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    Check out Julio Jones’ Twitter account and there’s not much going on. “11 days…#riseup” was the Falcons wide receiver’s tweet on Wednesday. On Tuesday it was, “Dreamt about this big game as a kid. Now I’m fortunate enough to be able to share the experience w/2 of u,” referencing a ticket giveaway linked to his apparel company. There were no pictures of being shirtless on a boat in Miami or trash-talking about whipping the Packers in the NFC Championship or what he plans to do against the Patriots in Super Bowl LI. Jones falls short when it comes to being a diva wide receiver in the NFL, and that is absolutely refreshing. Jones lets his actions speak louder than his tweets. That is one reason the Falcons have reached the Super Bowl. In playoff wins over the Seahawks and the Packers, Jones has amassed 247 receiving yards and three touchdowns, doing it all on a bad toe, which he will rest this week. “He never ceases to surprise us,” Falcons head coach Dan Quinn said. “He makes the extraordinary plays seem ordinary. And that’s not a very typical thing to do. He’s a heck of a competitor.” Wide receivers are some of the biggest showmen (showoffs?) in the NFL. Everybody has a touchdown dance and can’t seem to stay out of trouble on social media. Steelers wideout Antonio Brown sold out his coach with a post on Facebook. And when it comes to Odell Beckham Jr., between proposing to the kicking net, jostling with opponents, and spending time choreographing his pregame and end-zone dance routines, you wonder if it is more about him than the team. For all Beckham’s antics and talent, when he got to the biggest stage of his pro career — the Giants’ wild-card game at Green Bay — he dropped two critical passes that cost his team. Big players are supposed to make big plays in big games. Beckham came up small. Jones, meanwhile, seems to thrive when the spotlight is on. He had nine catches for 180 yards and two touchdowns in the Falcons’ 44-21 win over the Packers in the NFC Championship, dominating the Green Bay secondary with his size, speed and tenacity. “Grown man,” tweeted Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Jones had 11 catches for 182 yards and two touchdowns in the Falcons’ 28-24 loss to the 49ers in the 2012 NFC title game, making him the only player in NFL history to have two postseason games with at least 180 yards receiving and two touchdown catches. After his scores, he can be seen handing the ball to an offensive lineman to let him join the celebration. No moonwalking. “The offensive line does a great job for us throughout the whole game,” Jones said. “We give them the ball and let them spike it. A lot of times they get overlooked for all the hard work they do.” Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan expects the Patriots secondary to be a big challenge for Jones. “They do a great job of limiting explosive plays and keeping things in front of them,” Ryan said. “They’re very rarely out of position. They’re very sound and they don’t make a lot of mistakes.” Jones (toe) and center Alex Mack (ankle) won’t practice this week as they rest their injuries in preparation for the Feb. 5 Super Bowl in Houston. Ryan said he doesn’t think it will hamper preparations. “Obviously, you’d love to have everybody out there practicing, but this time of year that’s not realistic,” Ryan said. “Both of those guys have played so many snaps this year that they’ll be ready to go regardless. They’re both two very diligent guys when it comes to their preparation. I think both won’t miss a beat.” Jones insisted his toe will be fine for Houston: “I’ll be ready to go,” he said. Don’t expect any more hype than that from him on Twitter. http://nypost.com/2017/01/25/the-anti-odell-beckham-shows-up-shuts-up-and-dominates/
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    In their Super Bowl win vs Seattle, Brady had 2 INTs, had to throw it 50 times to get 300 yards, and New England scored 28 points. If that's how he "has his way" with the Falcons D, the Patriots will lose.
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    I AM OFFICIALLY GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! Everyone of the 7 games I have been too, my Atlanta Falcons won. AND THIS SUPERBOWL WILL BE NO DIFFERENT. I have waited for this moment my entire life and this is our year, this is our championship, this is it!!!
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    Browsing the Chris Creamer logo forums, some had imagined what it may look like, and did some concepts and someone posted an actual pic of both end zones done.
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    That's not a huge bet. Heck, based on the title I was coming in expecting that you took a mortgage on your house and put it on the birds in Vegas lol.
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    BLANKET COVERAGE: Falcons receiver Julio Jones draws a crowd at his locker yesterday. FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — There was a note on Julio Jones’ locker when he arrived at the Falcons’ practice facility. “I had a drug test this morning,” said the All-Pro wide receiver. “Random.” When a reporter jokingly asked if it might have had anything to do with the fact he caught nine passes for 180 yards and two touchdowns in the NFC Championship Game victory over Green Bay last Sunday, Jones stiff-armed the suggestion. “I don’t think so,” he said. “I don’t think they would do something like that. I don’t think so.” Jones will take part in a much less private test on Feb. 5 when he takes on the Patriots in Super Bowl LI. And there will be one opponent who has been waiting for Jones since before Jones even knew he existed. In December 2012, Malcolm Butler was a student-athlete at West Alabama watching with a national TV audience as Jones worked his magic against Detroit on a Saturday night. The young cornerback tweeted, “I wanna check julio jones...lol......real talk doe..” Four years and a month later, Jones is still a star, and Butler is a Super Bowl legend for his interception against the Seahawks. Yesterday, Jones was reminded of the tweet and replied, “He’s a great player, you know, but at the end of the day I’ve just got to focus on me and getting me better and just working with my teammates.” While cornerbacks seem to make a big deal of going against him, Jones, unlike a number of outspoken wide receivers in the league (cough, Odell Beckham Jr., cough), doesn’t get into the individual wars. “See, my thing is going into a game is it’s a team game,” said Jones, who’s missing practice this week with a toe injury but is expected back at work next week. “It’s just not me. I’m just going out there doing whatever it takes to win the game, to help my brothers out. It’s not me against one other person. Next week is the Atlanta Falcons against the New England Patriots. “It’s nothing toward the corner. If someone’s challenging me, sometimes it might hurt them, you know, if someone’s talking and saying they’re going to do this, do that to you. And then they’re not playing the type of game they want to play. Then they get down on themselves. “But I don’t hit an extra gear or anything else that I need to do to go out there and do my job.” Looking at the Pats, Jones said, “They mix up a lot of things, who they’re going to take away and what they’re going to do in the game. So we don’t know what they’re going to do, but we’ve got to be prepared for any and every thing they throw at us. But at the end of the day, it’s all about us and the way we prepare and get ready. I don’t know what we’re going to get. We’ve just got to prepare for any and every thing.” And he’s paying no particular mind to the fact the Falcons’ No. 1 scoring offense will be going against the defense that has allowed the fewest points. “No, it’s a regular week for me,” Jones said. “Football is football. They’re a great team; we’re a great team. We’ve just got to keep preparing and doing what we’re doing.” In that the Patriots under Bill Belichick are noted for their ability to take away an opponent’s primary offensive weapon, Jones seems to be in the crosshairs. But he’s seen that movie, too. “Teams been double-covering me throughout the year, over the years, actually, so for me it’s just a normal game,” he said. “I’m going to prepare. I’m going to get ready, and at the end of the week just go out there and ball.” Speaking of Belichick, Jones is not fired up by reports that the Pats coach advised former protege and Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff to not give up five draft picks to climb the 2011 draft ladder to take the wide receiver out of Alabama. “No extra motivation at all,” Jones said. “Everybody has their own opinion. I’m here now regardless. “We’re going to work (and) we’re going to prepare the way we prepare every week. It’s not about Bill or New England. We’ve got to have our stuff tight. The communication and everything’s got to be right. We’ve got to put that work in to get the results we want.”
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    Random, my ***. But whatever. Drug tests don't test for cyborg.
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    Really excited for the future of the Falcons defense beyond this year. This rookie class was a slam dunk by the Falcons. Looking forward to years of Debo and Keanu chasing and smashing offenses.
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    Your post count gives you away. No way that a Pats fan last that long on this board.
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    I'll post stats from all 5 games first, then the same stats not including Arizona (because Brady didn't play in that game), and then the same stats not including Arizona and Denver (because Atlanta faced Denver when Trevor Siemian was injured) for comparison. Also not including the playoff game Atlanta played vs. Seattle since New England only faced Seattle once this year. Including all 5 teams: Points ATL: 168 points scored, 88 points allowed NE: 119 points scored, 82 points allowed Passing Offense ATL: 104/158 (65.8%) for 1410 yards (8.92 Y/A), 12 sacks for -84 yards, 11 TDs, 2 INTs (8.56 ANY/A) NE: 120/183 (65.6%) for 1317 yards (7.20 Y/A), 7 sacks for -37 yards, 6 TDs, 1 INT (7.13 ANY/A) Rushing Offense ATL: 149 rushes for 601 yards (4.03 ypc), 8 TDs, 4 fumbles, 3 lost NE: 157 rushes for 627 yards (3.99 ypc), 6 TDs, 9 fumbles, 3 lost Passing Defense ATL: 117/191 (61.3%) for 1200 yards (6.28 Y/A), 14 sacks for -109 yards, 5 TDs, 4 INTs (4.93 ANY/A) NE: 104/176 (59.1%) for 1268 yards (7.20 Y/A), 19 sacks for -138 yards, 8 TDs, 3 INTs (5.92 ANY/A) Rushing Defense ATL: 108 rushes for 425 yards (3.94 ypc), 5 TDs, 9 fumbles forced, 3 recovered NE: 102 rushes for 404 yards (3.96 ypc), 1 TD, 5 fumbles forced, 0 recovered Total Offense ATL: 319 plays, 1927 yards (6.04 yds/play), 19 TDs, 5 turnovers NE: 347 plays, 1907 yards (5.50 yds/play), 12 TDs, 4 turnovers Total Defense ATL: 313 plays, 1516 yards (4.84 yds/play), 10 TDs, 7 turnovers NE: 297 plays, 1534 yards (5.16 yds/play), 9 TDs, 3 turnovers Not Including Arizona (due to lack of Brady) Points ATL: 130 points scored, 69 points allowed NE: 96 points scored, 61 points allowed Passing Offense ATL: 78/124 (62.9%) for 1151 yards (9.28 Y/A), 9 sacks for -59 yards, 9 TDs, 1 INT (9.23 ANY/A) NE: 96/150 (64.0%) for 1053 yards (7.02 Y/A), 5 sacks for -30 yards, 5 TDs, 1 INT (6.95 ANY/A) Rushing Offense ATL: 116 rushes for 489 yards (4.22 ypc), 5 TDs, 4 fumbles, 3 lost NE: 126 rushes for 521 yards (4.13 ypc), 5 TDs, 6 fumbles, 1 lost Passing Defense ATL: 92/146 (63.0%) for 911 yards (6.24 Y/A), 12 sacks for -94 yards, 3 TDs, 3 INTs (4.70 ANY/A) NE: 80/139 (57.6%) for 997 yards (7.17 Y/A), 16 sacks for -119 yards, 6 TDs, 3 INTs (5.58 ANY/A) Rushing Defense ATL: 94 rushes for 367 yards (3.90 ypc), 5 TDs, 8 fumbles forced, 3 recovered NE: 83 rushes for 312 yards, (3.76 ypc), 0 TDs, 4 fumbles forced, 0 recovered Total Offense ATL: 249 plays, 1581 yards (6.35 yds/play), 14 TDs, 4 turnovers NE: 281 plays, 1544 yards (5.49 yds/play), 10 TDs, 2 turnovers Total Defense ATL: 252 plays, 1184 yards (4.70 yds/play), 8 TDs, 6 turnovers NE: 238 plays, 1190 yards (5.00 yds/play), 6 TDs, 3 turnovers Not Including Arizona OR Denver (Lynch vs. Siemian) Points ATL: 107 points scored, 53 points allowed NE: 80 points scored, 58 points allowed Passing Offense ATL: 63/96 (65.6%) for 874 yards (9.10 Y/A), 7 sacks for -42 yards, 8 TDs, 1 INT (9.19 ANY/A) NE: 80/118 (67.8%) for 865 yards (7.33 Y/A), 3 sacks for -19 yards, 5 TDs, 1 INT (7.45 ANY/A) Rushing Offense ATL: 84 rushes for 366 yards (4.36 ypc), 4 TDs, 2 fumbles, 2 lost NE: 87 rushes for 385 yards (4.43 ypc), 4 TDs, 3 fumbles, 1 lost Passing Defense ATL: 69/111 (62.2%) for 688 yards (6.19 Y/A), 6 sacks for -54 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs (4.99 ANY/A) NE: 55/99 (55.6%) for 715 yards (7.22 Y/A), 12 sacks for -88 yards, 6 TDs, 2 INTs (5.92 ANY/A) Rushing Defense ATL: 70 rushes for 283 yards (4.04 ypc), 5 TDs, 6 fumbles forced, 3 recovered NE: 66 rushes for 254 yards, (3.85 ypc), 0 TDs, 4 fumbles forced, 0 recovered Total Offense ATL: 187 plays, 1198 yards (6.41 yds/play), 12 TDs, 3 turnovers NE: 208 plays, 1231 yards (5.92 yds/play), 9 TDs, 2 turnovers Total Defense ATL: 187 plays, 917 yards (4.90 yds/play), 7 TDs, 5 turnovers NE: 177 plays, 881 yards (4.98 yds/play), 6 TDs, 2 turnovers Conclusions Atlanta's passing offense performed significantly better against common opponents than New England's. Both teams run with extremely similar efficiency, with none of their yards per carry totals differing by more than 2.2%. Defensively, Atlanta actually defends the pass better than New England. New England has a better pass rush, and allows a lower percentage of passes to be completed, but Atlanta's defense consistently allows fewer yards per attempt, including the ANY/A metric that tells a more complete story regarding passing efficiency. At the end of the day, Atlanta is going to be able to throw on this New England defense. If New England is going to win this game, they're going to need to run the ball and do it effectively, because Atlanta's pass defense not only performed significantly better against their common opponents, but it's also been playing even better in recent weeks against the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, holding them to an ANY/A of 4.79 and 6.02 respectively, numbers below their 2016 season averages by 1.77 and 1.22 respectively. Meanwhile New England has faced Houston and Pittsburgh and since Brock Osweiler is trash and nobody takes him seriously as a QB, New England held Ben Roethlisberger to an ANY/A of 6.15, which is worse than his 2016 average by 0.83, and that's without Le'Veon Bell for a good majority of the game. Even without Bell in the first 4 weeks of the regular season, Ben's ANY/A was only 7.12, so NE's defense held him under that by 0.97. Good but not as good as Atlanta's defense against Seattle or Green Bay. I think when it comes down to it, if New England is going to win this game, it's going to be because LeGarrette Blount is the Super Bowl MVP. They need to run the entire offense through him, get first downs, and tire the Atlanta defense out. You saw how hard of a time Atlanta's defense had bringing down Aaron Ripkowski, and Blount is a very similar type of runner to him. If New England falls behind early and has to start passing, I think that's the exact situation that favors Atlanta and it could get ugly quickly. tl;dr New England can win by running and keeping Atlanta's offense off the field because their defense isn't even as good against the pass as Atlanta's defense which most people think is mediocre at best. Either LeGarrette Blount is Super Bowl MVP or Atlanta wins the game.
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    I remember when this exact same post was made about the 2015 Panthers on this very board...
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    They need to DNA test his *** IMO Juilo is the strongest living proof extraterrestrials have visited this planet and are living among us ....
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    I've always been a huge fan of how Julio conducts himself off the field. Hopefully all this media attention will show kids a good role model to follow with Julio. So tired of OBJ13 and AB84...
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    I know there are a lot of them out there - and this is my first - so be kind, guys! Someone said put up a video about how you're feeling right now - and I couldn't find the video to say what I felt - so I made my first hype video. Remember - it's my first - so don't be too critical. Oh- and the sign you see with the In Brotherhood (reverse black and white) was one of my signs at the NFCC game. NOTICE - The song is Not Afraid by Eminem - so there is strong language in the video - just a fair warning ahead of time. I hope you can feel it like I do - I'm Not Afraid - and it's these Falcons - this group that's made me feel this way. I'm excited, anxious and respectful of the quality opponent they face- but I'm NOT Afraid! Go Falcons - Rise Up in Brotherhood! CLEAN VERSION :
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    Dude stop. He was wearing a falcon sweater as he was doing the interview. He gave Matt all the props in the world but said he has to win one before you can call him elite...what's wrong with that? And in regards to Julio, you will never get Prime to say anybody would get the best of him. That's who he is and that's what made him who he is. The moment to a monument comment wasn't meant as a jab at Julio it's just prime being prime. You reaching here fella
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    Man, you know this is a long time Falcons' fan. lol. Last weekend, I believed we would lose to the Packers. Midway through the fourth quarter, with the Falcons winning by three touchdowns, I was saying things like, “We’re not out of the woods yet.” Read more here: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/news/local/news-columns-blogs/dimon-kendrick-holmes/article129258124.html#storylink=cpy
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    They're trying to clone Julio!
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    So I stopped by to see how you guys were handling the loss in 9 days. But joo guys think you're gonna win? Yea..ain't happenin I gots one word for ya TAHM FRIKKIN BRADY Cause he's WIKKIT FRIKKIN AWESOME I tell ya, you know who your offense is dealin with here? Go ask that knob head kirk warner who crapped all over the greatest show on earth, spoiler alert it was William F. Belichick you dopes And you can guess what F. Stands for.. am I right? FRIKKIN it's stands for frikkin. So I'm gonna be round all week to straighten you dopes out cause I'll be dammed if my boys get disrespected on the Internet.
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    They have the Bruce LeRoy glow. And the torch is about to be passed from the last great dynasty to the next great dynasty. Also. I've never seen so much togetherness on these boards. Brotherhood is real.
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    No bro, pretty sure these are legit. I saw The Fighter and The Departed, so I am an expert on Boston.
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    My best friend and I made a pact to get falcon tats of they win the big game about 8 years ago. One more win and I'll be getting my first tattoo
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    I just want to see Scott get the tat of blank riding a falcon hoisting the Lombardi. If he backs out he should be permanently banned! Stoic, only way to out do that is get your tat above the shoulders!!!
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    Some of y'all are just waaaaaay too sensitive. All I heard was props and respect from Deion. I also believe that he's right in what HE considers elite. He even knocked Cam down as an elite qb because he folded under the lights. So I understand where he was coming from. He even said the team he played on was aiight and that these Falcons are lights out. I've even seen on this board that the word elite gets thrown around too often so when Deion puts a real label to it some of you guys can't handle it. I'm actually cool with joe Montana, John Elway, Troy Aikmam, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning being the brand of elite. It gives the word more meaning. And as for a monument to a moment he's also right about that. Julio is still in his prime but he's not a monument YET. When his career is over he should have reached monument status by then. Rice is a monument. Miss is a monument. TO is a monument. At this time Julio is a moment. He's still a pup as far as a career is concerned. When he creeps up on NFL records all time career then he will truly have made a mark. Right now he has potential to be all of that. Stop being so sensitive. This is a moment for our team to shine and be great but they have to actually pull it off. And I think they will. Toughen up fellas. Geez!!!
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    Who cares ? He's right, Matt isn't elite until he wins a couple or atleast make it to a couple. Winning this year would be one hellava case for him. Julio compared to Prime is a moment to a monument. Again just like Matt .. Julio is great but he still has to put in his time before he is compared to a solidified HOFer. Him voting for Brady is a head scratcher but it's his opinion so I hold him to know higher or lower standard over our differing opinions. Every topic can't be "pro Falcons" .. I wish more here understood that.
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    Atlanta plays 8 in the box by default when they are in base. They play single high coverage no matter the opponent, so the 8th element is going to be there. A more interesting question will be what type of fronts will you see against their two and three tight end sets. I expect to see a lot of Bear fronts, maybe even some Over mixed in with the SAM set to the open side of the formation since New England likes to run a lot with pulling linemen.
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    Bostonians don't say "AWESOME" they say "AHHHSUM"
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    No. Keep going. If he's getting info off of this board he's gonna be all kinds of ****** up when game time rolls around.
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    He's a mutant. If he wasn't a football player He'd be fighting along with Wolverine and Professor X
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    I'm sure Dak Prescott and Romo are both ranked higher on his board lol.
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    And we still put up one of the best offensive seasons in recent NFL memory. There is no reason to believe this offense will falter against the so called No. 1 defense like history suggests. We will score 30 minimum, especially considering Ryan is playing at a higher level in the last 6 games than he was even before that, which is insane. P.S. -Imagine our offensive numbers if we played even just middling defenses all year. Might've been top 5 all time.
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    Lord knows he wasn't tested on the field...
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    Brilliant! Julio is not just physically gifted, but his comments and demeanor just take away all possible negative narratives. He's the best WR in the NFL bar none. So proud he's an Atlanta Falcon!
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    Nobody comes into this house and acts like a moron without paying the price.
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    It suddenly appeared in my recommended videos list. Didn't even look for it. Didn't even know it existed on YouTube. Rare footage of Ryan running a triple-option offense in his high school days at Penn Charter.
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    It just fit this thread so perfectly I had to share it.
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    The only thing better than the sheer awesomeness of this thread is those who've missed the joke.
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    Bro, I'm Tahm frikkin Brady...I could cut up Robert Kraft and they'd blame it on Hernandez.
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    I have no clue what you said but it makes me excited nonetheless!
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    Grats, you should be able to save money on airfare by running.
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    WOO-HOO! Just got mine. They are in 137 - but they will move them to 135 through 132 if they get 3 together there. $3600 a piece. I'm pumped!!! RISE UP!