was a duck! Now look at him. He married to a supermodel and wearing fancy coats! He was even in that Oscar nominated flick Ted2. I know that the pats will have all kind of plans setup for the Falcons, but take it from Erin Rodgers post game quote of the famous Tyson quote: Everybody got a plan until they are punched in the mouth. It simply took two shots from Poole for Erin to wish he was anywhere but on that field. It will work the same way for Mr. Wonderful this weekend. Stats: MVP Matt Ryan: 28-34, 348 yards, 4 tds passing, 3 rushing tds, 47 yard rushing – 2 sideline speaches – 34 cups of H2) Freeman/Coleman: 23 carries, 202 yards, 14 catches, 3 tds (a promise of a new contract for Free from Greg LaMond) - 14 cups of Gatorjuice Sanu: 8 catches, 108 yards, 2 tds, lots of smack talk – 13 cups of Gatoraide Julio: As many and as much as he d*mn well wants! – 47 cups of Gatoraide Neal: One shot with Brady getting up and looking out his ear hole Jones: One shot of Brady looking like Glenn after Lucille Poole: One shot of Brady with his shoulder pads on sideways Courtney: One sack, One fumble recovery that was stolen from him from the GB game, some awful parking when he get home True Falcon Fans: 1 million gallons of tears of joy!!!! Falcons: 48 Pat: 13
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    Heath Evans picked Falcons to go 5-11. Nothing more needs to be said.
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    didn't see this posted yet... man the feels...
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    ON NFL Good Morning - they had Cameron Jordan (no I don't have a link - it's on the tv) - and they asked him about sacking Ryan. Not quoting here exactly - but the jist of what he said was: Ryan's one of his least favorite QB's to sack. He don't say nothing - he just gets up - might shake your hand - he's a good guy. Cam is his favorite - because after you hit him - he goes all "basketball" on you. He likes it when he makes the QB whine a lot. I thought that was pretty ****ed funny. It's also not the first time I've heard that from one of our division rivals. Gerald McCoy said something about he's trying to kill him on the field - but he likes him off the field - said even if the Buc fans get mad - he don't care - he likes the guy. Our QB takes a hit - gets up and goes about his business. He doesn't go crying to the refs or whining or making extra out of the hit. No Alford in him. Considering the abundance of some extremely brutal hits - and many after the throw he's taken - I think that his way of handling it is about as tough as you can get in the NFL.
  8. 19 likes
    I think the media finds the Falcons boring because they actually do their job instead of grabbing for headlines. Ryan is focused on delivering a championship while the talk of the SB is Brady getting revenge on Commissioner Goodell for deflate-gate. Julio is focused on delivering a championship while the talk has been Odell Beckham partying on a boat in Miami and Antonio Brown's infatuation with putting locker-room content on Facebook Live. Arthur Blank was just enjoying the fun ride of his team's success over the season while Jerry Jones continued to stir the pot of a QB controversy while there really wasn't one. The Falcons have just done their jobs and are now setup for a chance to win it all with really no distractions. The Falcons don't care about the spotlight and opinions. All they want to do is win.
  9. 19 likes
    As an African American, I get so sick of people in the Media suggesting that Atlanta will always love Vick over Ryan because Atlanta has a high density of blacks. Rest assured black Atlanta fully supports Ryan. This is one of the main reasons I hate Buck and Kincade on 680 the Fan. Kincade is always throwing it out there that black people in this city don't support Matt Ryan. That dude is always playing the race card.
  10. 19 likes
    Uh.... He plays Defense. Unless you were talking about an after the game meeting. At like a house party or cookout. Then they could all meet up!
  11. 18 likes
    Art Spander is the reporter who took it. His name is an anagram for Pats read. Peter King works for SI, his name is an anagram for PRK, or People's Republic of Korea, aka North Korea. Bill Belichik is an anagram for Chill Beb. Open your eyes, people!
  12. 17 likes
    Here I am with yet another case of wanting to see something again so bad, but not being able to find it, that I eventually just made it myself. In this case, it's the version of the Mic'd up NFC Championship edition from Inside the NFL, which incorporates narration from the same guy that always did those NFL Yearbooks. As with my NFC Championship Postgame video, this has been edited down to just what I considered the key essentials. Enjoy.
  13. 16 likes
  14. 15 likes
    Watching Rodgers throw a fit every time he got hit was a joy in the last game. Especially when it boiled over with the face mask and helmet throw. Brady is exactly the same way. Gets hit cries about the penalty.
  15. 14 likes
    Ok I'm only gonna say this once so pay close Attention: Anyone & I mean ANYONE (My own mother included) who is NOT rooting for the Falcons on Sunday can kindly go **** themselves with a cactus Ok Carry on
  16. 14 likes
    Lol, Randy Moss walked off the field before a game ended. Heath needs a vacation.
  17. 14 likes
    And then there's people like me who simply wonder "Can't this guy just go away?"
  18. 14 likes
    it is not like you get to choose one (1 Superbowl win) or the other (go to playoffs 5yrs in a row). nothing guaranteed. we are in SB, might as well win.
  19. 14 likes
    If anyone isn't excited to watch us play, they haven't seen this offense. Remember when Max Kellerman said Seattle was going to beat us in the divisional? Two days later, dude's first segment is him worshipping our offense. Even Rich Eisen said he would've voted for Ryan MVP if he would've paid more attention. Everyone was looking forward to Denver vs Seattle and it was terrible. Everyone was looking forward to Denver vs Carolina and it was terrible. I don't think people understand how great of a game this will be. They'll never call us 'boring' again after this.
  20. 11 likes
    How many Falcons games did you watch this year?
  21. 11 likes
    I had to rewatch that because I didn't understand why a video of A-A-Ron would be included in a thread about Matt winning MVP
  22. 11 likes
    Man, you just beat me to the punch on this one. I don't get emotional often when it comes to sports things like this but this hit me right in the gut. I think for most people around my age (I'm 27) Michael Vick is what got us into the Falcons. He brought a level of excitement and pride to this team that I doubt the team had ever had before. It's crazy to think about now but for a time the most transcendent athlete in all of sports, who brought a completely new dimension to the game resided in and played for my city. As a kid getting to watch Vick play every Sunday was an absolute treat. In hindsight he left a lot to be desired as a QB and his downfall put a huge blight on this city but Vick will always have a special place in my heart for the excitement he brought to this city. He was my quarterback. This was a very touching letter and I'm so glad he wrote it.
  23. 11 likes
    Actually all that was in the bag were pictures of Tony Martin. The bag had hours of film of the GOAT Tony Martin. Art Spander thought the world was not ready to see his greatness, so he stole the bag and sabotaged the Tony Martin memorabilia.
  24. 10 likes
    http://babylonbee.com/news/visa-offers-new-dave-ramsey-credit-card-credit-limit-zero/ Visa Offers New Dave Ramsey Credit Card With Credit Limit Of Zero February 1, 2017 COOL SPRINGS, TN—Popular financial guru Dave Ramsey announced Wednesday that he has teamed up with financial services corporation Visa to offer an exciting new credit card with a credit line of up to zero dollars for everyone. “What’s great about the official Dave Ramsey card is that it always gets declined,” Ramsey said on his radio program. “Try to buy a new fishing reel? Declined. Try to book a family vacation you can’t afford? Declined. Replace a shredded tire you failed to budget for? Yup, you guessed it—declined.” According to Ramsey, the new card also offers rewards points, giving 0% back on all food and gas purchases and 0% back when used and declined for purchases at online retailers like Amazon and eBay. Ramsey also noted that the new cards will be made of a special, cut-resistant plastic, in case users are overcome with a desire to shear it in half with a large pair of scissors.
  25. 10 likes
    OMFG, what is the point of putting these trolls on my ignore list when all of you keep quoting them? The trolls aren't even the worst part of these boards lately, it's all of us freaking quoting and getting into pointless and endless debates with them like they are going to take a step back and go "hrmm, you have a point there". IT AIN'T HAPPENING! I was looking forward to the week leading up to the Superbowl and actually reading some legit threads and opinions on things, but since apparently no one can refrain from hitting that shiny quote button or refrain from getting into reply wars with people who are only talking crap for the sake of talking crap and getting a rise out of you all, it's just not even fun. I think I'm done here until after the Superbowl. I love ya'll, but I don't have the time or patience to waste anymore on these fools, especially if some here are just going to feed into it. See ya'll on the 5th after the game when all the trolls fall off once we win. Rise up, Go Falcons!
  26. 10 likes
    Lol, even the writer makes it out as though Falcons fans aren't reading his content. This guy was the same dude begging for Aaron Rodgers to get season MVP the week of the NFCCG because his 8 game hot streak made him somehow equal to legendary "calling his shot" blah blah. (even though he didn't and Ryan is best QB this year period) This is the exact sort of article that's so conceited and myopic in nature due to failing to truly realize they just don't care enough about football and have to write to people that don't care about hyping up a team that is playing dominant football at the right time of the year at the highest level all because of the labels attached from the past by everyone the media caters to. This is exactly why most sports outlets such as the obvious ESPN fell out of my cup of care well over a decade ago. Let me ask you: When the Rams offense was carving up defenses did no one want to see them but Rams fans? When the Panthers had an amazing 2003 run with Jake Delhommie was it really only because the storyline was "easy" about a no name guy suddenly doing things? Its like everyone is so warped as to what is worth cheering for if we can't sensationalize a teams character move along?
  27. 10 likes
  28. 10 likes
    And after February 4th the Falcons can make an MVP trump card when talking about quarterbacks.
  29. 9 likes
    Interesting debate. I agree with Stephen A., Vick should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as Ryan
  30. 9 likes
    I just don't know Brees and the Saints like to pile on for the stats a lot after the game is long over. So his stats to me are somewhat skewed. Brees is a dang good QB for sure. Just don't like that style of play.
  31. 9 likes
    That's easy. It's way to difficult for the NFL to admit Matt is a QB in the league. They have to add another to support the hypothesis that Matt is an NFL QB. Maybe now he might have a case. On a side note: This is the second year a QB from the dreaded, awful, unbelievably bad NFC South (as every pundit will tell you) has won an MVP award. Brees certainly has deserved consideration over the years, but F him. Even in lean years the NFC South is very competitive and full of talent, unlike divisions such as the AFC East, which is basically a one team division. Though they get a ton of hype every year.
  32. 9 likes
  33. 9 likes
    What's up ladies..... Back in Feb 2010 I created the Lombardi Trump Card and used it frequently in Rivals Central to silence the Falcon faithful. It was quite effective, plus I got lots of wood trashing you guys with it. It ended many threads. Soon afterward, it went viral, and now, it can be found everywhere. So if you turds win the Super Bowl, it will finally be retired. But if you don't ...... it lives on. We'll all know Sunday night.
  34. 9 likes
    Wasn't that one of those offensive juggernauts your heroic defense held in check during the regular season? F'ing clown.
  35. 9 likes
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    So, the day after the NFC Championship Game, the guys at my work decided to put up two tip jars. One tip jar had the Falcons on it, and the other had the Patriots. Today I walk into work, and I notice the Patriots jar is now turned upside down, because the bottom was smashed open. I asked one of the guys I work with what happened, and he said that when he was closing the register last night, the jar just fell off the counter. He said he must have bumped the counter or something, but nothing in our display cases shook or fell, just the Patriots tip jar. It looks like the universe is looking out for us, people! Rise Up!
  37. 8 likes
    Well I guess Roddy, Turner, and Abraham will be suspended for this game. Good thing all of them are retired...
  38. 8 likes
    Tough crowd... I thought the letter was beautifully written. His time here didn't end like we wanted it to but he gave me some of my best memories while he was here and I appreciate him for that. Thank you Mike Vick and I hope retirement treats you well!
  39. 8 likes
    Smh some people don't appreciate anything. I look at people who still hate on Vick to the same people who **** on Mike Smith everytime they get a chance and don't acknowledge the contributions they made to this team. I attribute all of the good things that have happened to this team in the past 16 years to Arthur Blank. He's the one that hired McKay and Dimitroff who ended up drafting Ryan and hiring Dan Quinn. It's pretty well known that a big part of the reason Blank bought the team was because of Vick. Vick put the national spotlight on us and make us a more attractive prospect for Mr. Blank. So while he's not our QB and he made some really bad choices before, it's entirely possible that without Vick this team wouldn't be where it is.
  40. 8 likes
    Here's to Upshaw knocking down the light pole after this game!
  41. 8 likes
    They also weren't good enough to stop Seattle...and definitely not good enough to stop Aaron Rodgers...
  42. 8 likes
  43. 8 likes
    Cash me ousside den chris http://www.providencejournal.com/sports/20170131/after-talking-with-his-dad-chris-long-chose-to-sign-with-patriots-instead-of-falcons
  44. 8 likes
  45. 8 likes
    I think it will be a good game that we will eventually run away with. I'm gonna just give the x factor of this game imo. Matt Ryan's legs. I think if the pats double and triple Julio and they play man across the board there will be some running lanes for Matt. If Matt gets a few chunk runs based on everybody turning their backs to cover it'll force them to change and start playing a little more of what we want. Not to mention all the motion and movements we do pre snap. Matt is a much better athlete than given credit for. I think if he takes off a few times for a few 1st downs pats defenders will start coming off theiu guy and Matt can hit on some big plays thru the air until Bill switches up. By then we will be clicking on all cylinders in the run game and passing game.
  46. 8 likes
    Best one yet! Had to share with this post: Describes me in so many ways. I could be that guy watching TV. Some of my earliest memories are of watching games at home or sitting out in cold, half-empty Fulton County Stadium. Five days to go. Five days is the difference between a great season and an immortal season. And for some of us, it's the difference between a great season and childhood dreams realized. Silly to some, I know. That's okay. I'll celebrate through the funny looks. #RiseUp
  47. 8 likes
    *Warning for the OCD among us* Freeney is 5th in line on the '90s', meaning he can't be lined up as 93
  48. 8 likes
    Another interesting stat: Matt Ryan is undefeated in the Super Bowl.
  49. 8 likes
    Lol I saw this earlier, they're scraping the bottom of the bucket for controversial topics. It's been a decade. I think most atlanta fans are over it
  50. 8 likes
    I'd still rather promote Matt LaFleur than Chip Kelly... I just don't see Chip Kelly being a good culture fit in our organization.