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    You guys sick of me yet? Back at it again with another highlight, here is Keanu Neal. Dude is a real enforcer out there. Let me know what you think. Really trying to polish my editing skills and incorporate music other than the typical rap songs you hear in every highlight video. Enjoy!
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    http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-360/0ap3000000766246/NFL-360-Quarterbacking-101-with-Matt-Ryan-and-Kyle-Shanahan That is a 5 minute interview clip with Matt Ryan and Kyle Shanahan, part of a longer interview that will air on Sunday morning on NFL Network. LOL at all the people this offseason that said Matt and Kyle didn't get along.
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    I love stuff like this. The older I get the more I like diving deeper into this game. It's such a cerebral sport. It's why I laugh at people who think Matt Ryan needs to get lost. To have to memorize all that jargon and then on top of that, having to go through progressions and reads within seconds while 300 lb men are trying to rip your head off....just blows my mind how hard it must be to play QB in the NFL.
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    Love that he looks up to Von and that there's mutual respect. I remember this from after the Broncos game (also the game where he really started beasting it)
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    All of our core pieces are relatively young. Matt Ryan - 31 Devonta Freeman - 24 Teco - 23 Julio - 27 Sanu - 27 Gabriel - 25 Mack - 31 Matthews - 24 Trufant - 26 Collins - 24 Rocky - 28 Neal - 21 Debo - 22 Beasley - 24 There are so many key positions we won't have to touch for numerous years. QB, WR, CB, SS, LT, C, RB, all are locked down for years. CB and WR depth are so important and we have tons of it. There are only a few key contributors to lock up after the season. Patrick Dimarco must be re-signed, Allen and Gabriel are both restricted free agents so I doubt they go anywhere, after that, mainly depth players. We will have to address the Desmond Trufant contract before 2018. He's the only high priced contract coming up for at least a few years. We're sitting at roughly 24 mil in cap space for the 2017 season with very players to re-sign. We will have plenty of flexibility to continue addressing the front 7, much like Seattle did when they built their secondary and then brought in Bennett and Avril. We have the #1 offense in the NFL and it's coming back for 2017 completely intact or very close. The #1 question of the entire offseason? Does Kyle Shanahan stay in Atlanta? I believe he does for a few reasons Stability - This is something Kyle has never had as he's bounced around a bunch of garbage organizations who are on the coaching carousal every other year. There is stability in the coaching staff and in the owner. Those who have it know not to take it for granted. Mercedez-Benz Stadium - Who doesn't want to play and coach in a brand new state of the art stadium Matt Ryan - Kyle Shanahan isn't leaving Matty Ice to go play with Jared Goff after years of being seen as inept because of horrid quarterbacks. He's a young guy and will continue to build his resume with Matt. Julio Jones - Who would want to leave the best receiver in the NFL in his prime? I just don't think there's a job opening that is going to be more lucrative than what he already has in Atlanta. Most importantly, we have a GM that knows how to build the bottom of the roster as well with free agent role players like the brilliant trade for OG Andy Levitre, Muhammad Sanu, Taylor Gabriel, Dwight Freeney ect Also developmental draft picks like Jalen Collins, Austin Hooper, Deion Jones ect Do I believe the rest of the NFC South can get better? YES But will it be enough? DEBATABLE If Matt Ryan can continue to play at an MVP level this young team is going to be tough to beat in 2017, 2018 and longer.
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    I mean, Beasley is lighter skinned and has braids lol
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    How about every time Matt Ryan steps on the field start chanting "MVP, MVP!!!" And when he makes a great play, chant it to a frenzied pitch! If the sports writers are **** bent on giving it to Brady, at least let the nation see what OUR fans think of it.
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    It's like saying we play the same, just look different, it's a compliment.
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    I'm all for it. No point in putting yourself in a one sided position in any point in life. There is nothing to gain and everything to lose for guys like Fournette and McCaffrey. Think about doing something for your job and there are two outcomes: do it correctly and gain nothing (as in no paycheck) or do it incorrectly and lose everything. Doesn't sound like a fair deal. If players were getting paid, then I'd feel a little different. But college players are delaying compensation for a massive windfall from the NFL. Look at how much Jaylon lost from playing in a meaningless bowl game. The NCAA didn't lose anything. The fans didn't lose anything. There is only one party that was negatively affected and that was Jaylon and nobody is lining up to pay him a cent for the income he lost. There is nothing left to prove. You know Fournette is a stud. Does him having a poor bowl game change that? Nope. But does him blowing his knee out in said bowl game change if you pick him in the first round? You bet every red cent you have it does. Look at Charles Walker. He left Oklahoma early to prep for the NFL. Everybody jumped on his back as "quitting on his team". Yet, nobody talked about the fact that he's suffered multiple concussions and risking another one was a major threat to his dream of making it to the NFL and cashing in on that delayed compensation that he does not get in college. One more concussion for Walker and he probably goes undrafted. That's not quitting on your team. That's making a calculated decision for personal gain. We all do it. It's only a problem when those we use for our entertainment do it.
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    Von Miller is known as kind of a goofy, eccentric dude...I guarantee he was just messing around.
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    Well ladies, I'm extremely flattered by your interest in me. I realize I've been hard on you this week, so in an effort to make good, I'll go ahead and allow you a sneak peak into SaintRay's world. A world where its all about football world titles. A safe-haven for true football genius. A place where only champions are allowed to hang. So maybe one day you'll reap he same benefits following that team in Atlanta, and maybe you won't visit the big guy in the sky waiting like so many before you. 51 years is an eternity, but there's always a shot this year, right? Saints are gonna bust you turds open like a watermelon this week.
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    The Atlanta Falcons' investment in Alex Mack is paying off in a big way. Nobody knew exactly what would transpire 10 months ago when Atlanta made Mack the NFL's highest-paid center. He had spent his first seven years with little chance of going to the playoffs in Cleveland. The Browns, who drafted him in the first round in 2009 out of Cal, was 33-79 during his tenure. But the Falcons' offensive line had been largely unproductive for three years. If the team was going to keep quarterback Matt Ryan upright and healthy, adding Mack seemed the best place to start. Signing Mack to a five-year, $45 million contract has helped Atlanta build the league's highest-scoring offense. He's a Pro Bowl selection for the fourth time, and the Falcons are NFC South champions. A victory Sunday over New Orleans will secure a No. 2 playoff seed, a bye and a home game in two weeks. ''It's been a very fun year but it was nerve-wracking at first,'' Mack said. ''Switch teams, new place, be in a new building. I think I hit the ground running pretty fast. I really wanted to see that team success, and we've done a good job of that.'' When Mack visited the Falcons on the first day of free agency, the team made sure he didn't leave without a record deal. The offense had top playmakers in Ryan, receiver Julio Jones and running back Devonta Freeman, but it needed an elite center to solidify the line. ''To get a guy who you know is a good player and you know the type of person he is, sometimes you have to do a lot to get that guy,'' offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said. ''But if you're getting a good player who's that type of a person, to me it's usually a slam dunk. They're only going to help you.'' Shanahan was the Browns' offensive coordinator in 2014, and knew Mack was a rarity. ''In Cleveland, it didn't matter if we were winning or losing,'' Shanahan said. ''The guy acted like every single moment, every single practice, every single game was for the Super Bowl. He takes a lot of pride in it. The game is important to him. He doesn't want to let anyone down.'' If that sounds like hyperbole, Ryan said it's not. The ninth-year quarterback, now a league MVP candidate, has never had a teammate like Mack. Ryan marvels at how hard he practices, how calm he is on game day, and how much the offense feeds off his hustle. ''I can think of so many pass plays we've had when the protection's been really good and you're running through the play on film and he's finishing somebody off 25 yards down the field,'' Ryan said. ''You're like, 'How did Alex get there?' To me that's the thing that jumps off the table with Alex. Week after week, play after play, his finish is as good as it gets.'' In Thursday's film session for the entire team, head coach Dan Quinn zeroed in on Mack stuffing a linebacker near the sideline on a wide-zone run. It's the kind of block that goes unnoticed on television. Quinn told his team that no center in the league gets to the second level of a defense and sustains a block like Mack, who's up to the ball quickly out of the huddle, makes his call to the rest of the line and pushes the tempo. Atlanta uses a lot of combination blocks, giving Mack plenty of responsibility, but he handles it so well that Ryan and Shanahan have expanded the playbook this year. Mack takes a lot of satisfaction in that. ''Every once in a while the defense lines up in things you weren't expecting and you've got to make really quick decisions,'' Mack said. ''You do the best you can. You think you see it one way, but you come to the sideline and look at the pictures and it wasn't quite that right. You've got to adjust. I think we're pretty good at fixing things on the fly.'' --- Follow George Henry on Twitter at www.twitter.com/georgehenryAP . His work can be found at http://bigstory.ap.org/content/george-henry . --- For more NFL coverage: www.pro32.ap.org and www.twitter.com/AP-NFL .
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    I would just be happy if you all could get your butts in your seats before kick off....
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    Just curious if anyone else has anything like this? I have had this for a few years now at the entrance from my garage to my house. I make sure to wipe my feet on it every time I come home. Thought you would all appreciate it.
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    Explain to me why you're complaining about people trying to delegitimize a president when you fully support someone who spent most of the past decade trying to delegtimize a president.
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    Didn't think I could be more pumped for this weekend. I was wrong.
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    I think we can all agree that this young D is getting better. I was bored/slightly hungover this morning so started looking at some stats. I've noticed that in the past month and a half, that the number of pass defends the defense is getting has nearly doubled from the beginning of the season. Tampa Bay - 3 Oakland - 2 New Orleans - 7 Carolina - 5 Denver - 3 Seattle - 3 San Diego - 7 Green Bay - 4 Tampa Bay - 4 Philadelphia - 3 Arizona - 9 Kansas City -1 Los Angeles - 10 San Francisco - 6 Carolina - 8 I believe this shows a clear sign of growth by our young secondary. They're understanding where they need to be which is allowing them to make a bigger impact.
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    .............. the exact test this defense needs to see if we can really compete and win in the playoffs. The Saints have a first rate offense, and Brees can light the scoreboard up almost at will. If our improved defense can hold the Saints down enough to let our offense get a good lead and hold it, then we will know that we are indeed legitimate playoff contenders. What do you think, can the defense do it ?
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    That one hurt. We out played them but they had the pick 6, pick 2. and the fake punt TD. I can't watch that again
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    Can't say ****. Not even if its **** Cavett, Moby ****, **** Vermeil or **** Van Dyke.
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    This year we've had 8 of our games featured on TV here including the 2 primetime games. Therefore fairly impressive that we managed to get featured 6 times on Sunday's when there's usually the choice of 10+ games on the day. Also it could be worse if your fans of a team like the Browns as they haven't been shown outside of their Thursday night appearance. Says a lot that we're picking up fans when the only free to air games being shown in the UK are the International Series games although Hard Knocks a couple of years ago may have attracted a few fans. I play in the UK leagues and on the team I play for there are at least 4 of us on defense who all follow the Dirty Birds.
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    I hope he goes off in our next 4 games and you have to remake this video!!
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    Who also happens to be a huge saints fan has this crazy thought in his head that he's watching the game on my tv. **** no!!!! I told my wife it's not happening now I'm the bad guy lol.
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    It's a black thing you wouldn't understand lol.
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    I gotta know.... is that really yours? If so it's pretty nice besides all that Saints ****.
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    "His game is similar to mine," Miller said. "The only thing is, he’s light-skinned with braids...." WTF?
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    Yes. Since Tru went down we've been in more cover 1(man to man) than before. We got better I'm man. We have the speed on the outside to play those guys man to man. If Collins and Alford are physical with them at the line and throw off the timing it will be a tougher day. I don't doubt our corners can handle themselves in man. The question is how will Campbell and Neal hold up against fleener. I think much better than in game 1.
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    I really can't express enough how wrong I was about Kyle. I know he kinda has a reputation of being "strong headed", but if you can get his scheme down and have the right players in place, it's absolutely devastating to opposing defenses, and I love it! 2016 has been a head spinner. I went from having a hard time believing in Kyle and his system, to hoping he'll stay a few more years
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    The whole situation is a product of NCAA rules....these young men and their programs are scrutinized and punished for the slightest "infractions", whilst the actual colleges and media outlets rake in millions off of their blood, sweat, and tears. There is no incentive for these men to play in some of these contrived and pointless bowl games, when they could get hurt and risk millions of dollars. I'd like to see whole programs start sitting out of some these stupid bowl games....maybe it would send a message to the NCAA to lighten the **** up. Does a 4 yr degree compare to a chance at millions of dollars these days? Not even close.
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    I disagree. I was baffled how Carolina kept winning. It wasn't sustainable. Michael Oher didn't suddenly become a good LT. Mike Remmers didn't suddenly become a good RT. Ted Ginn didn't suddenly figure out how to catch the ball. Corey Brown suddenly became an NFL caliber WR? Having known Cam for ten years, he didn't suddenly become a sound decision maker. Carolina just got hot at the perfect time and it lasted. They've got the same offense, plus Benjamin back. Yet, it looks terrible because everybody has come back to their normal levels of play. The reason I feel we are different is because of the youth and true ability. Jake and Schraeder aren't playing at some out of this world level. Mack is an All Pro C and has been. Levitre was a Pro Bowler before TEN. Even Chester has been about as good as he was last year. The WRs are good and deep. The only surprise is Gabriel, but he's the 3rd/4th WR. Not the 1st/2nd like Ginn was. Julio and Sanu are still playing at their normal levels. Freeman is doing what he does and Coleman has settled in as a second year pro. It's all sustainable production on the offensive side of the ball. Not even Matt is doing anything out of the ordinary honestly. There hasn't been this "My gawd Matt is playing out of his mind". It's been pretty consistent in terms of his play, it's just been highly efficient, which is the mind boggling part. As for the defense, it's a bunch of youth that are developing into good players. Like the OP listed, it's a bunch of 1-4 year players that are carrying the defense. It's similar to Seattle's defense when they blossomed. Carolina was built around Kuechly, Short, and Star. Thomas Davis had a good year, but he was going on 33 with three ACL tears. Even their primary edge rusher, Charles Johnson, was going on 30. Norman made that secondary's job easier by only needing to cover the deep middle and opposite side of the fields. But they weren't a good group. Coleman was an INT magnet, but he really isn't good. Roman Harper was the other safety. It was a lot of smoke and mirrors. The only thing holding the Falcons back from a consistent run is the salary cap in my opinion. They have the talent and room to grow. That's mainly what the 2012 Falcons didn't have nor the 2015 Panthers.
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    Seriously. Thanks for the heads up, but why would any Falcons fan put themselves through that one again... If I wanna see Berry running back that pick 2, I'll just close my eyes. The nightmares still haven't stopped.
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    This has been the longest week yet! Have you ever wanted to hurry up and get it on? Man, I taste blood and am wanting the birds to release the most epic azzz woooping ever administered to an opponent in recent history! Last regular season game in the dome against our most heated rivalry! It can't get any sweeter than this for a regular season game. Payback is gonna be a beeeetch and the taints are gonna get pounded on New Year's Eve so hard, that they won't be able to walk back to their bus. So, it's time for all the smack talk to stop and to finish this chapter this Sunday! Go birds, shut them nasty muttter pokers up and send them back to N.O. For their long awaited wake! Rise up and deliver the load post haste!
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    Been stuck in the house with my wife ALL week and hoping time will acclerate faster to when we go back to work before we end up in a divorce. Holidays can tax a marriage to it's limits. I dread it every year.
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    I think I started to hear those chants the last few home games actually. Nonetheless, Anything to get us going and frenzied I am For!
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    Trust me, The Falcons official twitter page retweeted him and his account has been getting blown up with welcome messages (myself included).
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    Somebody needs to go egg their bus again. It's good luck.
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    It's Payton's office. In the next frame on CCTV Ray is being zip-cuffed and dragged to trooper's car.
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    The greatest line of 2016... Y'all hearing the best rusher in the league say our young rusher is similar and y'all making a big deal out of a lil side joke
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    Send his *** to the Blue Oyster Bar. Hopefully it is Tango Night.
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    Tru ain't goin nowhere. DiMarco will be retained. Gabriel will be a priority in the near future as well. Players will want to come here in FA. Our influx of savvy vet signings mixed with the youth on our roster is perfect. Our D is so young, they will only get better a better but we have all the key pieces to be great minus a pass rusher to pair opposite VB44, a stud FS, and a penetrating 3 tech on the DL. We could use a RG, but Chester has been a serviceable stopgap. The future is bright for sure.
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    Coaching changes Injuries to stars Development of other NFC South teams There are just so many variables. Carolina looked as good this time last year than we look now. They let a star DB walk away. In my opinion, we are likely to make the same decision. You just never know how things are going to work out.
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